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What if Kara slowly introduces Lena to more informal side of life so she gets to do many things she had been taught all her life not to do bc she's a Luthor.. stuff like drinking beer straight from the bottle, putting feet on table etc

You know Lena thinks it so weird the first time she goes to game night and everyone just kind of half sits on couch, half on the floor and eats takeout all around the coffee table. And Kara hands her a plastic fork? and this is most definitely not a wine glass, but it has wine in it?

And the first time Kara builds them a pillow fort in front of the tv is an experience to be sure! And Kara gets so excited every time Lena experiences something new!

Bonus HC- one time they all convince Lena that some weird thing is what ‘regular people’ do. and so she finally does it and they all die laughing because they can’t believe she actually did it. She wants to be mad, but she’s honestly never felt so included? because instead of her Luthor upbringing being an obstacle they all just tease her about it and she’s never really had friends close enough to tease her about anything so she wears it like a badge of honor!

okay so I know most of the headcanons always involve lena and kara cuddling in bed and falling asleep in each other’s arms etc but hear me out a sec. so lena due to being raised by the luthor’s has probably had large beds to herself for most of her life and has no fucking idea how to share them like her legs and arms go literally everywhere and kara ‘the cuddler’ danvers is fully like wtf??

Now, you might say, “But if they believed in the cause, they wouldn’t need to be organized or paid at all. They’d be happy to make the sacrifice!” And it’s true that the most passionate (and effective) protesters are the ones with the most on the line … but they need someone to organize them.

“I’m a jackoff with a college degree,” Matt said, “I’ve never had to change an adult diaper. But some of these folks I work with – there was this one mother of five going through a divorce while providing childcare to several other people. She ended up having to provide more care for other disabled children than her own disabled children. And we had to ask her to work extra on top of that so that, maybe, she could eventually have it better.”

“I definitely ran into the ‘Rosa Parks problem,’ where the people with the most compelling stories are the least able to be the face of the movement because of how involved their work is. I wanted to bring that woman to talk to the governor and senators about her life and work. It would’ve been really effective for the cause because the story is so compelling. But she couldn’t get the time off.”

I Know Paid Protesters Are Real (Because I’m One Of Them)

We make fun of Harry for being a bit oblivious and not really perceptive but he probably doesn’t notice most things because he was taught to always keep his head down and not ask too many questions and that stage children go through where they ask 272737 questions and their parents answer them fondly was taken away from him because he’d receive a glare instead of an explanation. He never really had much exposure to the outside world either because they rarely ever took him anywhere or let him watch tv.

More Than Friends

Request: Im tempted to ask for a Kihyun one AGAIN, but can I request a Yoongi fic with prompt number 3 & 6? Thank you lovee <3

3) “You should learn to lie better.”

6) “I never realized how much of a coward you are.”

Member: BTS Suga x Y/N

Type: Angst

The argument started out as simply as most did with Yoongi. He had awoken from what seemed like a day’s worth of sleep and you had mentioned grabbing a bite to eat. You understood his crazy schedules and advocated for him to get as much rest as possible, so you had offered to pick food up. You were his best friend and therefore wanted the best for him. That was until he found his feelings and quickly jumped within them. 

“Do you think I’m not capable of getting my own food?” he grumbled moodily from the depths of his blankets. 

You readjusted your stance against the door frame and rolled your eyes. “If it’s an argument you’re looking for…”

“Not looking for an argument,” he muttered. “I’m looking for a burrito. Possibly a lamb skewer.”

“There’s a place around the corner,” you nodded. “I can-”

“Why do you insist on treating me like a child?” Yoongi groaned, sliding his feet from his bed and rubbing a tired hand through his hair. “You aren’t my mother.”

“I wasn’t aware that the only person who genuinely cared about your well being was your mother,” you mumbled. “Not the worst comparison.”

“No, you nag,” he sighed, looking up at you. “It’s not like we’re dating or something. Why do you care so much?”

You closed your eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. You tried to give your friend the benefit of the doubt, assuming he knew when to stop himself.

“I’m just trying -” you began again, looking over to him, but were instantly cut off. 

“You let people walk over you and then offer to do more for them,” Yoongi clucked, standing and shuffling to his dresser. “Even after they break your heart.”

Your breath caught as the words came from Yoongi’s mouth. You both didn’t have the best track records with each other, but in general knew of the lines that you couldn’t cross. You were aware of each other’s boundaries and knew when enough was enough. Yoongi had just chosen to break down the barrier you had both painstakingly built with one short sentence. 

