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Voltron Marching Band AU

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This might be a little colorguard centric, since that was my section, so I’m sorry about that!

Okay first off, Allura takes no shit from anyone who says that colorguard is for “drop out cheerleaders“. You wanna insult her sport she will shove a pole in your hands and teach you what it truly means to spin. The only reason it look “easy” is because they’re doing their jobs. It takes hour upon hours of practice and death blocking to look this good.  Her favorite piece of equipment is the sabre, it balances power and elegance in a way that just speaks to her. But she also loves tossing around a rifle when she’s stressed. Nothing is more calming than the sound of a perfect catch, she even tapes pennies to the ends of the strap so that she can hear it better.  As I’ve said before, she’s the physical embodiment of “look like a beauty toss like a beast“

For Pidge, I’m torn between clarinet and colorguard.  Maybe its because I’m a colorguard girl myself,but I think they’d really love all the technical aspects of the sport. They march clarinet of course, but during the winter season they are second only to Allura in skill. Except for when it comes to flag,  its rather hard to toss a six foot pole when you’re a tiny smol baby with tiny smol arms. But back to marching season, they are the band directors pet.  Their dot book is perfectly organized and they always have their music memorized on time.  They swear like a sailor, but since they can’t swear in uniform they have to come up with a bunch of complex swears that aren’t really swears. Eventually the whole group stars to use them, even out of uniform.

Matt does a little bit of everything, he even manage to convince Pidge to teach him some flag tosses, and prides himself on the ability to get along with any section. He knows how to cheer up anyone and is your go to guy if you need a smile.  He’s also the guy who caries around the metronome when the band runs laps.  Loves Pidge to bits, but that doesn’t mean he gives them any leeway. He probably works them the hardest out of everybody.

Everyone loves Shiro, He knows how push the band through its rough patches and knows when they need to take a break. He wants everyone to do their best and often stays after practice to help anyone who needs it. He’s a master  at one-on-one teaching and knows how to say something so that you understand it perfectly. Whether its breaking something down count by count or just repping it a hundred times, Shiro always knows what you need. He’s the go to person for when you need advice and is always there to help his band mates with their problems.

Hunk is the unofficial snack mom. You forgot to eat breakfast? Hunk has stuff to tide you over. Didn’t pack enough water? He brought an extra two gallon jug just for this. Dry mouth? Hunk has extra mints and gummis. He makes sure everyone is taken care of. He’s the steady rock that the entire band leans on.   He isn’t the best marcher, its rather hard with a giant bell in your way, but he makes up for it with enthusiasm.

Lance is always tapping his fingers, he doesn’t feel comfortable if his fingers aren’t moving. He probably has the best tempo out of anyone in the drumline and knows how to do a million different tricks with his sticks. The only problem is that he’s super fidgety. It isn’t a true practice if Lance doesn’t fall out of attention and makes everyone run laps. Like most of the drumline,he spends a lot of his time around the colorguard. At first it was to flirt, but he quickly took everyone in as sisters. He sometimes joins them for dance block and helps with hair/makeup when he can. He’s a pretty average marcher, but gets super competitive with Kieth. Both of them get pretty far in drill downs, but often distract each other near the end.

Kieth can march like nobody’s business, when he’s focused he can best even Shiro. He tends to do rather well in the end of band camp drill down but always gets distracted near the end. Normally by Lance. He loves pushing himself  and is the only person who actually enjoys running in 100 degree weather. Lance thinks he’s insane, but he loves the burn. He has a tendency to push himself too hard though and Shiro has to step in to make him settle down.  He plays the sax, but doesn’t interact with his section all that much.

Coran is the head Band Mom tm. He goes to every show and organizes all of the fundraisers. Everything from food to games to  uniforms must get his stamp of approval. He knows how to sow and helps the colorguard make their flags. He caries around an emergency kit filled with everything under the sun. Band aids,reeds, eyeliner, if you need it he’s got it.

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Hello yes may I please request more band! AU thank you


band AU part 2: marching season senior year (RFA is all in the same class)


  • section leader BITCH
  • best friends with every single girl in the flute section
  • it doesnt matter what yoosungs sexuality is every girl in the section calls him their “gay best friend”
  • lowkey always talkin shit about the other sections
  • he went from the most shy smol on the planet to “bitch if you dont have a dot book….”
  • wears his hair in a tiny little pony tail
  • constantly sunburned
  • the freshman in the other sections are afraid of him
  • always very quiet on the field!!!!
  • always hits his spot!!!
  • he is really good at teaching marching technique to the kiddies
  • he loves his flute children
  • when Yoosung is a senior a ton of girls are lowkey swooning over him but the other girls in his section r like bitch back up this one is OURS


