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people are always like "ohhh, the adhd drugs are so bad!!!! they’re nasty” and i’m just like….. that’s ‘cause y’all who don’t actually need ‘em are snorting them or whatever. taking more than needed. well, in fact, a lot of people who take them without an actual prescription don’t need them. but ya know, the majority of people who actually do need them do experience improvement from taking them. difficult to understand, i know……

So I got a lot of messages after my first post asking me to explain layers, so I have put together a cheat sheet of the different layer types.  The quickest way to become awesome with layers is to know exactly what each one does. Once again, I’m no expert, and these are just my personal definitions, so please try these out for yourself! LONG POST BELOWWW


1. NORMAL:  Aw yeah you know all about this layer its just your average layer 
2  DISSOLVE: This mode “dissolves” some pixels, allowing the lower layer to show through. very pixel-y.  Reducing opacity makes it dissolve more.
3. DARKEN: Now the difference between darken and multiply are a little confusing, so I will explain them together. MULTIPLY is more of a glaze, while DARKEN favors the darks on all layers.  So if you have a darken layer on, it tend to reduce/remove the lighter tones on the layer if there are darker tones below it, while darkening the darks.  
4.  MULTIPLY: A glaze that darkens the color of the layer below. It is great for shading.  Reduces whites.
5.  COLOR BURN:  “Burns” the lower layer favoring a more saturated look.  Marks made over white are not preserved.  
6.  LINEAR BURN:  “Burns” the lower layer, with a little less saturation than color Burn.  Also will preserve colors over white. 
7.  DARKER COLOR: I tend to avoid this puppy cause it does not darken on the RGB channel. (feel free to try him though!)
8. LIGHTEN:  Lightens the colors below. Favors lighter colors on lower layers.
9. SCREEN:  Lightens the colors below, but much closer to the “glaze” analogy as above.  Reduces blacks. 
10. COLOR DODGE: Often used for magic-y effects, color dodge bumps up saturation and is very bright.
11.  LINEAR DODGE: Much like color dodge, but less saturation. 
12. LIGHTER COLOR:  Once again, this is an outside RGB channel layer, so I don’t really use this. 

As you probably have noticed, the second two groups are opposites, so if you have a good handle on one, you probably know exactly what the second group does! I will do the remaining groups next week as they do not follow this pattern.  


EDIT: Part two here: Photoshop Layers Part Two!!

Trust Issues

A/N: this is angsty (i think???) anyways, hope you enjoy it!

Requested: @dunkkirkk-ish

Feedback is always greatly appreciated :) x

2793 words.


Funny word, don’t you think? The firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strengths of someone or something.

One would still think that after months of being in a relationship with a respected and loving other, trust would’ve been conquered by now.

Unfortunately, not for them. Not for Harry.

Harry’s been in a relationship with Y/N for 9 months and a half now and to say they had grown pretty close to each other was really something else.

He adored spending his time with her, going out for dinner, waking up to her sleepy figure every day he was home, going out for a walk, or even just sitting or lying in comfortable silence with her. He absolutely loved sleeping cuddled up to her body when she’d stay the night and wake up to delicate kisses on his nose, and being greeted with a big and happy smile once he opened his eyes.

He was wholeheartedly and undoubtedly smitten with Y/N. He tells himself everyday that he has never met anyone like her — and he’s so sure of it. Harry has never admired anyone more than he does her. He’s never felt such intense feeling of respect and sincerity. So why can’t he trust her? He knows that from his past experiences in relationships or with his “friends” in general, the word ‘trust’ was empty to its meaning, for the people he actually trusted and put faith in, broke every promise made and took back every word once given to him. Of course not all of them were like that, but they were just the right amount to make him change his point of view on certain aspects of life.

After so many years of mistrust and back-stabbing from those who were supposed to love him and be there for him through every step of the way, Harry has unintentionally grown suspicious and doubtful to every situation and person he met. He didn’t mean to but who could blame him? He had gotten hurt so many times, he felt as though he had to do something about it, and, (un)fortunately — he really doesn’t know — he had. He’s changed. No, not to the degree no one would recognize him anymore. No. But his brain and his heart chose to keep a safe distant from the people that came into his life, so if they were to hurt him, it wouldn’t hurt as bad. Or at least, that’s what he thought.

To Harry’s dismay, Y/N wasn’t oblivious to any of it. She was catching up onto how Harry would always shut her out when he was upset, or how there were times he’d spend days off the radar without telling her anything that’d explain his absence.

Although Harry’s a smart kid, and rationally speaking he knows Y/N is too kind for the world to purposely harm him or anyone else, he just can’t bring his heart around it. His brain knows he can trust her. After all, she’s been nothing but reliable, good and kind to him. She never gave him any reasons to doubt her. However, his heart had been broken and deceived one too many times. He couldn’t possibly force himself to trust somebody. That’s not how things work and he knows it.

Y/N was becoming aware that Harry did not, by any means, trust her. At all. And it hurt a whole damn lot to know that the person you trust most doesn’t trust you back.

And she really did. Trusting him was as easy as the blink of an eye for her. Harry has always been kind and considerate towards her feelings, always respecting them. He never invalidated any of her emotions. Y/N was so delicate and precious to his eyes, he feared breaking her trust with every fiber in his body. He was well aware of the importance trust has and he also knew how much it meant to give someone else your trust.

Although she adores him dearly, she absolutely and utterly hates how he never shares his true self with her. Not that she thinks he’s fake, not at all. She knows he’s one of the most genuine person to ever set foot on earth. Metaphorically speaking, to her, he’s a big, vast ocean, in which both of them are floating in the surface of the water, instead of diving in and submerging in his true colors and seeing all the beautiful and the not-so-beautiful things too. And the best part? She wants to get to know exactly who he is deep inside. Harry has always fascinated and intrigued her in such way that not even she can explain it. She wants to get to know exactly how his heart looks like and know who hurt him this bad he refused to let you see him; through him. But Harry neglects her of every sort of emotional contact that goes deeper than his liking towards her, any form of contact with anything that’s within his heart deep down, whether they’re his insecurities, fears or even his sadness. Hell, she knows he’s not perfect —nobody is— and not for a second that’s what she expects from him.

Truth be told, not even Harry himself liked those deep and dark parts of himself, so why should he let anyone see it? It just didn’t make any sense to him. specially when so many people in his past have took advantage of his vulnerability and most fragile parts.

Sure he prophecies words of adoration to her, embraces her in loving hugs, kisses her oh so tenderly, to all which both of them enjoy very much. But that’s pretty much it. As much as he wish he did, Harry doesn’t trust her. He can’t. He really wishes he could because he knows she’s it for him, but he just can’t. He doesn’t wanna be let down and hurt again due to giving people his trust way too easily. And at this point, it’s not even something he voluntarily does, it’s just his new reality. He doesn’t mean to shut her out but he does. On the other hand, he knows Y/N would never even dream of doing anything like that on purpose to him. Frustration doesn’t even begin to describe how he feels about this whole situation, so he rather simply avoid facing it at all.

Only if he knew beforehand that this was definitely not the way to deal with this.


Y/N has caught up on to the fact that Harry has been in one of ‘those days’ again. Sometimes he’d stay at his flat the whole time, or even leave, heading somewhere else and be radio silent for a while, until he returned home.

It’s safe to say she was never one up for confrontation. Those types of things scared her to the point she’d feel the need to throw up or even open a hole on the ground and hide in there forever. But she knew she couldn’t do that. At least not when the matter of the subject was Harry and all of his ‘shutting her out’ behavior. Y/N wanted things to change but how? Could she even do it? She’s well aware she can’t go around changing people and their demeanor, but that’s not what she wanted to do either. She just wants Harry to open up to her and let her in, just like she had let him.

Y/N also knew she couldn’t just shoot questions at him either, since they’d only make him more anxious and possibly more closed off, if that was even possible. So she chose the best way—her best way, at least. She’d try to do it slowly and on his pace too, trying to coax small bits and bits out of him every chance she got, with the intention of showing him he could, in fact, trust her.

She didn’t want him to feel pressured or uncomfortable. But, she wonders what went wrong.


Y/N had driven to his house a couple hours ago and got herself in with the spare key Harry gave her a couple months ago.

Thinking about it now, she thinks it’s funny how he trusts her with his home, but not with her with her home — his heart. She’d rather Harry trust her with something as big and important as his feelings and emotions than with his spare key. Of course she’s also thankful for the key. She likes how it makes her feel closer to him; however, just not as close as she wished to be.

After what felt like hours, she finally heard his car being pulled up to the driveway and immediately paused the episode of The 100 she was currently watching.

Harry entered his house as quiet as ever, looking down and with slumped shoulders. Y/N’s heart immediately squeezed at the sight before her: her sweet love was upset, sad or even hurt and she couldn’t do a single thing about it.

She let out a “hi, H,” followed by quick strides in order to reach him. Once she was just a few inches away from him, Y/N embraces him in a tight hug and, to which he gladly complied to. He might not trust her with his feelings yet, but knowing she was there for him made him feel a whole lot better; even if she couldn’t see it. Her company, overall, was just very pleasing to him.

