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Them again

In a study appearing today in the journal PloS Biology (online at, researchers describe the drastic temperamental and tonal shift that occurred in a troop of 62 baboons when its most belligerent members vanished from the scene. The victims were all dominant adult males that had been strong and snarly enough to fight with a neighboring baboon troop over the spoils at a tourist lodge garbage dump, and were exposed there to meat tainted with bovine tuberculosis, which soon killed them. Left behind in the troop, designated the Forest Troop, were the 50 percent of males that had been too subordinate to try dump brawling, as well as all the females and their young. With that change in demographics came a cultural swing toward pacifism, a relaxing of the usually parlous baboon hierarchy, and a willingness to use affection and mutual grooming rather than threats, swipes and bites to foster a patriotic spirit.

Remarkably, the Forest Troop has maintained its genial style over two decades, even though the male survivors of the epidemic have since died or disappeared and been replaced by males from the outside. (As is the case for most primates, baboon females spend their lives in their natal home, while the males leave at puberty to seek their fortunes elsewhere.) The persistence of communal comity suggests that the resident baboons must somehow be instructing the immigrants in the unusual customs of the tribe.

I am literally the most predictable person on this website, probably, anyways here’s my art submission for the RVB Reverse Big Bang, with a lovely and wonderful accompanying 2-part fic,  When I Let The Water Take Me (click title for the link, part one is up, part 2 is on its way) from my partner, @gkingoffez!!! GO SHOWER THEM AND THEIR FIC WITH LOVE AND PRAISE!

own it

have this really shitty and bad written Max centered fic of her coming to terms with her sexuality.

It was supposed to be a Max coming out™ but it’s mostly just her accepting herself 

(also @gaywillbyers here it is. it’s very shitty im sorry)


words: 1275

For years Max had heard a lot of insults thrown her way, some words she didn’t even know, and some she didn’t thought were even supposed to be insults, but the one who stuck with her the most was the one she was trying so hard to ignore.

It was something Billy used to call her too, and it wasn’t the word what hurt her the most, it was the fact that deep down she knew all those people were right but she didn’t want them to be right, because then they would win, and she couldn’t let them win.

She tried to change it, to change what she felt and who she liked.

When she lived in California, she saw them, saw the people who were proud of who they were, the people who weren’t trying to hide who they loved, even if days later she would see them again, a bruise on their eye or sometimes she didn’t even saw them again.

She wanted to be brave like that, to not hide it- but she wasn’t brave enough for that, no- she was brave enough to fight a demon from another dimension, to drive a car even though she still couldn’t reach the breaks, brave enough to stand up to her brother. But still, not brave enough to acknowledge her love.

The first time Max realised who she liked, it was in first grade when a girl took her hand to lead her to the classroom, that girl was her only friend, and it made Max’s stomach feel like there were a thousand butterflies just messing around in there, pushing every part of her body until she was kinda shaking and her hand felt like it was on fire.

She didn’t talk to that girl again.

Max doesn’t really talk to girls unless it’s necessary, her only friends are boys, because boys don’t make her feel like she’s on top of the world, they don’t make her feel like she could just admire them forever, loving the shine of their eyes when they talk about something they love, or how their hair flows with the wind or how their pink lips looks so soft and she’s sure they taste like cherry

and boys didn’t make her want to learn to draw so she could capture every little detail of their faces, their hair and their eyes.

Because boys don’t make her heart race if they stand to close, and boys don’t leave her skin on fire when they touch her.

But she has to pretend; so she pretends. She acts like Dustin and Lucas’ attention makes her feel wanted, when it just makes her feel wrong, she acts like Lucas’ hand on hers makes her skin feel on fire, and she acts like Lucas’ lips on hers leave a burning sensation of love and happiness, when it’s just the burning sensation of knowing that it would never be a girl, that it can’t be a girl.

She gets to know Jane better, and Jane doesn’t know what that word means- in fact, Jane doesn’t know what a lot of words mean- and Max doesn’t tell her what it means, because there is no need to.

and when Jane grabs her hand and Max’s skin feels like it’s on fire and a thousand stars lightened up on it, she decides that maybe she should own that word, turn it into something beautiful -like the shine on Jane’s eyes when she discovers something new or the triumphant smile she gives Max when she does something right- instead of hurtful and offensive.

