and most of them green


When the weather is getting chilly like now, there’s nothing better than this dish with a shot of soju for dinner. It warms you right up! This dish is full of everything tasty, big chunky juicy dark meat chicken, soft potatoes and deep, rich and spicy juice that tastes so yummy when eaten with rice. Soju is a korean liquor made with mainly potatos. It tastes somewhere between japanese sake and vodka. It’s used in Korean cooking a lot, especially in cooking meat. When heated with meat, the alcohol evaporates and takes away the gamey smell of the meat with it. So even if you are not into drinking this liquor, it’s good to keep a bottle for cooking purposes. And they are super cheap at Korean grocery shops, usually less then $7 a bottle.  It is the most popular drink in Korea and there are many different brands but most of them come in green bottles. You can use any brand for cooking. If you can’t find soju near you, no worries. You can substitute soju with sake or vodka. You can use many different types of chicken as long as it’s dark meat: bone-in chicken thighs, wings, and drumsticks…etc. Just make sure they are not too big, and you might need to cook them a bit longer in order for the chicken to cook through. I like to use boneless chicken thighs the best because they take less time to cook and also less messy to eat. 

Test batch of some Rainbow Opals. I like them for the most part but need to bump up the green a bit and maybe some more orange, but not bad I think for a potential new set ^_^

Looking over some screencaps from the TV Movie the other day, I started asking myself how the initial confusion over the colour of the Doctor’s coat ever came about. I mean, look; it’s green (though not bottle green as it’s usually described; to me it looks more like a very dark olive green) in almost every light:

Then I remember that this was pre-DVDs and high-res and the costume being on display and that it looks brown






(There are a handful in which it looks green but those weren’t really seen back then)

It’s fascinating (to me, anyway) how one fabric can change colour so dramatically.

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So I'm itching to buy some books on my kindle right now. Do you have any suggestions? (I already have Giant of the Senate!)

You should definitely get Tributes and Trash Talk: What Our Presidents Said About Each Other if you don’t have it yet. It’s a great book even though the author is a first-class jackass.

Here are five books that I suggest (I’ll keep it limited to five and to books about Presidents, otherwise I’ll never finish answering this question):

The Gatekeepers: How the White House Chiefs of Staff Define Every Presidency (BOOK | KINDLE) by Chris Whipple

The Presidents’ War: Six American Presidents and the Civil War That Divided Them (BOOK | KINDLE) by Chris DeRose

Fraternity: A Journey in Search of Five Presidents (BOOK | KINDLE) by Bob Greene

The Presidents Club: Inside the World’s Most Exclusive Fraternity (BOOK | KINDLE) by Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy

What It Takes: The Way to the White House (BOOK | KINDLE) by Richard Ben Cramer – This is, without a doubt, the best book ever written about a Presidential campaign and it’s like 1,100-pages-long, so it’s probably more comfortable to read it on the Kindle.

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For a prompt: "Of all the lights in all of space, none burn so bright as this."

The Rebel base on Belatha barely deserved the designation—little more than a signal relay, some spare fuel cells and a couple damp-smelling cots tucked away in a cave. “Whelp,” Han says, considering it all his hands on his hips. “Glad the Alliance is finally making good on those all promises of luxury and comfort.”

Luke huffs our something like a laugh, and Chewie grumbles under his breath that Han is welcome to share the Falcon’s narrow bunk with Jedi Knees-and-Elbows if the accommodations weren’t to his liking. Leia just sighs and trudges over to the signal relay, crouching down and tapping hopefully at the keys.

They’ve been sent on enough missions together that there’s very little talk, between then and when dusk finally falls. Luke jerks his chin toward the cave, and Han follows; Chewie goes to check the water supply as Leia swears at, kicks and gets the relay up and working. Luke and Han drag the pallets out into the starshine, play-shadowboxing with them until they’ve knocked all the dust and spores out. Luke throws his head back and laughs, even as Han tells him to keep his head down, Jedi, and throw his punches from the shoulder unless he’s looking for a broken wrist.

