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What’s in my School Bag?

Excuse the quality of the picture! I wanted to get this posted before my first day of school tomorrow and before my school bag would be a breeding ground for wrappers and old receipts from Tim Horton’s. 

I use a Herschel Supply black backpack (it will be my 4th  year using it). Here are the things I’ll be starting my semester with:

1. My laptop: Before university, I never brought my laptop (a PC) to school because it was so heavy and held a charge for an hour at most. Since switching to a Macbook Pro, I have never looked back (and that says a lot coming from someone who really never saw the point in paying an excessive amount of money for a laptop). It’s so light, has a great battery life, and is super useful for taking notes in class. Any powerful laptop will do, of course, and it definitely doesn’t need to be a Macbook. If you’re not into typing notes, do you and use notebooks to write out your notes.

2. Headphones: Beats headphones are amazing at blocking out any noise. I’m someone who is easily distracted by certain noises, so I like to wear these while I study, even if I’m not listening to anything. Usually, if I’m listening to anything, I’m listening to lectures and these are great for hearing everything clearly. It’s like you’re back in class again.

3. Notebooks: I wrote notes for 2/5 classes last semester, so notebooks and writing by hand are ideal depending on the class and what you prefer. I don’t use fancy Five-star notebooks because I personally can’t justify spending $7 per notebook when I can buy the Hilroy 80 page notebooks for just 5 CENTS each. I will also be using my “I can & I will” notebook for daily tasks, tracking water intake, daily expenses, etc - anything I feel like jotting down in a day. I want to use it like a bullet journal, but I can’t commit to a real bullet journal just yet. It doesn’t hurt to have a little motivation every time I reach for a notebook either.

4. My Agenda: This definitely doesn’t need much explaining. Agendas are lifesavers for tracking dates and planning your study schedules! 

5. Pencil case: This pencil case is from American Apparel, but I will be buying another one soon. I can do a separate post for what’s in my pencil case! Also, I have two cute buttons from my school bookstore, one with a cat drinking coffee and the other says Don’t Freak Out! 

6. Post-Its: I love using post-its for summarizing on typed notes. I’ve only shown one pack here, but towards midterms and finals, I usually have a variety of post-its for all my studying needs.

7. My Wallet: Again, not much explaining to do here. Money, gift cards to food places (important!), my school ID, etc. - all stored here.

8. Little necessities: I’m just going to put the rest here in a single category - sunglasses, reading glasses, my phone charger, tissues, hand sanitizer, and a miniature body lotion. Some of this might seem a little unnecessary to you, but there are things I found myself needing throughout the semester, like lotion for dry hands because of winter and not smelling bad once you’ve walked up a hill to class.

What I didn’t show was a water bottle because I was using it. You should always make sure you have water with you! Stay hydrated, folks.