Harry often finds himself distracted from his own feelings whenever she was around. It’s not like it was her fault, just as it wasn’t his either. He thinks that’s the mechanism his brain has created so he doesn’t have to deal with his painful reality when times get hard for him. He knows that’s not the healthiest option nor that’s what he should and must do. Harry knows he should at least try to bring himself out of his distracted state and face his real feelings, his real demons. The only way he’ll get through this is by coming face to face with them—all of them. One can only run from their own selves for so long. He’s been bottling up his feelings all to himself, and only he knows how bad that is for him. Harry thinks that the perfect metaphor to explain himself is a balloon, in which each blow of air symbolized one of his darkest feelings he did not want to face. They’d keep filling the balloon until it exploded. And trust me, it got bad, really bad when he exploded like that.

“So, how was your day, handsome?”, Y/N asked sweetly, hoping he’d give her more of an answer then a simple “good” or “the usual”. Of course that’s exactly what she got. Usually, she would’ve stopped right there, but not today. Not when she knows fully and damn well he’s hurting and all she wants to do is help him and show him he can trust her with every fiber of his body. So she pressed, hesitantly, “H,” she waited for his attention to fully turn to her. “Can we talk?”

“Sure, love. What about?”, he asked sweetly.

“Um… It’s just- I’ve just been thinking that- um… well-“, she let out a nervous chuckle. She really did not know how to phrase it to him. “You don’t seem fine these past few days, and I just really wanted to help you, but I don’t really know how I’d do that…”, Y/N’s hands were sweaty and her arms were laying limply down her sides. “So I was wondering, maybe we could talk about whatever has been on your mind?? You’ve been quite upset lately, I can tell”.

Harry immediately tensed at her words. She wanted to talk to him. About his feelings. Nope. No. That just couldn’t be happening. Not now, not when he was doing a pretty good job at avoiding it.

“Love,” he started with a deep sigh, “there’s nothing to talk about. Promise”, he finished, hoping this conversation would drop there. And it surprisingly did. She didn’t push it any farther. Instead, Y/N took his hand with a slight nod of her head and lead Harry to their bedroom together, so they could call it a night.

She didn’t want to drop it but she was afraid of how he’d react if she pushed it. She wanted to give him time but she couldn’t bare to see him upset like that. She just couldn’t.


Harry was still upset and Y/N insisted on asking him every night if he wanted to talk to her, as well as wondering if he was okay, in hopes that he’d eventually say yes to her. At first, he was very appreciative and kind with her effort. He said thank you, soon following with a tight hug, showing her how much he treasured her endeavor. But as it became more frequent, he was getting quite annoyed, to say the least.

Why couldn’t she just stop asking him all of that? It was clear he didn’t want to talk about it, so why did she press on it? Why couldn’t she pretend he wasn’t upset just like he did? Harry wanted to appreciate her efforts again, but in all honesty, he was sick of it; sick of saying he was fine when he clearly wasn’t, sick of shutting her out. He wanted his feelings to be left alone, although he didn’t want to be alone.

Since the day she first asked him, whenever he came home to his place or hers, she’d always repeat those words and he really didn’t mean to but he was getting quite angry about it. He even began to act a bit colder and more distant from her, but not to the point it was that obvious.

It was just a day like any other, except he was upset again. Y/N’s heart slightly crushed again at the fact he might’ve been hurt or harmed and there was nothing she could do. It was a feeling that was growing quite frequent to her, but she didn’t want to get used to it. She really wanted to be there for him, but it almost felt like he didn’t want her there. She tried to ignore those thoughts, for they’d only bring her down and perhaps make her stop her efforts.

Y/N felt such tenderness and endearment for Harry. She really did. She just wanted to see him happy, smiling that big, gorgeous smile of his and she knew that wasn’t really their reality at the moment.

By this point, Y/N really didn’t know if she was doing it the right way. Was she pressuring him? Did she make him feel like she was trying to force it out of him? She really hoped the answer to both of these were no. But she couldn’t know; she was desperate by now. Desperate to help him; to have his trust.

“Hi, Harry,” she greeted him with a smile once he entered her small apartment. “How was your day?”, she asked him placing a kiss on his lips.

“Okay, I guess,” he dryly replied with a shrug and walked past her, heading for the kitchen.

“So,” she starts, trying to ignore the bitter tone to his words. “You sure you’re okay?”, she asked, leaning her body against the door frame, intently watching Harry gulp down a glass of water.

Harry put his cup down and shot her a glare, “I said I’m okay”, he answered harshly, not giving her a second look as he left the kitchen and sat on the couch.

Tonight was Friday, meaning that it was their movie night. Usually, they’d watch movies all cuddled up to each other, eating take out for dinner and just enjoying each other’s company. Not today though. He sat on the far end of the couch and when she came to sit next to him, he immediately lied down, stretching out his body, so that the space she once thought of occupying was now unavailable. She sighed at his behavior and sat as close to him as possible, right where his feet met her thighs, only to have him shrunk a little, enough to make his touch leave her skin.

And like that they stayed until half-way through the movie. At this point, the movie playing on the screen was long forgotten as she couldn’t stop thinking about how he was acting and this whole ‘trust’ situation. Before she could stop herself, Y/N felt the urge to ask him again, hoping he’d open up. Again. After all, hope is the last to die, right?

thanks for reading it! let me know if anyone wants a part 2 to this x

Part 2


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Honestly I'm just happy you started drawing more Rick Riordan/PJO stuff again. Haven't people learned from before??? Remember when Viria was so done with the PJO fandom after they kept pestering her with 'Why aren't you drawing more PJO?' 'Can you draw some PJO pls' Like Y'all need to be patient and stop asking the artist 'What about this character???' 'When are you doing this one??" Like please stop?? I feel annoyed and I'm not even Viria

ahah, oh god.

I can’t say I’ve reached that level of..uh..well. But it does feel kind of disheartening to constantly have people saying stuff like “where the fuck is this character”, “okay its great but where’s that character” “BUT WHAT ABOUT X CHARACTER”, like. yeah. I know you want to see them, *I* want to see them, but I have only one hand and very limited time. 

Also things like “WHY DO THEY LOOK LIKE IT ITS NOT HOW I IMAGINED THEM” and “NO ITS NOT HOW THEY LOOK”, “WHY ARE THEY DRESSED LIKE THAT” etc etc…It’s completely normal to see characters differently, please remember I can’t get inside someone’s head! I try my best to follow the description and do it justice.

As for PJO, to be honest I think this job actually helped me to restore my love and tenderness I felt for the series, so. Hope it will last:”) So far I feel more joy than anything else.

Thank you for being considerate! *3*~ 

alright y'all, even if the competition is tough, we have to recognize that NCT will more than likely perform at MAMAs, and we all know that they go above and beyond, i.e. last year with black on black! they’re going to gift us yet another iconic performance, but know that whatever it is, it WILL be LEGENDARY. GAME CHANGING, im talkin BIG like Gaga’s Paparazzi VMA performance in 2009, mark my words, its time for them to shine brighter

Coffee Break

Feeling b-better now, sir?

Mmmh. (siiip)

Then could we m-maybe answer some more asks while you’re on break?

Sigh… Hmph. Go on, then.



Do I watch it? Hmph. With Alphys as my assistant, I don’t have much choice!


It’s… all right, I suppose. The work that goes into the animation is impressive, I’ll give it that. Shame so much of its content is absolute schlock.

Aww, come on, sir! Y-you really liked the l-last one we watched! You know, the one with the cool heroine w-who can use magical powers, a-and it’s set in a high school-

Isn’t that most of them?



What? I’m a what? “Tuh-soo”– “Soooon-derr”– What is that??

Aaahehehehe! Hehehe! Hahahehe- SNORT

What in Asgore’s name is a “tuh-soon-deer”?


Stop laughing and translate this question into bloody English!!

Hunting Together

A/N- The fourth part of Long Lost Sister. I recommend reading the rest of the series.

Series Summary- Sam and Dean meet their sister, Adam’s twin, on a hunt and things don’t go all that smoothly.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

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Long Lost Sister Masterlist


Y/N pulled her clothes out of the dryer. Years of hunting had caused Y/N to forget about the finer comforts a house brought with it and she was still getting used to life at the bunker. It had been two weeks and during that time the brothers had pushed off all hunts. Y/N knew it was because they had been hoping to connect and bond with her, but so far things had been slow going.

Y/N dropped her clothes off in her room and headed for the kitchen in search of dinner. The boys were already in there, and Sam was in the process of making a salad. He smiled at her as she entered and Dean was sitting at the table, ripping into his brother’s food choice again, “I’m just saying salad for lunch and dinner; what are you doing to yourself man?”

“Says the guy that can eat a cheeseburger for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week.”

“Yeah, but cheeseburgers are actually good,” Y/N announced, entering the room and grabbing her brothers’ attention. Dean turned to her with a proud smile before turning and smirking at Sam. Even Sam couldn’t help but chuckle. He was happy Y/N was talking and joking with them, even if it was at his own expense.

Y/N took a seat across the table from Dean, “Speaking of which, I was thinking of making my amazing burgers, want one?”

Y/N raised her eyebrow, “Amazing burgers?”

Dean smiled proudly, “Amazing! Even Sam likes em.”

“Alright, I’ll try one, but you better not be fooling me. It better be the best burger ever.” Dean smirked, ready to rise to the challenge.

“I’ll take one too.” Sam called over his shoulder. Y/N and Dean gave him crazy looks.

“Seriously, weren’t you just bashing on my burger eating?” Dean questioned his younger brother.

“I merely pointed out you eat them a lot. I on the other hand don’t, and like you said your burgers are great!”

“A huh.”

Y/N took a big bite out of the burger. She had to give it to Dean, they were pretty good. “Okay, theses seriously might be the best burgers ever. They’re amazing!”