You and Yoongi had never begun as friends. You had started out as acquaintances as you were close with members of his group, but quickly fell for his cold ways. He had a strange tactic for flirting that captured your interests immediately. You fell hard and fast, confessing only a month after meeting. He had turned you down, settling for being your friend rather than anything more. 

And you both quietly agreed to never speak of it again. For your dignity’s sake.

Until now. 

Yoongi turned around, narrowing his eyes as you attempted to regain your composure. “I…”

“I think you’ve said enough,” you said quietly, biting your lip. You closed your eyes in an attempt to trap the tears from falling onto your cheeks. “Thanks, I get it.”

“Y/N…” he whispered, turning to face you and lean against the dresser. He moved as if it physically pained him to look at you, and you made note of it.

You backed up slowly and gripped the door handle as you exited the room, pulling it as quickly as you could manage. You flinched as the door to the bedroom slammed, a perturbed Yoongi on the opposite side. You hung your head, quietly whispering to yourself a confirmation that things would be alright, even if they seemed like they would never be again. 

Yoongi should have known better, but so should you. Maybe he had a point. Maybe after your initial rejection, you should’ve let go instead of insisting of holding on. 

You shook your head, shuffling down the hallway and out of the door, thankful that none of the other members were around to witness your hurt feelings. Almost as soon as you had the front door of the dorm closed, it was yanked open from your palm by a gasping Yoongi. 

“Do you love me?” his voice rasped, barely higher than a breath. You blinked slowly, trying to fathom how he could have the audacity to ask such a question.

“No,” you said, your voice cracking with only one syllable. The words stung as they left your lips, a fallacy you had fooled yourself with for years. 

“You should learn to lie better,” he hissed, stepping outside into the hallway as well. He let out a deep breath and leaned against the door. 

“You should learn to respect unspoken promises,” you muttered, glaring at him. 

“What do you mean?” he asked, tilting his head. 

“You know exactly what I mean Yoongi,” you groaned. “I confessed to you years ago and when you said no, it was you who wanted to continue our friendship. When you saw I legitimately cared, you had no problem throwing it back in my face. Why? Why are you still friends with me?”

Yoongi cleared his throat and looked away. “Because I love you.”

You furrowed your brows, your jaw springing ajar. “Like…as a friend though?”

“Like…more than a friend,” he groaned, looking anywhere but directly at you. 

“How could you…what do you even?” you stuttered, looking around wildly. A moment ago Yoongi was busy resurrecting the heart he had already broken to break it again, and now he was trying to show he had really cared all along? 

“When you first confessed…our careers were only beginning,” he sighed, running a hand through his bangs. “I’m fundamentally selfish, I’ll admit…so I didn’t want to lose you completely. I was hoping somehow I could keep you here and wait for-”

Your smack was swift and hard against Yoongi’s cheek. You hardly recognized your own hand as you pulled it away. 

“Alright,” he nodded. “I deserved that.”

Yoongi looked toward you, his eyes meeting yours for the first time since the entire argument had begun. “I was afraid to lose you…so I thought…maybe if we became friends.”

You shook your head, biting back the years worth of dejection. “I never realized how much of a coward you are.”

“Y/N,” Yoongi said with a wince. He pushed himself off of the door slowly and crossed the small space separating you both. You continued to shake your head, distancing yourself from him until your back hit the opposite wall. “Please.”

“No,” you choked. “I’m not doing this to myself Yoongi. You said it, I let people walk all over me and then offer to do more for them. You’ve lied to me…for years…just so you would keep me around for when you were ready. Maybe I’m not ready anymore?”

You let a sob rip through your chest. The constant contact with Yoongi had kept the wound fresh all of this time. What you had attempted to cover up with bandaids really needed stitches. You realized you would have never been able to move on while he was still such a permanent fixture in your life. 

“Y/N,” he repeated. His hands hovered in midair, frozen with indecision. He finally swallowed an audible gulp and grabbed your arms, attempting to pull you into his chest. 

“No,” you groaned, smacking him with closed fists. What first began as an attack to push him away slowly cascaded into a futile attempt of weak punches and crying. 

“Shhh,” he cooed, pulling your face toward his sweater. You hiccuped as your ear pressed against him, his heartbeat sounding so foreign. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” 

“Yeah,” you whimpered, your emotions numb. “Me too.” 

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Can I ask for “What did they do to you?” with Newt? Either as the one asking that question or being asked it?

@firebyfire - you most certainly can!

