and most of its from deviantart

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What do you think the members of Queen would be like if they were millennials

. Has an instagram with about 20k followers just cause he’s hot
. posts selfies mostly from a “succ me” angle
. On his fb tho he only posts pictures of his cars
. Goes to coachella with 20 different people
. Follows lots of slime accounts on IG
. Most used emojis: 😎😬👉👌

. He runs a big arts and aesthetic blog on tumblr and also has an “outfit of the day” thing going on which he posts everyday
. He also has a deviantart account which he hasnt told anyone about cause it’s mostly softcore porn including his favourite celebrities
. Stays up to 3 am every night in bed watching every cat video on Youtube until he falls asleep
. Photo of his cats instead of a profile pic on FB
Most used emojis: 😗💅😻💕

Brian (with all his twittering and ig:ing he basically is a milennial already)
. Gets involved in political feuds with his family on fb and end up removing his cousins from his friendlist cause they vote conservative
. His IG profile is basically Photography at its finest, and has lots of Photos of animals and landscapes
. Tried to rock the man bun but failed
. Had an emo period back in 08 which he pretends to have forgotten but Freddie still has the pictures
Most used emojis: 😁😲✊🚀⭐

. Was talked into getting an IG by the other guys but so far its been a year and it is still empty
. Updates his fb with things like: “just watched a movie xD” almost every day
. He loves to watch mukbangs
. Also a total gamer who loves pewdiepie and markiplier
. Built his own custom computer
. Tweets Gordon Ramsay pictures of his cheesy dishes
. Replies three days late in the group chat
Most used emojis: doesn’t use emojis; but he ends every sentence with a: xD

artist tip: if you see something like wallpart or payposter that has a LOT of stolen art on it, it’s a phishing site

sites like those tend to pull results from whatever you type in, and they WANT you to file a DMCA takedown on them because their form isn’t legit. its a scam to collect your information. once you fill out their phony DMCA form, you’ve given them all the information you want

avoid sites like that like the plague. dont bother with a DMCA. dont try to report or interact with the site directly. just warn others about what kind of site it is and tell them not to go on it

just. pls. dont take sites like that at face value. thats exactly what the scammers running these sites want from you. they want you to see stolen art, get angry, and try to get it taken down so they can steal your info. dont fall for it

obviously art theft is a huge issue, but LISTEN please look at everything before taking action

sites like redbubble, society6, deviantart, etc are legit websites that art theft occurs constantly on.

but if its something like wallpart/payposter its a phishing scam

some things of note that might help you identify these sites:

  • as ive noticed, most of these websites pretend to sell artwork on posters or prints specifically. you wont find many if any tshirts or mugs or whatever at all.
  • most (but not all) of the time, their “report”/DMCA form is more obvious than other options on the site. every website has their report functions, but these phishing websites tend to make theirs much more obvious and more easily found (which sucks bc most legit websites SHOULD make their takedowns easier to access) because they’re counting on you to find it, click it, and fill out that information
  • if the website appears to have most or all of your art on it, this is a good indicator as well. some of these sites have a search function that operates like a google search, which pulls the images from various sources depending on the keywords you put in the search. the art isn’t actually uploaded or hosted on the website, it’s being pulled from external sources.

be careful out there yall, i know art theft is a huge problem and its an even bigger problem that scammers are taking advantage of the theft issue and conning artists into giving away their info


Advice on Making Good Creepypasta OCs

So, as it’s about to be the start of the Spookiest Time Of The Year, by which I mean the Halloween season, by which I mean the beginning of August…

Boy does Halloween season start earlier and earlier every year, and yet nobody ever complains about it like they do Christmas. I suppose that a holiday about self-expression and weirdness is probably more welcome exposure-wise than a holiday about conformity and tradition, but that’s for another post.

Anyhoo, since it’s Almost Time, I figured I might as well do an advice guide on how to make some good Creepypasta OCs. Because, when created from scratch as characters rather than emerging from a “main” creepypasta, most of them tend to be Usual Deviantart Characters + Warmed Over Slasher Movie Cliches. And while that has its charm, I think we can do better.

So, what is my advice? Follow me after the break!

