and most of them irl tbh

the dear evan hansen fandom must be made aware of this adorable photo ft. cuddly ben platt and amused mike faist with black nail polish, that is all thank you for your time 

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Hi! I really want an internet friend, but I don´t know how to get one? Do you have any tips to how I can try to get one? Also, I just wanted to say that I love your blog and I get a little happy every time I see you have posted something. Have a nice day! :)

I made most of my internet friends here tbh. I just went in their inbox and bugged them until they became friends. That’s the easiest way I know. I sometimes sent asks saying wanna be friends? (Yeah I know lame),. But it worked for me. There are always similar minded people on internet. Which is rare irl. Trust me you will find someone. And thanks for loving the blog :D

Sometimes I wonder how many of my irl friends know I’m autistic. I mean I don’t like talking about it much tbh and so I don’t. I mean most of them went to school with me so they would know I had a classroom assistant at least. But idk if they know exactly why. It doesn’t really matter tbh but

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I genuinely love you, thank you for that post, there are just too many things with kaisoo that don't add up and it's like their hiding something. Same goes for the fact that SM don't promote kaisoo when it could make them loads of money, I feel like this is all just some da Vinci code/ illuminati level cover up. But anyway you are an angel and I love you <33

i love you too and thank you for liking my theory post :D 

[warning, shit is about to get delulu and also long, like usual, and it also perhaps will offend some people who aren’t fond of the idea that their oppas being shipped together for real–like really really real by an insignificant nobody from internet. you’ve been warn.]

ikr? so many things feel a lil bit odd between their very platonic relationship  

SM doesnt promote them for money often, the ones that promote them are other companies, like SPAO, Baskin Robins, Pepero, KFC (well not the marketing staff but one of their branch put kaisoo live-sized card board together), even Korean Red-Cross (i think it is korean red cross but i’m not sure) uses them together, oh also dont forget that soda commercial (maybe there are more companies but my brain doesnt remember any rn)

as far as i know, SM only promotes them few times; the big hit was when their official account announced Kaisoo being totally confirmed by dispatch as april fool “joke”, while the subtle ones were when they put kaisoo’s pillow together on the same shelf in SM merchandise shop (idk what it’s called), also they put kaisoo together in exo photobooks (the diejungs one and the one with soo leans his head on jongin’s shoulder), maybe there are more but i don’t know about it 

[OKAY UPDATE SM DOESNT DO THOSE THINGS ^^^ ON PURPOSE: that official account that tweeting the dispotch joke was fanmade so it’s not SM and the dolls were apparently not purposely arranged to be in kaisoo order, it’s coincidental, so sm didnt do shit to promote them, prob only those diejung photos but i dont think sm forced them to be glued together for that photoshoot hmm] 

those SM’s “moments” were just recently being publicized , mid-end 2014 , why didnt they promote them from the very beginning, in 2012 or 2013? SM started to promote them slightly when kaisoo has started to become more heated to be the “talk” (fans had already noticed them since their debut/mama era - it was the china fans that did so, then they started to dug out more about them and then it grew and spread wider, correct me if i’m wrong tho), meaning SM didnt plan about kaisoo at all - kaisoo happened bc of themselves, they made it, they invented it, or in shippers language: the ship sails itself

and even though now SM has recognized them (put a light on their spot) recently, the company still doesnt exploit the pair like crazy-money-starved-company-they-are (okay i know this sounds quite insulting, but come on some of their members had filed lawsuits bc of health-regarding-matters) and still kaisoo never once have a same schedule, like why? they’re only together if the whole members are requested to be together as whole team, but once the schedule requires them to be split up, they never being put together. i’ve noticed soo had been w/ other members (at least once) when they do mini-group schedule, yet never with jongin.

and maybe this is just me, idk maybe i’m seeing shit, but have you noticed how other members act around them when they’re having moments? just look at suho’s (especially suho, seriously if kaisoo havin moment and he is around quick look at this man’s face for his reaction) or chen’s face since they tend to be more obvious showing it, chanyeol and lay would quickly distract the attention (actually i think chanyeol third-wheeling them especially on the stage to stop the gheiness leak, this guy trying so hard to ship himself  w/ soo, what if he does this bc he wants us to see kaisoo as casual fanservice ship? like if he does it too w/ soo then kaisoo won’t be that obvious, ppl would think if kaisoo just the same with chansoo,  omg i feel so deluded rn /embarrassed/ ) 


baek covered his mouth - was he smiling?