Graves wasn’t sure how he ended up sitting beneath the shade of a massive tree, legs splayed out in front of him as he watched a herd of beasts he couldn’t identify graze in the field ahead of them. All he could remember was not being able to breathe, suddenly. As though all the air had been removed from the room like a vacuum. He remembers the fierce thump, thump, thump of his heart jackrabbiting against his chest and how his skin felt cold from sudden perspiration. He remembers his knees feeling like jelly and becoming light headed. Everything being too bright, too loud, too much. And then everything bleeding away, the world falling back into the cold and the dark and the pain of the lash and—

“Here,” said a voice, abruptly pulling him from his thoughts. Graves flinched, but the hand holding the cup of tea out to him did not. It remained steady in front of him, steaming and welcoming and warm. Graves tried to ignore how his hands trembled as he took it, but his own voice was firm and familiar as he thanked him.

“You’re quite welcome,” Newt said before moving to sit next to Graves at the base of the tree. “I’m sorry it’s not coffee. I have some, but I didn’t think the caffeine would help you…calm your mind.”

“I don’t mind. My mother loved tea. Doesn’t tea have caffeine in it, too?”

“Not this one. Jasmine and vanilla, and a little bit of honey for taste.”

Graves took a soft sip and felt the warmth of it hang pleasantly in his chest. He smiled, smally.

“That’s nice.”

“I’m glad,” Newt said, his smile large and genuine from Graves’ praise. He took a sip from his own mug before looking out at the creatures grazing. Mooncalves, Newt had called them. They looked like simple beasts. Fluffy and wide eyed and bleating. Relaxed and confident and unaware that in the wild, any number of predators might kill them. Here, they were safe. Happy and fat from Newt’s attentions.

It must be nice, to be able to protect something so innocent.

Graves flinched as large dark eyes flashed into his mind, eager and hopeful and pleading.

A hand at his forearm drew him back, anchoring him to the present. His eyes fell to that hand – callused and scarred. But… the scars didn’t end with his hands. They trailed up his forearms and beneath the rolled sleeves at the magizoologist’s elbow before they finally disappeared from sight. Thin and too articulate to be from creatures alone.

“Sorry,” Newt said. “Thought I lost you, for a moment.”

“You nearly did,” Graves admitted, eyes trailing up to catch Newt’s.

“I know it’s not my place to ask,” Newt said, voice soft and tentative but genuine. “But Tina’s been awfully worried… I understand if you don’t want to talk about it, but… is there a reason why you couldn’t enter that room?”

That room… ah, yes. The board room.

Graves could remember it, now – the trigger to his panic attack. He had touched the handle of the board room’s door and been floored by the smell of someone’s new cologne – Grindelwald’s cologne. Thick and heady and smelling of amber and spice, and it had pulled him back to memories of the man. Filling the room with his pleasant, expensive stench as he whipped him and beat him and tore fragments of memories from his mind despite his best defenses. The smell of him at his back, entering him against his will, bringing him pleasure despite his struggles to ignore the mounting heat, and kissing him gentle despite having beaten him mere minutes ago to keep him from fighting back.

Graves shuddered.

“It wasn’t the room. It was someone’s cologne. His cologne.”

“Oh!” Newt said suddenly, excited for some odd reason. Graves blinked and at his strange look, Newt held up a hand to hastily explain. “Apologies, I’m just excited because I think I can help. I had that trouble once, too. Couldn’t handle the smell of apples after what happened, but the unicorns and pegasus love apples – the Niffler too, actually. So I made a potion that can eliminate a certain smell. I can give you the recipe, if you’re interested.”

Graves blinked again, surprised. He opened his mouth, words caught on his tongue.

“That… that would be appreciated, thank you,” he said, words trailing off as his eyes fell once again to Newt’s scars. “You said ‘what happened’. The apples and your scars… you were captured?”

Startled, Newt automatically moved to tug down his sleeve before stopping – as though catching himself in a bad habit – and smoothing the sleeve instead, leaving it at his elbow. Newt smiled gently, and when he finally looked up to catch Graves’ gaze, there was an oldness there Graves could relate to.

“Once, yes. There was a man – a dealer of rare collectibles, he introduced himself as. He had somehow heard of me and wanted to buy my case and all the creatures in it. I said no, of course. But I had some dealings in the city about a herd of Peryton and couldn’t just go. So I hid the case with a trusted friend before seeking out my contact, only to get kidnapped on the way there,” Newt said, fingers gentle and calm as they traced a specifically garish scar over the front of his forearm – eyes distant. “They weren’t too happy when they found out I didn’t have the case on me.”

Graves watched him for a long moment, every scar beneath his own clothes suddenly molten hot where they brushed against the fabric. He wondered how long it took Newt to feel comfortable with rolling up his sleeves. He wondered if he’d ever be able to, too.

“What did they do to you?” Graves asked, eyes on Newt’s fingers. “If… if you don’t mind me asking.”

