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headcanon that billy's role model is bil nye (cuz they have the same name) and all the rangers find out so one time when billy does some cool shit they all just burst out into song and serenade him with the bil nye theme song (it was all jason's idea)

I LOVE THIS OH MY GOD. Just imagine Billy’s smile, I’m crying.

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Hi Misha! I love your art, they're amazing! Can you do a little tutorial of how you draw Dan and Phil? Cause I kinda struggle on how to draw those cuties :3

Hello!! First of all THANK YOU!! <3 I’m sorry for answering only just now. I’ve never done a tutorial before so I hope this will help you at least a bit haha. 

I usually start with a really messy sketch and then clear it along the way but here’s a little breakdown on how I sketch their faces (keep in mind that I draw them in a stylised/cartoon-ish way :D):

As you can see, their faces are quite rounded, phil’s face is a little bit longer. I feel like dan has a little bit more rounded chin as well.

Their eyes and eyebrows are different too. Phil’s eyebrows are thinner than dan’s and his eyes are very big and round :) Dan’s eyes are more almond shaped.

Phil’s nose is very courved from the side, wheres Dan’s nose is straight.

Idk if this will help you but here’s my drawing process. As I said, I like to do just a quick messy sketch at the beginning and than change things and proportions and stuff like that later as i continue drawing. :)

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32. “I don’t want to go. Your dad doesn’t like me.”

He’s been fidgeting all day long, and Jyn knew something was terribly wrong with him. Cassian Andor doesn’t fidget.  Cassian Andor doesn’t let anything get to him.

Cassian Andor doesn’t even blink.

He got up from the chair so fast he almost knocked it over, and she let out a hard breath through her nostrils, giving up on her hairdo to turn to him. “All right. What is wrong with you?”

“Nothing,” Cassian mumbled, not looking at her.

Jyn groaned. “Cassian,” and he shrugged.


“Fine. Fine,” hands on hips, the hard stance he usually took whenever he felt uncomfortable.

“I don’t want to go.”


“I don’t want to go.” Cassian inhaled, bracing himself. “Your dad doesn’t like me.”

Jyn remained perfect still for 3 full seconds.

Then she was bursting out in loud laughter, shoulders shaking and belly starting to ache, tears forming in the corner of her eyes.

“Of cour–,” she screeched between laughs, “of course he doesn’t! You almost killed him!”

“No, I didn’t! I disobeyed orders precisely not to kill him!”

“Yes. Yes, you did.”

“No. I didn’t.”

“Yes, you did!”

They kept going until they reached the main hall, and Galen Erso came to greet them, shaking Cassian’s hand and saying, “Hello, Cassian. Hope you didn’t bring your blaster tonight.”

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Wait you're doing a sakuino kisaobi fic? Is this different from the time travel kisaobi fic? Are there two!? Please... let there be two.

There are! Have a snippet:

Officially, her tenure isn’t supposed to start until Monday, but Sakura was hoping to have a few days to settle in before she took over for Mizuki. Since that’s apparently not happening, and she’s already got a case, she might as well spend the day opening the office and learning the layout of the town. If Mizuki’s been missing for two months already, there likely isn’t much chance of finding him, whether he died in some sort of accident or ran away to Tea Country, but Sakura can’t just ignore her predecessor’s disappearance, even if everyone else seems happy to.

She idly drags her fork through the last of the whipped cream, considering. All she has with her is a single suitcase, which means she can definitely wait until later to move into her new house, and Mizuki probably left notes about whatever he was last working on at the station. Sakura isn’t fond of mysteries left unsolved—it’s one of the reasons she’s so good at her job—and she wants to put this one behind her quickly. Best to start at the station, then wander around town and maybe ask a few questions.

“Anything else I can get you?” Ino asks cheerfully as she breezes past, headed for the register. The older couple are making their way out, letting in a swirl of bitingly cold air as they leave, and Sakura tugs her jacket up over her shoulders a little more.

“Just the check, thanks,” she answers.