did he need to stand up to point at him honestly? this kid basically had already said “i chose baek bc i had to (so everybody gets picked). by heart i wanted to choose soo” then he proceeded to stand up - to point at his waifu repeatedly as if he needed to assure soo that he meant it (he indeed wanted to choose soo), i mean, honestly? really? 


suho giving the most obvious reaction here


look at chen


honestly look at chen’s face rn


they were in their own world and chen could only sigh


chen looked at jongin but jongin only had his eyes on soo


chen said something but the two still in their own world


suho and xiumin turned their head to see jongin


jongin stopped smiling and be like -oh shit i forgot there’s camera- baek was like -of course you would say that jongin-, see baek’s laugh stopped and he looked at jongin for a sec (this gif is sped up btw)


bet the MC is shipping them too


chanyeol being a third-wheel like usual


honestly chanyeol? soo only wanted to whisper to jongin


sudden appearance of mr.cockblocker 


yeol eyeing soo who was blowing jongin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) then he grinned after it finished


i guess this happened first


then this, yeol to the rescue -must. separate. them. must. cover. them-


but why?


luhan and chen smiled


that girl is totally shipping them now


and this was how baekyeol reacted to kaisoo mating dance


kris looked at them briefly then averted his gaze somewhere else


look how lay’s head tilt to the side slightly when soo started hugging jongin - as if lay was looking at soo’s arms movement - and look at soo eyeing him

once again maybe this is just me being crazy and deranged shipper /sobs/, you prob dont see the same shit as me, and sorry if my explanations seem to be forced/fantasized but in all honesty i see them like that

also how the interviewers like to tease kaisoo, (like shindong, or that SINA’s girl) how sometimes they like to imply …things about them - maybe this is why the company doesnt put them together in mini-group schedule lol

ah i’m sorry for answering it too damn long, honestly there were things that i wanted to add but i forgot and i’m sleepy now, so i guess i’ll wrap this up, thank you again, you’re an angel too! /hugs you/ :) 

for non-shippers, i apologize if this annoy you somehow, i don’t mean any harm whatsoever, i just wanted to let the thoughts out of my brain and since this is tumblr - a blogsite, a site where you can write stuffs, where you can spill your thoughts - soooo, yeah…. just skip this delulu post if it annoy you, sorry again, okay? 

and for some of you think this post will ruin kaisoo image (tbh i was a lil bit afraid too), but just think about it, how big is the chance for that? i mean, basically all most used social medias have posted dozens of their recorded moments + fanarts (fanfics/videos/draws/etc), and somehow my word-vomits would do malice to them? i don’t think so tbh, plus i already stated that i’m a crazy/delulu/deranged/ nobody shipper (of course irl i’m just a normal and functional member of society) so IF somehow kaisoo’s image get tarnished bc of my post, their image still could be protected, just say: the poster had said that she’s delulu why would you believe a delulu person you dumbfuck???? so there. 

anyway have a good night/day, sorry for the long ass answer, sorry for the late reply bc college is a bitch, and sorry for the mistakes (maybe there are some mentioned names that are wrong,also the grammar and profanities too, hope my sentences make sense lel). there are a couple of unanswered asks, i’ll do them tomorrow. bye~

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1. current favorite song?
Lolita by lana del rey tbh

2. little known fact(s)? about u?
i fucking love peeps idk what else to say

3. is there someone yr thinking about rn? why?
YES LMAO it’s someone irl who i HATE bc i keep having gross dreams about them

4. what are u usually doing on yr free time?
sleeping tbh

5. one skill you wish you knew?