Dean smiled into his burger. He’s been struggling with how to connect to the youngest Winchester, but he was happy he managed to impress her. “Yeah, stick to my cooking, Sam’s is crap.”

Sam shot Dean his signature bitch face. “Thanks man.”

Y/N laughed at the boys teasing, while she wasn’t ready to admit it to the boys, sitting here eating burgers and joking around felt good. It felt natural.

As they were eating Sam’s phone rang, “Hello? Yeah Garth what’s up? A what? Huh. Yeah, I’ll call you back.”

Sam hung up the phone and shot Dean a look, “Sounds like Garth was tipped about a shifter in Arizona. He wants to know if we can handle it for him? He said he’s up in Wisconsin working a werewolf case or he’d take himself.”

Dean quickly looked at Y/N before facing Sam. Y/N excitedly cut him off before he could answer, “Yes!”

Dean raised his eyebrows at her and shared a look with Sam, before he answered, “I don’t know. Maybe see if there’s anyone out there. Ask Garth to check his GPS, I mean he’s tracking all our phones, right?”

They knew a guy that was tracking all their phones? What kind of friends did her brothers have? “C’mon!” Y/N was itching for a hunt, “You guys can’t keep me from hunting forever. I’m going to hunt. Actually, I’m going to hunt this case. So, it’s up to you, you’re either joining me or you can stay here.”

“Oh, you’re definitely not going by yourself!”

The trio made good time to Arizona. Y/N had never hunted a shifter before, but Sam and Dean knew from experience that shifters loved the sewers. While researching Sam had discovered that the murders had all happened in a five-mile radius. The plan was to start by working their way through the sewers and hopefully find the shifter and its base.

Dean pulled the impala up to the manhole entrance to let Sam and Y/N out. “Alright, I’ll start at the other end and let’s all meet up in the middle. Hopefully we’ll drop a shifter in the process.”

Y/N sighed. The area they were trying to cover was huge. The three of them should all go on their own; they’d cover more area and stand a better chance of catching the shapeshifter before it knew they were looking for it. “Guys, I know this is the unpopular opinion here, but he should split up. Sam and I included. We’ll have a better chance of catching it.”

“Absolutely not!”

“Dean, I’ll be fine. I’ve been hunting by myself for over two years. I’m perfectly capable. In case you forgot, we meet by me saving your asses from a nest of vamps. Splitting up is the right move.”

Sam sighed, he hated to admit it, but she was right, “Dean, she’s right. I hate it just as much as you do, but if we want to catch the shifter we need to divide and conquer.”

Dean cursed under his breath, but nonetheless agreed. After reassuring them yet again that she’d stay safe, the boys drove off. Leaving Y/N to embark into the sewer alone.

Y/N slipped under the man hole cover and jumped into the sewer, splashing into the murky water below. The water was almost up to her knees and the smell was horrendous, but Y/N still pushed forward through the grime.

Y/N walked for miles under the city, without any success. She rounded a corner and noticed that to the right the water level seemed to be lower. She decided to follow it and turned right, following the walkway as it slowly sloped up. The ground continued to gradually curve right and the dark path started to lightly slowly.

Y/N entered a larger cavern and froze. In the middle of the cavern was not one, but two Dean’s struggling over a gun. Y/N drew her own gun and shot a crate in the corner grabbing the attention of both Dean’s. One had to be the shapeshifter, but the question was which one?

She raised her gun pointing it between the two, focusing it on the Dean holding the gun. “Drop it.”

Dean hesitated, but still dropped the gun where it splashed into the water below. How the hell was she supposed to know which one was the real Dean? “Y/N,” The Dean on the left said slowly. “It’s me, Dean. That’s the shifter.”

“Lift your pant legs. Now.” Both Deans did as she demanded. Her eyes flickered back and forth between the two of them. When they’d left Dean had stuck a knife in his boot, but neither Dean had it. Crap!

The Dean on the right raised his hands, “You’re looking for the knife, right? The one in my boot. I took it out to try and fend off the shifter. It’s in the water over there.”

The real Dean would know that, but Y/N hesitated; there was a fifty-fifty shot she would shoot the wrong Dean if she shot now. Y/N gripped the gun a little tighter. This is why she liked hunting alone.

Dean on the right spoke up again, “C’mon, I wouldn’t announce that I’m Dean. I know you wouldn’t fall for that. I’m the real Dean.”

Y/N breathed in deeply, raising the gun toward the Dean on the right. From the corner of her eye she watched as a tiny smile graced the face of the Dean on the left. The sound of a gunshot rang out in the cavern and the Dean on the left dropped to the floor.

Y/N ran over to the standing Dean and shoved her knife into his hand. He gripped it and Y/N’s shoulders relaxed when he didn’t react. Dean raised his eyebrow at her. “You shot and you weren’t sure it wasn’t me?”

“I had a pretty good feeling.” Dean laughed and suddenly Sam came sprinting into the cavern, splashing toward his siblings, gun raised.

“I heard a gunshot, are you okay?” He looked around and saw the dead shifter floating in the water.

“Yeah,” Dean said looking at the dead monster, slinging his arm over Y/N’s shoulders. “Y/N just shot me.”

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What do you mean by 'natural hair'? That it's just, not dyed? Or that you don't cut your hair or something...? I'm sorry if this comes across as offensive, I didn't mean it to be, I'm just confused.

no worries friendo it’s not offensive at all!

The term ‘natural hair’ usually refers to a hair’s texture that hasn’t been changed through the use of chemicals like relaxers and texturizers. I used to get my hair straightened every 2-3 months so that it’d be straight and flow-y. But my natural hair is a tight curled ‘fro!

Here’s a fun selfie board I made rlly quick of my recent pics because i’m laughing and can’t get over how i’m winking in all of them KDHJFSDG. My curls a wee bit more loose here because I tried relaxing it like…5 months prior to chopping it all off :”) 

Who’s Your Daddy?

Masterlist | 

/ Part 1 / / Part 2 / / Part 3 / / Part 4 / / Part 5 / / Part 6 /

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested:  Who’s your daddy is so good! 😍,  I can’t wait for 7!!,  Are you going to make another who your daddy?, please do a part 7 to who is your daddy!!!!,  When r u going to update who’s your daddy???,  Who’s your daddy part 7 !!!, Can you do an update on who’s your daddy please 💖,  Hey!! I really liked your ‘who’s your daddy’ imagine and I was just wondering if you’re planning on making any other parts..? I really hope so ❤️

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Warnings: Swearing, pregnant!reader, daddy!gladers

Summary: The creators sent up a new greenie instead of supplies…they weren’t expecting a girl. And to put the icing on the cake, she’s pregnant with a note rested upon her bulging belly. Once the note is read, and the girl wakes up…all hell will break loose.  Who is she? Why is she there? Who is the father of her baby?

What the bloody hell was that? Am I out of my bloody mind, he thought as he continued to limp to the other side of the glade. If it weren’t for the heat, you would be able to tell that he was flustered, embarrassed at the mistake he nearly made. Looking around, he made sure no one saw, sighing in relief once he concluded that he was right. 

He was already beating himself up for getting caught by Gally. Newt knew that he wasn’t giving Y/n CPR, only an idiot would believe that. He was just conflicted as to why he kissed her in the first place. It was like he couldn’t stop the urge and the next thing he knew…

“So what exactly is our game plan here?” 

Startled by the sudden intrusion of his thoughts, he turns to be greeted by Gally. With his arms crossed, his expression held one of irritation, which only brought an amused raise of Newt’s eyebrow. 

“I see you changed your shirt. If the child is yours, I would get used to being covered in vomit if I were you.” 

Gally only rolls his eyes, looking around. “Where is she anyways?” 

“I left her with Chuck, they’re currently with the gardeners.”

“Really? Cause I’m looking at Chuck right now, running after a piglet he just let get loose.” Gally looked past Newt, in the direction where the slicers were located. Turning around so fast, his neck nearly snapping, Newt indeed saw Chuck running after said animal that was no doubt about to be dinner. 

Cursing under his breath, Newt turns back to where Y/n was supposed to be sitting, only to see that she was no where to be found. Slowly panicking, he nearly had a heart attack when he saw who was walking hesitantly toward the maze opening. 

“Oh, shit.” Gally takes off into a full sprint, Newt not far behind him. Seeing the both of them running alarmed those around them, until they too saw who was getting a little too close for comfort. 

He had only left not even five minutes ago, how could she have gotten so close without anybody noticing? 

“Y/n! Get away from there!” 

Few more gladers took off running toward her as well, others shouting, but too far for her to hear any of them clearly. Her eyes were trained on the large opening before her, curiosity too grand to ignore the opportunity before her. What was the big deal, she wondered. Where had she seen walls like this before? 

Y/n was about to take a few more steps forward, only to be stopped by a couple of firm voices coming from the void that was in front of her. 

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” 

“Stop right there, girly.” 

Squinting her eyes, she sees two silhouettes jogging toward her. Once the light had reached them, Minho and Thomas held looks of shock and relief. Thank God they got back earlier than normal; what the hell was she doing by the maze? 

Seeing that she stopped, a couple of gladers that were able to get to her before Gally could, grabbed her by the arms, quickly pulling her away from the opening. 

Stopping in front of them, Minho leaned backward to catch his breath while Thomas waved his hands at everyone that was gathering around them.

