and my art teacher thought i was terrible


Saiyuki high school AU…! Because I love high school AUs. Honestly Goku’s lines came from me thinking about my love for spinach so there. I confess. I just had Goku saying it because after thinking this, I thought ‘that’s so Goku, though?’ and I needed a reason for him to say stuff like this so I made a HS AU where Ten was the English teacher because he’d probably assign something like this.

Also…if I wasn’t so sleepy I’d have added Gojyo and Banri laughing, teasing Goku or something but…alas. Maybe I’d do more of these some time! x’)

@holysea: I wanted you to see this, hahaha.

Creepypasta #945: App For Kids

Length: Long

I should start by saying, happy teacher appreciation week. I’m telling you a story I kept to myself for three years. As I’m coming back from my junior year of college next week, my old boss has contacted me asking if I’d be willing to work over the summer. This has brought back a flood of memories that maybe I need to share with someone.

I started working at a daycare through a co-op program my senior year of high school. I would leave school around noon to go to my job. It was the perfect schedule for me. I worked with one year olds and I adored watching them grow so much. If it wasn’t obvious, I loved my job.

I had just gotten a new smartphone and had a plethora of extra storage that I was not used to. Sometimes I would play the kids songs off YouTube or google pictures of puppies. The new craze for the one-year olds was cell phones. We had about three retired flip phones that they kids would pretend to call their mommies and daddies on. It was actually a good learning tool as they could read the letters and numbers off the phones. Anyways, I decided I would download some kid app I could play with the children who woke up early from nap.

I had found the perfect app. The name is not important, as it has since been taken off the App Store. The gist of the app was you give your phone to the child and a voice would talk to them. So far it had 4 ½ stars and I figured I’d give it a try. 

The app was brightly colored and the first time you opened it, it walked you through setting it up. It gave you a free trial of the app and even had an option for parents or for daycare workers. I figured the difference between the two was the names you could put in. I had put in my 15 students first names, and was ready for the trial.

The trial explained it would go through a conversation similar to the one it would have with the children. You were just to listen, as it actually couldn’t hear your response. It started by saying, “Hello teacher! Do you know your ABCs?” After 30 seconds it replied, “Very good! Would you sing a song with me?” And went into The Wheels on the Bus. The voice was very soothing and I could already tell the children would love it.

The next day, one of my more restless kids, Eli, woke up an hour early. I picked him up and sat on the rocking chair with him. I opened up the app and gave him my phone. He began whispering Rock-a-by-Baby. Miraculously, he fell asleep 20 minutes later.

The next week had rain in the forecast everyday, so we were not able to go outside. I had shown the kids the app throughout the previous week and they loved singing along and counting numbers. Amy had my phone when I turned to respond from a cry on the other side of the room. When I looked back, Amy had Grace’s cheek in her mouth. Now Amy has bitten kids before, and I had assumed Grace had tried taking away the phone. They’re one year olds, it wasn’t out of the ordinary. 

I passed Grace onto one of my coworkers, as I went to write up a report. I sat down and my little snuggle bug, Sally, sat next to me. I gave her my phone to play with as I wrote up the report. Suddenly I felt a tongue on my arm as Sally was ferociously licking me. Weird, but not weird for one year olds.

Sometimes I work late. When that happens, classes combine and I get some of the older kids. I was working with five three year olds and we were doing arts and crafts. One of the boys, Ryan, has special needs. I did not trust him with scissors (especially since I’m not his normal teacher), and allowed him to play with my phone.

It happened in almost an instant. Ryan had grabbed the scissors out of Jenna’s hand and stabbed her hard and fast in the arm. Jenna let out a piercing cry. I was lucky there was still another teacher with me on the first floor who heard the scream. Jenna was bleeding, but not terribly. 

“Great”, I thought, “how am I supposed to explain this to her parents”. We’re not allowed to give out names, and Ryan is the only child with know special needs. I couldn’t even use that to explain it to them. Ryan was in hysteria. Just an average day, I guess.

Teachers have their favorites, I hope this doesn’t come as a surprise to you. Nicole was 5, and so much smarter than that. It was the end of the day and I only had 3 children left; Nicole, Jenna and Bobby. The other teacher left in the building was doing Friday cleaning downstairs. Nicole came up to me and asked to use my phone. She began cheerfully singing along to the farmer in the sell. Suddenly, she stopped. "Ms. Sam… Your phone just said a naughty word.“ 

Surprised, I asked her what word. "Fart,” she replied. 