So she does that, she owns that word, she doesn’t respond to the boys and girls calling her that behind her back or even when they do it to her face, she smiles and doesn’t let them win.

t here are times where she doesn’t want to own that word, times like when Mike and Jane look at each other like they’re the only two people in the room, and it hurts, because she can’t love like that, and it hurts because Jane’s never going to look at her like that -and when she looks away and sees Will looking at Mike with the same longing look she has when watching Jane, she tries not to let a sigh of relief-

She breaks up with Lucas one cold evening after getting home from a visit to Jane-where she realised that maybe it was more than a crush what she felt for her- and she cries, not because of the break up (she knows they’re still going to be friends) but because she doesn’t have to pretend anymore, and yeah maybe she can’t really be with the person she wants, but it’s a step closer to the freedom she’s looking for.

It takes Max another three years to own that word, -three years of not hiding but not quite letting the whole world know. So on her 16th birthday, with all the party members gathered on her bedroom and lazily lying on the floor -and the bed in the case of Jane, because that’s something they do now, Jane is the only one of the party allowed to be on Max’s bed. It’s partly to annoy the boys and partly because Max enjoys the sweet scent of vanilla of Jane’s shampoo on her pillow, but it’s not like Jane knows that-

She sits and admires them for a moment, looks at each one of them and prays to whatever is above that this won’t change anything, that what she’s about to confess doesn’t change the way they think of her. Because Max is strong, but not strong enough for that.

“Guys, I need to tell you something” she sits upright, legs crossed and hands shaking “I’m a lesbian” she wants to believe that her voice didn’t tremble in the last word, and that her eyes aren’t glazing over with tears. But she knows she’s wrong when Jane leaves the bed to get to her side and put a warm hand on her shoulder that still makes her skin feel like it’s burning.

She closes her eyes and waits, waits for them to say something that will tear her apart, but the only hears a soft,

“Oh” it’s Will, she opens her eyes, and everyone is looking at her, probably not knowing what to say, but the next thing she knows is that Will is wrapping his arms around her and whispering a “I’m proud of you” on her ear.

And suddenly there is another pair of arms around her- Jane

“I’m glad you told us” she says in that sweet soft voice of her, that voice that makes Max let the tears roll down her cheeks and her lips curl up in a wary smile.

When they let go of her, Dustin is the next one to hug her and tell her that it’s okay, that they’re still friends no matter what-because somehow Dustin is always able to see through her, through everyone and their insecurities-

Mike doesn’t hug her, they’ve always been kind of low on the touchy stuff, but he stills smiles at her and tells her that he’s proud of her for being brave and telling them.

“That makes sense” Lucas said, moving closer to her and wrapping an arm around her shoulders, a little smile on his face.

For years Max had heard that word been thrown at her, and for years she tried to change it, to make it her  word, but it never felt quite hers until she said it out loud to the most important people in her life.

other people: no shave november!!! (: (: (:!

me: -shaves for the first time in months during no shave november- >:) im… a rebel…

I have a vivid memory from middle school from when this one time I was running wailing caverns on my level 20 Druid, and there was a human hunter from Moonguard in my party that had a white eagle pet named ‘Sparky.’

He kept roleplaying in the dungeon, and I was from the PvP server Drak'Tharon. He had all of his abilities and spells macro’d with cheers like “You go Sparky!” “You can do it Sparky” “I believe in you Sparky!” and I thought it was the most annoying fucking thing on the planet.

So, the last boss in Wailing Caverns has a charm ability that they use on a random player in the party and forces them to turn on the party. He did it to Sparky and the first thing I did was kill Sparky.

After the dungeon the dude kept private messaging me and harrassing saying I ruined his roleplay and that he was going to report me, and that I should kill myself. I was like, 13 at he time. I kind of wonder how old he was.

Anyway, I was trying to finish up the Druid of the Fang transmog from Wailing Caverns today. That reminded of this and I thought I should share it.