“W-What the [pant] the hell is she [pant] why the fu- [pant] Just gimme a minute…” He finally leaned forward, hands resting on his knees. 

“Why was she near the maze? Who the hell was supposed to be watching her?” Alby asked the crowd, all of them wondering the same thing. Gally and Newt had finally caught up, breathing heavily as everyone’s eyes were now on them. “Start talking, you two.” 

Newt looked around, finding exactly who he was looking for. “Don’t you hide from me, shank. I told you to keep an eye on her, not leave her in one spot then disappear!” 

Chuck revealed himself from hiding behind Winston, while holding the escaped piglet in his arms. He refused to make eye contact, knowing Newt’s were shooting daggers. Before he could explain himself, Alby cut right back in.

“I told you she was your problem, our way of living is on you four, and you’ll need all the time you need. Which means you don’t hand her off to someone else to watch her. As for the runners, today is your last day to run the maze until further notice.” 

“Wait, what?” Minho raised his eyebrows. “Alby-”

“We can’t risk giving you guys more portions of food so you’ll have your energy to run, we have to manage with what’s left.” 

“So, she’s not only in the way of our food and supplies, but our way out as well?” Ben interjected. “Anything else you want to take from us, princess?”

“Screw you, I didn’t ask for any of this!”

“Yeah, sure you didn’t-” 

“Knock it off, will ya?” Gally snaps, shoving Ben a few steps back. This seemed to surprise everyone, including himself, confused as to where the impulse came from. “Just…lay off, alright? She’s got enough to deal with as it is.”

Shaking his head, Ben stalks back to wherever he was before all of this. Everyone slowly goes about their business as well, all eyes never leaving the five of them while Y/n just looked at the ground in frustration. Now feeling even more that they were never going to trust her.

“I meant it, you four. She’s your responsibility.” 

With that being said, Alby takes his leave, leaving them to stand in front of the maze doors. The creaking of its gears being the only sound between the group as no one said anything for a good minute. 

“Shouldn’t someone give a pep talk or something?” Minho finally broke the ice.

“I just want to know what the bloody hell you were thinking, Y/n. I told you not to go near the maze, and what do you do? You go near it! I can’t keep you safe if you don’t listen-”

“I’m not something that needs to be looked after 24/7, Newt!”

"You are literally shucking pregnant! Yes, you do! And a lot more now, after that little stunt you almost pulled, we are definitely not letting you out of our sights. How could you be so bloody reckless, putting yourself in danger like that? If Minho and Thomas hadn’t come back in time, you could have gotten yourself killed!” 

“Newt..” Thomas warned, seeing that his tone wasn’t making things any better. 

“I don’t know who you are, or what you are to me, but I’m sick and tired of almost having a bloody heart attack every time you vanish!” 

“Cool it, shank.” Minho raised a hand slowly, trying to get him to stop. 

“Do you want to be the reason your baby dies? Hm? Because that’s exactly what’s going to happen if you so much as set foot into the maze!”  

“Stop it.” Y/n whispers, a single tear slipping down her cheek, making Newt’s breath hitch in his throat. “I get it, okay? You’ve all made it perfectly clear what a nuisance I am, I get it. But, what you’re not gonna do is put that kind of burden in my head.” 

Before they could see her cry, Y/n pushed past the Brit, walking somewhere she could be alone. But, not before adding, “And to think I thought you were different.” 

Once she was far enough, the remanding three that watched the two of them argue, exchanged looks. Minho sighs heavily, making his way to the map room, not before patting Newt’s shoulder.

“Nice talk.” 

He took his leave, as well as Gally. Silence filled the area yet again, this time leaving Thomas and Newt to suffocate in it. Now staring at the spot Y/n used to be, Newt now had something else to beat himself up about; why did she have to say that? As if he can’t handle his own shucking emotions as it is.

Looking up from his melancholy thoughts, he finally noticed that Thomas had been staring at him. 

“You mind telling me what the hell that was, just now? You’ve been the calmest one so far, what happened?” 

He had no answer to give, honestly. Newt was aware that all of what he was angry about came from somewhere else, deep down, but he hasn’t the slightest clue as to where. 

“Do you think it’s yours, Tommy?” 

The question threw him off guard. Not because if its random appearance, but because it was the same one he had asked Minho. Blinking a couple of times, his mouth suddenly ran dry; the thought of her alone made his heart speed up, no doubt.  Looking back at Newt, Thomas nodded his head ever so slightly, now catching Newt off guard. 

“Yes. Yes, I do.”  Definitely not the answer he was expecting. 

Nor was he hoping for.

Star Cross’d - Part 1

Yay, like, a real chapter! With, like…a real chapter length! :D

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader
Words: 1,890ish
Summary: And they’re off to see the Wiz–the reader’s fianceé.
Warnings: Swearing
Other Parts: Masterlist

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  • *Minami walking into the conversation*
  • Yuuri: You know what's funny? I lived in a rough part of Detroit for a while. Got into fights on a regular basis and all, but my house never got broken into. Well... just once... or twice. Anyways, it's been happening on a regular basis here in Japan.
  • Viktor: O-oh really?
  • Minami: *nervous sweating*
  • Yuuri: The really strange part is that nothing valuable is being stolen. Just like my hairbrush and such.
  • Viktor: R-really how strange...
  • Minami: *more nervous sweating*
  • Yuuri: If I find them I'll give them a lesson.
  • Minami: *nervous yip*
I Hate You, I Love You - Pietro Maximoff (3/?)

Originally posted by marvelprincesspants

Summary: The reader likes Pietro a lot, but is painfully shy and gets real awkward around him. She finally works up the courage to tell him that she has feelings for him, but discovers that he has been seeing a new woman that’s on the avengers.
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Plus Sized!reader
Word Count:
broken heart(not really sure if that’s a real warning), mentions bullying, mentions self-harm, etc

a/n: It seriously blows my mind you guys really like the series. I was hesitant to even post anything at all because I was worried people wouldn’t like it, but thanks to @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked and @m-a-t-91 I posted part one. So please, do me a favor and go check them out. Maybe even follow them? 

So, with that being said, I dedicate this chapter/part to them. Enjoy!

Oh! And all credit goes to John Mayer for the song Dreaming with a broken heart.

When you’re dreaming with a broken heart, the waking up is the hardest part. Tossing and turning, you couldn’t sleep. The argument plagued your mind. What do you do when the one person you love tells you he doesn’t love you? Normally, you’d pick up the pieces of a shattered heart and attempt to put it back together. But in this case, you didn’t know if was possible. The pain was too much. 

Deciding you wasn’t going to get anymore sleep, you rolled out of bed. And as if your legs were made of jello, you collapsed on the floor. 

“Miss y/l/n, are you alright?” Friday asked. ‘No, I’m not okay…’ you thought.

“Yes Friday.” You responded. Soon after the training room incident everyone and their grandmother knew. The bullying then skyrocketed, and you knew Raven thought she was helping, but in reality she was making things worse. Today alone, you heard agents whisper: ‘freak’, ‘fatty’ and your personal favorite, ‘slut’. You knew getting away from Raven, Pietro and the tower would be best for you. So, you packed your belongings. Afterwards you sat down, and started to write a goodbye letter.

To Whom It May Concern,

Whenever you read this, I’ll be long gone. Where I’m going I cannot tell you, but just know I’ll be free. I’ll be relaxed, and more at ease. I won’t have to worry about the constant stares or bullying. And I bet you’re wondering ‘She’s being bullied? How come I didn’t see this?’ It’s because Ravens being doing this behind your back. Whenever one of you walk into the room the insults stop, but then start back up after you leave. The pain and humiliation is too much to handle.

Raven… She isn’t who you think she is. She may act like a total sweetheart, but she’s nothing short of being an evil little troll who wants to watch the world burn. Her mission is to make my life miserable, and its working. She’s the sole reason for my suffering, and it’s only because I like Pietro.

And Pietro? Yeah, don’t be too hard on him. He may have said things he shouldn’t have, but that doesn’t mean he should be treated any different. You know you really love someone when you can’t hate them for breaking your heart.

And one more thing, I love all of you. Even Tony’s obnoxious, egotistical ass. 

With love, 

Y/N xoxo

You finished, setting the letter on the bed side table. Grabbing your phone, you called the one person who you know would let you stay with them.

“Hey Phil, I’m sorry to wake you… Do you think I can stay with you and your team?”

“Do they know I’m here?” You asked, walking down the hall with Phil. You haven’t seen the team in nearly a year. So, you weren’t too sure how they’d feel with you being there. 

“No they don’t” Arriving at the lab, Phil opened the door ushering you inside. 

“About time you got here boss” Lance uttered. 

“Sorry, had to help our guest adjust to a few things” Phil responded.

“What guest?” Daisy asked. 

“That would be me” The agents in the room glanced up, and saw you standing there. 

“So being an avenger got to be too much?” Lance asked, hugging you. After Lance let you go, the others hugged you.

“Yeah, you could say that” You say, replying to Lance’s question. You could feel Melinda staring at you. It was as if she knew something was wrong. You wouldn’t show up for the hell of it. Melinda reminded you of Natasha in a lot of ways. So, you knew you’d be confronted sometime today. 

“You’re going to stay this time?” Mack questioned. ‘It’d be better if I did’ you thought. 