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hm do you know where i can find sasusaku doujinshi or nsfw artwork? i'm relatively new in this fandom but i've heard it's one of the most popular but where is the smut è_é i don't care if it's from 2000, 2002, or 2006... i've browsed deviantart but i don't have an account and there's pairings i don't want to see. i know there's arinfantasy for fujoshi where they can find lots of doujinshi but i was wondering if there's a similar site where i can find sasusaku

“Where is the smut” hahahah

Well, I don’t many SS doujinshis hentai, but the ones I know are:

My first time

Clan Restoration

Hand Made Heart


anyway, here is a SS doujinshi masterpost.

There are several SS fanarts hentai, you can see some of them here: Also check out artist like: nami86 (you’ll love it) | dymx | nasselstrawberrycreampiefluff | ilabarattolo

I hope that helps 

disconnected thoughts on fandom and the indieweb

Recently I discovered the IndieWeb project, and I… think I am a lot more intrigued by it than by other Better Social Media Platform pipe dreams and decentralization projects I’ve seen? Because it’s not a monolithic platform that has to be all things to all people, or even one that has to gain a critical mass of userbase before it’s useful for anything. It’s just a bunch of people, making sites that work for them, and banging out protocols so their sites can talk to each other and hook up to the social-media hangouts du jour.

The basic idea:

- Have a personal website, preferably a personal domain name, that is the hub for your online identity and stuff. Posts, tweets, pictures, links, reading list, events, whatever you’d normally be posting to social media. You host it, you control it, you own it. You tweak it to fit your needs, no Xkit required.

- Once the original archival copy is up on your personal site, cross-post it to whatever social media sites it belongs on. You don’t have to quit your Tumblr habit, or convince your friends to quit theirs, or give up the audience you can reach on a large site.

- Use a pingbacks-on-steroids tool to collect all the responses (likes, reblogs, comments, etc) from the various sites you’ve cross-posted to. Ideally, display them at the bottom of the post back on your website.

As an idea, I like it a lot. In practice, a lot depends on what tools are already available, how useable they are, how capable you are of coding/templating/configuring to fill in the gaps, and how difficult large sites make it to push/pull from them automatically. That’s pretty much what I’m interested in exploring in the near future, for my own use if nothing else. I already have most of my Tumblr content backed up to a Wordpress install on my own shared hosting account, so I’m kinda curious see how much IndieWeb compatibility I can manage using plugins and template tweaks.

Indieweb and fandom:

As a potential tool for fandom to wean ourselves off the various hellsites we’ve inhabited over the years… okay, it’s an interesting thought. One with lots of unanswered questions, but interesting.

Lots of unanswered questions, so the rest of this is going under a cut.

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I just saw some of your old art from like last year and compared to art from your most recent time and realized you've improved so much!!!!! It makes me proud!!!!!!!

Hhhhhaaaaaaa thank you! I’m glad that its only art from last year you’re comparing me too, you don’t want to see my early deviantart stage 😂


Image © Carli Ihde, accessed at her deviantArt page here

[Of all of the fearsome critters I’ve statted up, the squonk is the one I’m most surprised to see hasn’t ended up in a Pathfinder Bestiary yet. My take is, yet again, rather iconoclastic.]


This misshapen little quadruped is as ugly as it is pathetic. Its wrinkled skin seems to fit poorly over its frame, bunching in some places and sagging in others. Warts and skin tags of all sizes cover the thing’s entire body, from its wide head to its stubby little tail. It looks at you with wet eyes and begins to sob uncontrollably.

Deep in the hemlock woods, loggers and travelers might hear the out-of-place sound of sobbing as they go about their business. Those who know a thing or two about the woods will tell that that is the sound of a squonk, crying about its hideous appearance and ill-fitting skin. The truly knowledgeable know that the squonk cries not for itself, but for the world. Blessed or cursed by a god of prophecy, all squonks from the moment they are born are forever assaulted with visions of the deaths and misfortunes of thousands of creatures. This overwhelming sadness leaves squonks dejected and miserable, and they spend most of their time trying to avoid contact with other beings, not wishing to be confronted with myriad conflicting images of suffering. If a squonk can be found and convinced to converse, it will generally prove to be friendly, albeit depressing company. If a squonk concentrates, it can receive a more concrete vision of the future, but such divinations tend towards the most pessimistic answers possible. Squonks will accept payment in exchange for using this power—after all, inanimate objects tend to have less tragic futures and thus make better company.