“Of course—” Ino starts, but she’s interrupted by the sudden, harsh jangle of the bells above the door as someone throws it open. Sakura twists automatically, eyes narrowing as the newcomer stalks past her, heading for Ino.

It’s a man, short but fairly muscular, with messy black hair and one equally black eye. The right side of his face is viciously scarred, and the marks disappear under the neck of his Henley and continue over his wrist and hand. An eyepatch covers his left eye, and there are three short scars on his neck just behind his ear. None of the marks look like the kind of thing that was easily survived, and Sakura immediately gauges the man as dangerous just for that, even more than the way he carries himself or the scowl on his face as he plants himself in front of the register.

“Ino,” he says tightly.

Ino’s smile is gone, and her eyes flicker to the wide windows for a split second before snapping back to the man. “Obito,” she returns, and it’s not quite fear on her face, but there’s definitely some kind of trepidation there. “What are you doing here? You—”

“Have you heard anything?” Obito demands before she can finish, fingers curling around the edge of the counter until his knuckles are white. “I don’t—I’ll take anything at this point.”

Another glance at the windows, like she’s checking the street, and Ino leans forward, laying one hand over Obito’s scarred fingers. “Not yet,” she says, quietly enough that Sakura almost misses it. “Look, I promised you I’d let you know, and I will, but you can’t be here right now.”

Well. Sakura isn’t entirely certain she likes the sound of that.

Obito shakes her off with a snarl, though he makes no move to leave. Slams his hands down instead, leaning forward, and Ino doesn’t quite lean back but her eyes narrow. It’s a warning, and Sakura wonders if she should step in.

“Then look harder,” Obito says, low and sharp. “I need something or I swear, I’m going to burn this whole fucking town to ash.”

That’s fear in Ino’s face, without a doubt, but it’s buried before Sakura can so much as get her feet under her to stand and interrupt. The blonde’s lips firm, and though she hesitates for a moment her voice is perfectly clear when she says, “The Rasengan docked last night. They’ll be in port for at least a week. That’s as much as I’ve got.”

“Ino?” Kiba calls across the room, and out of the corner of her eye Sakura can see that the trio at the table are all still, no longer talking. The girl in particular is watching Obito carefully, pale violet eyes steady but intent, with one hand curled around the pendant she’s wearing.

“Mind your own business, Inuzuka,” Ino returns, her tone light. She touches Obito’s hand again, a glancing pass, and then pulls away. “You should go,” she says quietly. A figure moves past the window, out of sight before Sakura can catch more than a shadow, and her mouth tightens. “You should really go.”

Obito looks over too, and in an instant fury kindles in his face, mixed with something that’s almost like fear. He turn and heads for the door with a long stride, like he’s trying to outpace whoever just passed, and Sakura rises to her feet on instinct. She drops a twenty on the counter, more than enough to cover breakfast and a tip, and follows the man, just managing to catch the door as it falls shut behind him.

If there are going to be problems in her town, there’s no way she’s going to ignore it.

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Every time i see that new art where Victor has his hat backwards with his fringe out the front I think of CF Victor???? Then my mind swaps out that plaid jacket for frat gear lol I thought u should know love your fics <3

Let’s see what it would look like if we swapped those plaid jackets (original image here) with Psi Omega Iota (from centripetal force) letter jackets….

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Imagine the following: Hyde doing a James Bond impression. "The names Greed. Lawless of Greed." *winks at camera* Or, maybe even: "I like my Licht-tan's angelic, not violent."

IAMCRyiN  WHATAreYOU doinG in My Inbox?! xDDDDD //kiCKED

“The name’s Greed. Lawless of Greed”

^supposedly just a doodle but then BAM Hotass Lawless in the making— 



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thoughts on the episode?

I’ve got conflicted emotions about this episode.

Here are things that I enjoyed about the episode

  • Dean being so worried about Cas.
  • Dean being open about the way he feels and letting everyone know that he is hurt. That’s some important character development.
  • Sam coming with the great plan of extracting the baby’s grace.
  • Dean wanting Team Free Will to come back becuase the 3 of them work better together.
  • Cas telling the angels that he’s doing everything for the Winchesters and not the angels.
  • Cas finally deciding not to kill Kelly and respect her choice of wanting to go to heaven.
  • Dean being aware about why Cas feels the way he feels and understanding him even if Cas’ choices hurt him.