Newt looked up at him and smiled.

“Enough,” he said, cheerful despite the morbidity of their conversation. “They did enough.”

“How did you escape?”

“My contact sent an owl to my brother,” Newt said. “And he brought a team of aurors to rescue me. Wasn’t long. Two days. Maybe three.”

“But it was enough,” Graves said softly.

“Yes,” Newt agreed, then returned his gaze to the mooncalves as he sipped from his tea. “It was enough.”

“You didn’t give up your creatures though,” Graves pointed out.

“I’d die before I gave such a filthy man my case,” Newt said simply, as though pointing out the color of the sky. Graves smiled bitterly.

“I admire that.”

Newt’s gaze fell slowly upon him.

“Resisting a beating is far different than resisting a skilled occumulist, Mr. Graves.”

“I know,” Graves sighed. “That doesn’t make it any easier.”

Newt watched him for a moment.

“Does this?”

“Does what?”

“This? The case, the field, the mooncalves?”

Graves cast his gaze out once more and smiled ever so slightly.

“Yes. Surprisingly, it does.”

“Then you’re welcome here any time, Mr. Graves.”

“Thank you, Mr. Scamander,” Graves said, and for the first time in a long time, he felt genuinely at peace. Even if only for a moment.

“Please, call me Newt.”

“Thank you, Newt,” he said, head back against the tree. “Call me Percival.”

“You’re welcome, Percival.”


Burning colours of day were still covering up the city - but not for long. The stars were slowly taking sun’s place and indolent moon was following them, slowly showing it’s craters from behing the buildings.

Arnei loved this time of a day when she could admire the most common battle on this planet. It was amusing how everyone forgot about it and she was, as always, alone in this theatre. She despised all those human creatures. They were nothing near her. They were just another ants in this forest.

But she was different of course  She had a power that would destroy them all in the blink of her eye. Arnei was the only creature that would win all the battles.

Or more like was the only creature that would win all the battles before this fatal day.

Someone defeated her fire and she had no chance to take her revenge. Now, Arnei was waiting for her fate to come. Waiting and waiting for her next orders while the time was passing by between her fingers and scales.

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Without outside intervention like Aegon I, how do you think the Westerosi Great Game would have continued? Did any Kingdoms have the power to create supra-national Kingdoms like Arlan III or Harwyn Hardhand did? Was greater unification among the Andals inevitable/already in development?

Great question!

(credit to HotbrownDoubleDouble for the map)

So, when Aegon I started up, Harren Kingdom of the Isles and Rivers was clearly on the offensive:

“…but the most belligerent kings of Aegon’s time were the two whose realms lay closest to Dragonstone, Harren the Black and Argilac the Arrogant. From their great citadel Storm’s End, the Storm Kings of House Durrandon had once ruled the eastern half of Westeros from Cape Wrath to the Bay of Crabs, but their powers had been dwindling for centuries. The Kings of the Reach had nibbled at their domains from the west, the Dornishmen harassed them from the south, and Harren the Black and his ironmen had pushed them from the Trident and the lands north of the Blackwater Rush…
North of the Blackwater, the riverlands were ruled by the bloody hand of Harren the Black of House Hoare, King of the Isles and the Rivers. Harren’s ironborn grandsire, Harwyn Hardhand, had taken the Trident from Argilac’s grandsire, Arrec, whose own forebears had thrown down the last of the river kings centuries earlier. Harren’s father had extended his domains east to Duskendale and Rosby. Harren himself had devoted most of his long reign, close on forty years, to building a gigantic castle beside the Gods Eye, but with Harrenhal at last nearing completion, the ironborn were soon free to seek fresh conquests. No king in Westeros was more feared than Black Harren, whose cruelty had become legendary all through the Seven Kingdoms.”

Hence why, when Aegon started, Argilac Durrandon and Sharra Arryn both approached Aegon about an anti-Harren alliance, with Argilac hoping to “establish the Targaryens along the Blackwater as a buffer between his own lands and those of Harren the Black,” and Sharra looking for “all the lands east of the Green Fork of the Trident for the Vale’s support against Black Harren.” Although if you want a good sense of how crab-bucket politics the Great Game could get, consider that Princess Meria of Dorne approached Aegon with a plan to gang up on the Stormlands…So you have two dynamics at once: a bunch of players wanting to pounce on the declining Stormlands to get what they can while they can, but also a number of players seeing the Ironborn as the new threat that needs to be jumped on with both feet lest they win the Great Game. 