Leia transmits whatever message she’s meant to transmit—she’s got a security clearance far above the rest of them, hard-earned from so many years in the Imperial Senate, even if she does tend to get a little snobbish about it sometimes. When she straightens up, her knees pop. She uses the relay sparkplug to light the fire Chewie has been building; he grumbles his thanks.

Starset comes early, evening drawing all of them close to the fire. They’re used to the long hours of Yavin IV, where afternoon is heavy and dusk lingers, caught on the thick of the trees. Here there are few trees, and when darkness falls Leia looks up, and shivers. Han comes, wordlessly wraps his jacket around her shoulders. 

Luke and Han have stretched out the pallets by the fire, to dry.

“This is so…primitive,” Leia says later that evening, poking at the protein pack Luke heated over the fire. It wobbles.

“We used to do this all the time at home,” Luke says, throwing Leia a look, and her eyes go half-lidded, her mouth turning down at the corners. “Aunt Beru cooked all our meat over a carbon-smoke fire, she said it improved the taste.”

“If this was any less like meat, farmboy, it’d be green and we could have picked it off a tree” Han says through a mouthful of protein pack. (He’s a spacer—he wouldn’t know the taste of real organic protein if you served it to him on a golden platter. Both Leia and Luke are thinking this at the same time, though Luke is thinking of the few times Owen brought home fresh bantha and Beru roasted it in the courtyard, till all the air smelled of sizzling fat; and Leia is thinking of traditional Alderaanian chicken, with spices that made her cry. They both promise themselves that later, when the war is over, they’ll—

Well, they will.)

After dinner, the pallets are still damp so they stretch themselves out across the grass. It’s soft enough, and Chewie is coaxed to sing in a high, yodeling voice that is sweet and yet somehow mournful. Han is between Luke and Leia and he finds himself translating, even though his understanding of Shyriiwook past pluperfect is shaky.

(He has his hands tucked behind his head, and at some point, Luke’s head comes to rest on his bicep, with Leia’s hand tucked into the pocket of his jacket. Han stutters out the next verse, stammering, and then, the brave hero Bacca, dark-eyed clever Bacca, who loved—)

They are almost asleep, when the star goes blazing across the heavens.

They’re soldiers—even Han, who claims not to be—and so they’re on their feet before it can disappear, all that brightness. It is silver and terrible, light flooding the world and turning it to unforgiving edges. Luke is the one who looks up first, instead of to the treeline, searching for enemy blasters, but Leia is the one who chokes, stumbling backwards.

“What the hells,” Han breathes, shielding his eyes. “It looks like an explosion, did leadership say anything about a battle—?”

Leia makes a noise like a wounded animal, and when Luke and Han look, she’s staring up at the sky the way she sometimes looks at Draven, or Mothma, like she’s thinking about people that are still here, when others aren’t.

“Leia…” Luke says tentatively, reaching for her arm.

“That’s Alderaan,” she says, and her voice is hollow, half a sob. “I can—that’s where it was in the sky. That’s—Mother of Kwath, we’re…”

Han hisses, low in his throat—he’s good at interstellar calculus, he knows how far they are from that field of meteor dust, suspended in space. Light travels slower than you might think, really; there are some places it doesn’t reach for months, even years, after it lit up the sky of a world. 

Alderaan died one standard year and three months ago, but that’s not that long, when you consider how far they are into the Outer Rim.

Leia goes to her knees even before Luke can turn, and follow her down. He wraps his arm around her neck, and she sobs against his stomach. She mourns—too late, an lightyear and several months’ too late, but Leia still sobs against the scratchy white of Luke’s tunic. He holds her by the hair, his fingers wound tightly, and maybe Leia thinks—

(The problem is Luke and Han, or Leia and Han, or Luke and Leia and Han, or—no one’s really sure what the problem is, except this uneven swinging balancing act between them, full of sweetness and pain and agony. ‘Vital’ is nonspecific, it only communicates the urgency, the hotblooded need, which doesn’t….need isn’t neat. ‘Need’ is urgent, doesn’t care what it takes.

Han feels sick, watching Luke and Leia, Luke-and-Leia. They’re wound so profound, so tight—)

Leia cries all night, after. When they wake in the morning, the dying light of Alderaan is still silvery-green above them; the most immediate moon watery and weak. “We are coming home,” is Leia’s transmission, decoded because Luke and Han have gone serious and uneasy, and she can’t stand the thought of losing them.

