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hi everyone!  it’s fawn (youngjai/choiyoungjae) and i’m back with my second follow forever ♡ i wanted to wait until i reached my next goal, but i was too excited to wait haha.  so here you go!  fair warning:  i have a lot of mutuals/follow a lot of people so i’m very very sorry if this messes up your notifications!!  it is not my intention at all.  also, i am so so so sorry if i missed anyone!  I split this into two posts so (hopefully) your notifs won’t be flooded!!

♡ key:

💐 = i love love love you and your blog you are one of my favorite people!!

💫 = i love following you and seeing you on my dash!! your posts make me happy and i’m so happy to know you!

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Since you're one of my favourite writers here on Tumblr, I was wondering if you have any top fav Bucky/Seb fics?? Maybe top fav masterlists? I've already read all your fics and I know if you recommend something it's gonna be good aff

Can I just first tell you how absolutely honored I am to be one of your favorites? That really means everything to me, thank you so much.

As for Bucky/Seb fics and top masterlists? Buckle in, my friend!

Originally posted by muvana

@bovaria : Masterlist - Personal Faves: Do Me a Favor | Through the Years | Literally anything from Tesla is a blessing to my life. She has an extensive masterlist with plenty of Bucky on it. Honestly, she’s an AU queen.

@sebbytrash : Masterlist - Personal Favs: желание  |  Postcards | For someone that claimed to not be a writer for years, Kale has written some of my favorite pieces. Her work is stunning, detailed and well worth the time.

@bionic-buckyb : Masterlist - Personal Favs: Open Water | What Happens in Vegas | Kait is an incredible talent. Her work always has me on the edge of my seat and wanting more. She’s super descriptive and her stories get me so excited for more.

@marvel-ash : Masterlist - Personal Favs: In an Instant | Surrender | Ash always comes up with the craziest, unique plots. Her fem readers are rarely ever weak, mary sue characters, which I love. Her work is captivating and again, you’ll be on the edge of your seat.

@serzhantkris : Masterlist - Personal Fav: Waiting Room | I wish I could write like Kris. You feel every single emotion she is trying to convey and it’s honestly a beautiful thing.

There are so, so many people I want to add to this but I’m pressed for time atm. Happy reading!

I’ve had a rlly bad art block but @richardgoranski has a rlly supercool monster au so rlly, beat that art block ha!

babypeche  asked:

☕ yuri is a "super wasted super nice girl in the bathroom" kind of drunk he stumbles around complimenting every single one of the Yuri's angels and then tells Isabella her shoes are cute and that her lipstick is on point. He tells Viktor he's sure Yuuri will still love him when he's bald. And then he spends the rest of the night hugging Yuuko and Mila telling them they're the big sisters he never had

☕  as someone who’s made 90% of her friends from being drunk and complimenting other girls in bathrooms, this is amazing and i’m here for it and i agree with this so much

hey, so it’s super rad that a loser like me just hit 666 followers? this is fucking insane?? thank you all for following me, honestly this has been such a great and rewarding experience i can’t thank you all enough

so to celebrate me gaining such an!! unholy amount of amazing followers, i’m going to be doing demon aesthetics! however, if that’s not your thing, i’ll be doing my usual blog rates as well

here are the rules:

formats under the cut

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a very long tag thing

i was tagged a long time ago by @amorjeon (ur blog is inactive now but ur blog was super cute ;w; ty tho!!!) 

1. drink:
jasmine green tea
2. phone call: my mom
3. text message: “ur a 🍑 cus ur sweet as 🍬” to my friend but she shut me down and called it f boi language fhskfhlkd 
4. song you listened to: saint veronika by billy talent
5. time you cried: two hrs ago 
6. dated someone twice: i haven’t even dated anyone at all omg ;;;
7. kissed someone and regretted it: i kissed my friend’s dog on the nose when i went to her house and instantly regretted it cus he had snot all over it ;w;
8. been cheated on: no but i hope not in the future :-/ 
9. lost someone special: yep
10. been depressed: yes 
11. gotten drunk and thrown up: nope never,, i’m not even allowed to drink yet omg

12-14. pink, purple, and blue!! but i love all colours :’(( 

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someone send these to jin mark them as VERY important

ages ago i was tagged by @iwouldliterallydie4jin @gemjin @04yuta and @varves 

im gonna tag some ppl so if y’all wanna do it then do it!! but if not then don’t ilu anyway 💜 @nnamkook @1honeybf @topkth @jiminssi @warmjins @fapmonster @hyerisgf @jinsasleep @twelves @n4ms @2awake @awakcs @4hyyh @taejinmin @rosehairedjin @expensivegirl @hotaruxtomoee and anyone else who wants to do this can consider themselves tagged by me!!


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