“Who knows, maybe I will”

“It’s time to get to business.” Phil stated, getting serious. “We have reason to believe this man, Francis Smyth, has been selling guns and ammunition up north illegally. I know we’ve had problems with him before, and we know he’ll have back up. So, be aware of your surroundings” Phil paused, “Get what you need and we’ll roll out in 20″

Everyone in the room left including you. When you got to your room, you started gathering weapons. There was a light knock on the door, and Melinda let herself in. 

“Can help you Melinda”

“Why are you here?”

“Excuse me?”

“Why are you here? Did something happen with the avengers?”  You sighed, you should be focusing on getting ready for the mission, but here you are about to have a heart to heart with Melinda. 

“We got a new member on the avengers, and she’s quite the looker. At one of Tony’s infamous parties, Pietro introduced me to her as his girlfriend, and ever since then she’s been bullying me. She only bullies because she knows I like Pietro. I couldn’t take the bullying anymore so I left.”

“Do they know you’re here?”

“No they don’t, and I’d like to keep it that way” You balled your fist. “We need to get going. Mission won’t do itself will it? 

Natasha was never the one to show any emotion, but she was worried about you. So, she called for a meeting; a meeting she knew had to happen. 

“Has anyone noticed anything wrong with y/n?” Natasha asked, glancing around the room. Noting that Pietro, Raven, and Wanda weren’t there. 

“I’ve seen she’s been distancing herself from us,” Sam responded. “Whenever we ask her to come and hang out she always prefers to be alone in her room.”

“Also, I’ve noticed she’s eating less” Bucky added. 

“I don’t know if any of you know, but y/n and Pietro got into an argument the other day. And when I helped her off the floor, I grabbed her wrist and she winced.” Natasha voiced. 

“What do you mean wince?” Tony asked.

“If my assumptions are correct, she’s been harming herself.” Natasha replied.

“Those are some of the signs of bullying” Steve sighed, staring blankly at the table. Steve himself was bullied so he should know a thing or two. 

“If she’s hurting herself, she could be depressed” Sam expressed. 

“So what’s causing her to be like this?” Clint wondered.

“I have every reason to believe Raven is behind all of this. None of this started until Pietro introduced her to y/n” Natasha hissed. 

“Raven seemed likeable to me” Tony spoke

“Everyone’s true colors show eventually-” Natasha was about to finish, but Wanda stormed into the room. She slammed the paper on the table with tears in her eyes. 

“She’s gone” Wanda wailed, “Y/n’s gone!”

“What do you mean she’s gone?!” Natasha gulped. “Where could she have gone? Surely she couldn’t have gone far right?” 

“The letter she wrote says, and I quote, ‘Where I’m going I cannot tell you, but just know I’ll be free.’” Wanda says, sliding the note over to Natasha. Natasha read the note, and became enraged. She was ready to kill both Raven and Pietro, but more specifically Raven.

“FRIDAY Where’s y/n’s last location?” Tony asked the AI.

“She was last seen leaving the building with her belongings sir” The AI replied. “Do you want me to keep tabs on her?”


Ohhhhh shiiit someone better go get mop. She has spilled the tea from exposing Raven! From here on out its only going to get worse for dear ole Raven *insert evil laugh here* 

I twisted my ankle so there’s that. 


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Me, You and the Zoo - Josh Pieters

Originally posted by pizza-blogs

Pairing: Josh Pieters & Y/N
Words: 1.5k+
Warning(s): none
Summary/Request:  josh imagine of maybe anything where you’re friends beforehand and want something more? I know there’s a lot of these out there but maybe you’re on a day out with the lads or something to the zoo an josh is being really cute?
A/N: its a shit title I know but it rhymes

You had met Josh through Joe and Caspar. You had been helping them out with hair and makeup for the two hit the road films that they did. Through that you got to know the two crazy boys, eventually getting invited out with all of them to go on nights out. You hit it off straight away. The easy-going attitude and his sense of humour making it easy for you to talk.
You became better friends with Josh than anyone else within the group, helping him out with small pranks on Caspar and Maddie, helping behind the camera and writing little bits here and there for skits.
But because of this you were on camera sometimes. When you started becoming proper friends with them they sat you down and had a serious conversation about whether you wanted to be on camera or not. You immediately said no, being in front of the camera was not your forte. However gradually the viewers would see short clips of you, whether it be your legs in shot while handing over a prop or the back of your head in one of the boys’ vlogs.
Eventually the boys became so used to you being around that some of them forgot when editing their videos. The first few were fine, millisecond clips of your face that none of the viewers noticed. However, it was during one of Joe’s vlogs that he had been in his kitchen and had gotten you and Josh messing about in the background.
Within a few hours there were hundreds of tweets, gifs made and screenshots about you and Josh and people trying to figure out who you were.
Joe apologised profusely when he found out about it and promised to take it down. However, you just laughed, knowing that inevitably, with the boys’ lives being online it was bound to happen sometime. You agreed to do a small guest appearance in Joe’s livestream he was doing later in the day, hoping that a live you would be better than an edited, video version of you.
That brings you to now. You were known to the boys’ viewers, but you never featured in any of their videos, you liking to just be in the background with no spotlight on you. However, the viewers noticed how close you and Josh were. Seeing the cuddles on the sofa in the background of snapchats, seeing the piggy backs you forced Josh to give you when you got tired in the background of vlogs, and they saw the blush rising on your cheeks and the matching cheeky smirk on Josh’s face whenever he said something flirty or inappropriate.
They liked you two together, so much that even the boys agreed with them, making jokes at every possible option.
You and Josh had talked about it, a heart to heart at 5 in the morning sitting on his balcony watching the sun rise. You both agreed that you liked each other, a lot. However, you both decided that just letting things happen on their own rather than forcing it would be the best way to go about it.

It was a beautifully sunny day when Joe rang you asking if you wanted to go to the zoo with all the boys. Reacting like a child on Christmas morning you swiftly agreed.
You were on your way there, Josh, Joe, and Caspar in your car, Josh sitting in the passenger seat to keep you company. You both talked like there was no one else in the car, puns and flirty jokes coming from the both of you. In the back-seat Joe and Caspar gave each other a smirk, turning on their vlogging cameras to get footage of what was happening between you.
Eventually getting into the zoo all the boys turn their cameras on, letting it know that they had arrived and how excited they were to go see certain animals. You walked ahead slightly, not wanting to ruin their shot, but also not wanting to be too close with Josh in case the viewers go crazy again. It was frustrating because all you wanted to do was joke about and enjoy the animals with him.
After the boys staring and making bad jokes about one animal for 40 minutes you were getting bored. So, you wandered off, walking up a ramp and coming to a glass railing where you could look over into the large sandy enclosure. You looked out and saw the baby giraffe hobbling beside its mother on long and unstable legs. You smiled out at them, glad to be getting some quiet time. You loved all the boys but they definitely got very loud at times.
You were in a daydream when you heard a voice very close behind you.
“You’re giraffing me crazy.”
You turned to look in his direction, finding the tall man with a cheesy smile plastered on his face.
You chuckle, shaking your head as you turn back to face the animals.
You feel strong arms wrap around your waist, Josh’s head rest itself on your shoulder.
“That was awful,” you tell him, turning your head slightly to see him better.
He smiled, and turned to place a soft kiss to the apple of your cheek.
You smile but look to the other side of you, assuming that since Josh was here the rest of the boys would be too, having a field day with the footage they would get. However, they weren’t. Josh assured you that it was just the two of you for now, the boys being too busy to pay any attention when yous left.

You and Josh walked around the zoo by yourselves, you both enjoying it so much that Josh forgot to vlog anything that was happening. You went to go see certain animals, played a short game of hide and seek (which you won because let’s be honest, Josh isn’t exactly small is he), and along the way there were lots of hugs, jokes and cheek kisses that were getting closer and closer to your mouth.
Around lunch time you received a call from Conor, asking if you and Josh wanted to join them for lunch, a lot of jeering and jokes being made about you both being alone together.
You walked to the restaurant that was located in the middle of the forest-like surroundings. Along the way, you and Josh were talking, eventually your brushing hands becoming intertwined with each other, not really realising it, just doing what felt natural.
All the boys were in the restaurant, waiting at a large table by the window for you to arrive. They were all talking about nonsense things when Oli looked out the window to see you both holding hands. He alerted the guys, all of them scrambling for their cameras and pushing and shoving to get to the window to see more clearly.
“My boy’s grown up,” Caspar said with a fake sadness to his voice.

You were now sitting up against Josh’s head board, duvet snuggled up against you as you scrolled through your phone waiting for Josh to finish editing the little of his zoo vlog that he had.
You had just refreshed your twitter feed when you received a lot of notifications, all being about Joe’s latest vlog and how cute you and Josh were.
You clicked onto Joe’s latest vlog and called Josh over to watch it with you, not knowing what any of the boys had captured from that day.
He comes over to his bed, lifting up the side of the duvet that was closest to him and got underneath it, sighing in content at the heat that had built up from you being underneath it.
He rolled over to be right beside you, wrapping an arm loosely around your waist as you waited for the video to load.
Towards the end of the video is when they got the moment of you both walking hand in hand, cheesy grins on your faces as you laugh at a bad joke that Josh had just told.
In the background you can hear the cheers of the boys and the cheeky comments made until you heard a clearer one from what sounded like Joe, assuming he was closer to the camera’s mic.
“They’re so freaking cute, I’m kinda jealous.” He said, amusement lacing his tone.
Josh turned to you, a smile gracing his face.
“We are pretty cute, aren’t we?”
He turned so that his body was hovering over yours, his weight supported on his elbows.
He leaned down, pressing kisses to your forehead, to your cheeks, the tip of your nose and along your jaw. You giggled at the silly act of affection, reaching up to steady his face, bringing it down gently to meet his lips with yours.
Your kiss is sweet to begin with, gradually it became more heated as your lips got firmer on each other’s as Josh brings one hand to rest on your waist, pushing your shirt up so that he could trace small circles onto your skin there.
You both pulled away to catch your breath when a smile overcame your face.