6. tattoos or piercings?
both?? i guess?? idk i have my nose pierced and i’m hoping to get my first tattoo this year

7. if you could dye your hair any unnatural color, what would it be?
i’m going dark blue asap

8. strangest dream you’ve ever had?
lmao that’s Too Much Information™ but like most recent is i had a dream that i was Heavily Pregnant and apparently Sarah Brightman bc i was playing Christine on the west end i think and i was in a weird relationship with alw and i was like miscarrying or smthn and alw was like I Gotta Go and irl kid that i hate was playing Raoul and revealed that he was the father

9. funny/embarrassing story (if u wanna share one)?
i continue to hit my head on one specific shelf at work to the point where i have been avoiding it

10. (for all my theatre people out there) fav musical?

cool sick um idk where to go from here but my questions:
1. How many pets do you have, if any?
2. Are you doing anything exciting this week?
3. Do you have a best friend?
4. What’s your favorite movie?
5. Dogs or cats?
6. Dream role in any musical?
7. Do you have any tattoos?
8. Do you have any regrets as of recently?
9. What’s your favorite thing to do in your spare time?
10. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be and why?

i tag all of my mutuals. all of them.

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1) What’s something that reminds you of home? Foggy mornings, pebbled beaches, pine forest

2) What’s your astrological symbol? Do you think it fits you? Libra! I think for the most part yes, but people say I have a Capricorn tendency in a sense that I am very particular and determined

3) Do you have a current favorite song right now? Thunder by Imagine Dragons. Love them!

4) Your favorite subject in school (irl and/or Hogwarts tbh) Language and Arts. For Hogwarts, definitely Charms

5) Favorite beverage? Pretty sure half of my calorie intake comes from lemon slushie

6) What’s an aspect of your personality that you love? I like that I know my mind and stand my own ground

7) Do you like the time period we live in now? Would you wanna live in another one? No surprise but it’d be 1st century BC. I love ancient history!    

8) Have any book recommendations? When Breath Becomes Air is fantastic

9) Where was your favorite vacation? Istanbul, Turkey

10) What’s something you’ve done recently that you’re proud of? Prioritizing myself and self love <3

11) Your favorite type of sweet/dessert? Everything! I must say that I make a mean carrot cake, so it’s probably that.


1) Who inspires you? 

2) What is your favorite word?

3) Best compliment you’ve ever received?

4) What is your favorite season?

5) How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

6) When was the last time you tried something new?

7) What makes you smile?

8) Favorite animal?

9) Favorite food?

10) What’s on your bucket list this year?

11) What’s an ideal weekend for you?

I’m tagging: @malfoymaxima @silancio @romanticronweasley @meropegaunt  @percweasly 💚 (no pressure)

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What do you appreciate most about your friends (whether they're online or irl)?

tbh most of my real life friends aren’t That Great so i’d rather talk about my online pals: they’re all so funny and beautiful and talented and i’m honestly blessed to know them (and to have them consider me their friends the same way i consider them mine) :’) they never fail to make me smile/laugh, be it with their posts or in our private chats but i’m just!!! so thankful so moved

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All of hidden block for the asagao asks ❤

Ian: Given the chance, would you fall asleep against a tree?
YES but uh my anxiety doesn’t let me sleep in public, plus i’m semi allergic to grass ^^

Luke: Last prank you pulled/someone pulled on you, and what went down?
i don’t remember any real pranks pulled on me tbh??

Jeff: Who would you confide in about your crush/significant other?
probably like, most of my online friends?? and a few irl friends

Wallid: Are you the type to see the good in everyone?
i try but sometimes it’s beyond hard

Jimmy: Pick a friend and list three qualities you like about them.
UHHHHHHH i’ll do u iris bc ur an angel !!
1. you’re literally so nice to everyone??? i’ve hardly ever seen you be mean
2. you just fffucjing understand me and help me if i need it and it means so much
3. one of the first people i started talking to and just we have the same sense of humor

Caddy: That person you think is normal, but can actually be insane. Who is it?
….i was gonna say /someone/ but i’m not horrible so
(jokingly) asa.

TBH there is a reason I don’t tell my irl friends about my OSDD-1b.
I am scared.
I am scared when I tell them they won’t believe me or be weirded out or fall victim to the stigma of multiplicity that pulses in the media.

Online it’s easier.
Not much, but a little.
Telling my close friends here is still a challenge.
Most of the time we all act like the host.
But it’s hard when half of the life you live isn’t even your own.