With no Aegon, I would imagine Harren would keep pushing south as the Durrandons ran out of steam…up until a crucial point, probably during a siege of Storm’s End. Then you’d see a couple things happen: first, the Vale would launch an invasion of the eastern Riverlands to “liberate their Andal brethren from the heathens.” Second, the Rock and the Reach will announce that “Harren the Black is a threat to all of Westeros,” and promptly invade the Riverlands from the west and the south…although maybe they’ll do something weird like launching a joint naval invasion of the Iron Islands at the same time. Third, Harren will be forced to pull back, and everything turns into a blood bath in the Riverlands. 

And the Great Game would shift, likely with the Iron Islands reduced, the Riverlands divided (probably with the Westerlands grabbing Riverrun and the Trident, the Reach trying to grab everything from Stony Sept to Lord Harroway’s Town to Maidenpool and overreaching, and the Arryns fighting the Reachermen for Crackclaw Point and the Westermen for the Ruby Ford), and everything in chaos. The Durrandons might luck out with a rump state against fierce Dornish pressure - although who knows, maybe a Gardener decides to get their own back for Garth X by burning Sunspear or something, and that gives them enough breathing room to rebuild their fortunes. Oh and I’m sure that a Gardener will start talking about “saving the Stormlands from the Dornish” and the claims of Garth VII’s daughters. 

So yeah, there’s plenty of ways to redraw the map to build multi-national states - the problem is the Great Game makes all of this unstable as hell, because it’s designed to prevent anyone from winning. 

Tree Talks

I have a few trees on my property. Not many, and we aren’t allowed to do anything with them, like climb or hang food on them for animals. Nothing. So most of the people in our apartments ignore them. They don’t have a lot of trees in one spot, but on my way inside I saw this tree, and I decided to try and talk with her.

I touch her trunk and she feels slightly startled. But she accepts it like a hug. I put my forehead to her and greeted her. I don’t know why I did this other than I felt it was right. When I could feel her welcome my presence and my request to talk, we had a quick conversation.

Most of her answers were calm, passive, almost as if she was dazed and, sad? Perhaps she was just living in her dormant stage still. Asking how she was her answer was that she was well. She’s excited for spring and showed me a beautiful mental picture of her in her fully bloomed form. I asked if she liked her location. She told me her location was of no issue. She’s proud to do her job and will do it no matter where she’s planted, as long as she’s alive. I realize her job was referring to many things, but mostly utilizing air. Filtering, playing with, etc. I tell her it’s time for me to go but we will talk again. She told me it’s nice to be acknowledged.

Anyway the canon is wrong, what actually happened was that Reba and Francis met about a year earlier and like, there were some ups and downs because Francis had a lot of demons that he needed to face and some of that he could only do by and for himself. 

But things are pretty great now and the two of them are like the fiercest and most militant disability rights activists you have ever seen, they are ride or die for each other and for every other disabled person out there. 

They love each other and they support each other and they are both doing really good. 

D’s learning to love himself too, he’s recovering, it’s great.  

No one is dead. 

Sometimes I feel to isolate myself completely from society. Like the People of the Cave in Surah Kahf, how much certainty and faith they must’ve had in their Lord to get up and leave everything behind.

The most common trial a believer will face, is trials to do with their faith. It could lead to execution or torture at its most extreme point, or it could lead to uncomfortable stares and racial remarks. It could even be our friends or family who want us to turn away from the remembrance of Allāh and make our lives so difficult for us- to a point where it feels as if we have no choice but to comply with them.

Have faith in Allāh, make du'a, lots of it, don’t underestimate the power of du'a. Your Lord hears every supplication. When you feel at your most lowest, bow down to the most lowest and cry in sujood to Allāh. He hears everything, He knows everything. What’s good for you will reach you. Have certainty in Allāh’s plan. How He does it and why He does it isn’t your concern, your concern is to tie your camel and have full Tawaqqul.

“And We made their hearts firm and strong when they stood up and said: ‘Our Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth, never shall we call upon any god other than Him; if we did, we should indeed have uttered an enormity in disbelief.’” Al-Kahf, 18:14.

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I think it was you that had the theory that actually the band is getting together and Harry's solo launch is a ruse. My initial thought is that would be the most brilliant PR move in music history but realistically didn't think it was plausible. Now, I actually think you may be onto something. The thing that really thanking was at response when the interviewer asked him what he thought about Harry's album. He said "it is what it always was going to be".

You’re right it is me! Here’s the original post with thought process. I do still think it would be a brilliant PR move. I’ve been looking at Google Trends a bunch lately. Take a look at this data (and before I get the OT5 people, Google Trends ONLY lets me pick 5 things to compare). Live link for everyone that wants to see it bigger and interactive.

