and move to ny

just a thought but

bad bob zimmermann won his third stanley cup in 1978. he turns 57 in january of 2014 which means he was born 1957. he was 21 the third time he won a stanley cup with the montreal canadiens. 21.

he has won a stanley cup every season he has played since he was drafted at 18. and, in real time, the montreal canadians went on to win a fourth stanley cup the following season. four consecutive wins since he was drafted. since we dont know if the win with the pens in 1991 when he was 34 was his fourth or fifth or if he only played for the canadiens and the pens then it’s possible that bad bob won a number of stanley cups with a number of teams before retiring under the pittsburgh penguins

imagine living up to that
Governor Cuomo Announces Approval of Largest Offshore Wind Project in the Nation
90 Megawatt Offshore Wind Farm 30 Miles Off the Coast of Long Island Will Create Jobs and Power 50,000 Long Island Homes with Clean, Resilient and Affordable Energy.

NYS through Gov Cuomo’s leadership moves forward in fighting Climate Change, creating jobs, boosting the economy and creating energy independence that doesn’t poison communities. Join us!


Rory and Jess after the series finale; life in New York

Teddy, Golden Retriever (3 y/o), Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY • “We moved to Connecticut, but he missed the people of New York. He loves meeting people on his walks.”

I honestly can’t see Tina dropping everything to move to England or to travel around the world with Newt. NY is her home and it’s where she’s confident and successful. She may not really be happy, but she knows who she is there. She has a purpose and a place. And she has Queenie.

Newt and his creatures fill her with wonder, but it’s a fantasy world. I can’t see her giving up her real life to step into it. And if she did, I can’t see her really being fulfilled – she thrives on Auror work. She loves it even if she doesn’t always fit in. Being a magizoologist’s assistant won’t give her what being an Auror does. And it wouldn’t make sense for her to ditch a career that’s just starting to blossom.

I can’t see her being happy in England either. She already has a hard time following rules, and English culture is far more concerned with rules (at least that’s what I gathered when I visited) than American culture is. As much as she doesn’t quite fit in at MACUSA, I see her fitting in a lot less at the Ministry. And again, I can’t see her giving up her life in NY to move to a foreign country just for Newt.

We know these two get together eventually, but… how? And how many sacrifices need to be made, and by whom?

Things I need to know

- Who killed Jenny?
- Did she kill herself?
- Was anyone arrested/investigated?
- Did Bette and Tina ever move to NY?
- Did they adopt another baby?
- Did Max keep his baby?
- Did Max choose to have a c-section so he didn’t have to use his girly parts?
- What happened between Tasha and Alice? Did they make it?
- Did Shane explain to Molly that she never got her letter?
- Could Helena ever trust Dylan?
- Did Kit stay with Sonny?