Squonks are able to use despair as a weapon, defending themselves by sharing a tiny fraction of their visions with their assailants. Their ability to see their own forthcoming pain gives them a modicum of defense, allowing them to react to injuries before they occur. Wicked men of all races seek to capture and enslave squonks, either as zoological curiosities or to try to exploit their prophetic powers. A squonk can allow its body to dissolve into liquid, however, making them very difficult prisoners. In addition, the other intelligent denizens of the hemlock woods tend to view squonks with pity and affection, and a would-be squonk hunter may find his expedition meeting with violent resistance.

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Help my family with medical finances.

Copied from a DeviantArt update: 

“Hey guys thanks for all your sweet words and support. Got an update on the situation and thought I’d fill you in on eveyrthing. My father, for many years, has had severe back problems and already has 6 metal rods in his back. He experiences chronic pain but for most of his life has been able to, in his words, surpress it. Recently there has been a flair up (I think due to high stress situations at work) that has the full crushing weight of the pain bearing down on him. Yesterday he was admitted to the hospital due to tourettes-like symptoms. Turns out the dye they used to inject into his spine made it to his brain causing a neurological reaction. He’s since been put on morphine and the spasms have qualmed. It’s been 16 years since he has had back surgery and I am frankly worried because all I ever heard from him was all the reasons why he’d never have back surgery again due to everything that could go wrong.”

If you would like to help my family with the hospital finances, you can donate here to his GoFundMe page

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can you explain what or who your art style is based on? it's adorable :D

hm lemme see if i can remember some

  1. currently most of it is from gravity falls (lookit those cheeks sdfjskd)
  2. i also caught some deviantart cat styles (it.. it was a phase)
  3. Kiskaloo (this comic is only around 25-30pages but damn this inspired me a LOT back then) and Loading Artist (the big eyyeess <3 )
  4. various animated movies and shows (classic 2d ones mostly)
  5. my friends’ art styles as well (im self taught but they are like tutorials when i get stuck c:)

that’s all i can think of atm. i also pick up small details from tutorials online.
aaaand i know my art style is not as good as any of those tho pfft.

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Hello muirin007! I was wondering of you had a list of Poto artists on tumblr? Thanks! Love your art and you! Bye!

Howdy! I sure do have a list! There are some absolutely amazing Phantom artists here. If I left anyone out, please let me know! In no particular order:

  • Alvadee is in all likelihood going to head up the Disney animation team one day. Her work is beyond incredible. 
  • Elf-in-Mirror’s work looks like something spun from fairy dust and magic, it’s so stunning. It looks like it sparkles. I have no idea how she does it.
  • Rumpelstiltskinned describes herself as a “kinda decent artist” but one look at her work will prove that “kinda decent” is one of the most woefully inadequate descriptions ever. She’s amazing. Another future animator, I think.
  • PhanWolf’s style is so unique and adorable that it’s immediately recognizable. I could see it in an animated Phantom cartoon.
  • PhantoonsoftheOpera Raphael is a legend in the Phantom circle. Seriously. I spent hours looking at his website before I signed up on DeviantArt and Tumblr. HOURS.
  • ElectricPortcullis Her Phantom cartoons are beyond adorable. Like, t-shirt adorable. And she’s a big Broadway fan, which is fantastic. And she loves Raoul. Which is just as fantastic.
  • Wicked-Elegy  has wicked art skills to match her wicked username. Unbelievable work. Spindly, delicate, just beautiful.
  • Quinnasaurus-Creations This is another one of those “This person is going to head an animation studio one day” things. Absolutely lovely work.
  • Viscountess Unbelievable Phantom-inspired costume designs. I mean unbelievable. 

Again, PLEASE let me know if I forgot anyone and I’ll edit the list—there are so many talented people here! 



