and most of its from deviantart

My god I have been so unmotivated and yet at same time so eager to work on a project :l This is something I’ve been working on since winter break, had to step back from it because I wasn’t feeling how I colored it. Well now its done. This features the main characters of my comic I will at some point start posting. If you follow me you might already recognize most of the characters. It also features @thecuriousinferno a.k.a Shannon the werewolf :) There’s a lot I should probably say but I’m very tired lol. Thanks everyone for watching me<3

Storm-water-witch’s Guide to making a Witch Blog on Tumblr

I saw a post about starting your own witch blog here on tumblr and here is some of my advice on how I got started:

1.) Make the blog
2.) Make the blog pretty with things you like (candles, trees, rocks, gems, cats whatever)
3.) reblog things that you like
4.) ???
5.) Profit

Like seriously that’s how I got started.

Serious tips though:
*Find and follow blogs that inspire you.
*Don’t just wait for stuff to come up on your dashboard! SEARCH FOR IT!!! utilize tumblr’s search bar, reblog things from deviantart/pintrest/ectect that you enjoy.
*If you are alerted by other people that you have reblogged some misinformation, double check and then fix your post. (no they are not trying to flame you because they ain’t you. most of the time it’s a simple misunderstanding and its easily remedied. :) )
*Be open! people are going to ask you lots of the same questions so be prepared to make master lists/posts with links to your already answered questions!
         ** And you can certainly close off your ask box if you’d prefer to not give advice if you think you are not ready for it.
*UTILIZE YOUR TAGGING SYSTEM! i use mine so i can find things easier when i need to find that super cool spell on how to get rid of unwanted energies. it will save you time and it will help make things easier for you to redirect people who ask questions about those topics. 

And Finally:
*Enjoy YOUR blog. It’s ultimately YOURS and you should reblog things that YOU enjoy. 

Now go enjoy your new witchy blog darlings~!



Usually my blog is VERY positive. It’s a very safe place for people who love Pokemon, ESPECIALLY artists to come and enjoy other people’s art and just enjoy the Pokemon fandom in general. But I’m sorry to put you on the spot, but I’m just trying to get you to understand.

You don’t seem to comprehend what reposting does to an artist. What you’re doing is the equivalent to stealing the homework from the smart kid in school and you getting the perfect score. Doesn’t really make it that fun for the smart kid now does it?

I’m sure many artists will agree with me when I say that what you’re doing is not very respectful to the artists time and effort they put into a piece. You’re basically broadcasting their art for followers, and I personally think that’s not okay. Regardless if its from DeviantArt or not. Believe it or not, people who have DeviantArt most likely post their art on tumblr as well.

The same issue happens on People repost Japanese artists work for followers and their excuse is that they cannot communicate with Japanese artists cause of the language barrier. But an easy Google Translate will tell you that Japanese Artists do NOT want their work reposted. Or they give you a source on tumblr for you to reblog from.

This is the reason why I reblog artists work. They get the recognition for it, as well as showing my followers what an awesome job they did so that the art spreads more for people to enjoy. I get asks every day from artists telling me they drew something awesome and they ask me to check it out and they appreciate what I do because I dont repost.

I’m not trying to sit here and tell you what to do, but frankly you’re not the only one I’m giving this speech to. I’m going to block your Pokemon blog as well as this one, but only with the hope that you really take in what you’re reading right now.

Reposting is never okay. Regardless of what website it came from.