I kind of laughed this off, but I couldn’t think of any kids song that used the word fart. 

Suddenly Nicole started crying. “Ms. Sam, I had an accident and you phone told me to touch it.” Now this shocked me. I don’t remember the last time Nicole ever had an accident. I knew I should have taken care of that first, but it wasn’t also strange my phone told her to touch it. 

I put the phone to my ear and heard a much less pleasant voice than I remember: “Go on touch it. And in 1 more minutes put it on the person closest to you.” What the fuck? 

Nicole still crying, started to reach into her pants. Luckily I grabbed her and walked her over to the nearest changing table. I played it off as an accident to her parents, but she was obviously traumatized.

When I got home that night I decided I wanted to listen to the app myself. It started off with some nice and friendly songs. After about ten minutes, that same, unpleasant voice came back. “I want you to grab a pencil and poke it in your eye. Go on. Get a pencil. Mommy told me she wants you to poke your eye. You’re a good little girl if you poke yourself. Please? For mommy?”

I deleted the app as fast as I could. I went back to the App Store to see an abundance of negative feedback, everything from “my kid shit on the floor”, to “one of my students pushed another off the highest point of the playground”.

However, only one review really stuck with me: “I’m a single mom in school for psychology. I wanted to get my young three year old daughter a new app as she loves singing. Much like many of these reviews, it started great. After a few weeks, weird stuff started happening. *****, my daughter, started making messes and throwing tantrums. After one incident where she started choking herself after playing with my phone, I decided to give the app a listen. 

“In three days I want you to punch mommy in the face. Mommy wants you to punch her. She wants to make sure you’ve been listening. Punch her you little bitch. Punch her so she knows you love her.” Since ***** had not received the message, I was not punched in the face. After reading some of your comments however, I want you to be warned. Children have very susceptible minds. I believe this app has been used as a form of mind control. Please do not download this app, and please be alert. Your children may have gotten instructions to do something in the future. I just hope I didn’t delete this app too late.”

Credits to: Ugghhh666

I’ve been quiet and closed off on this blog (and the internet) in general for too long. I’m hoping that these posts will now serve a larger purpose as i’ve been grateful to have some pretty amazing friends and followers.

I’ve been thinking a lot this morning about growing up and knowing that my calling was to make artwork and that that was the only option for me. Amongst that was all that doubt and deprecation that came with the people around me during that period of time living in California. Nobody would take what I was doing seriously and it made me depressed and question myself and my own identity.

During my senior year in high school, I had a digital art teacher who made me insecure about what I was creating. We had a project at the beginning of the year that involved us photographing some work over the weekend to bring in to manipulate during the next week. Since I was lazy and forgot, I just brought back some incredibly amateur documentary photography from my vacation in Vietnam the previous summer. The cheesy kind of work that I used to watermark. She doubted my photos and thought that I had plagiarized. The teacher called me out in the middle of the class trying to shame me of what she had thought I’d done. She couldn’t believe that I shot them even though they were terrible photos. Also the fact that i’m Vietnamese didn’t phase her at all. My friend and classmate had to back me up in order to get out of it. Ever since that happened, she was just uptight and treated me like trash for the rest of the school year.

At the end of the year I had asked for a scholarship letter of recommendation from her (I needed an art related teacher, and she was literally my only option). She wouldn’t sign it for a month up until the deadline and kept saying maybe, holding it above my head as if she were to decide if I was worth it or not. It was hard for me because at the time, I was deciding whether or not I was going to pursue art or business school. If I got the scholarship, I would go to art school. If I didn’t receive it, I would go to a public college. When the time finally came she wrote a letter that was half-assed and contrived. I couldn’t believe that I was getting this kind of treatment from an art teacher. Someone who is supposed to encourage me to work in this field, almost made me completely abandon it. Luckily I did get the scholarship and moved on with my life only to put her negativity behind.

I’ve learned a lot from these kinds of experiences and reflect on them from time to time. I hope that people can treat artists with love and respect. If there is room for criticism, then make it constructive. Art is ESSENTIAL. Inspire others to create and push themselves further. If you are being criticized for what you are doing, be honest to yourself and continue doing it because you enjoy it. If there are people doing what they love and what makes them happy then that’s brave and we should all celebrate that.