And now, even on my safe spaces there’s vicious people searching for clues that anyone could be “fake”.
Those people get some sick kind of joy in ruining other people’s name.

I get it’s important to actually call out the ones who fake being multiple to abuse and manipulate.
But scanning each and every post of a blog that claims to be multiple, online in all places, and try finding the slightest hint that they may be what those people consider “fake”, that’s just low.

It saddens me that I am afraid to post in the tags simply because I’m scared someone will deem me not real enough and start sending hate.
We already got some.

And hell, we are an OSDD-1b system, formed by childhood trauma and still fear this.
We have done nothing wrong and cower in fear of strangers.

I feel bad for endogenic systems.
Even if they weren’t formed by trauma they still suffer from stigma that comes with multiplicity and now they get bullied and harassed in the places they try to create for themselves online.

I don’t even know why I wrote this.
I’m just mad that this community who could be so supporting and fighting stigma tends to spread hatred and fear inside of it self.

I thought if we can’t be open about our life as a system irl, where only our mother knows then maybe I could find people who didn’t get weirded out by us online.

To all gatekeepers and endogenic-haters
Also to the endogenic-systems who start trolling others as an attempt to get back at them.

Just stop please.
This world has enough negativity in it.
We need to stick together to help make things better.

-Skull, host of the Darkest System

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I'm really happy I found this blog tbh because I thought I was the only once grossed out by this. I also recently found out that two of my close friends ship irl people (one ships phan) but I'm really bad with expressing my words/views so could you please give me a short argument for why its bad, so I can express it to them. Sorry if you've already done this!! And thank you in advance!

Sorry that your friends do that, anon!

Okay, so I’m just gonna list some reasons why shipping real people is bad:

  • It’s very dehumanizing
  • The main reason why most of these ships exist is because of how often relationships between Gay White Boys™ are fetishized
    • Seriously there’s so many unhealthy ships that only exist because of the *~yaoizzz~*
  • Because a lot of these ships are often between people that already have relationships with someone else, the other person often gets harassed
    • I think @torielagainstships says it best in this post
  • A lot of the people being shipped have said that they don’t want to be shipped (could only find one link right now, sorry)
  • (specifically for ph@n) In a lot of Dan and Phil’s tumblr tag videos, a lot of ph@n is shoved in their faces (including porn!! which counts as sexual harassment)
    • Most of the time they seem very uncomfortable when seeing that stuff

Yeah, so that’s all of the arguments that I have for now! Good luck!

Both Jude and Leia have fought for their lives, both Jude and Leia know what it is to experience trauma, loss, and to recover from those things, and to be completely frank, both Jude and Leia have their shit together WAY BETTER than most of us young adults IRL. They are on it.

So since that is the case, why are they mature enough to hold steady careers, be financially independent, and live on their own, but suddenly not mature enough to potentially hold romantic relationships with people who are, yes, older, but NOT MORE MATURE than they are? Putting aside that Jude and Leia are clearly stated to be adults in their universe (World Guidance Book says this, others their age hold careers (e.g. Agria), Jude is offended Milla calls him “boy” and says she’s not that much older than him, Jude’s father tells Jude’s mother that Jude is not a child and she should not coddle him anymore, etc), they act like it, too. They know what they want, they understand what it is that they want, and they clearly know how to take care of themselves in every way: financially, physically, and emotionally. Unlike characters like Elize, who clearly acts like a child and needs to be taken care of by guardians still (Driselle and Rowen), Jude and Leia support themselves and are very obviously functioning adults.

So when people balk at shipping them with characters like Milla, Ludger, or Alvin because of the age difference, it bugs me, because if they are old enough to hold steady careers and have independent living–something that most twenty-somethings IRL can’t do yet (no offense to twenty-somethings, life is hard as shit esp with student loans, but I’m making a point here)–then how the hell are they not old enough to make informed, rational decisions about their romantic lives? FFS, both of them are more mature than, for example, Alvin could ever hope to be tbh, so there’s no being taken advantage of here, this is just two adults making choices for themselves if those are the choices they want to make.

