and most of them had this

the carnivorous pitcher plant family nepenthes has a lot of traits that make them intriguing to botanists, but one of the most unique things about them is that they’re one of the only plant families in the world that are completely diecious; individuals are either entirely male or entirely female, something that occurs to some degree in about 6% of the plant kingdom. we don’t know a whole lot about how this works or what triggers it. nepenthes breeders find that sometimes, their plants will open for a bloom and will have changed genders entirely, with no apparent cause (this exclusive dioecy can be a great challenge in conservation settings, when there are only so many male and female plants in a remaining native environment, but this is a discussion for another time). where plants physiologically determine their sex is funky and weird and sometimes varies by species.

in these kinds of studies, there are also plant families, species, and populations that are found to be in a weird state of mixed dioecy. for example: some recent studies have been done on strawberry populations in various parts of the US. these populations have portions that are male, female, both, or neither. the sex ratios shift and are generally weird based on a lot of different factors, and even factors we dont know yet, as well as some we do. we know little about what triggers this, and what triggers a possible sex change in an individual plant. questions have been raised, in recent years, about where sex in a plant is determined, how its determined, and even- on a larger scale- if all plants are headed down this evolutionary path to the advantages provided by not always being hemaphrodites. sex and gender are strange, and so is nature. 

so i guess what im saying is that the plants say ur gender is valid 

cheking out blogs~

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Reblog or like if you are active (and i mean it, post a day is not active for me) and post 95% EXO (all memebers or biased- Jongin and Sehun are most welcome) or if you want to help me spread the word ^^

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One of my players in our homebrew 2nd Ed. campaign is chronically ill and the other is her husband; we've had to cancel one in every third session because of that. That sucks for them and (we have all agreed) isn't fair to the rest of the group. So recently we all put our heads together and the group asked me to have some side quests ready that won't affect the main story, to pull out so that we can keep a more regular schedule. Any suggestions??? Just general stuff, because I'm at a loss.

Well most of my sessions are filler adventures under an overbearing arc so you’ve come to the right place, what I usually do is come up with a simple setting, and a mysterious problem, one to draw players in, I then make a flow chart of my plan, about a page will do and away we go.

1. A village has been plagued by masses of animals (the most recent being ducks) 

2. A town has (insert weird problem here) could the old wizards tower on the hill be involved?

3. A party memebers long lost friend shows up with promise of treasure and adventure in an ancient ruin

4. People have began worshipping a strange Idol, but is it more than meets the eye?

5. The group finds a dangerous cursed item and must destroy it or bring it to someone who can, though the item tries to turn them against each other.

6. The group finds themselves in the middle of two(+) warring factions and need to either escape or bring about peace.

7. Reports of a strange monster roaming around turn up but is there any truth to it? And if so, is it even a monster?

8. A player gets an important item(s) stolen and tries to get it back.

9. The group run into a good hearted creature need toescape it’s pursurers believing it to be evil.

10. A God or other powerful entity takes interest in the party and brings them to their plane to have them compete in challenges for their ammusement.

Hopefully these will give you some ideas, best of luck.

So …. yesterday my dear @judarchan and me went to Verona ♥. We had great time yay and ofc we visited Juliet’s house, where people are used to leave notes and padlocks with names of them and their beloved ones ♥.

And couldn’t we leave there the name of the most precious and pure and perfect couple of the universe? Ofc not ♥

So now our beloved OTP has its padlock in Verona too ♥

This means being NERD™ XD

Confession time I only started listening to Gorillaz since this last May,,.,,
And thats not even the most embarrassing part…………………………..i discovered them through Adults React from the Fine Bros

Squishy Cute FellSans

Why is it that my sketches are so fun and squishy, but once I spend hours lining them, and defining everything, they get all stiff… I wish there was a happy medium.

Probably gonna do a larger nicer version of one of these… Don’t know which. Maybe whatever people want most.

Gonna be late on the update this week. Had a lot to do this week, and couldn’t finish it in time. Also I had to write puns…. puns kill my workflow.

I work in a deli and the other day I had 2 customers come up wanting some meat/cheese sliced. I was about to clock out (i was mid shift) but I thought, no problem, I’ll go ahead and get their orders before leaving.
now, most people know what they want before approaching the counter or at least have an idea of what they want.. or they have the decency to tell you to give them a second while they choose.
first customer, an older guy, was pretty nice and knew exactly what he wanted. while I taking his order I noticed the girl behind him kept scrolling through her phone. I didn’t think anything of it, finished the man’s order, and asked her if I could help her.
she continues to be on her phone, glances at the case, doesn’t say anything to me, and goes back on her phone.
keep in mind I was already supposed to have left so this really bugged me… it’s not like she was talking on the phone so she could have very well have just answered me. I continued to stand there for a few more seconds, and when I realized she wasn’t going to acknowledge me at all, I just walked away.
I told the closer to get her order if she ever decided to get anything and left. needless to say, it was very satisfying.