It Was the Best of Dorms, It Was the Worst of Dorms (IzuOcha Oneshot)

Summary: There was a lot of things Izuku liked about living in the school dorms. Having fun with friends. Getting to experience new things. And most of all, spending more time with Uraraka.

But there were some parts of the living situation that came to irritate him. A lack of privacy foremost among them.

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have some wayyyy back flashbacks because I’m trying to sort my google docs and I keep finding things I only ever posted on twitter

An uneasy peace had settled over Claw Island in the aftermath of the battle, as everyone assembled there took stock of their victory and what it had cost them. Corpses were already being cleared from the ramparts and courtyard–and Trahearne noted, with a sinking feeling in his gut, that they were not all risen corpses–to be heaped onto mass graves that would be burned lest anything amidst them try to rise again. Most everyone was giving a wide berth to even the small amount of the Plaguebringer’s body that rose above the water’s surface, and they kept tossing it uneasy glances, no one quite daring to voice their fear that it might shudder to life once again and claw its way back onto the beach. Removing the dragon’s remains would be a feat in its own right, but Trahearne allowed himself to decide that for the moment that, at least, could wait.

He exhaled slowly, as a cool breeze rolled off the ocean to stir the flat leaves of his hair and rustle the clothes of the two figures behind him. “Are we sure about this?” he asked, though the question did not seem to be aimed at anyone in particular.

“Not remotely,” Wynnet muttered. The norn shifted her weight and tucked away a lock of hair pulled loose by the wind, and frowned when the human at her side responded to her comment with a quiet chuckle.

Doern glanced between Trahearne and Wynnet as they both eyed him expectantly. “We may not like it, but reclaiming Orr is going to be nothing short of a war. And if you want to fight a war, you need a military.”

“Five years of posturing and rabble-rousing does not make a military,” Wynnet insisted.

“I agree the Vigil is… untested steel, as it were,” Trahearne admitted, turning his gaze back to the bustling fort laid out before them, “but they are organized and determined. Do not forget they fought alongside you here, this victory could not have been won otherwise.”

Wynnet gave only a noncommittal grunt, but they lapsed into silence for a moment before they were finally joined by Efut and another sylvari–the up and coming warmaster Efut had initially left to locate.

“Conlaeth, you remember Doern Velasquez and Wynnet Fairhaired, and Trahearne I’m sure you know,” Efut said, tipping her head toward each of them in turn.

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It's just me or the most important Starco hugs had always the head of each other near their hearts (heads in the left shoulder or above so hearts can beat closer)

Yeah, but we could argue that’s just because an important hug has to show them closer in general, and there aren’t many possibly poses with the kind of body/head ratio they have.
This hug must have been super important then…


I literally worked on this all day lol. I started it at work this morning around 8 am (it is now after 11 pm here) after I requested some prompts from you guys because I wanted to write cute inukag to cheer me up and then I got this idea from a prompt blog and I had to write it down. I promise I’ll get to your other prompts over the next few days! Thank you all for sending them to me! ^_^

So this short drabble…oneshot…thing…whatever was inspired by this prompt from @dailyau. I put my own twist to it that I hope you all enjoy!

He found the place by accident.

While he’d never really call himself a tea lover, he tended to avoid places like these all the same because the bitterness of coffee had always been too strong for his sensitive palette, despite the fact that coffee joints usually had a wide selection of teas to choose from. However, most of the time even the smell of such places was enough to send him into a sneezing fit, to which he’d also like to avoid if given the chance.

So when he’d stumbled inside the small Shikon Café in a bid to escape the raging storm outside, Inuyasha would have instantly ducked back out and brave the tempest to find shelter elsewhere had he not caught a brief glimpse of the dark-haired, brown-eyed barista behind the counter.

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Theres this new thing CN is doing now and its called WhatTheHeckWednesday

It’s something that I had a problem with for a while now

“What The Heck Wednesday” is basically a thing CN does where they are taking parts from shows that they dont understand and find quirky or weird to them and they slap a flashing musical logo with the caption “WHAT THE HECK!!!”  with the attitude of “LOL XD THIS IS SO RANDOM WHAT THE HECK!! THIS SHOW IS ON DRUGS LOL!!”

