and most supportive friend

Roxy calling Jane an extravagant bitch in this upd8 nearly stopped my heart because Roxy just loves her friends so much? She and Jane have had legitimate rocky patches, and Jane hasn’t always been the most supportive friend in helping her through her drinking problems, and coming out of Crockerteir state she didn’t even think she was someone who deserved to be friends with Roxy any more, but Roxy still considers her someone who’s been around to help kick her ass to make sure she doesn’t fuck up, and that’s really… that’s really something.


Your left shoulder always got so wet. I hang my head with the weight of the memories and all thats next to me is the rain and wind. Not there is a person that will hold my umbrella for a while and I cry.

for 5shixun (aka stravv-berries)


@ryeong9: 옥상달빛과 빅스의 콜라보!!! 나 빼고 신났네 아주 ㅠ 옥달누나들 수줍 립씽 귀욤ㅋ 학연이 첫파트!!!굿 켄 윙크 죽는다 ㅋㅋㅋ 노래 좋아요 나중에 나랑도 같이 하자^^ VIXX & 옥상달빛 <여자는 왜>♪

@ryeong9: Rooftop Moonlight and VIXX’s collaboration!!! They are really excited without me ㅠ Rooftop Moonlight noonas’ shy lip sync is really cute ㅋ Hakyeon’s first part!!! Good. Ken’s wink, I die ㅋㅋㅋ The song is great. Let’s sing it with me too later^^ VIXX & Rooftop Moonlight <Girls, Why?>♪ (cr)

I was rewatching some of Daredevil earlier today, and couldn’t help noticing Matt instigates the fistbump with Foggy, when he both is pleased and when he has the support of his friend. Most especially, it’s when Foggy has agreed to stand shoulder to shoulder with him.

I glossed over that the first time I watched it (and the second), but after writing a fic about boxing and Matt’s background, it got me thinking. Matt was raised by his father, the boxer. One of the first thing two boxers do before they start a match is touch gloves as an acknowledgement of their opponent and a show of respect.

I could see Jack Murdock doing this with little Matt. When little Matt has done something to earn his approval or make him proud, Jack would just hold out a fist and Matt would fist bump.

And now, this has carried over to Foggy. And Foggy has no idea what it means. He just sees it as a fistbump, but Matt is bringing with it the years of boxing childhood. Matt, when he offers his fist to Foggy, is respecting him as both friend and equal.

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/kICKS DOWN THE DOOR/ trans boy Kenma headcanons???


  • kenma being forced to wear skirts and dresses as a child because his parents don’t understand he’s not a girl
  • kuroo noticing his discomfort and lending him his sweater
  • kuroo lending kenma clothes in general
  • kuroo intentionally buying clothes that are too small for him to give them to kenma because kenma still isn’t allowed to buy clothes from the boys section
  • kuroo helping kenma cutting his hair even though his mother told him he’s not allowed to cut it
  • kuroo comforting kenma when he gets his pms and telling him he’s not less of a boy because of it
  • kenma actually believing him for once, calming down
  • kuroo helping kenma buying his first binder by borrowing his dads credit card
  • kuroo’s parents being super supportive and treating kenma like their own son
  • kuroo falling in love with kenma thinking, fuck I’m hella gay
  • also kuroo convincing the teachers and coaches into allowing kenma to join the boys volleyball club
Most WHITE FOLKS would rather befriend a Racist than they would feel comfortable befriending a black or brown person.
—  While MOST CHRISTIANS would rather embrace and support and even be friends with a Hateful Bigot than they would a Gay Person.

       oMG???? Can someone PLEASE explain to me how on earth you guys have managed to even click on the f o l l o w button on the right corner of my blog? Seriously, there is nothing more than THANK YOU’s filling me up right now, because it’s only been TWO WEEKS of me having Skye && I have yet again reached my SECOND hundred. Honestly, thank you from the bottom of my chest that you’ve been so WELCOME towards me && my portrayal of Skye ––– although I’ve not managed to work myself through the seasons of AoS just yet. You are all beautiful && so are your amazing characters/fandom!

A SPECIAL thank you to these beautiful little bundles of joy!

griefisms || biochemiistry

From the VERY beginning, you’ve been my most precious friend && most supportive companion that I’ve had throughout my years of roleplaying on tumblr. Honestly ––– there are NOT enough words in my vocabulary that could possibly describe you as the AMAZING person you’ve been to me && are to everyone in the INDIE community. Really, you are one of a kind && I would never t r a d e you for anything in the world, not even for cheetos!


oMG?? Let me just begin with telling everyone of how QUALITY your Loki is bc that is the basic truth of this community. Everyone who FOLLOWS you probably thinks the same as me && the fact that I can imagine Loki’s voice inside my head during our threads just proves how G O O D of a grasp you have upon your character. Honestly ––– you’ve been an ANGEL to me ever since we started speaking for the first time && words can’t DESCRIBE how grateful I am for having you.

