and most of drumline

justgottabehonest  asked:

Hey, beautiful! So, I have a Voltron AU (of course) inspired by the Band AU post. Of course, they would be in a rock band, but what about a High School Band?! (concert, marching, jazz, doesn't matter) Either all of them on drum line (because percussionists stick together) Or each of them in different sections. Maybe Coran and Allura being the choir kids that show up sometimes/section leaders/student aids/ teachers, Galra being a rival marching band. I'd love to hear your take on this!!

YOOOOOO that’s awesome!!! I’ve seen a few really awesome marching band/high school band aus floating around, not sure if i’ve reblogged any but i really love the idea!! They would be the most hilarious drumline. Allura and Shiro would be drum majors for sure!!! Coran would be the band director!! If they weren’t in drumline though, i personally love the idea of Pidge on sousaphone…. small people with sousaphones is amazing. Lance would definitely be trumpet, hunk would be flute?? maybe??? and keith… maybe keith would be trumpet too (hence the rivalry) or clarinet or something?? OOh and before being drum major, allura was in colorguard! but yeah!!! Galra is the rival band and they’re trying to beat them in state!!!