Things I disliked about the episode:

  • Cas using the Winchester’s trust to betray them. Yes, I know he was trying to protect them and keep them away from having to deal with killing Kelly, but after all that happened during s6, Cas had seemed to learn about his mistakes. This feels like coming back to that and I hate it.
  • How Cas was determined to kill Kelly while in 12x10 he wanted to find another way.
  • Cas lying again.
  • Dagon being unable to find Kelly while in 12x17 he found her perfectly
  • How Cas was brainwashed by the baby and leaving Sam and Dean behind. I know he’s not himself, but I’m tired of people manipullating Cas over and over again, but once again he’s letting the two more important people for him behind.
  • The more I watched the episode, the more I disliked how Cas was written overall. There were some aspects of him that in this episode seemed contradictory and I didn’t like how, after all Cas has grown during the last season, we’re getting back to s6 behavior. By the end of the episode, he isn’t truly himself, but during the rest of the episode, he was making some bad choices, in my opinion.

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You remember how mick says he and len don't have heart to hearts? Well do you think they did when they younger and as they got older it changed? Under what circumstances do you think they would have a heart to heart?

So I know this isn’t what you’re aiming for…. but this is where I had to take it. #sorrynotsorry

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You said you liked muscles, right? I know you usually get asked with bellies, but do you have any buff muscle head canons? If you do, let's go with Rin from Free, Ben Tennyson, and the twins from Ouran. (If you feel like you can't give a LONG explanation, then can it be a short list of what you'd want to see?)

Okay I can give these a shot though this is really out my wheelhouse and I’m not 100% sure you’re wanting. This could take some different routes with some of them especially because of differences in their states (Rin already has noticeable but Ben and the Twins don’t as much).

Originally posted by starfish-mako

(As a weightlifter who at least TRIES to have good form unless there is a swimmers technique that I’m not aware of this is the single most frustrating and annoying gif in all of Free. He’s pumping his legs and is cheating to get more reps but no actual tension on the pull up so he’s not actually working toward failure. If he needed to go for more reps they have assistance bands for that to help him.)

(At least this one seems to be with better form. Admittedly we don’t see his legs, but he’s properly holding for a split second at the top of the contraction. If he holds it there it can help build strength and muscle size)

(but oh my look at the separation of the head of the bicep. Beautiful)

Okay I’m not 100% sure where to start out with a muscle canon on Rin since there’s a long history. I’m sure part of it has to do with his desire to be like his dad and Gou is a factor as well. It’s hard to say if his working out came first, if she was influenced by her dad, or if Gou’s muscle kink has helped to push Rin on his muscle. One way or another, Rin’s love of muscle and trying to push himself has long been ingrained in him. The one difference with Rin is because he’s a swimmer is while he can get bigger and stronger, he has to be proportioned a particular way. He may get slightly bigger but he’ll always stay proportioned right. 

While the gif may prove me wrong, I think that Rin would be a lot like Rei and want to make sure he’s doing things correctly and making sure he’s doing things with the proper form and with a focus on improving mobility. Especially once he knows and they try to fix Sousuke’s shoulder (which is a thing I understand well let me tell you that) they will both want to increase range of motion and reduce injury as well. He’s going to do it right and be smart about it

But I think Rin’s love of muscle would manifest early, probably at least in the end of junior high. He’d love seeing himself go faster, stronger, and seeing his muscles grow. I could see Gou helping (or forcing) Rin to measure his muscles to see if he’s gaining muscle and which things he need to work on. This also leads into why he’s more well proportioned. I think he’s more overall better shape when Makoto has a better back and according to @dumdumdrawstumtums​ a Hank Hill butt, but Rin is more well rounded. It is possible because he started to work out earlier than Sousuke and Makoto that Rin isn’t as tall as them (it can be possible that working out with too much weight too early can stunt growth which could explain me compared to others but I have never seen real studies on this, just older books I’ve read so could totally be a myth) but he’s going to have much higher flexibility (as evidenced by his tumblr rep as a stripper)