Like their most recent one is about the OK KO episode where the OK KO crew turned into furry animals.

And in the episode they episode they are trying to explain why people are dressing in fursuits and go to conventions, which is something that is weird to a lot of people who are new to this, so its something that people mock a lot and disapprove of

In the episode, KO, Enid and Radical get bitten by a furry character, and they themselves turn into furies, later on they enter a convention, in which instead, the cosplayers are furry animals, and they are dressing up as humans.

They explain that the convention allows them to be someone else for a while, and the feeling of dressing up as something else or something that they are not, make them feel more like themselves, and it’s the unique feeling the convention is allowing these furry animals to have

The show is trying to address furries and people who wear fursuits, and explain that its okay and theres nothing weird or quirky or anything that you should feel ashamed of, because its something a lot of people are being bullied for.

And thats what they show is trying to fight for, the idea that its okay

But thats an example, there were others, like the one with Fin using semi-sentient small characters to experiment relationships between himself and the princesses, because he was really frustrated and he was extremely tempted to know “what would happen other wise” or “what if”

But wait, uh oh whats this? WHAT THE HECKK!! LOL RANDOMZ WHAT IS THIS


The way “WhatTheHeckWednesday” is treating it is as it these stuff were awkward, weird, out of place, something that 

That encourages the opposite idea of what these content creators are fighting for

Because when the OK KO episode were trying to fight people who dont understand furry conventions or even mock them just because its a weird thing to them, thats what “WhatTheHeckWednesday“ is trying to advertise it as

haha, what the heck! they are wearing human costumes, thats so creepyyy hhaha they should be locked somewhere, just tihnk about it… they were wearing.. human suits the entire time, they must be CRAZY!!!

It just feels like whenever these shows are trying to show that its okay to be weird or different, It just cycles it self back to the root of the conflict 

and of course some of the other stuff they are including in their “WhatTheHeckWednesday” are just scenes of dumb stuff like the hot dog thing from gumball screaming in the microwave because hes getting a sick tan or a cosmic being giving earth a visit just because mordecai and rigby’s basketball game was too extreme, like if they came out of the pussy seeing a cartoon doing something out of the box

I just think the WhatTheHeckWednesday only discourages people from tolerating or understanding quirky stuff and only helping people identify new concepts as nothing but something that a drug user on lcd made.

 Its like these days when you were drawing at class and some kid would come up at you, scratch their head and ask you if you drew this half human half bird thing because you were on “drugs”, but instead youre a content creator and this same kid who thought your art is on drugs, is advertising your stuff the same way

Is discouraging people from accepting different stuff and getting used to these new concepts they meet in life, it helps them repel those ideas and view them as something that only “sick people” would do

But thats how I feel abouit this, I might be misunderstanding it, over exaggerating this case, looking too deep into it or getting the wrong idea or just being your ol grumpy user, so it doesnt mean my outlook on this is something that everybody is obligated to believe or follow

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"would you just hold still?" for stenbrough!!

Most people would say that Richie had the hardest time keeping his mouth shut, and in many ways, they’d be correct. But Bill had a problem with that as well.

He knew his boundaries with most people, but people like Henry Bowers somehow managed to piss him off to no end.

That was how he’d ended up here in Stan’s bathroom. Bowers had found him while he was on his way there, pushed him around a bit, then was ready to leave when Bill stuttered out a “You s-s-suck, Bowers!”

Bill could probably tell you exactly how many rings Henry Bowers was wearing because he felt every single one of them when he was punched in the face.

“Sit,” Stan said, digging out his first aid kit. Bill lifted himself up on the counter, waiting patiently even as blood slowly - slowly - slipped down his cheek from the cut on his temple. Stan got what he needed from the little white box and moved to stand between Bill’s legs, looking at the cut with a furrowed brow. “Why can’t you just keep your mouth shut, huh?” He asked, his tone fond even as he shook his head and wet a little cotton ball with alcohol to clean the wound.

“I’ve g-got no s-s-self-control. You know that,” he said quietly, lips curled up into a tiny smile.

When Stan dabbed the cotton ball against his cut, Bill jerked away with a small noise because ouch.