“I think we need some koala-ty time alone.”

Im Yours | Part 10, FINALE

A/N: Here it is. The Finale to Im Yours. I loved this story so much so I hope you had as much fun reading it as I did writing. ON TO THE NEXT FIC!

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader
Rating: Drama, Angst, Smut, Fluff
WARNINGS: Language, Eventual Violence, Lots of Smut Later on

You woke up even more sore then you had been before. Not being able to relax all night made your body stiff, and by the aching in your side you could figure as much as the stitches might have ripped due to your midnight struggling. It was still dark outside though as your eyes registered around you, you were able to read the clock on the table next to you. 2:23am. You sighed and tugged at the ropes again, sighing at the fact that they hadn’t budged. You looked to the side again, you were bleeding. You were bleeding a lot.  The stitches had ripped and at this point there was so much blood Jiyong would just have to throw away the mattress, there was way too much damage at this point.

You looked around again and sighed in relief, in his usual chair was Seungri, head rolled forward and shoulders moving slightly with every breath he took. You called his name softly at first, but when he did respond you voice rose and rose until he snorted awake and stood quickly. The sudden call brought Seunghyun in the room as well. He flicked the light on and before you could say anything both of their eyes had traveled down your torso. They gasped in unison before rushing to your side to start untying you.

“Damn it y/n! I told you to lay still! why are you bleeding so much!” Seungri said desperately as he untied your hands while Seunghyun started to call for Yongbae, or someone else to come into the room.

Daesung was the one to come running into the room and it didn’t take him longer than second to realize what was happening. His phone pressed firmly to his cheek and he talked quickly. You tried to listen but as Seunghyun started to press firmly to your bleeding wound you hissed painfully and clenched onto Seungri’s arm. Tears filled your eyes at the pain Seunghyun was causing by trying to stop the bleeding but there was only so much you could handle. Seungri started to stroked your hair, his calm voice telling you to breath and calm down, to look at him and he promised the pain would leave you soon.

It didn’t take long for the short familiar man carrying a doctors case to come running into the room. He cursed your name slightly with sorry eyes and immediately replaced Seunghyun at your side.

“How did this happen?” Chusool asked. You watched as Seunghyun and Seungri exchanged nervous glances so you sighed and spoke up.

“I wanted to go home and after hurting myself they tied me up so I would stop, this happened while I was trying to get loose.” You said softly.

“You tied her up!” Chusool yelled, eyes burning as he stared into Seunghyun.

“She was violent! were we just supposed to leave her to herself!” Seunghyun yelled.

Jiyong entered the room now looking just as angry as Chusool, but the moment he saw what had happened he sighed and walked over to your side while rubbing his jaw. You stayed silent as  Chusool numbed your side and started to remove the previous stitches. Your hand clenched to Seungri as he began to stitch you back up. The room stayed quiet until he was done, wiping his hands off on a towel and standing up.

“Lets move you. You can’t stay n this bed.” Jiyong said softly.

“She can have my room.” Seungri chimed up, his hand squeezing yours. Jiyong nodded once and turned to leave the room followed by the rest of the men.

Seungri bent down slightly and hooked one arm under your knees and the other gently under your back. You hissed again as he tried to lift you as softly as possible, his face contorting as he tried to ignore the pain you were in. He walked you slowly trying to make him carrying you like you were as painless as possible until the two of you reached a room at the end of the same hallway yours was in. He pushed the slightly ajar door open with his foot and once you were in the room he took no time in laying you down once again.

Your heart couldn’t help but flutter. Things around the room caught your eye and made you smile, it was set up a lot like the room he had in the apartment the two of you spent almost too much time in. The same lamp, books, dresser; even the pillows on the bed were the same. It was the scent of the room that got you though. His familiar warm musk that you spent so many long nights curled up into made your heart beat faster. Seungri could see the old memories flooding back into your mind as you looked around. He started to undo his shirt, sighing as he noticed the blood that had stained his shirt had also seeped through onto his skin.

“Im going to shower just through that door okay? If you need any thing just call.”

You nodded and watched as his muscular back turned away from you and you couldn’t help but smile. He still had the charm you had connected to the back of the small chain he always wore. You sunk deeper into the bed and rolled as best as you could to your side, your face pressing into the comfort of his pillows. A tear rolled down your cheek as Jaebum came into mind. If you had even half thought about going back to Seungri, Jaebum wouldn’t even be a thought. But the fact that you actually couldn’t stop thinking about him made it hard for you to even consider Seungri. Being in his bed didn’t help though.

Thankfully the excitement of the night made it easy for you to drift back off to sleep. You were surrounded by everything Seungri, but your dreams took you to the first night with Jaebum. The two of you laughing and sipping wine that all led up to that kiss. That kiss that made your knees weak and your head spin. You fell asleep with a smile on your face and dreams met you with Jaebums smile and an open embrace.

‘Tonight?’ Mark said as Jaebum reclined in his chair after telling his men what the plan was.

'Yes. Its been to long. I can’t just sit here knowing exactly where she is and not do anything. I have to get her.’

'We all want her back.. But out meeting with them is tomorrow.’ Jinyoung said leaning forward.

'And Jiyong is expecting me to give up half of my empire! Im not doing so. Now that we have their exact location we are going to night, getting Y/n and killing them if we have to. Im not playing games any more.’ Jaebum said, his voice getting louder and louder with every word he spoke.

Everyone around just nodded before standing up and leaving the room to get all the things they would need. After strapping themselves loaded the 6 of them left the house. The ride was silent, almost deadly and as they approached closer and closer to the mansion that stood by itself the men all shifted in anticipation.

'4 am boss, are we ready?’ Jackson said, his watch momentarily lighting up enough of the car that everyone could truly see one another.

'They should all be sleeping. If we are quiet enough this should be easy. If it gets difficult don’t be afraid to kill everyone inside that house.’ Jaebum said, his expression stern as he readied himself for a fight. But even thought his want to remain focused he couldn’t help but grow in excitement. He was going to see you. He was going to be able to hold you and take care of you again and this time, this time he wasn’t going to ever let you go again.

The car turned all its lights off and drove slowly up the driveway. Once close enough they all filed out of the care quietly, hiding behind the open doors of the cars until they were so sure that there wasn’t any movement within the house. Jaebum lead them, his gun propped almost cooly over his shoulder as his men flanked him closely. Yugyeom ran a few steps forward to try the door, easily unlocking it.

'Amatures.’ Jackson scoffed gently as the men all quietly entered the house.

It was dead silent. Mark, Yongjae and Yugyeom stood by down stairs while Jaebum lead the rest of them up the stairs. He creeped quietly past each door, if he could avoid a fight he would. You being in another warren wasn’t something that he wanted to have to deal with. But as he crept closer to the room that was slightly ajar his heart began to race. Swiftly and quietly he moved into the room. He straightened up when he noticed it was empty, but anger grew in him as he pinpointed the loose rope that scattered the floor.

'Jaebum…’ Jackson said stepping up next to him.

He held out his hand to the bed and Jaebum let his eyes immediately follow. His breath hitched and all excitement that he had to see you was now gone and replaced with the sight of a blood covered bed. He stormed out of the room, raging and began pushing doors open until he found someone, but as he reached the door at the end of the hall, you weren’t the person he was expecting to see.

You were asleep, your arms clutching onto a pillow and the slight red pigmentation that seeped through your shirt. He took no time in rushing to your side, the other men standing there with sharp ears and eyes in hope that their boss didn’t just ruin their chances of saving you. He dropped to his knees and tried to hid the emotion that was choking him up.

'Y/n, y/n please wake up.’ He whispered shaking your shoulders.

'Jaebum.’ His heard stopped at hearing you say his name.

'Yes its me please wake up.’ He said shaking your shoulders again.

Seeing I’m in your dreams so up close made you smile. For the first time though, you heard him call your name. You responded, reaching your arm out to grab ahold of him. The feeling was real. Too real as you took a fistful of the jacket that he was wearing.

“Thats right I’m here please wake up.” Your eyes fluttered open. It wasn’t a dream, he was standing there with you.

“Jaebum?” You said grabbing tighter to his jacket.

“Im going to pick you up please be quiet.” He sniffled, reaching to lift you just like Seungri had. You hissed him pain and covered your mouth with one hand while your other gripped tightly to his neck. You breathed him in as he quietly lifted you out of the room, your face now buried in his shoulder as you bit onto the collar of his jacket to hide the hisses of pain as Jaebum walked.

You had almost made it out. Almost reached the bottom of the stairs when the sound of your name being called caused lights to start turning on. Jaebum whispered for you to hold on and ran out of the house, your face burring deeper into his shoulder to hide that fact that you were now crying in pain.

“Send another car! Now!” You heard Jinyoung say from behind you.

“Yugyeom is going to go with you,” Jaebum said frantically as he put you in the car that had rolled up quickly. “Go home, he’ll keep you there, we will be right behind you.” He said, shaky hands sitting you down and buckling you in.

“Jaebum please you come with me.” You said grabbing onto his hand and with your best  effort trying to pull you in.