So, essentially what this says is that the biggest spike happened when Zayn left. Harry and Liam’s weekend activities barely register in the scheme of this data. I’ll be the first to admit that there are many ways to interpret data so bear in mind that this is just mine. It doesn’t take Twitter trends in to account. 

There are a bunch of things about the ad and the surrounding discussion that has me questioning what’s up. First, I LOVE Harry Styles. Like, dearly. I think he’s great. But Harry isn’t Beyonce. He’s not Adele. The general public doesn’t know his tattoos better than their own faces (like we do). The casual observer doesn’t even realize the ad is Harry Styles. I know there are many comparisons to Adele’s Hello ad but that was actually a 30 second clip of the song. And Adele had 2 multi-platinum albums before she went that direction. She also released it globally. 

So, we’ve got Harry releasing a cryptic ad to a UK only audience. It doesn’t say Harry Styles. It doesn’t have a clip of music that could get people excited. It feels very fandom oriented to me. It feels like something that is supposed to catch our attention (and it did, like whoa). And then you have the changes to his social media and yet another white line on Instagram. Both of those moves are not for bringing in new fans, they’re for alerting the fandom to change.

Aside from the ad itself, the discussion surrounding it is all kinds of shady. It’s all talking about speculation. There doesn’t seem to be any kind of statement from Harry’s team even to acknowledge what the ad is. You’ve got Nick Grimshaw taking the piss. Billboard says something big and “sources” say it’s a single. But it’s STILL quoting the same non-confirmation article about Columbia. Vogue talks about a “cryptic teaser.” Everyone is citing in circles. And I don’t believe the original source. We’ve never actually gotten an “official” confirmation of Columbia or anything.

So, I’m going to continue my hold out that this could be leading to a lot of things. I still think the BEST PR move would be for Harry to open the door to OT4. They’d rule every media outlet. It would be stunning. 

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Okay, so I've seen you write arranged marriages. Would you consider: '40s gangsters + forced marriage + hannigram?

The idea was simple. 

The two most influential crime families needed to cease fire, and the only way to do it was with an alliance. No one trusted each other enough to take such an act on faith, which left only one option. 


The head of the Lecter family was also the only one left of them, Hannibal, and was known to be heartless and not easily swayed.

The head of the Graham family was ruthless and cunning, but he had a soft spot for his young son William.

Hannibal was more than happy to keep his enemy’s soft spot close him after the massacre that nearly decimated his men while they transported his illegal liquors.

They met at the Graham estate, Wolf Trap, to put together the proper papers and for Hannibal to meet Michael Graham’s son up close and personal for the first time. He’d seen pictures, viewed the younger man from far off view, but never had seen Will close before.

Nothing could have prepared him for the beauty in front of him.

William looked innocent, pure as driven snow, but he could see the inner darkness that Michael did not seem to notice. He had been in classes, studying law and would be a lawyer if his father had any say.

Hannibal knew without a doubt that William did not wish for those things, judging by the hard set of his jaw as Michael spoke.

“Leave us.”

Graham shook his head, “William is not yet your husband, Hannibal. It’s not as if…”

“I’d like to be certain William and I get along,” he smiled sweetly holding out his hands, “I am not armed and my men will stay outside.”

“My son is…”

“Father, it’s perfectly reasonable. Please.”

He patted William’s shoulder and eyed Hannibal once more before he walked out, the two of them sitting across from one another at Michael’s desk not speaking till the door closed.

“William,” he started, only to be interrupted.

“Will,” came the sigh, eyes rolling, “My father seems to think I am a child, Mister Lecter. I’m not. We both know that I am no lawman.”

Hannibal leaned forward, “You have not been in class, have you Will?”

Will smiled, leaning forward as well. “How many men did you lose on that last liquor run, Hannibal? Ten? Twenty?”

Hannibal clicked his tongue, “You should not show your hand so easily, you know…”

Will stood, slinking around the desk until he slid in between the desk and Hannibal. The nearness of the young man, the pink of his cheeks and the overwhelming scent this close made him dizzy.

“I think we will have a happy marriage, won’t we Will?”

Will reached out and took his chin, making him shiver. “I think so, as long as you do not underestimate me.”

Hannibal kissed his palm, “Never.”

6 Flags

Answering prompt from @atimebombticking Kandreil at an amusement park. Will probably continue because I think the idea was really cute, and this was getting long lol

Andrew has a fear of heights. Andrew and Neil have issues with being strapped or held down. They both hate large crowds with limited access to exits. Neil has a deep unfounded fear of people in costumes.

So what the hell are they doing at 6 Flags?!? 

