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Goodbyes: Mae and Jorsef

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A letter is delivered via courier at midday on the twentieth to the Ironshield estate. It comes along with a small package that both rattles and jingles and is tied shut with simple twine. The letter itself is somehow sealed with a small, golden butterfly hairclip, perhaps intended for Mae.

Dearest Jorsef and Mae,

Last night, I rather unexpectedly volunteered for the coming assault on the Nighthold in Suramar city. I pen this letter in the case I do not return from the battle, though it shall be delivered regardless.

I would like to thank you again for your generosity and empathy regarding my recent situation, and I’d also like to once again thank you for taking me in. Should I return, I will most certainly pay that kindness both back and forward in time. I’d also like to thank you for your offer as to the cabin up north. At present, I look forward to moving. I would have already, but I am still trying to write the enchantment that will allow me to move furniture via my enchanted satchel; at present, the mouth doesn’t open nearly enough to fit a dresser or bed.

I wish I could bid you well and say goodbye personally, but I need to leave very soon, and I lack the time needed to track you down. This will have to do.

Included are two necklaces, meant as partners. On the assumption you get that far, which I believe you will, they are intended as your wedding gift. Should I return, I’ll figure out an additional gift when your wedding actually comes.

In the case that I do not return from the assault, please aid Renault in preventing Johern from stupidity. I am aware you do not entirely like him, but he means everything to me, and it would break my heart were he to regress with my passing; he’s made so much progress as a person since we met. I cannot bear to see that reversed should he lose me.

Thank you again for everything.


Blythe’s handwriting is as genuine and unrefined as the girl herself.

The necklaces in question bear spherical pendants that contain what appear to be galaxies made entirely out of microscopic flowers. The galaxies, because of this, are a wash of bright oranges, purples, reds, pinks, and blues with only a tiny bit of green thrown in. The centers of the galaxies are more blue, and the outsides are more orange. When said pendants are touched together, they create a tiny puff of snow in the shape of a heart between them.

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((I had a dream last night that Ryou got bitten by a werewolf and he spent the entire dream bemoaning the fact that he was now the second worst cliche of the au verses, and how if no one respected his character before, he was certainly not going to get any respect now. That was literally all my dream was. Ryou running around as a beast in the light of the full moon, complaining about being a cliche the entire time. Probably the most simultaneously boring and hilarious dream I’ve had in while.))

Ya know, I was thinking about YOI today and remembered how a lot of people were worried about what Victor (and Yuuri) were going to do after the season. Mostly about if Victor was going to leave.

And I also remembered how Yuuri has mentioned that this will most likely be his last season of skating (due to his age or otherwise.) 

But guess who is most certainly going to keep going?

Thats right. Angry kitten. And who also happened to seem to flourish under Victor during their short time together. 

And while he might not admit it, he does get along with Yuuri. Hell, they even have similar responses to Victor’s shenanigans.

But also, look at how supportive Victor and Yuuri are of the smol blonde:

Also, this boy needs some more positive support in his life. He’s so full of sadness and anger he can hardly control it. So, while the show could (and most likely will) go a different direction from what i’m about to say, it is a happy thought. 

And that would be - Yuuri and Victor taking up the role as Yuri’s coaches after this season. 

Its no secret that Victor is an amazing skater (and is slowly improving his coaching abilities), but he also is already acquainted with Yuri as well. He’s been shown to express something of brotherly affection for him already.

As for Yuuri- who else is more than knowledgeable in emotions and insecurities? He’s always the nicest he can be towards his younger peer, and is actually rooting for him from the get-go (despite having a poor meeting and Yuri always being mean to him.) I wouldn’t be surprised if Yuuri already has a firm understanding of how the blonde feels.

Oh, and guess who also has been studying ballet for (what I assume) years ?

So yeah. I would absolutely love if they took up that role for Yuri. I feel it would be a good, wholesome ending to a great show. 

I mean, come on, they’re already acting like embarrassing parents. Might as well adopt him. :) 


Whilst we all know that modern elephants are beautiful and remarkable creatures, few may be familiar with the order of which they are from, Proboscidea. Proboscidea not only contains the elephantids, but a whole range of diverse mammals, some reaching magnificent sizes and each one more intriguing than the last.