“That wouldn’t be fair would it. Please go back.” He said taking your head between his hands and kissing your forehead before turning away completely and slamming the door shut. He didn’t look back at you as the car started to speed off. The last thing you saw before the car turned away from the house was a five against five stand off.

You held onto Yugyeom’s hand the entire ride home, he felt terrible. You were hurt, you looked awful and now even though you were exactly where you wanted to be he could tell you weren’t any happier. Getting home he helped you to the best of his ability, taking you into Jaebum’s bedroom and helping you lay. He ran his hand over your head and smiled sadly at you.

“How are you feeling?”

“Amazing. Ive never felt better.” You said making him laugh half heartedly.

“Jaebum said they tied you up? Why?”

You explained what happened, how they scarred you and when you treated them by hurting yourself they tied you to the bed. The entire time he had to fight back his tears. Yugyeom loved you like a big sister so seeing you so beat up… He didn’t even want to think about it.

“You need to rest. When you wake up tomorrow they will all be back. Im going down stairs to wait for them, if they need me I might leave so stay in here. Im going to lock the door and keep you in here okay? Do you need anything?”



'Jaebum. Its good to see you here old friend.’ Jiyong smirked, pushing his messy hair back away from his face. 'What brings you here?’

'You know exactly why I came here.’

'Ah, Y/n. Cute little thing she is, isn’t she.’  He said smirking dangerously.

'Shut up.’ Jaebum growled, raising his gun at Jiyong.

'You know, she’s been clung to Seungri here, all day. Even slept in his bed tonight. I think they’re falling back into old ways.’ Jiyong said, placing a hand on Seungri’s shoulder.

'See I don’t believe you. You’ve always been a compulsive liar.’ Jaebum said now pointing the gun at Seungri.

'So what now Jaebum. You’ve taken Y/n from me, why else are you here.’

'Hanging out to make sure you’re not going to try to pull anything stupid.’

'Like what you’re doing right now? Don’t you think its a bit unfair? Coming here and taking my most prized possession in the middle of the night and when I come out, completely unarmed you raise a gun at me and my men? Do you think Ill just let this slide?’

'Wether you 'let it slide’ or not I don’t care. You’re not getting what you want, and you,’ His gun moved back to Seungri, 'Are not getting Y/n.’ Without having to say anything else a big black car pulled up between the two groups of men and in a split second all of Jaebums men had loaded and where driving off to follow you back to the house.

'What ever it is I have to do, Ill get you her back Seungri.’ Jiyong said, a crazy look in his eyes.

'Boss, I-’

'What ever it is I have to do.’

You groaned and rolled to the side, the sharp pain making you hiss and open your eyes slightly. You were welcome buy the kind eyes of Jaebum. Though kind they might have been looking down at you they were a harsh red, and as you looked closer you could see the feint streak down his cheek of a half dried tear. His hair was messy and getting on the greasy side, his dress shirt replaced by an over sized shirt and his hands were shaky and cold.  

Seeing you open your eyes made Jaebum take a shaky breath and smile widely, his hand moving from where it sat linked with his other hand over yours to your cheek. You tried to say something but he just sniffed and stroked your head again. He climbed up on the bed next to you, helping you adjust so you were once again laying on your back. He propped himself up nest to you, resting his head on his hand and continued to stroked your hair back. You reached for his hand to stop his stroking and held is close to your heart.

"Please don’t ever leave me again.” He sniffled, choking back all of the emotions he usually let out at night when he was finally by himself.

“I don’t plan too.”

With that you gently pulled his hand and waited as he slowly leant his head down to you. His lips pressed against yours and even though they were still bruised you couldn’t feel anything but him. His thumb traced back and fourth on your jaw, his nose pressed to the apple of your cheek and his lips… his lips made you feel more safe than you’ve ever felt before in your entire life.

erai-crabantaure  asked:

Hey, for the ever changing motto of the university, I just wanted to submit "Cum Gladio Et Sale" or "With Sword and Salt

Ah man I should make a list! So far we’ve got:

  • Cauti, Cordati, Auspicati - Wary, Wise, Lucky
  • Cum Gladio Et Sale - With Sword and Salt (I love it thank you!)

And from this post (I used google translate for the English, so I can’t be sure it’s correct)

  • ‘“non est prudentia in occulta” or something occulta anyway’ - There Is No Wisdom In The Secret??? I know GTranslate is Not Aces at Latin so I don’t have much faith in this translation
  • רעספּעקט די קראָוז - Respect The Crows
  • yn dilyn y seren - Following The Star
  • Beware the Lights
  • Swallow the Hidden Names
  • Blood and Bones Blood and Bones Blood and Bones

If there’s been others mentioned I can’t recall/find them, but by all means hit me up with more vaguely ominous mottos to add to this list


Title: Three Knights in Shining Armors

Words: 1,173

A/N: This is a longer version of the imagine “getting attacked in your own home and the Mikaelson brothers coming to save you.” It’s by far my most popular post – the only one to reach over 600 notes! Actually, the only one to reach over 300 notes… So when a longer version was requested, I just had to make it. I really enjoyed writing this one and I’m proud of how it turned out, so now I’m just so excited for you to read it! Happy reading everyone <3

Darkness filled the streets of New Orleans and the last few people out began finding their way home. But one place was lit up – the Mikaelsons’ Compound.

The place was filled with smiles and laughter which was often the case when you were around. Ever since the Mikaelson family had moved to your home town New Orleans, they had grown quite fond of you. Especially the Mikaelson brothers – you were practically like a sister to them.

Finally, the darkness outside and the tiredness of your body told you that it was time to get home. You got up from the chair, stretched and yawned.

Y/N: Well, I’ll start going homewards.

Instantly, all of them stood up as well.

Elijah: You are more than welcome to sleep here Y/N. We have plenty of rooms.

Y/N: Thank you for the offer but I just prefer sleeping in my own bed.

Kol: But it’s late. And New Orleans isn’t actually known for its safety.

Y/N: I know that. But I also know that I’ve lived here all my life and nothing bad has ever happened to me. Plus, even if it did, I’d be able to protect myself.

Klaus: We’re not questioning your ability to take care of yourself love. We just don’t want anything to happen to you.

You let out a small sigh.

Y/N: I’ll be fine. I live like five streets away.

It was clear to see that they were all reluctant. You knew that they just wanted you safe but you could not help getting a little bit annoyed.

Elijah: But if…

You interrupted him, knowing exactly what he was going to say.

Y/N: If anything mysterious happens, I’ll call or text you right away, I promise.

They still were not keen to let you go – Kol actually offered to go with you. But in the end, you managed to get permission to leave by yourself, all of them promising not to follow you.

When you reached your house, you could not help but think about how stupid they had all been. What could have happened on your short way home? However, those thoughts disappeared right away when you entered your home.

You had only taken one step inside when you heard a creak upstairs. At first, you thought that it was something that you had imagined. But then it squeaked again.

Someone was in your home.

Fear filled your body but you could not let it control you. Quickly, you found your phone and wrote a message to Kol, Klaus, and Elijah. ‘Someone’s inside my house. Hurry’, it said.

You had thought that you could just stay near the door until they came but then you heard steps going towards the stairs – whoever was in your house, that person was going down to where you were.

You took the baseball bat that you had promised Kol to always have next to the door, right now feeling thankful for his overprotection. Silently, you walked closer to the stairs and hit behind the wall. The steps were getting closer and closer.

When you felt the presence of the person at the end of the stairs, you came out of hiding and hit the intruder as hard as you could. You being home was clearly a surprise to him but neither that nor the hit seemed to scare him.

You lunched at him again with the bat but this time he was ready. He placed his hands around the bat and managed to rip it out from your hands. Then he hit your head.

For a second, everything blackened, your head hurting like hell. Before he got the chance to hit you again, you kicked him in his personal place – he crunched from the pain. But that did not prevent him from lunching at you, throwing you into the wall where you banged your head loudly.

This time, you felt warm liquid running down the back of your head. And with the blood leaving your body, so did your energy. You just managed to take the vase next to you and smash it into his head. It resulted in him falling, presumable having fainted. However, it did not take long before his hands and feet began moving once again. But your energy was fainting and fainting – you could almost no longer hold your eyes open.

Then, the door was kicked open, revealing three angry original vampires.

The only problem was that they had never been invited inside before.

Elijah: No! Invite us in, you have to invite us in!

Y/N: I…

Your mouth was dry and no words seemed to come out of it.

Kol: Come on!

Out of the corner of your eye, you could see the man fighting to get up. You knew that you had no chance of survival without the originals help. But just talking was like running a marathon.

Y/N: Invite…

The blood from your head was beginning to form a circle next to you.

Klaus: Now!

It took all of your energy but finally the words left your mouth.

Y/N: Invite you in.

As soon as the words had been spoken, Elijah hurried towards you, giving you his blood to heal your deadly wounds, while Klaus and Kol went straight to the attacker and killed him.

When the wound in your head had healed, Elijah lifted you up and the four of you vamp speeded to the Mikaelson Compound where Elijah laid you carefully on one of the many guest-room-beds. Klaus and Kol stood right next to him.

Y/N: If you say ‘I told you so’, I’ll kill you.

Kol: We can’t be killed darling.

Klaus: And even if we could, you wouldn’t do it. You can’t live without our devilishly handsome looks.

Both of them smirked – it was even worse than an ‘I told you so’. But behind their smirks, you saw true worry. They had been scared of losing you tonight – one of their worst nightmares.