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ey can i ask u about shuichis true personality? im really confused about it

I can certainly try, anon! It’s normal to be confused—ndrv3’s ending allows for a lot of speculation and leeway, and there’s still not a lot we know about most of the characters pre-game. But Saihara’s audition video is perhaps the most startling and drastically different glimpse we get of any of the characters’ pre-game and in-game selves, which is I think exactly why Tsumugi showed it to them during the Chapter 6 trial.

In a way, the reveal about Saihara and even the other characters having potentially signed themselves up for the killing game is even more shocking than the reveal about Hinata being Kamukura in sdr2. Where the latter was a reveal that came as a surprise, certainly, it also made sense given the clues that had been presented up until then, and all the fixation Hinata had with the idea of “talent” and wanting to join Hope’s Peak, to the point where it was understandable once the player realized he had willingly signed up to be experimented on and throw his true self away.

But the Saihara reveal comes as a bigger shock specifically because of the way Tsumugi phrases it. Without context, it certainly looks as if pre-game Saihara, the one who we see in the audition tape, is simply someone who was so into Danganronpa that he was interested in murders, closed-room tricks, etc. that he had almost none of the compassion or empathy for others that in-game Saihara does.

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Blackpink's Reaction To You Being On Weekly Idol With Them

~for anon!~

{ Rosé }

“Trust me, it was the funniest thing!”

Rosé would have her arm around your waist for most of the time. She would probably tease you in front of the presenters and would have no shame in doing so. She would tell everyone embarrassing stories you two have had together, but also letting them know about the cute stories because she knows that she will be scolded by you after the show!

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{ Jisoo }

“You can do it! I believe in you!”

Jisoo would make you get involved in as many challenges as possible and would cheer you on so much. Maybe because she is awkward and doesn’t want to do them herself, but you do it for her because you are dedicated (and a lil competitive). After the show she would comment on how tired you looked and would look after you a lot when you get home.

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{ Jennie } 

“All of the hard work paid off”

Jennie would probably do a surprise rap for you. It would be the most romantic thing ever as the presenters are shocked and dazed. After her serenade, you would blush as you thank her countless times with a kiss. She would go bright red and after the show she would tell you that it took months to prepare it and build up the courage to perform it.

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{ Lisa }

“I told you I know you inside out!”

Lisa would absolutely ace the quizzes. Whether it be on Blackpink or a personalised quiz about you, she would get 100% on all of them. This would reveal a new side to her that you never knew existed. After the show you would question how she knew so much about you, and she would tell you that it comes with being a perfect girlfriend!

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stripedsilverfeline replied to your post “this might sound silly, but I’m a little sad that you’re deleting your…”

Does that include the HP stuff?

I assume you’re asking about the HP fic? It’s all archived on AO3, and remains at the sam_storyteller mirror on Dreamwidth as well. :) I wouldn’t pull my fic down without a LOT of warning first. And frankly it’s such a huge part of my identity that I can’t imagine doing it at all. 

In a hilarious turn of events, well over a decade after I posted it, Stealing Harry managed to claw its way up and is STILL my personal most popular fanfic by hits on AO3. I discovered this about six months ago and had an extreme what the hell? moment, since it had only been posted to AO3 about a year and a half ago – I have fics that have been at AO3 much longer and had much more attention paid to them, but there it was, Stealing Harry, up top. I was terribly confused until someone pointed out to me that since Stealing Harry was posted to AO3 there had been two new Harry Potter stories (the play and the movie) so HP fandom was having a bit of a renaissance. 

Portugal Ficlet: No Video Cameras

Another glimpse of Dan and Phil in Portugal in 2010. This is my imagined explanation for why there is apparently no video from the entire trip.

[Masterlist of all pieces of the Portugal fic project]

“No video cameras.” It was Dan’s one unequivocal requirement about the Portugal trip. “We spend most of our time looking at each other through camera lenses and on computer screens. I want this trip to just be us, like, looking at each other. Directly! Nothing between us. Just … us. For real.”

So neither of them had packed a video camera. It felt odd to Phil, who had been filming so much of his life for what seemed like forever, but he couldn’t deny that it was kind of nice to just sit beside Dan on the plane and not have to fight the temptation to film him, to instead just look at his profile and enjoy its delicacy in the moment without trying to capture it for posterity.

“Phones are okay, right?” he’d asked anxiously. He really didn’t want to have to go the whole trip without his phone. But luckily Dan had agreed, though he had requested minimal photos and minimal tweeting.