Deinotherium quite literally means “terrible beast” and they trawled the savannah-like Miocene landscape. Deinotheriums most striking feature is certainly its menacing downward facing tusks, a complete skull found in the nineteenth century measured at just under a metre in length, the skull also showed very deep nasal bones suggesting it had a much wider and shorter trunk than modern elephants. The reason for the unusual orientation of the tusks has been debated, perhaps they were purely for attracting mates or maybe they had a vital role in stripping tree bark to eat. Deinotherium was quite a bit larger than modern elephants standing a whopping 4 metres tall (almost as tall as a double decker bus) and weighing in at an estimate 11-14 tonnes.

Palaeoxodon namadicus 

Palaeoxodon namadicus, otherwise known as the Asian straight-tusked elephant lived during the pleistocene. Little is known about these species and whether it is a species on its own rather than a subspecies within Palaeoxodon antiquus, yet is is known from a thigh bone over 5 foot in length which indicates a possible height of over 4.5 metres which would make Palaeoxodon namadicus the largest land mammal to have ever existed surpassing Deinotherium and Paraceratherium.


Gompotherium is another highly unusual member of the proboscidea. Gompotherium stood around 3 metres high and had 4 tusks extending straight from its jaw, the two bottom tusks are flattened and shovel-shaped leading to suggesting that they were used in digging and finding food. Gompotherium is believed to be the first of the proboscideans to escape its homeland and migrate towards north america, mammoths would eventually evolve from the shovel-tusked creature. Although they are unfamiliar to most, they were very successful and flourished in north america for over 10 million years (during the miocene and pliocene). Their demise coincides with the rise of todays modern elephants, perhaps they were outcompeted to extinction.


Stegodon stood at around 3.5 metres tall and weighing in a 12 tonnes, however it is not this beasts size that is hard to comprehend, but its enormous tusks which could reach a whopping 3 metres in length. Stegodons thrived in the golden age of elephants 11 million years ago, exactly when they died out is a mystery, some believe they contained to roam across north america as little as a few thousand years ago.


Mammoths are amongst the most recognisable prehistoric creatures, they were extremely successful and thrived during the ice age thanks to their masses of fur, migration patterns and small ears. They died out around 4500 years ago when the ice age came to an end, although it is widely thought that humans contributed to their reduction in numbers as we fed on their meat, wore their fur and used their immense tusks and skin for shelter. The largest known species of mammoths could reach 4 metres in height and weigh up to 7 or 8 tonnes and they travelled in herds much like modern elephants. Incredibly well preserved specimens have been found across the world in peat bogs and permafrost preserving skin, hair and some organs in immaculate condition, this has led to multiple projects hoping to bring back the mammoth, although this is still highly controversial.


All modern elephants are the only relic from the glorious evolutionary history of the proboscideans that we have left. They can reach 4 metres in height and weigh up 7 tonnes. Their tusks are used in competing for mates as well as for feeding and the trunks, perhaps the most recognisable feature of any animal, are analogous to human hands, they are used to grab things, communicate and sense their environment. Elephants travel in close herds led by a matriarch and have been shown to display emotions of grief when a valued member dies, their social structure is incredibly sophisticated and complex, when a matriarchs reign is over, their is a specific order of individuals to take her place, usually the eldest daughter. Separate families of elephants have even been known to form bonds with each other and socialise in passing.
Elephants have long been attractive to humans, their skin has been sold, their tusks highly valued for decoration and medicine. Elephants have been relentlessly hunted by humans, so much so that in in the twentieth century their numbers declined by 74% in ten years. Over the last few decades multiple conservation efforts have been put in place to save these magnificent creatures from extinction, their population numbers have shown slight increases since the efforts began.

The proboscideans have been, and are still, one of the most remarkable groups in the animal kingdom. They have been incredibly successful since their first appearance over 40 million years ago, with only the elephants remaining we must save these wonderful animals from extinction for future generations to see and to continue the reign of one of the most spectacular dynasties in the animal kingdom.

….did Victor take moves from his and Yuuri’s one night of dancing and then incorporate it into Yuuri’s Eros program as a “HINT HINT BOY” that he was interested and invested

ZDOOM - Development has ceased.

As of today (January 7th, 2017), Randi (former ZDoom sourceport developer) has announced the immediate eschewing of the development and maintenance of the widely-used DOOM sourceport ZDoom, and has also mentioned that no further releases of said sourceport will be made.