“It’ll be over soon,” Stan assured. Bill looked at him again, but every time he came close with the cotton ball, he’d flinch away. “Would you just stay still? I’ve gotta clean this up so it doesn’t get infected or something.”

Bill huffed but nodded his head.

“You know, Eddie’s n-nicer abuh-bout it,” he mumbled, and Stan rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, whatever,” he said. His fingers were under Bill’s chin, making him look up so he could see the cut a little better.

“Maybe next time I’ll g-go to him.”

“There better not be a next time, Denbrough,” Stan threatened, though he couldn’t help but smile at their easy banter.

“There w-won’t be,” Bill promised. They both knew there would be a next time, and when that time came, he’d be right back there letting Stan take care of him.

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Hello! Do you have any information on ancient jellyfish? many thanks (:

Hey! Yes I do, although I had kinda forgotten about them up until now (so thanks for reminding me). 

Jellyfish first appear back in the fossil record back in the Mid-Cambrian, 505 million years ago. On one hand, this is to be expected, as most major animal groups appear at this time. But on the other hand, jellyfish are soft and squiggy - soft and squiggy things don’t tend to get preserved in the fossil record. For ease, I am going to take “jellyfish” to mean all members of the Medusozoa clade, which includes true jellyfish, box jellyfish, blue bottles, stalked jellyfish - even though most people probably would associate all members as “jellyfish”, e.g. hydra

Cartwright et al. (2007), wrote a cool paper describing the oldest known jellyfish fossils. The fossils have a lot in common with modern jellyfish, suggesting that he Medusozoa clade diversified in the Cambrian, and then remained relatively the same ever since. 

Scale bar = 5mm. The tentacles around the hood/bell/“jelly” bit is a trait common in Hydrozoa (e.g. Portuguese man o’ war). 

Scale bar = 5mm. The square shape of this jellyfish suggests it may have been an early Cubozoa (i.e. box jellyfish), further supported by the thickening at the tops of the tentacles (lebelled “ped”), which are interpreted to be early pedalia

Scale bar = 5mm. This fossil is just the top of the jellyfish (i.e. the hood/bell/“jelly” bit), and shows the muscles that enable the jellyfish to swim around and are characteristic of Scyphozoa (i.e. true jellyfish). 

A haunting

A shadow fell over my life, filled with dark and twisted images. 

Voices screamed my doomed fate as I slept at night, their hands gripped my neck tight during the day choking out any words I had. 

The memories of the lost clouded my mind every day, those voices and hands their own. They were trying to kill me with sorrow. 

I begged them if they had ever cared for me they would leave me be now, that their ghosts should be as they were in life kind and forgiving. 

But these spirits were not kind, and most certainly not forgiving. It was not the people I knew in life, it was the most rotten part of me that caused it. 

The guilt of the surviving sister, my guilt took the shape of them, mocking me with their cruel rotting faces which were once soft and smiling. 

My brothers, dead, but alive within the deepest part of my mind, feeding off of anger and sorrow. 

They stayed with me, and sometimes I hear their harsh words whispered to me, but they are fading as everything does. 

My own guilt and sadness, their sustenance, fades each day with my brothers. 

Soon I will not see the cruel images of them that my brain creates, or hear the remarks that are not spoken. This scares me worse than any haunting, for once they are gone from my mind, they would truly be lost to me.

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Hi, so for a little over a month now I've had chest pains. Every once in a while I get them on my left side and it makes breathing deep breaths hard. I've had other symptoms that I made the mistake of Googling and most signs pointed to heart attack. I went to the doctor and he ran some tests and said I was a young, generally healthy person. (I'm a 19 year old girl). He said it was probably an anxiety thing. My chest pain has returned today, how do I stay calm? He said I was fine but....

Youth and health aren’t always the same thing.

It could be an anxiety thing, but it wouldn’t hurt to get another opinion if that’s possible. If you can get in to see another doctor, maybe even a cardiologist, then that’ll give you more information. 


