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pluto-support  asked:

Do you have any tumblr headcanons for the ipliers? (Who would run an emo fan blog, etc)

Sure! Let’s see…

Wilford - Would probably have something pink and circus like for his theme, uses it primarily to promote his show and will reblog ANYTHING related to it, also reblogs stuff on gossip with celebrities, he was probably the first to get one and the one to push for others to get them

Dark - Uses primarily black with red and blue accenting things for his theme, he rarely uses it but when he does it’s to reblog aaall that emo brooding stuff (he’s the emo blog) and to post a call out for either the Ipliers or Mark, was the last one to get one and tried desperately to hide it, lowkey has a side blog that’s about cryptids and conspiracies, has managed to keep it a secret from everyone

Google(s) - Has a blue, red, green, and yellow plain theme, they get asked the most questions out of everyone and it’s used as a lesser source of information (like keeping tabs on the community and if Mark posts anything), the Google to use it the most would be Oliver since he enjoys interacting with people the most

The Host - Uses tan and gold for colors while also making it look like reading an ancient scroll, uses it the most out of everyone, posts his own original works while also writing fan fictions, likes to reblog all that author aesthetic stuff and others stories/fanfics, has a a few side blogs dedicated to different things, mutuals with Bim Trimmer

Dr. Iplier - Uses white and has an overall plain looking theme, surprisingly fairly gross since he likes to reblog a lot of things relating to anything medical (like someone talking about a cut that got infected and going into detail about it) but also reblogs gifs from hospital shows like Greys Anatomy and House, is a proud member of the medical side of Tumblr, has a side blog dedicated to his hospital aesthetics

Edd Edgar - He’s that blog we never speak about because it’s high key frightening since all he does with it is post/reblog photos of baby’s and puts different prices

Silver Shepherd - A super hero theme, likes to reblog things relating to him and superheroes in general, most people know he’s the actual Silver Shepherd and he terribly tries to prove them wrong, has become a meme unintentionally

Bim Trimmer - Has Matthias as his theme, it’s basically a blog dedicated to Matthias and how much he loves him while also promoting his show too, loves to post selfies of himself, him and Host are mutuals and like to show support for each other, he’s a close second to Host on usage

Bingiplier - Tries to have the most radical theme of them all but it looks more like a meme if anything, also holy crap the M E M E S on his blog, likes to ask the Googles joke questions via anon, has a side blog for his skateboarding

Yandere - Super cutesy pink aesthetic, posts selfies of themselves and a lot of Jacksepticeye strangely, most of them are ones he really shouldn’t have like Jack sleeping or one at an angle like he’s trying to hide, similarly to Bim his blog is dedicated to Jack, aside from Jack they also reblog a lot of gifs on animes, lowkey their blog is kind of frightening

Holy freaking cow I think I got them all but damn there’s a lot of Ipliers @.@ Thanks for the question tho!! :D


some of my favorite akus (●♡∀♡)

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