ZDoom has become quite a solid reference when it comes to DOOM sourceports. It all started 18 years ago actually, of course not in the same level of advanced scripting that we all have witnessed over the years, but nonetheless, for a DOOM sourceport to last this much and to arguably become the most installed DOOM sourceport in this day and age it’s not an easy feat.

Without ZDoom we certainly wouldn’t have the Brutal Dooms, the Zen Dynamics, the Smooth Dooms, the Samsaras, the Knee-Deep in ZDooms, the Reelisms, the Demonsteeles, and all the cool modern gameplay mods people actively play this year.

ZDoom was also used as base for many other sourceports such as ZDaemon, Odamex (via csDoom), GZDoom (of course), Skulltag and Zandronum (via Skulltag, naturally). So you can’t really say ZDoom hasn’t had an impact in your DOOM life, especially if you play multiplayer DOOM.

Now, you may be asking: “with the stoppage of the development of ZDoom, does it mean that it is dead?” Hell no!

After all the information I’ve said previously, I would say that there is no way ZDoom is “dead” or will be “dead” anytime soon. It has ceased from being actively developed, just as any other piece of software, but unlike Windows XP, you can still have it and it will be completely functional for what it was specifically made (and safe from intruders, too!). You can still download and play with ZDoom, it’s going nowhere!

If we were to compare this situation with Skulltag’s departure, ZDoom is definitely staying around for a good while compared to the ill-fated destiny that the multiplayer sourceport faced back in the day. And boy, was that a mess.

The legacy of ZDoom will still continue thanks to GZDoom and the hot new QZDoom, and of course the most immediate member of the ZDoom family that has MP capatibilites - Zandronum! It will also take some time for modders to transition between ZDoom and the other actively maintained sourceports, so you might get to see a few gameplay mods be released after this that will work fine with the latest stable release of ZDoom.

ZDoom was the very first DOOM sourceport that I downloaded wayyy back when I started playing DOOM, I’m sure I’m not the only one that experienced (and will experience) the same situation.

It’s going to take a good damn while until we get to see another sourceport in its place. Take a break, ZDoom. You did a great job.

{Fake AH Crew ; Brawler}

The last of Ramsey’s attack dogs, and certainly the most underestimated. This is not a fight that you would want to pick, because this is certainly a fight you were born to lose. It’s hard to see him coming, and he packs twice the punch of even Mogar himself. The first to call to a fight, this fighter will do anything to protect his crew mates, and should you hurt one of them, ten times the amount of pain is about to be inflicted on you.

I’ve been seeing some people saying that I’m “hating” on Yurio (am I? wasn’t my intention, in any case) and “wishing him to lose” just because he’s “threatening my ship” and I know that I shouldn’t waste my time on such negativity but I just sort of want to clear one thing up:

Nothing threatens Victuri and most certainly not Yurio.

See, Yurio could win. I, for one, am not hell-bent on Yuuri having to win to prove himself. I’ll be happy even if he doesn’t get gold. Hell, if the creators manage to give us a satisfying ending which doesn’t involve Yuuri winning gold then I’ll be overjoyed because there’s a great message there, too.

I personally just don’t think that Yurio winning gold would be beneficial to him at all. I think the creators could show more about his character by not letting him win gold. But hey, maybe I’m wrong?

At the end of the day, I am willing to comply with the creator’s decisions because they haven’t disappointed me a single time so far and if they can deliver a satisfying ending in which Yurio wins gold and Yuuri doesn’t then I’ll gladly go along with it.

Though I must say I don’t know where the idea of “threatening my ship” came from because frankly we’re far from the point where any external influences affect my ship at all.

That’s my take on the issue.

Oh, hell - now I’m feeling really slow on the uptake. It took me like a year and a half to catch this one.

You know how, in the final battle of Undertale, there’s a special command that fills all of your empty inventory slots with a healing item called “Last Dream”?

It literally just occurred to me that “Last Dream” = “Final Fantasy” - which that fight most certainly is!

A bad day always goes better with a bold lipstick. I find comfort in feeling glamorous.
I recall an encounter with my ex-husband at a party in West Hollywood. It was a cordial face-to-face, certainly far more cordial than our previous meeting at his manager’s home a few years before, to discuss the details of our divorce. Do you know what he said to me at the party? What he remembered most about our last visit was the way I looked. “You really turned on the Dita Von Teese that day,” he remarked. “I won’t ever forget how incredible you looked when you walked out that door.”
—  Dita Von Teese, Your Beauty Mark, 2015.