“We are coming home, and all will be well. I tell you—all will be well.”

They fly the whole way back to Yavin IV with Han’s hand skitting across Leia’s skin, and Luke with his cheek, pressed flush against hers. An endless feedback loop of all will be well, and this I tell you; all will be well.


I’d like to type this up for the first time. I’ve never written down my truth, and I feel compelled to do so at this time. I read a post on here about auras and I found it to be very vague. It was like reading a horoscope that took a random guess.

I was born to a highly spiritual family. My mother can visually see auras, and can view her own aura with some concentration. My brother and I can view auras with our mind’s eye. We have discussed with each other about our own personal experiences with auras.

Keep in mind that I have only read the one post on auras here, so it could be possible that my message may vibe with someone else’s.


High spirituality and a pure, innocent spirit. We have only one example of white because it is so rare. This is our grandmother.

Deep connection with spirits and possesses a beautiful understanding. This person knows you and cares.

We call this the blue shield. It is protecting and very strong. Penetration is very difficult. This aura is best used to protect someone from attack, or to keep them from sensing the metaphysical.

Students are most often seen with this aura. Those with green auras are open to learning and seek to understand. This is best used when having a discussion, if possible.

The color of sadness. If you are suffering, this is your color. Breakups, death, conflict, depression. These are often represented by yellow. What is interesting is that we see this color a lot in older women who are single. In fact, it has also been discovered that this color represents healing. Yellow is a very important color to go through in your time of need.

The traveler and the artist. You are free if your aura is orange. Perhaps engrossed in an artistic venture or planning a trip away from home. This is a favorite aura to be in. You will feel like nothing can get in your way.

Run from a red aura. A person who is experiencing red is most likely engrossed in ill intention. It’s very difficult to tell the red aura from being the positive version or the negative version. It’s usually best to stick with your gut. I do not have conclusive information on the positive red aura at this time.

However, it is rare to see an individual with a full red aura. Normally it will be viewed as red spikes coming out of a different color. This person is attacking someone.


As I have mentioned with Red, every color has a negative counterpart. They are usually not good to dwell within. Some notable auras are the following:

They are going insane. Their contemplations are driving them up the wall and are unpredictable. Fun to experience.

Black and yellow
This combination is very strong for healing. If you are experiencing this, you are destroying falsehoods in your life and repairing the holes left behind.

Destruction and deep confusion. This is also a sign of being controlled or influenced. Very bad if this is the only color present. If you experience this color, have someone sage you immediately.

A very distasteful color. This person is arrogant and being an all around ass. Beware if you are this color, you need to check your attitude before a relationship is damaged. My family personally avoids teal individuals in order to protect ourselves.


There are some aura colors which do not seem to have a negative counterpart.

Babies and animals. You will have a pink aura as a child until around 7 of age. This is when your true color comes out for a time.

Animals are normally always a pink color. If they are not, this is dangerous and you either need to run or cleanse the animal.

Wisdom. I have only seen this manifest as lines, never a base color. This is very rare to witness. If you have this happening to you, you are most likely being spoken to by something directly.


If you can view auras, let me know what you have seen and experienced for yourself. These descriptions are based on my own personal experience, and the experience of my family.


Telling asexual and aromantic people that they’re not allowed to have pride flags and then going back on it and making new flags for them using the most fuck-ugly repulsive shades of green and yellow possible and telling them “here these aren’t stealing visually appealing colors that you’re not allowed to have because we don’t like you uwu”

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First Voltron fic! Also first lines of each paragraph is the lyrics. This is based off of this vocaloid song:

Pulling pranks with a straight face. Lance kept his face straight when he talked with his younger siblings. He had to hide his emotions or they would be suspicious especially with what he had planned. “Hey let’s play a game of hide and seek.” Lance exclaimed and the two younger siblings smiled at their nine year old brother. Of course Lance was seeker and he counted to ten although he already knew where they would hide. Five seconds later he heard screeching coming from his younger sister’s room and a second later she flew out of her room. “There’s giant bugs in my room!” She screamed and Lance burst. Of course the ‘giant bugs’ were fake Lance had saw them at the local sore and begged his mama to buy them just for this purpose. “LANCE!!” His sister screeched as she realized the joke and soon he was tackled to the ground his younger siblings on top of him.

