and most of them irl tbh

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2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, 15, 16, 22, 26 Happy V-day darling :D


2-Is there a ship you didn’t like at first but ultimately started shipping?

I’m very chill when it comes to ships tbh, I like most of em and even the ones I don’t like, I see the appeal tbh. I just ship all ships because love is cute <3 (it’s valentines day leave me alone).

5-What is your most fluffy + happy ship?

All my ships have constant drama lol (looking at you tvd, ouat). But irl probably Dan and Phil tbh HAVE YOU SEEN THEM THEY ARE BUNDLES OF LOVE AND HAPPINESS (get a dog). Thats what I call a fluffy ship, love that phan <3

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6-What is your most angsty ship?

oKAY I wrote about how I couldn’t think of one then I saw my Doctor Who poster on my wall and

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8-Your oldest ship; the one you’ve shipped for the longest time?

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they never left

(it’s sonic and amy on a beach btw)

9-What ship represents the kind of relationship you’d love to have?

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12-What is your favourite canon ship?

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“Promise me this is forever”

“I promise”

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I love these two and I shipped them before they even fucking met. Basically I watched this 40 minute Delena video because I was bored and was like “damn who are these two they look kinda in love how cute maybe I should watch this show.” But I didn’t know it would take 4 FUCKING SEASONS FOR THEM TO GET TOGETHER, I DID MY WAITING BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. The second they met I was like, “are they gonna kiss or?” but no I had to wait 3 SEASONS FOR THAT. Whatever it was worth it, WATCH IT SERIOUSLY. Only 4 episodes left and my heart is singing for a delena endgame because AFTER 6 SEASONS OF BUILD UP THEY DESERVE IT (and so do I) BECAUSE I’M PRETTY DAMN SURE THEY INVENTED LOVE <3 <3 Their actors Nina and Ian dated irl from 2010-2013 which is pretty magical, and after those Instagram posts it’s nice to see that its “all <3″ between them now. I will always love them to the ends of the earth because they fight for each other and they are pretty much fighting against fate and the universe to be together. Literally none of the characters wanted them to be together except maybe Alaric and Rose, both of whom supported Damon. Elena chose him and Stefan said that she was the only person he ever met who thought Damon was worth loving - and that was so important. Literally I could write essays on Delena, but this is okay. I’m not okay though.

15-What is the first ship you had?

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16-Is there a ship that made you realise something about yourself?

My darlings Emma Swan and Captain Killian Jones made me realise that true love is magic - also that I really like pirates (ALSO I FUCKING LOVE THE JOLLY ROGER)

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LOOK AT THEM AWHWHWHWHWH (I CAN’T WAIT FOR MARCH). I am all for the Captain Swan engagement and I am HERE for Jen and Colins friendship all the way <3

22-Is there a ship you’ll never admit you have?

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DON’T TELL DELENA BUT THIS HUG REUNION SCENE WAS EVERYTHING. <3 I am a secret Bamon shipper. I want Delena to be endgame with all my heart, but if Bamon had happened in season 7 I probably would have been okay with it, like Damon moving on would have been okay and in character, also Elena wanted him to be happy. If he hadn’t left and Bonnie hadn’t’ve found Enzo, it could easily have happened- but alas it did not :/ Kat and Ian have insane chemistry and are beautiful friends so it’s wonderful!! I see every reason for Bamon tbh and it’s super cute, I just hate the hate between Bamon and Delena shippers (fandom drama ikr). I’m always gonna be Delena, but Bamon would’ve been cute, but platonic Bamon is also VERY important. I will always support this pairing, platonic or romantic :)

26-Name a ship that ended like you wanted it to.

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Everything about them was great literally. Danny Phantom ended so happily and they were boyfriend and girlfriend and I was literally so happy for these teenagers. I watched the whole show solidly for like 2 weeks and when it was over I was super sad but I’m so glad they got their happy ending and Danny gave her that ring :D

I hope this was informative ;)


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I doubt my Bisexuality for the same reasons at times, I think it's just because fictional men tend to have more depth and show a more emotional side than the guys I know in rl, I look for those qualities in girls too, that's why it's easier to have real girl crushes for me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Yeah I think that’s it tbh… A lot of irl guys I come across tend to not have this clear emotional depth or even time to address that side of them. I just don’t feel it when it comes to guys, I barely wanna know their story, I barely want to be around them for the most part… Girls on the other hand, show a lot at once and I can relate to girls easily, since I am one. There’s tons of different kinds of girls but I find that they are so comfortable for me to get along with and I tend to find them interesting and I wanna talk to them and like get to know them, y’know? o:

And with fictional characters, male, female, or otherwise, their depth and emotional side are served to you on a plate whether you want it or not. So you just naturally and almost automatically know them through gameplay, or through reading, or watching, or whatever kinda media it is you’re indulging in. Maybe that’s why it’s so much easier to fall for fictional dudes, for me? I also like fall for peoples’ backgrounds and emotional depth, which, again, irl guys tend not to reveal, and fictional guys tend to flaunt in one way or another.

It’s so confusing ngnfgfgh but long story short irl guys are very very very seldom ever what I’m looking for and I just feel this very natural and very real allure when it comes to women both in fiction and in real life.