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Wait, Moria is Ace?! I never thought I'd see the day that one of my favorite characters shares my sexuality! I'd always felt left out as an ace when it came to main character representation. Thank you so much, you've really made my day.

I’m really bad at replying to messages but I had to talk to you, anon. 

Its amazing to hear from you! It means a lot to me that you’re happy and Moira’s a favourite character to you! She’s a character close to my heart and I’m glad you feel a close connection to her as well. 

Moira is asexual because, well, so am I. Write what you know, right? Most of my protagonists don’t feel sexual attraction to others (some are sex-positive, others have kinks, but they’re all asexual). 

I mean, all of them.

It’s important to make characters that are diverse, so everyone has something they can relate to, and it’s a lesson big-name entertainment brands are slowly learning. I hope you can find lots more ace representation out there in time! ;w; 

I had the weirdest and most interesting competitive match these days. So here I am, first competitive match of the day, I’m like boy I’m ready to kick some ass. Map was Lijang Tower, and people on my team immediately pick four (!) DPS and a Hanzo, and I just stared for a good ten seconds before going fuck it and picked Mercy bc I might as well try.

Match starts, everyone is chitter chatter with everyone so at least nobody’s salty at each other. People actually listened when I told them to group up bc like hell four DPS are going to survive without a Mercy. And BOY what happened?
We took the first point, wiped out the actually well rounded enemy in an instant. They didn’t have a chance, I was floating around during between people and just kept muttering what the fuck this should not happen. Took the first round 100:0 and everyone goes :D and I’m just like, ???how??

Then second round started and nobody switches and I’m like alright the enemy team will adjust and we’ll go down but what happened, won the second game 100:10 and everyone was super stoked while I just sat there going ‘we did it but HOw’

Nobody switches again and I’m like whatever fuck and needless to say we also won round three 100:0 with the enemy team having a Bastion, two tanks, mercy, soldier and junkrat. I didn’t even need to res that round bc we just stomped the enemy team and they seemed so confused at what was going on and had no answer.

Game ends, everyone goes omg thanks and I got an epic on my ~22.000 heals card. They knew carried and i was fuckin dumbstruck but if this tells you anything it’s don’t give up on your four DPS and Hanzo bc Mercy kicks ass.

I got to write a kind of actual ace talk in a fic after hinting at the characters’ asexuality once or twice before in the story, and let me tell you one thing: I’m emotional and I didn’t know how much I needed this


I really wanted to finish this last night, but I was way too sleepy and had no confidence that I wouldn’t ruin it lol SO DEMON CROWS!~

For my Beast Within AU. This will be part one, because there are more crows so I need to draw all of them, right? Color schemes may be adjusted, but for the most part I like what I’ve come up with. Updates for the AU are really slow, I am so sorry. But, like, it’s hard to get anything done when you have way too many ideas swimming around in your head and not enough time to do all of them.

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hey ! i was looking for this one fic and i cant remember most of it but i specifically remember dan had a journal that he would draw people in, like random people from class and then he drew phil except he also drew a bunch of nude pictures of him and a bully like exposed him to phil or soemthinf and phil saw them sorry its vague

does anyone know this fic?

- Eliza
I guess we were written for each other - mokalicious - SKAM (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

summary : In a world where everything changes on the day of your twelfth birthday because then the name of the person you will hold most dear will appear on your body “your soulmate” as one would call them.There were many theories on why we had a name written for us since meeting your soulmate doesn’t mean you will get a happy ever after more often then not it end it with tears and broken hearts.

or that yousana soulmate fic nobody asked for

Guys I posted my prologue for my yousana soulmate au

Her Being in a Poly Relationship Before Them: NCT U


He would just let the past be past.


Well…… Looking at his lyrics in `whiplash` he would appreciate that, in a sense. That little fact had let him known what a freak in the bed you most likely were- almost at his level


Would always be vary about the fact that in your previous relationship there were two people to satisfy your needs, meanwhile in this relationship, there was only him.


Would be a bit shook at the start, just as he found out and maybe a little after that, but in general sense of the question, he would be quite chill, only caring about the fact that right now you are his, and his alone.


Honestly didn’t care, and was glad that you were now with him. He was also glad that you didn’t insist, or want at all, to be in a poly relationship with him in it, because he hated sharing you with anyone, even his friends.