Usually my blog is VERY positive. It’s a very safe place for people who love Pokemon, ESPECIALLY artists to come and enjoy other people’s art and just enjoy the Pokemon fandom in general. But I’m sorry to put you on the spot, but I’m just trying to get you to understand.

You don’t seem to comprehend what reposting does to an artist. What you’re doing is the equivalent to stealing the homework from the smart kid in school and you getting the perfect score. Doesn’t really make it that fun for the smart kid now does it?

I’m sure many artists will agree with me when I say that what you’re doing is not very respectful to the artists time and effort they put into a piece. You’re basically broadcasting their art for followers, and I personally think that’s not okay. Regardless if its from DeviantArt or not. Believe it or not, people who have DeviantArt most likely post their art on tumblr as well.

The same issue happens on People repost Japanese artists work for followers and their excuse is that they cannot communicate with Japanese artists cause of the language barrier. But an easy Google Translate will tell you that Japanese Artists do NOT want their work reposted. Or they give you a source on tumblr for you to reblog from.

This is the reason why I reblog artists work. They get the recognition for it, as well as showing my followers what an awesome job they did so that the art spreads more for people to enjoy. I get asks every day from artists telling me they drew something awesome and they ask me to check it out and they appreciate what I do because I dont repost.

I’m not trying to sit here and tell you what to do, but frankly you’re not the only one I’m giving this speech to. I’m going to block your Pokemon blog as well as this one, but only with the hope that you really take in what you’re reading right now.

Reposting is never okay. Regardless of what website it came from.

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Idk I feel like a lot of people still will remember Brittana after the show is over... It's made a huge impact on a lot of people I've talked to. A lot of the general audience (non-fandom) actually say Klaine annoys them, (this is from personal conversations I don't know the entire spectrum) so I would just keep that in mind. Not everyone likes every couple.

Don’t make me laugh. Klaine are the most popular couple on Glee. 

  • They have the biggest number of Google Search Results.
  • They have the biggest number of fanfiction combined than every other combination of Glee couples combined.
  • They have the biggest number of shippers in forums.
  • They have the biggest number of deviantART results.
  • They have the biggest number of LJ communities members.

And I can continue for days.

They get recognition, media paises and award nominations. Even Chris and Darren are the most popular glee cast members along with Lea. If you still delusional and don’t want to believe it, check out this post. Numbers don’t lie don’t come here and try to convince me that “Klaine” annoys the GA because that is just laughable. I repeat, numbers don’t lie.

If you want to talk about the GA, let’s talk about Facebook who represents them, and when a pic spoiler of Rachel got +30.000 likes in one week while a pic of Klaine for valentine’s day got +200000 likes in 24 hours. Klaine annoys the GA so much right?

Storm-water-witch’s Guide to making a Witch Blog on Tumblr

I saw a post about starting your own witch blog here on tumblr and here is some of my advice on how I got started:

1.) Make the blog
2.) Make the blog pretty with things you like (candles, trees, rocks, gems, cats whatever)
3.) reblog things that you like
4.) ???
5.) Profit

Like seriously that’s how I got started.

Serious tips though:
*Find and follow blogs that inspire you.
*Don’t just wait for stuff to come up on your dashboard! SEARCH FOR IT!!! utilize tumblr’s search bar, reblog things from deviantart/pintrest/ectect that you enjoy.
*If you are alerted by other people that you have reblogged some misinformation, double check and then fix your post. (no they are not trying to flame you because they ain’t you. most of the time it’s a simple misunderstanding and its easily remedied. :) )
*Be open! people are going to ask you lots of the same questions so be prepared to make master lists/posts with links to your already answered questions!
         ** And you can certainly close off your ask box if you’d prefer to not give advice if you think you are not ready for it.
*UTILIZE YOUR TAGGING SYSTEM! i use mine so i can find things easier when i need to find that super cool spell on how to get rid of unwanted energies. it will save you time and it will help make things easier for you to redirect people who ask questions about those topics. 

And Finally:
*Enjoy YOUR blog. It’s ultimately YOURS and you should reblog things that YOU enjoy. 

Now go enjoy your new witchy blog darlings~!