TBH the only place I feel truly alone is the poached where my thoughts can bug me the most. Safe spaces don’t exist and I’m surprised I used to believe in them. Online, irl. I need to get rid of this fucking fantasy image tumblr put in my head, cause I’m in something called the real world. People will be cruel, people won’t respect your fucking ‘triggers’, people won’t always be tolerant and people aren’t going to coddle you.

zevran replied to your post: zevran replied to your post “I HATE PEOPLE WHO…

you have to order most ebooks online unless u have a book store irl that sells them…some do…but if u ever meet anyone with a kindle or anything id ask just to try it out for like a couple minutes theyre a lot better than they seem

oh yeah i assumed that i mean like where do u buy the kindle itself is it bought online as well? because tbh i forgot it existed i only remembered that amazon kindle app

why the signs fcking suck

aries: r sometimes insensitive 2 everyone’s emotions except for their own… stop disregarding ppl’s feelings and paying 2 much attention 2 ur own..
taurus: hold back their opinions 4 the sake of ppl liking them… even though they’re right most of the time..
gemini: actually super nice tbh…. but sometimes they dnt notice tht wht they say hurts ppl… even if it’s unintentional..
cancer: dnt value friends unless they reflect their own personality…. if they no longer want 2 be ur friend they’ll push u away aggressively….. let their emotions flare and take them out on other ppl…
leo: stubborn…. but most of the time they’re goodhearted and aren’t bad ppl….
virgo: r mean 2 ppl for no reason… pick on the innocent… 
libra: fake friends…. dnt like ppl for petty reasons… dislike ppl who possess qualities they wish they had…. 
scorpio: seem nice but talk behind ur back a lot….. too easily influenced…. dnt reason things out before acting on them….
saggittarius: act like they’re the nicest ppl on earth but envy and bitterness runs through their veins…. saltiness does too…..
capricorn: too emo…. get jealous easily…. too many layers 2 their personality… confusing…. inconsistent…
aquarius: corny…. nitpicky….. but r otherwise good ppl who jst want to restore balance 2 the world…. 
pisces: overwhelm themselves…. dnt realize their worth….

It Was Just A Lie. Part 1.

GUESS WHOSE BACK. BACK AGAIN. ITS ME BITCH. Haha I’m so lame ok I know  but anyways, yes I am back. But this time with a Jungkook fanfiction *streamers* since most of my friends irl are Kookie biased (yeah I have real friends it surprises me too)   anywho, if you have any requests feel free to send them in. Honestly, I kinda need it tbh. I have 0% of a life and writing makes me feel happy so, win/win situation? 

Genre: Fluff and maybe a bit of angst. 


Word count: 471

Summary: “Y/N ah, please pretend to be my girlfriend.” You had imagined of these words coming out of someones mouth one day, but you never pictured it would be your best friend Jungkookies. And it all started, with something that he was too shy, or maybe just too kind to end. 

“OI. YOU!” You partly screamed to your best friend. He rolled his head, looking into your eyes, clearly unamused. “Yes, Y/N?” “Get that on the top shelf for me.” You said, your eyes sparkling with glee as your routine started again. “Y/N, I’m not that much taller than you and you can reach…” He said, before stopping himself realising it was pointless to try argue. Sighing, he stood up, walking towards the cabinet and jumping to reach the bag of chips that you had desired. He jumped up, grabbing onto the edge of the bag and in that moment his eyes lit up and yours faded, pouting that you couldn’t tease him but secretly contented by his warm bunny smile. “Here you go hoe.” He said, teasingly. You rolled his eyes, snatching the bag from him as you tried to open it. To no ones surprise, you couldn’t. He smirked, looking at you from the corner of your eye as he started to skim through your movie list. “Jungkookie oppa~” You said, in a sing-song like operation. “No, Y/N.” he said plainly, his blush slightly growing with your pout. “Pleasee kookieee…” You begged, making your eyee bigger to force him to comply. He sighed, giving in  as he took the bag from your smaller hands, as he ripped it open without flinching. “Nooo” you said in a high pitched voice, making it sound like the family. He rolled his eyes, gently pushing you to the side and you held your heart in a fake agony. He smirked again, holding you in a tight embrace. Putting all your worries to rest and your heart beating faster. His arms was one of the places you loved most.

 But that was then. That was your small kookie. Your best friend.

 This is now.

 "Y/N!“ Your still best friend kookie screamed at you. Grumbling you turned around, your eyes sleepily finding his before you whispered aloud "Kookie. Get out of my face before I punch it.” “You could but you love me too much.” He said, giving a cute smile as he winked slyly at you. “Ugh. Why do I love you?” “Because girls girls girls they love me.” He said, dancing around and laughing between words. You rolled your eyes, as you grabbed the edge of your pillows, pouncing on him as you hit him with your pillow. It had been 3 years since you two had been friends and you have been inseperable ever since. He’s been there for you through every heart break and you’ve done the same to him. You honestly couldn’t find a better friend anywhere else. 

But it couldn’t last.

“Y/N..” Jungkook said again, his eyes looking down as if he was embarrassed to ask. “I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend.”

A/N: well, since I’m back I may ask well leave a cliff hanger. And maybe make a mini series? Idk. But yeah, send me your requests if you have any! Have a good day or night everyone~