It’s so lonely, I wanna play around. Lance sighed dropping his head on the book he was studying. He had to study hard in order to get the scholarship at the Garrison but he hated it. He turned to look out the window and saw his sibling both younger and older running around. He sighed again he could have joined them but he had decided to study instead he was really regretting that choice. “LANCE!” His little sister jumped onto his back. “Marie what are you doing?” Lance laughed untangling her from him. “Please come out and play with us!” She looked up and gave him the puppy eyes that he can never say no to. “I have to study.” He said weakly knowing that in a minute he would join them. “It’s Saturday.” Marie huffed and grabbed his arm dragging him with her. He smiled this was his family and he loved all of them.

To you, and even you To be blunt, I’m not really needed. Lance scowled, sure he was upgraded to fighter pilot but only because Keith, his rival, got kicked out. And now every chance Iverson got he reminded Lance that he was only here because bad boy Keith left. He couldn’t help it every comment brought down his confidence. And to make matters worse he failed yet another simulator even after acting confident in front of his teammates Hunk and Pidge. He had to get out of this place. His confidence plummeted and his anxiety was taking its place. He decided to do what he always did and ran. That sort of failed because soon he was dragged into a war. A war where even the slightest mistake could kill him.

That’s enough, I’m tired, go away. The battles were harsh and cruel. Sure no one died and when someone was hurt they were put into the healing pod. But honestly Lance wanted his home. He wanted his giant family. Most of all he wanted to rest. He only ever told Coran about his worries, he decided to relax and that time he relaxed, BOOM, they were attacked right under Lance’s nose. Lance sighed yet again he was healed and no new threat of Zarkon has come yet so that means he can relax. Right? Wrong. Allura decided that they all need more training. When they weren’t fighting for their lives they were training. Lance just wanted one day off but that wasn’t coming any day soon. He just wished that the galaxy would remember that they were just kids forced into a war.

I dreamed of rich colors. But when I wake up, all I see are my two black hands. They have been in space for days, weeks, months, Lance didn’t know anymore. Every night he would dream of his family, a family the comforted him, not make him feel bad for his lack of skill. A family that told him every day that he would survive that he would be okay, not a family that pushed him never letting him have just one day of rest. In his head he knew that the other teammates didn’t mean to be harsh. He knew they just wanted him to be strong enough to bring down the Galra. He knew they loved him and he loved them to. But right now he just wished for his family the one that forced him out to play not train.

A carefree child dances happily, unknowing. Another planet saved. Another battle where no one dies. Another day in the Healing pod. And another alliance meeting. The planet was peaceful and beautiful. The aliens were reptilian like called the Silurian. Most of them green and some brown but all covered in scales. They had only just been attacked by the Galra before Voltron came and saved them. They were happy thanking the paladins and Lance even saw a kid dancing around during the feast. He smiled at that wishing he had that innocence. Wishing he still could play around. Wishing he hadn’t been pulled into this war that was slowly sucking the life out of him.

Out of breath, we play a game of tag. And I was caught by you. They were in a Galran ship. Lance and Keith had separated from the group to search the block for prisoners. But somewhere along the way they took a wrong turn and were now hopelessly lost. “Keith I told you it was a left.” Lance muttered glancing down the halls to make sure there were no guards. “Whoops.” Keith whispered sheepishly. Lance huffed and rolled his eyes but didn’t say anything else. “Found them!” A voice yelled from behind. Keith and Lance turn behind to see a group of guards. The two decided to run instead of getting caught. Lance grabbed Keith after many turns and pushed him in an alcove where they hid till the guards ran past.  They slowly slid out before retracing their steps in hopes of finding the prisoners. Yet again they are met with guards but before they can call out their location Keith and Lace both attacked. Lance smiled momentarily when all guards had fallen until he saw one last one hiding. The one that had hid also had a gun pointed straight at Keith whose back was turned away from the Galra. “Keith!” Lance screeched before pushing him away as the galran shot. Lance felt the impact hitting him in the chest and the last he saw was Keith’s panicked face.

