and my bad photography skills


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©kellievegt On Tuesdays, we flex with @jensenackles
Thanks for the visit!

©forfeittheanchor Got @jensenackles from #supernatural to stop by our liquor store for a beer!

©jenntherockjohnson Sorry Jensen.. no boys allowed. 🥊🤷🏿‍♀️ #30minutehit #newwest #supernatural #sorrybrowomensonly #sorryifwescaredyou #beastmode

©newwestminsterhit  We had a visitor at HIT today! While filming next door.. fellow ninja Jensen Ackles came by to say hi!
#sorryjensenwomensonly @jensenackles .
#30minutehit #newwestminsterhit #newwest #supernatural #bcfilm #kickboxing #boxing

©ailbhe.oc  Low key (high key) sprinted after Jared Padalecki when we saw him downtown, could not be more delighted especially when he laughed at how bad my photography skills were of @kathrynizatt  #supernatural #gilmoregirls #sotall #whatagent #jaredpadalecki  #IEC17

Jumping boy 🐶.

His heelings is slowly getting better after the training break, good boy.
We was on a walk with Sammys best friend Spoony the Jack Russel.
They had a lot of fun and the camera was with us - poorly the weather was not so well (and my photography skills are reall bad) and the pictures get unsharp and grainy.
Hopefully you all had an good day too.


Made these guys in my sixth grade year, which was probably like six or seven years ago. These guys were the first actual characters I designed as erasers. I barely remember the plot I set up for this set, so here I go.

Going from oldest to youngest, there was Charles (pink), Arthur (blue), Louis (green), Jeeves (red), Cadbury (large white), Johnathan (orange), and Tedward (small white). I remember these guys were brothers, and Tedward was the only one to have a son, whose name was Chives. (Chives is no longer with us, he died when someone cut him in half) I have more to tell, but I’ll put it in my next post.

I don’t know why on earth I did what I’m about to tell you, but i stuck these guys in my freezer for like two years. I have absolutely no clue why I did that.

Hope you guys enjoy, and sorry about my bad photography skills.