“Just … keep your eyes on me, okay? Let’s try and forget about the fucking internet and fucking YouTube and fucking subscriber numbers and all that stupid crap. I mean, yes, I usually love all that stupid crap, but just for this one week, let’s try to forget it. Okay? Let’s just be you, and me, and us. Just … Dan and Phil. Just for a few days. Can we do that?” And Phil had hugged him tight, nodding yes, murmuring assurances in his ear, because Dan had sounded almost on the verge of tears, as if he really needed this vacation, needed a vacation from being “danisnotonfire,” a vacation where he got to be just Dan for the first time since his channel had hit it big and mobs of fangirls had started recognizing him in train stations and coffee shops.

So they spent every hour of every day together in Portugal, and every night too. They went to the beach, and they walked the cliffs around their hotel, and they lazed around in bed for hours when they felt like it, and they ate strange food in tiny local restaurants, and they visited a marine park … and they didn’t film any of it. Not a single moment. They did take a few photos, though not many. Most of the photos Phil took were of Dan. Most of the photos Dan took were of dolphins and sea lions at the marine park.

“What if we want to make a sex tape?” Phil had teased, but Dan had looked serious.

“We’ll just have to store every moment in our own memories,” he’d replied, face young and earnest and strangely wise. “Just pay such close attention to every single detail that we’ll never forget any of it and a video recording would be entirely redundant.”

Phil had nodded, a little dazed at the intensity of Dan’s answer.

But Dan’s words had stuck in his mind throughout the trip, inspiring him to intently watch Dan’s ever-changing facial expressions, and listen to the sound of his voice, and feel the warm smoothness of his skin, and smell the combination of professional product and ocean salt in his hair. Phil stored it all away in a special place in his memory, someplace safe where he knew he wouldn’t ever lose it, because it was too precious to risk.

“I’m going to remember this forever,” he whispered into Dan’s hair one night as they lay in bed, both teetering on the sweet edge of sleep.

“That’s the idea,” Dan whispered back, and then sleep took them.

Greatest night of my life :)

This past Friday, I was finally able to see BTS perform live in Newark and it by far was the most incredible experience that I have ever had! For me, this was a “third time’s the charm” kind of event. Back in 2015, I happened to stumble upon them at the end of their live in Odaiba (after trying to find if they would be in Japan). Then, I missed my chance to watch the Epilogue tour in Manila the following year. So, this was “fate” in my mind to finally make seeing them perform reality!

There’s so much that I want to say and so many emotions that I want to convey but words wouldn’t be enough to express what I feel. So, first, let me just say THANK YOU BTS! I know you’ll never see this message but I want to express my gratitude for giving me this night. This concert was honestly the most amazing live event that I have ever attended! From the VCRs, to the costumes, to the choreography, to the transitions, and the performances themselves, everything was PURE PERFECTION! I’m still processing that this night actually happened haha

As a fan of BTS from their pre-debut days (I remember counting down the days till No More Dream was released), this concert really struck a chord within me. Watching the opening VCR play, hearing the fans chant and scream in the US, and seeing the sea of ARMY BOMBs nearly brought me to tears on multiple occasions throughout the night. BTS has come so far and grown so much and keep getting better and better with time and I am just so proud and happy for them for all the success and love that they are receiving! Each member was extremely talented and charismatic and the level that they all are on is just so high! While all the performances were perfection, 2 that I would like to point out were Taehyung’s solo and Hobi’s solo. Taehyung has been my favorite member since the beginning so to hear him sing solo and own it was breathtaking! In the end, after NAILING all the high notes in his song, he went for 2 more long high notes and ABSOLUTELY KILLED THEM! Hobi’s solo song is probably my favorite one so I was of course looking forward to seeing him perform it and once that chorus hit, I was blown away by the charisma radiating off of him! 

Thank you again BTS for giving me these memories and for creating music that has the ability to touch and inspire others! To answer Namjoon’s question at the end of the concert: Yes, I will stay with you forever :)

Kim Namjoon! Kim Seokjin! Min Yoongi! Jung Hoseok! Park Jimin! Kim Taehyung! Jeon Jungkook! BTS! <3

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Ozpin and Qrow vs Ironwood and Glynda, playing teams battleship. Who wins?

Is that a serious question? 

On one team we have Ironwood, who considers it part of his duty as head of the Atlas military to win this military game, and Glynda, who will not let drunken Qrow beat her in this stupid game. Joined forces, determined to burn Qrow’s and Ozpin’s feel to the ground. 

And on the other side we have Qrow, who is drunk and spends most of his time provoking the other team and not paying attention, and Ozpin, who’s thoughts are far off somewhere else. 

Of course no one wins because one of them ends up flipping the table, either Glynda because of one of Qrow’s comments, or Ironwood because his fleet had to accept a small defeat, or Qrow because this is getting boring.