Taking a trembling step forward, Alone, I say; “Bye bye”. Lance was on a field filled with flowers. He blinked the field gone and now he was on an alien planet. He rubbed his eyes the planet was gone he was on a beach. He sucked in a breath, it was the beach in Varadero. Lance turned and there at the shore was his family. Lance could feel the tears streaming down his face as he stared at the image of his family. All of them smiling his mama in the middle her arms open. “Come now my son come home!” She whispered a giant smile. Lance was trembling now his family his home. He took a step and memories shot through him. He froze as he remembered the shot that went through him. He stared at his family realizing that they were only an image and that he was dying. He was still frozen in the ankle high water debating whether to go to his family or find a way back. Lance then chuckled he shouldn’t hesitate he knew he had to go back but he really didn’t want to. He didn’t want to go back to the pain and battles. Sure he wanted to see Keith again but he couldn’t handle the pain anymore. “Bye Voltron. My space family I love you.” He whispered quietly tears still falling. But before he could take another step he was pulled back.

Come on, Love, love, come over here. “LANCE COME BACK.” Keith was screaming his voice hoarse from yelling too much. He was cradling lance bridal style running through the ship towards where he hoped Red was. “Keith talk to me.” It was Shiro’s voice through the comms. “He’s not breathing Shiro. Oh god he’s not breathing.” Keith now felt tears streaming down his face. He forced himself to run faster. “Keith calm down. Who’s not breathing?” Shiro his voice calm but also laced with worry. “LANCE!” Keith screamed finally making it to red. “Oh god.” It was Pidge this time. “Keith please tell me you are joking.” Hunk said voice shaking. “Why would I joke like this?” Keith yelled as he focused on piloting Red to the ship. Keith then turned the comms off as the other paladins started to panic. “Come on Lance don’t die on me. Please don’t die. I need you.” Keith started mumbling his vision blurred from tears. As soon as he landed he ran with Lance to the med bay where Coran and Allura were setting up a pod. “Hurry put him in.” Allura said messing with computers. “Please work.” Keith whispered as he set him in the pod. The pod then seemed to shock Lance. “Don’t worry that’s natural it shocks him in hopes of starting his heart Coran explained. For a second nothing but then the heart monitor started and Keith’s legs gave out in relief. Lance was alive.

Is it all right? Is it fine? I open my eyes. Lance had thought he was a goner. Lance had secretly hoped he was a goner. But soon, too soon, he felt the familiar fall when the healer pod opens. As he fell he hoped Hunk was there to catch him again. Instead of the giant friend that usually catches him he felt smaller arms wrap around him. “Lance.” The voice croaked. The voice that belonged to Keith. “LANCE.” He heard another yell this time Hunk. “Oh thank god you’re alive.” Pidge this time. “We missed you buddy.” Shiro whispered and soon he was tackled to the ground by all his friends. Lance couldn’t help a small smile as he felt them pushing into him. Lance finally cracked his eyes open to be met with the face of his friends. All of them had tear stained faces and red eyes and all of them were tearing up with giant smiled on their faces. “You scared me so much.” Keith murmured from his place on Lance’s chest. “Sorry mullet.” Lance croaked out voice rough from not being used. “Never take a bullet for me, again.” Keith said hiding his face in his chest. Lance let out a small laugh at that. He felt the tears well up and soon he was crying. He was alive. And he was with his family.

Today and even tomorrow, let’s all play together. For the next few days after Lance’s resurrection his team would not let him out of their sights. And every night they would refuse to sleep by themselves which would ensue a giant sleepover in the main room. Allura and Coran always joined them and made sure every minute that Lance was fine. Lance smiled and assured them he was fine and he was honestly surprised they cared so much. But the one who clinged the most to him was Keith. Keith had to be touching Lance to actually convince him that Lance was alright. Every day he would latch himself to Lance’s arm and honestly it was adorable. Lance knew he always had a crush and Keith and he was glad that there could be a possibility that it was recuperated. Maybe one day he would finally get the courage to confess.

Hope you enjoyed it!