“??????????? How does that work?????? I,m??????”

i say that like i have plenty of things to be upset with [how a certain subculture of trans women tends to act], and there are, its just hard to pinpoint a lot of them, but I’m speaking mostly of sexual forewardness here, which is what bugs me the most of all.
i know ill get called a hypocrite because most of my humor relies on a lot of sexual themes (and most of my popular posts reflect this) but it just like… it’s way worse in my eyes when its a more personal experience. and it’s not even like i havent had a phase like that where i was way too sexually forward, like im completely aware of it. I’ve grown out of it for sure (into a sex repulsed phase, however relevant that is) but i think this isn’t something everyone grows out of.. you sort of have to end up making yourself uncomfortable to fall out of it.. and i totally understand also that a lot of trans woman based oppression (and lgbt oppression in general of course) is a sex based oppression, but using that as an excuse to be a not great person is not only a very un-nuanced and reductive outlook, in my opinion, but also personally very offensive as a trans woman.


wow omg I never knew it was that bad…thanks for telling me, yall I really had no idea esp with their company. Most of the bad things I heard about them was ‘cultural appropriation’ and whatnot, but I’ve seen so much worse from other groups lmao. I’ve definitely started to stan them and I just found out I share a birthday with Daehyun hahaha I think I already found a bias, RIP

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I've seen some people complain that Hermione and Ron were out of character in the Cursed Child. What are your views on this?

You’re never going to entirely replicate all the nuances of a character we learned about through the course of seven books in a five hour play, although they did a pretty damn good job with Harry. (A lot of that was down to Jamie Parker.) However, I thought they did a very good job of keeping them in character. 

I’ve seen all kinds of weird complaints about Hermione. Recently someone said they thought the fact that she asked Ron to kiss her before the Dementor attacks was OOC. I have no idea why. Most people point to her characterisation in the second timeline, though, where she was bitter and angry. And I get that it’s really hard to see her that way and I’d probably have been pissed off if she had been portrayed that way in the main timeline. But she wasn’t. And no, as much as I hate seeing Hermione like that, I don’t think it was out of character for her.

First, the fact that love gives us strength to be better people is stressed over and over again the play (and the books). In the second timeline both Hermione and Ron have grown up without the love and support that helped them become the best versions of themselves. I don’t want to hear any of this “it says that Hermione can’t be successful without a man” nonsense. That’s obviously not what the play was trying to communicate. Why would JKR, a woman who made her fortune when she was a single parent, get behind an attitude like that? She wouldn’t. I’ve said before that I think Cursed Child attempted to emphasise Ron and Hermione as soulmates, as people who needed each other. BOTH of them. So in that timeline, their relationship, which had been meant to be, had been disrupted. And neither of them were happy. Neither were the best versions of themselves. Add to that the changes that seem to have taken place with the friendship between the trio and it gets even worse. 

Also: one of the things I love about Hermione, is that she’s brilliant, kind and loving but also self-righteous, ruthless and vindictive as hell at times. You cannot convince me that this version of her isn’t possible. It’s not nice, but it is possible and it is in character given what we know of her from the books. 

We can also imagine that there were a lot of other changes in that time line that contributed to Hermione turning out as she did.

I wrote a whole post about Ron: Ron Being Wonderful in Cursed Child. I’m getting more and more irritated with the “He’s just comic relief” thing. Yes, he’s funny. He was funny in the books. He was also a lot more than that and he’s a lot more than that in the play too. 

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Why do people think Sakura would be endangering her baby by traveling while she's pregnant? Who is going to hurt her? Or better yet who can and would? Also the strongest shinobi alive just happens to be travelling with her. Where is the danger?

I think the issue derived from people thinking that she was still very active while pregnant, but that wouldn’t be the case at all. The two of them aren’t stupid, and Sakura’s a medic nin; she knows what would and wouldn’t endanger the life of their baby. During the later stages of her pregnancy, they’d most definitely accommodate for her condition, settle down in one location, and ensure they had no issues until the time came to give birth.

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Who are your top ten favorite B.A.P blogs :D

There are so many good B.A.P blogs (and to be honest, I think most of the ones I follow sprinkle in some multi-fandom at times). I love so many blogs that I follow even if I haven’t spoken to them. Please don’t be upset if you aren’t listed, like I said there are so many great blogs to follow. In no order whatsoever

@matoki-project @fluffyzelo @zelosexual @daehdream @bap-time @onewtwothree (pretty sure onewtwothree has a bap sideblog but can’t think of it right now omg but this blog makes the cut too) @y-ngguk @fae-hyun @thediebutterfly @s-kydive

I had little blurbs written but then this got long and I started rambling cause I should be sleeping haha. It’s anon hour