I do think that Rin likes to subtly show off his muscle by wearing tight clothes or revealing clothing. I also think with him liking muscle and probably always working towards putting on muscle and increasing strength as long as it doesn’t slow down his swimming since that’s his ultimate goal for now. I can definitely see Rin loving growing out of clothes when his arms are too tight for the sleeves or his shirt starts to ride up his back if he flexes too much or his chest when he moves makes his shirt bunch up or it starts to pinch around armpit. Once he loosens up I could see Rin putting on a display for Sousuke or Momo and Nitori (and they would all react differently if heaven forbid he actually tore a shirt). He might be convinced to flex in front of the team, and I halfway believe that they could teach the team more about anatomy by just having Rin pose in a swimsuit. 

I think that there is definitely a possibility in the future especially after he’s done with swimming that Rin could turn professional model and could be someone that will end up on magazine covers or even do like physique competitions. I also think as he got older, he might try to develop his upper body a bit more so he will have a much more defined V shape (though he’s definitely not bad now) Do I still think Rin is an eater? ABSOLUTELY. My favorite is he’s a hard gainer so is having to constantly eat. He may try the technique of intermittent fasting where he only eats within a certain window or even just one big meal, but I like to think that he’s the type that would love to both have a great eating capacity but have the great bod to match. 

One last thing though, is I think that if Rin knows you’re into him and muscle, he’s REALLY going to torture you and he’ll love it. He’d be the type that would throw an arm around Momo and make sure to subtly flex his bicep or squat so you see his butt or flex his back or SOMETHING to tease you about it. Even do something like flex his obliques or let his tank top strap fall off his shoulder to show off his shoulder or his pec or heck I even see him lifting up his shirt to flex his abs and even do the wave with them (I actually think he has a lot of muscle control there so he could even pretend to bloat out if he wanted or do the vacuum). He’s a doof that will exploit you if he knows your weakness is him. 

Now Ben Tennyson is another interesting one because we KNOW for a fact that he grows into this:

Though I personally really hope he reconsiders on that facial hair.

But at some point he really does start to workout. Again I like to think he’s hard gainer and has to eat a ton to be able to put on mass but that’s a different canon (that I’ve already written lol). For Ben, I think that that basically comes out of the decision that he needs to get stronger and he’s constantly fighting. So he would have a much more different kind of ton and strength because it would be fighting based muscles but I do think between high school and college that Ben would really start to hit the gym both with weights and probably like agility training. Mostly likely with Kevin (RIP attractive buff Kevin) being his trainer/spotter. I could see them both spending time at the gym together and Kevin really helping Ben to push his limits and watch his form so he would improve quickly.

I think that with that kind of training and his eating habits, that Ben would bulk up very quickly with beginner gains and probably keep it up the whole time. Also like Rin I think he’d be one that would LOVE to show off his muscle once he starts. First his leather jacket would start to get tight, then his tshirts and I think Ben would LOVE to have his sleeves rip or bulge out. I could see him being the type that would wear a tight V neck tshirt and then love to bounce his pecs if someone was interested. Or really if Ben was just being really bad at flirting. Same with raising his shirt to show his abs or just finding an excuse to take off his shirt. Once he gets big enough, he would just peel it off for no real reason other than “comfort” and freedom of movement.

Ben would be the type that would try to strike poses when he was trying to show off and may even do it during battle if he thought someone was looking. I also imagine that he’d love to go swimming a lot more and like relax from a battle in a sauna or jacuzzi. Rook would have a lot of mixed feelings about this because it was a gratuitous display but he’s also probably really like being able to watch himself.

Honestly as long as he kept his mobility up, I really do think that Ben would be more likely to to get into legit bodybuilding probably thanks to Kevin’s influence. Maybe not enough to do anything competitive but he’d really like to have the power trip and know he’s looking good. I also think he did it on the added idea that the stronger his human body is, the stronger that the rest of his forms are so it is actually better for him to bulk up. But then I also had the strange thought of Ben doing a swimsuit calendar for the entire galaxy that will sell like hotcakes.