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Not to get too deep, but like: How can you tell when you're in love? Cause one of my biggest fears is mistaking it for something else and telling the wrong person that I love them? I've asked family members but all they say is 'you just know' and it just kinda leaves me like ??? But I admire you and you always know what to say so... sorry if this is so odd ❤ Also is it weird I'm waiting to save my first kiss for my first 'true love?' People find it weird since most of them have had theirs :/

its not weird to say youre waiting for your first true love for a kiss! thats not for everyone, i wanted it to happen to me, but it didnt and thats okay.

im going off of the only time i knew i was in love

whenever i spoke to her my chest felt all tight?? yknow when you have a cold shower and you cant catch your breath?? like that. i wanted to know everything about her, i stayed up until 3am because i wanted to know the stupidest things like what her favourite colour was. i dreamed about her, when i woke up in the middle of the night she was the first person i thought of. i fell in love with her instantly, actually, and even if you dont feel all these dramatic things i feel like youre just. comfortable. like youre sleepin on a marshmallow n nothin can hurt you. if you think about your life without them in it and it hurts? youre in love

this is stupid n cheesy but i hope it helped a little!

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Can I request a “date gone wrong- trapped in the rain under a storefront” situation with Shinsou, but the SO tries to make the most of it by dancing in the rain? I’m WEAK for dates like that!

I’ve been trapped under the rain like this before, anon! Only, I was not on a date, and I was not with a hottie.. ;-;

Caught Under the Rain With Shinsou Scenario

Hitoshi Shinsou sat on top of the damp pavement. The bright, plastic, and makeshift roof above him illuminated his face in a vaguely greenish tint. Outside, the sky almost seemed to be weeping; loud, angry showers pelted down onto the earth below his feet. The nutorious spring showers had arrived, and with them came his habitual bout of seasonal melancholy. Standing next to him, you bent your head under a nearby table to avoid the worst of the rainfall.

“Why don’t you just sit down?” Shinsou truly couldn’t help it; his voice was as flat as his expression. “You wouldn’t have to be crouching or craning your neck that way.”

You smiled, and he wondered how in the world you managed to be so bright all the time – even on a dark, ugly day like that one.

“Come over here,” you held your hand out to him. “I want to show you something.”

Shinsou furrowed his brow in slight annoyance. Your date had just been ruined, and you were trapped under the small shelter of this storefront; what could you possibly want to show him? Nevertheless, he did not like saying no to you. He placed his damp hand into yours, but you did not seem to mind that he was getting you wet.

Well, this was a waste of time-

“What is it?” Shinsou asked. He looked out over the passing cars and into the trees beyond the road, but he could see nothing of significance.

“Look at it,” you called out. Your voice rose in volume to be heard over the rain. “Truly look at it.”

Shinsou squinted in confusion.

“Up there – up, up beyond,” your hand left the safety of the storefront, and Shinsou watched as your shirtsleeve clung to your forearm, for the fabric shortly became drenched. “Up in the sky.. it’s like they’re throwing a party for us. With the rain; it’s a celebration.”

“A celebration of what? The rain is annoying.”

“Come on,” you grabbed his hand. “I’ll show you.”

Before he could protest, you were pulling him out onto the sidewalk, and into the storm. Shinsou stood there dumbstruck, being pelted by the rain. His hair was slowly weighed down by the water until it lay nearly flat against his head. You were.. dancing? Why?

Reaching out, you grabbed his hands, and started to spin to the tune of the pattering drops. Automatically, he followed along. Every once in a while, you’d twirl, and let out these melodic giggles. It was perfectly ridiculous. Here he stood: spinning and dancing in the rain as if it were the most natural thing in the world. It was enough to force a chuckle out of him. You joined along, and before Shinsou knew it, the two of you were laughing, and dancing like a pair of school children.

“Do you see it, now?” You called out to him with a grin, and your shoulders rose and fell as you caught your breath.

Never once tearing his gaze away from your bright smile, Shinsou spoke, “yeah, I think I do.”

Only, he supposed that it wasn’t quite what you had meant. He didn’t believe in the skies up above throwing sentient parties for the miserable people down below..

But what he did know was that with you around, even the darkest of rainy days could turn radiant almost instantly, with just one of your lovable antics.

“Maybe the rain isn’t so bad, after all..”