  • this bitch has one loud ass section
  • his section probably has a chant
  • they run laps around the field before practice just to be obnoxious
  • very tight knit group!!
  • if the band has to count out loud, his whole section screams SAX and SAXTEEN instead of six and sixteen
  • gets away with shit because him and the band director are pals
  • “you give Zen special treatment”
  • “he’s a special boy now run along”
  • he fucks around a lot but when its time to work he works HARD!
  • his other section members will always confess their love to him as a joke
  • also, they all call him “oppa”
  • dot book? i havent heard that name in years
  • if you ever see Zen with a dot book just know that its empty


  • the most terrifying woman you’ve ever seen,
  • her stare alone can kill 1000 men
  • (but really she just thinkin bout how cute Zen looks today)
  • the only person she can tolerate during marching bad rehearsal is V, because he’s the other drum major
  • she’ll walk around the field during practice and give tips
  • if Jaehee approaches someone you can assume they just peed their pants
  • but she’s actually very sweet and encouraging when she gives tips
  • that is, unless you keep making the same mistake over and over again
  • then she gets really passive aggressive
  • “no yea, dont listen to me! i’m sure that penguin walk technique you have will charm the judges at competition this year. i’ve only been doing this for three years but hey, what do i know?”
  • at this point V has to physically remove Jaehee from the situation
  • “Jaehee you’re scaring them again”
  • “good. they should be scared”
  • also Jaehee is that one kid in band who says they hate band kids all the time
  • like every three seconds “i hate band kids”
  • can keep time so well she is probably not human


  • also hates band kids
  • “Jumin, can we have a section chant like the saxophones?”
  • “no. thats stupid”
  • “can we have a cool section name?”
  • “we already do”
  • “we do?”
  • “the clarinets. now shut up”
  • the most well behaved section on the field
  • they all have dot books
  • none of them are well behaved because of Jumin, its mostly because they’re afraid of Jaehee who’s also a clarinet
  • but they let Jumin think that he’s the reason they act well
  • when they finally convince him to get section t-shirts it is literally this
  • “this is terrible”
  • “what do you mean?”
  • “its so boring”
  • “its says “go clarinets. isnt that exciting enough”
  • “you wrote it in ariel font”
  • “well yea, i’m not a fucking savage”


  • has played bass two all four years!!!!
  • his section is so messy (but the playing is clean)
  • but it doesnt matter because drumlines drill is easy as fuck
  • Seven doesnt even allow dot books in his section
  • if you get caught with a dot book he will throw it away
  • always wildin and adding their own visuals
  • “hey man, what if we did this”
  • and he’ll just flip his stick around and then pass it around his back and click on his rims a bunch of times
  • “oh, thats in”
  • for every dumbass thing they do 
  • “thats in”
  • when they play cadences Seven adds his own choreography
  • also adds his own vocals (saying dumbass shit when he’s not playing)
  • SEVENS DRUMLINE expectations:

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  • reality:

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  • the most gentle drum major youve ever seen
  • tries to be intimidating but everyone can see right through him
  • him and Jaehee are like good cop/bad cop
  • “you dont have a dot book? oh thats okay, just please bring it next time. keep up the good work!”
  • tells his band he is proud of them every five minutes
  • also, he always raises the most money when they do fund raisers
  • if he’s not conducting during rehearsal he’s literally following the drumline around
  • he wants to keep them in check but they fuck around anyway
  • Seven will be like “V, think fast!” and throw a stick at him
  • they when he doesnt watch it Seven will say “yikes, you dropped a stick. thats 10 push-ups”
  • then V is like jAEHEE THEYRE DOING IT AGAIN :(
  • thinks drum major bonding time is very important
  • can often be found encouraging Jaehee and/or calming her down
  • everyone in band loves him
  • also picks on Jumin a lot and makes him do push ups in front of his section for no reason


  • only one in the RFA who isnt section leader
  • makes everyone do push ups anyway
  • if you look at him funny he’ll give you push ups
  • even if you arent in his section he doesnt care
  • once he made one of the flute girls do push ups because she missed her dot and Yoosung was like tbh i dont wanna start anything just do the push ups
  • once made V do push ups
  • everyone hates him except for his section
  • the only trombone without a dot book
  • not playing half the time
  • at the beginning of marching season they have Saeran teach the freshman marching technique as a way to scare them into submission
  • never misses his dot
  • makes snarky comments for all of rehearsal
  • but they’re FUNNY
  • always doing the most
  • always ready for a who-can-do-the-most-push-ups contest


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Hey. So this being my first year in marching band I had no idea what to expect. But I'm in drumline and it's the most fun thing ever. All our cadences are the most laid back song choices. I have the best section leaders (one being my brother) and although there are only 8 of us, the majority of our Section is hilarious and so outgoing. I now know what it's like to truly fit in. Marching band is the best part of my day.

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I'm 90% sure most drumlines have a "mom". In my band's drumline, there's only one female tenor, so the entire 21-person drumline has naturally dubbed her "Mom". She has accepted it and will respond "Hello dear" when greeted with "HI MOMMMM"

21 people? We have like, 9.