Could you do a Loki story, where they are married and the reader wants a baby but Loki isn’t sure if now would be a good time (he does want a baby but hes worried he wont be a good father) Love your writing!           

Thank you so much!  I can most certainly do this.  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

Panting and sweating as Loki’s body drops beside yours, your smile beams towards the heavens as you roll over and snuggle into his warm body.

“That was incredible,” you breathe.

“That it was,” Loki murmurs as he leans up and kisses the top of your head.

You hadn’t yet told Loki that your serum had run out from the Healers.  When you woke up this morning and took the last few drops into your system, you found yourself hesitant to visit them for a check-up in order to obtain more serum that would help prevent a pregnancy with Loki.

And you found yourself nervous to tell him.

“Your mind is whirling, my love,” Loki murmurs.

“I just…”

As you feel Loki shift and lean up, your eyes connect with his heavily as he leans his arm over you and plants it beside your head.

“Don’t make me dig it out,” he warns.

“I ran out of my serum this morning,” you breathe as you watch his reaction closely.

“Oh, my love.  Do not worry.  It is formulated to keep on working for the next week, in case there is a lull in the process of receiving more,” Loki smiles.

He was attempting to reassure you.

But you found yourself all the more disappointed.

And he noticed.

“You want a child,” he lulls.

“I believe we would be great parents,” you say, grasping the bed linen as you lean up and keep his stare.  “You, especially.”

His scoff made your heart break.

“My biological father tossed me away and the father that raised me never had plans for me to become great,” Loki spits.

“But that has no bearing on what you will be as a father,” you urge him.

You could see his mind working.  You could see him weighing his options, running through scenarios, and countering his own arguments.  You could tell he was worried, you just weren’t sure why.

“Talk to me,” you breathe as your free hand reaches out to rub his arm.

But when he pulled away from you and turned his back, tears well in your eyes as he sighs and places his head in his hands.

“We cannot have a child,” he says.

“But Loki-”

“I said…” he begins again, “we cannot.  Have.  A child.”

And you sobbed yourself to sleep while listening to your husband pace the floor of your bedroom.

For the next week, Loki avoided you.  He never slipped into bed until you were asleep, and his meals were taken just a tick after yours.  You never went to see the Healers for more of your tailored serum, and you found yourself more alone than ever before.

So you sought the beautiful peace of the gardens in your time of upheaval.

Why would Loki do this to you?  From day one, it was always noted that you wanted children.  Throws of children.  Enough children to fill the rooms of many hallways that cascaded around the palace center.

Loki knew this, knowing he didn’t want children.

And he wedded you anyway.

How could he do this to you?

Sniffling as your shoulders cave and your body folds in on itself, you begin to lightly cry underneath the shade of a fruit tree as you hear someone approach.

“Is this seat taken?”


“No,” you breathe as you quickly try to clean yourself up.

Feeling him sit down beside you was the closest you had been to your husband in over a week.  Awake at the same time, and present at the same time.

And that revelation broke your aching heart all the more.

“You know that I will not be a good father, Y/N,” Loki says lowly.

“That is just your insecurity talking, Loki,” you shoot back as you turn your red and puffy face towards him.

“I have no such things,” he defends.

“Says the prince who flexes in the mirror and grumbles as to how Thor can carry more muscle than you,” you smirk.

“That is beside the point,” Loki grumbles.

“It is exactly the point,” you say as you reach out and take his hand.

And for the first time in over a week, your eyes connect with those of your husband’s.

“You believe that, because you did not have a decent father growing up, that those tactics of raising a child have rubbed off on you,” you begin.

Loki watched you intently as his eyes studied your face.

“But what you don’t understand is that it gave you valuable lessons.  Lessons and knowledge of how to not be a father.”

There was a flicker of a grin, and it made your heart stir with joy.

“And those, in my eyes, are just as important as the good lessons implanted by fathers.”

“Is that what you think?” Loki lulls as a light smile crosses his cheeks.

“It’s what I know,” you say cheekily, mocking his accent as you quirk an eyebrow in the air.

And then you took his hand and placed it slowly on your stomach.

“Besides,” you begin as Loki’s eyes dart shockingly to your stomach, “that ‘one week period’ is not as accurate as one thinks.”

And as his eyes slowly pan up to yours, his free arm reaches around and pulls you close, his lips clinging to yours desperately as he searches for the budding life making a home within your body.