PS ;; Skye && Loki will definitely have cutie && royal babies that Loki will L O V E.


pLEASE DON’T EVEN LET ME START WITH YOU, KEVIN! Honestly, we started interacting for REAL last night after a few memes thrown different directions && replies made through RANDOM posts; but ever since MAY 17TH we’ve been literally best friends from across the globe ( not really bc I live in norway && you germany, hah thank you skype ). Literally –– the thread we have with Skye && Grant is so heartbreaking that I’m positive that I’ll soon be BAWLING my eyes out all over my computer. I love you till the end of time, alright my Ward Grant??


oh PLEASE don’t make me write another 50000 page essay of how AMAZING you are both inside && out, Christine. Honestly –– you have s u c h a passion for the Labonair’s that I’m actually finding myself so JEALOUS of your passion for a character/family that hasn’t made such an appearance on the canon show && the way you actually manage to bring them to LIFE. Yes, I simply love you && there’s nothing more to say.

Now RETURNING to everyone I stalk && envy from afar!

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Here are some pictures of me doing glassblowing! It’s not exactly step by step, but I think this might give you a good idea of the proccess I use to make it. 

The first piece, titled Troubled Thoughts, is for infinity-on-l0w, who is my best friend and one of the most supportive people I’ve ever met. The second piece, titled Rose’s Fountain, was inspired by Steven Universe. I tried to show how her fountain has gotten overgrown, and her garden is generally in disarray. If you have any questions about this, please let me know!

@badassroxx1: At the end of the day the friendships WE make r the things that make competing & going fr show 2 show FUN. @jillyrev has been 1 of my most consistent friend/supporter fr since we were both amateurs, 2 the year we BOTH turned pro, 2 cheering her heart 4 me @ the Chicago Pro last year when I was competing as a fbber, 2 the day I stepped foot onstage as WP competitor & finally as we both stepped onstage last Sunday in the NY Pro. It was com4ting 2 share laffs backstage w/a friend, who remains as real as she was the 1st day we met & know that the more things change the more they remain the same. THANK U 4 being such a constant source of support, encouragement, honesty, strength & love. I am blessed that U r my friend.

Life Is GREAT.

i am in a place where i have the opportunity to be everything I’ve ever wanted to be. i have a wonderful support system and the most amazing friends and family. I’m getting to marry my best friend. What more could a girl ask for. 



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What helps you stay positive through all the doctor visits, medication changes, and flares that come up?

Um, I don’t? I think if I was positive all the time, something would be majorly wrong. I guess I’ve just gotten a lot better at accepting that some things are out of my control and I’ve just got to do this best I can with what I’ve got - as my Dad would say, “Well, we are where we are”, and I think that sums up my attitude most of the time. Not that this helps much on days where my body’s kicking my butt and I just want my normal life back, but on most days it helps. Having awesome support from my family and friends helps a lot, and I see a psychologist for counselling as there’s still a lot of emotion around having chronic illnesses I haven’t dealt with. I tend to handle things by laughing at myself (yep, that Aussie stereotype is true!) and lot of the stuff I post on ThisChronicLife is sarcastic venting at the ridiculousness and frustrations chronic illness imposes on my life. So I guess I’ve gotten good at finding the humour in most situations. Yes, there are days where I am *so* done, or times where it’s too much and all I can do is cry, but I know it’s okay to have those times and I’m never alone. To be honest, finding the Spoonie Community and connecting with people going through similar situations has been the best thing to keep me positive - it’s unbelievably amazing to have others who you can relate to on a level that non-Spoonies can understand in theory, but not in quite completely get.

Another important note: I’m completely okay with taking a few days or a week off uni/everyday life to recover and do some low-spoon stuff that makes me feel better. Never underestimate the importance of self care!

Love and spoons,


P.S. Oh, and having playlists for every situation. Music makes everything better.

P. P. S. This blog will definitely make you smile: babyanimalposts

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I really want to make my own YouTube and everything but I'm scared people I know will find it and make fun of me for it- I posted a video once and kept it up for about 2 days before I took it down out because I was so scared. Do you have any tips on how to overcome this?

My friends found it most were supportive the one who was a prick really isn’t a friend

can someone tell me what is so wrong about being cis? Like, I fully support transsexuals, hell even most of my friends are transitioning. But all I see on this site is DOWN WITH CIS, like what did I do to you? Are you just stereotyping an entire gender specific group?

Can someone just please explain to me what is so bad about being cis?