This is not RL, but even if it were, Jude and Leia would be light years ahead of the rest of us, let’s not kid ourselves. (And yes, I know light years measure distance. I mean like, they’re far ahead of us, in every conceivable way. When it comes to the ROAD OF LIFE, they are LIGHT YEARS ahead of us, for sure.)

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lol chadwick is like super intelligent and educated, i have been following him loosely since 42 and he is easily one of the most articulate and intelligent actors around, besides oscar isaac. he is like the direct opposite of the assortment of sexist dudebro types of marvel so i wonder how he will fit in with them lol. i need him and oscar isaac to meet so i can write a 10k fanfiction of them spending lazy afternoons together, reading books with mugs of cocoa and cuddling. my irl otp tbh

he’s soo intelligent, from the interviews i’ve seen pre-CW he’s so well spoken and genuinely so smart. one of my fave moments if when when he was being praised and he mentioned how BP is being written by someone he went to college with and mentioned how great ta-nehisi coates was for writing the new bp comic like it was just a great moment???? he didn’t need to do that and it was just great.

also that’s amazing, we deserve this dynamic duo in the world tbh

It Was Just A Lie. Part 1.

GUESS WHOSE BACK. BACK AGAIN. ITS ME BITCH. Haha I’m so lame ok I know  but anyways, yes I am back. But this time with a Jungkook fanfiction *streamers* since most of my friends irl are Kookie biased (yeah I have real friends it surprises me too)   anywho, if you have any requests feel free to send them in. Honestly, I kinda need it tbh. I have 0% of a life and writing makes me feel happy so, win/win situation? 

Genre: Fluff and maybe a bit of angst. 


Word count: 471

Summary: “Y/N ah, please pretend to be my girlfriend.” You had imagined of these words coming out of someones mouth one day, but you never pictured it would be your best friend Jungkookies. And it all started, with something that he was too shy, or maybe just too kind to end. 

“OI. YOU!” You partly screamed to your best friend. He rolled his head, looking into your eyes, clearly unamused. “Yes, Y/N?” “Get that on the top shelf for me.” You said, your eyes sparkling with glee as your routine started again. “Y/N, I’m not that much taller than you and you can reach…” He said, before stopping himself realising it was pointless to try argue. Sighing, he stood up, walking towards the cabinet and jumping to reach the bag of chips that you had desired. He jumped up, grabbing onto the edge of the bag and in that moment his eyes lit up and yours faded, pouting that you couldn’t tease him but secretly contented by his warm bunny smile. “Here you go hoe.” He said, teasingly. You rolled his eyes, snatching the bag from him as you tried to open it. To no ones surprise, you couldn’t. He smirked, looking at you from the corner of your eye as he started to skim through your movie list. “Jungkookie oppa~” You said, in a sing-song like operation. “No, Y/N.” he said plainly, his blush slightly growing with your pout. “Pleasee kookieee…” You begged, making your eyee bigger to force him to comply. He sighed, giving in  as he took the bag from your smaller hands, as he ripped it open without flinching. “Nooo” you said in a high pitched voice, making it sound like the family. He rolled his eyes, gently pushing you to the side and you held your heart in a fake agony. He smirked again, holding you in a tight embrace. Putting all your worries to rest and your heart beating faster. His arms was one of the places you loved most.

 But that was then. That was your small kookie. Your best friend.

 This is now.

 "Y/N!“ Your still best friend kookie screamed at you. Grumbling you turned around, your eyes sleepily finding his before you whispered aloud "Kookie. Get out of my face before I punch it.” “You could but you love me too much.” He said, giving a cute smile as he winked slyly at you. “Ugh. Why do I love you?” “Because girls girls girls they love me.” He said, dancing around and laughing between words. You rolled your eyes, as you grabbed the edge of your pillows, pouncing on him as you hit him with your pillow. It had been 3 years since you two had been friends and you have been inseperable ever since. He’s been there for you through every heart break and you’ve done the same to him. You honestly couldn’t find a better friend anywhere else. 

But it couldn’t last.

“Y/N..” Jungkook said again, his eyes looking down as if he was embarrassed to ask. “I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend.”

A/N: well, since I’m back I may ask well leave a cliff hanger. And maybe make a mini series? Idk. But yeah, send me your requests if you have any! Have a good day or night everyone~