He was going to be a father.

And he was going to use the knowledge he had learned to be the best.

anonymous asked:

I've been applying for summer internships (this is my first time) online and at the school career fair, and I was wondering if you know how often companies contact applicants over phone? I put my cell on forms and resume, but I usually ignore phone numbers I dont recognize because I get a lot of spam phone calls. Should I not put my cell phone number (although I noticed a couple forms had a required field for a phone number) or any other suggestions for what I should do? Thanks!

You should list your phone number; it’s almost certainly a required field. If a company calls you regarding an internship, they will leave a voicemail. Just make sure you check your messages and call back as soon as you can and you should be okay.

I also want to mention that you should listen to your outgoing voicemail message and make sure it sounds professional! And say your first and last name in it. Most people forget that part, but employers may not leave a voicemail unless they know for sure they’ve reached the right person.

  • some asshole: """TRIGGERED"""!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚
  • tony stark, POW, torture and abuse survivor, history with abusive relationships, PTSD sufferer, triggered into public breakdowns several times both by unknowing civilians and ill-intentioned people: ๐Ÿ™„
  • james rhodes, active duty air force, gravely injured by friendly fire, last man standing out of military unit who died in front of his eyes before his best friend was kidnapped and tortured for three months, certainly has experienced PTSD and can canonically smell it in others from a 15-mile radius: ๐Ÿ™„
  • steve rogers, WW2 veteran, arguably the most tragically mistreated and unacknowledged case of typical survivor's guilt in the mcu, literally brought to his knees by triggering mentions of his best friend who died in front of his eyes (before turning out to be not dead, ~just brainwashed tortured and abandoned by history for 70 years): ๐Ÿ™„
  • sam wilson, combat veteran, also watched his best friend getting killed in front of his eyes, pararescuer aka has had multiple people bleeding/screaming/dying in his arms as part of his actual job description, retired from active duty and became a military counselor: ๐Ÿ™„
  • bucky barnes, WW2 veteran, POW, tortured and otherwise dehumanized for several decades, conditioned to perform heinous acts against his will: ๐Ÿ™„
  • all superheroes ever, honestly, who all have traumatic histories regarding or even beyond acts of heroism and are therefore extremely susceptible to PTSD, anxiety disorders, and any other trigger-sensitive mental issues: ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

Part One
I’ve never let anyone see that much of me
You were the first
And the last
Because I know now
That if you put glass in careless hands
It will most certainly shatter

Part Two
How can a person twist words like skipping ropes
Put their wishes so high above yours
That you forget you had any in the first place
And make recollection like a funhouse mirror
Yet claim they love you?

Part Three
You’ve been burnt in the back of my mind since you singed my sense of security
I try to box you away
So you don’t occupy my thoughts
When I’m trying to get on with my life
But I guess if I wake up
Because you appeared in my dream
You’ve earned your place in my poetry

Part Four
Can I scrub the walls of my mind with bleach?

Part Five
My mind is a carousel
“I miss you”
“You hurt me”
“I miss you”
“You hurt me”
Lets try again tomorrow.

—  Lets hope there’s no Part Six
Itโ€™s very tough to say without giving anything away. They develop in various ways! Thereโ€™s an ongoing humanisation of Sherlock, as Conan Doyle did in his books. He is a very different man from the first story to the last story. But he never becomes quite like us and nor should he. Doctor Watson trains him to be more like everybody else. Heโ€™s certainly more compassionate, he does know that he has friends who care for him and he goes through a massive emotional ringer this year, they all do for various reasons which I canโ€™t explain. Itโ€™s a clichรฉ to say itโ€™s the darkest season, but it is. Itโ€™s the darkest but also the most meaty, with the most proper dramatic incident we could possibly throw at them all.

Mark Gatiss interview on series 4 - (x)

“How do the main characters develop in series four?”


Arthur x Reader

Requested By Anon

Warnings: public sex, getting caught

โ€œJohn, Tommy wants you.โ€ You called and leant against the wall, smirking at Arthur who glanced at you over his paper.

โ€œWhat does he want?โ€ John asked and you shrugged.

โ€œDidnโ€™t ask, donโ€™t care Iโ€™m just happy he hasnโ€™t asked me to do anything yet.โ€ You grinned when he sighed and downed the last of his drink, leaving you alone with Arthur.

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