Originally posted by nicorobin

The Hitachiin twins would be an interesting bunch. If muscle captured their attention long enough they could be really interesting. Only problem is I could see them being fickle. HOWEVER that could be applied to them doing different types of work outs or sports so they are always showing off on what they are doing. 

I have the feeling that if either Haruhi showed interest in muscle (which I have no problem with there) or a subset of the clientele had a muscle fetish, I think the pair would pounce on it. and by that I mean literally do it as part of the club. The twins would probably set up a gym in the corner of the club and workout for everyone, most likely shirtless just to show off to everyone. 

You know that the pair would tease everyone too by doing something like “Hikaru, don’t you think my bicep is bigger?” “No Kaoru, don’t think my tricep is better defined?” “Well my delts are bigger!” “Oh yeah? My calves are AMAZING!” “What do you think Haruhi?” “Yeah what do you think?” *poses in front of all the girls and Haruhi to try to get attention.* This doesn’t include when they start to come on to each other either

Originally posted by loveandjustice

Then they would always play the switching game so they would probably stay roughly the same size, though Haruhi would always be able to tell the difference and even point out some subtle muscle differences. I think once they got big enough it’s very likely that they would end up being a feature of the club and have some sort of muscle posing contest potentially only in colored posing trunks. 

They would definitely flirt more with their bodies and they would put flexing as part of their hosting time. I could see if they got strong enough that they would lift or bench press some of the girls or pull them up by lifting their arms. I also think they would give lots of piggy back rides and flatter the girls saying how they weren’t heavy at all but everyone would love it because they would get to touch their broad muscular backs. Generally I think they would have some fun showing off their strength and fitting into form fitting clothes. I don’t think they would get SUPER buff, again more fitness model size but everything would be tailored to fit them really well. So everything would show off their figure and be a general tease. They most likely are going to have to have the type of pants that have some sort of elastic in them so that they can sit without having to tear the seat of their pants.

I also think that they would end up taking votes on which muscle group they should work on that day when they worked out in front of everyone. I think they would love to tease Tamaki with their muscle and he probably end up getting a personal trainer of his own too. But even then, they would flex right in front of Tamaki. I could see them sitting really close to him (like they were that in that RottenHeart pic with their bellies) and let their big shoulders muscles just be right there. And then probably pec bounce right in front of him just to get him flustered. 

//well, crap…

Now I want to bring this blog back to life

You guys are such a blessing to me for how kind and supportive you are, I swear-

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I absolutely love the way you color!! Both choice and the way you use them!! I was wondering how you decide on what colors to use, and where to use them in a drawing? (Also have you ever done a coloring tutorial or speed paint?? Would love to see one!)

Thank you so much anon! I’ll try and explain how I like to use other artist’s work as inspiration of my choice of colors if that’ll help ?? That’s really the only way I can explain how I can decide what and how to use colors ><;;;;

Ok so when I first draw something, I actually have no idea how to go about it - so it’s a good idea to gather insp/artists you like as a starting point just to try and get and wheel moving along

For the rei//gen one I used mainly this artist’s work to help me because I liked

  • their thick lineart
  • the way they used warm colours which in turn helped white stick out as a contrast if they use it to outline their characters
  • the way they highlighted hair with (almost) white 

For the teru//mob one I used a all these artists because I mainly liked

I basically do whatever I can and then incorporate what I specifically liked about their style with mine to try and get the results I want - it didn’t really work for both submissions BUT IT’S OK SINCE YOU ALWAYS LEARN SOMETHING NEW!

(I’ll also admit that I did use my old art to help too..coloring hair is hard _(:’’3)

I often end up getting carried away with doing my own thing in the end lol but it’s okay because I generally use insp to try and get me thinking !

I have a tutorial and step-by-step tag (here are progress gifs too) you can look through! Here’s my YouTube channel although they’re all p cringey and have the ugliest music 

Hope that helped T_T