And tonight had been a nightmare for you as well. It had been the first time you discovered that evil was not just magical creatures – it was just as much the seemingly normal and peaceful people around you.

Y/N: Thank you for saving me. And for bringing me back here – I can’t imagine being in my own house right not, let alone sleep in it.

Elijah: You can stay here for as long as you’d like Y/N.

Klaus: And we promise to clean up your house if you want to return at one point. Or… we promise to make someone else clean it up.

Kol: After all, we have to make sure our little human is well.

For the next weeks, you stayed at the Mikaelson Compound. Never once were you left alone, there was always one brother near you, who made sure that you were feeling okay and that you were safe. Some say that being friends with the Mikaelson family was dangerous but for you it was what saved you – your three unusual knights in shining armor.  

PoC's guide to calming white people down about writing PoCs.

For the white readers out there… save us PoCs time and just go ahead and don’t need a PoC to do these things for you. We aren’t here to hold your hand on the fact you have prejudiced views. Instead, ask specific questions, do the research to the best of your ability. When you get stuck, need a personal perspective, or brainstorming to get out of a pickle, or need your complete manuscript checked–then ask. ‘Cause, after doing this a lot… I get sick of the hand holding. It’s often clear when you didn’t do your research.

I’ve done this a lot as a WOC… this is past the point where they’ve actually done the research, they’ve read magazines, and suddenly they realize, OMG, I live in a racist society. I think I have to make something clear.

Don’t comfort them.

I know it’s super super tempting, but no… don’t comfort them. Complement them for getting this far, but don’t comfort them. Yes, be polite, but don’t comfort them. Look at it this way: If they did the time and research and found out facts like biracial twins can have different skin colors (fraternal)… that auto-going to white savior over slavery for black people… auto-going to sad time when PoCs “needed to be rescued by white people” is bad–and if they’ve found racism still exists on a societal level… don’t tell them it’ll be OK. You’ve just gained an ally, don’t let them slip backwards.

Straight up serious here. Let them panic–it means they are becoming conscientious of their privilege. This is definitely a good thing.

White Writers: Don’t tell them they can write whatever they want. You shouldn’t be trying to lead the conversation anyway.) And don’t tone police.

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A Raven Among Crows: Part 1

Originally posted by rhaegarlyanna

You’re a woman disguised as a man at The Wall, but no one knows.

Part two 

(Y/M/N)= Your Male Name

(Y/A)= Your Age or whatever age you want it to be

“Open the gates!” a man yells.

You looked up at The Wall, stretches beyond the eye can see. You are wearing trousers, boots and a long shirt, you manage to bandage your breasts so it looks like you are flat chested, your hair is in a bun with a few strains peaking out, along with your baby hairs blowing in the wind from the cold icy air. 

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Revelation || Hoseok

Request - Hey, I just found your blog and I’m already in love with it… can I please ask for a fuckboy Hoseok? (Loving you even if you’re doing it or not) From your coala anon:3            

Pairing - Jung Hoseok x Reader

Genre - Smut (Implied, but not really)

Summary - A player of feelings and a pawn of innocence. The combination couldn’t get any deadlier.

‘I don’t know, Eunha,’ You sighed as you placed your books inside the locker, before closing it and looking at her, 'I’ve never been a fan of frat parties. To be frank, I don’t even want to get out of the house.’

Eunha, your best friend, who was in the midst of begging you to join her to a party, grumbled, 'You never do, Y/N..’ She rolled her eyes and leaned her back against the locker.

'When’s the last time you even fucked someone?’ She shamelessly asked and your face became a canvas for your embarrassment, 'Never, I guess?’

'Exactly. That is why you should come with us.’ She said, referring to her boyfriend who wasn’t present among you. You scoffed, 'And be a third wheel? No thanks.’

You began walking away towards the library, with her followimg behind you like a lost puppy, 'Hey! Namjoon and I never forget about you, alright? It’s just…we get lost in ourselves-’ she began, but you interrupted her, 'Exactly, and I become a third wheel. It’s better to save myself the embarrassment.’

You walked into the library and went to your favorite aisle to pick some books to binge read on for your spring break. Eunha was still behind you, and she probably hadn’t noticed you both were standing in a library because she screamed, 'Oh my god! Please-’ You covered her mouth with your hand, your eyes wide, 'Are you crazy?’ You whisper-yelled, throwing an apologetic look towards the librarian.

You managed to shoo her away from there before the librarian did so herself, telling Eunha your final decision: you weren’t going.

Once you got your books, you were leaving the library with the librarian glaring at you for 'breaking’ a golden rule. Apologizing, you finally left, to spend your precious time with the books in your dorm.

The moment you entered the dorm, you remembered why you had always wanted to switch your dorm. There was just a sole and simple reason - Jung Hoseok.

'Can you not, make out on the couch.’ You yelled, beyond pissed, as a girl - who you recognized as a Freshman, literally was sucking Hoseok’s face off. You cleared your throat, since they hadn’t heard you the first time, before walking into your room and placing your books on your bed and coming back into the hall with a horn in your hand.

Making sure you had your ear plugs nice and tight in your ear, you pressed the button of the horn, making them both jump at the loud sound.

'Y/N! What the actual fuck?’ Hoseok turned to glare at you, the girl scrambling on to her feet from the floor. She shot a glare towards you as well, 'Is she your girlfriend, Hobi?’ She asked, her predatory eyes still on you.

You scoffed, 'Please. I don’t even consider him a human, let alone be his girlfriend.’ You said, crossing your arms.

'What do you want?’ Hoseok asked, and you noticed him stifling a laugh.

You rolled your eyes, 'I want you,’ You pointed at him, 'and you,’ your finger moved to point at the girl, 'away from the couch and out of the dorm.’

'In case you forgot, this is my dorm too, so,’ He got up, making his way to you, while you shot daggers at him, 'I can do whatever-’ he came close to your face before leaning in to your ear, ’-I want.’

Your face burnt at the closeness of your bodies, and him being shirtless, flexing all those muscles you knew you weren’t supposed to swoon over, made it all the more harder for you to not pull him into your room.

'One: stay the hell away from me, you wreak.’ You said, half lying, because he literally smelled of a feminine perfume, which had obviously come from the girl, who was still standing in the middle of the room, 'Two: I don’t care. As long as I’m here, you will not get any of your filthy hands on the couch, which I will have to clean later. And three: go die.’ You spat at his face, your face curled into a snarl as his face remained unchanged and indifferent to whatever you were saying.

'Hobi, come on baby, let’s go.’ The girl tugged at Hoseok’s forearm, and you continued to glare daggers at him, when you noticed a slight change in the way he was looking at you. It was deadly, something you had seen once, and the outcome was, well, destructive. You knew this situation could go this way, or that.

'Actually you know what, So Min-’

'It’s Eun Ji-’

'Yeah, whatever. You can leave. I have some…unfinished matters to settle.’ He said, his voice low and intimidating. The girl huffed, and immediately turned and stomped out of the door, making sure she slammed the door close in the process. In that time, you too had turned to leave.

The moment you began walking, you felt your hand being pulled, before your back slammed against the wall beside your bedroom door, in the corridor. A gasp left your lips as the impact surprised you more than hurting you, his face dead serious as he stared at you.

'I don’t think you deserve to go into your room without a punishment, baby girl.’ He smirked, pinning your hands on top of your head to the wall. You squirmed, wanting to get out of the mess you dragged yourself into before you regretted it.

'No I don’t. Now let me go!’ You yelled, trying to pry your hands away from his steel grip. With the way he was holding them, bruises would be the first thing you would see on your wrists the next morning.

'Not a chance.’ He said before dipping his head into your neck, placing open mouthed kisses on your skin as he grinded against you. You, already beginning to accept defeat, exposed your neck even further, as you tried to bite back a moan that threatened to tear through your throat.

'Let me hear you, Y/N. I know you want to scream my name as loud as you can.’ He coaxed you, as he pressed his bulge harder against your core that you couldn’t help but moan his name.

'That’s right, baby girl, moan out my name all night.’ He let one hand of his come down to your breasts, before gripping one of them gently and squeezing them, his mouth finding its way to yours.

He pressed them on yours, and as much as you hated to admit it, they were as soft as they could get, making it even more harder for you to pull away. Seconds later, you began melting into the kiss, which deceived you as a gentle and passionate one, rather than a rough and hungry one.

'Ho- Hoseok, no, I can’t.’ You breathed as he kissed on a spot under your ear before grabbing your ear lobe with his teeth, gently nibbling on it, you writhing under him. He loved to see you struggle, he loved that he was having this effect on you, something he had long been wishing to see and feel.

'I have to- I have to go the frat party. Please Hoseok, I- fuck - I promised Eunha.’ You mumbled a lie as his hand went down to the region in between your thighs, his hand separating them before skillfully rubbing his fingers on the material against your clit which took you to a particular paradise.

He chuckled deeply in your ear, ’Liar.’

He rubbed harder and you had your eyes shut tight, his lips finding yours again. It was too much for you, making it impossible for you to focus on what to say or on the kiss. His hand came back up and went through your shorts’ hem line, before dipping his hand inside your underwear and finding your clit again, you jolting back against the wall as he tortured you. To say you were a moaning mess, would have been a hilarious understatement, and your breathing intensified when he inserted a finger into you, the alien feeling melting away as fast as it had come.

He pushed it in and out of you, later adding another finger and you felt a strange feeling form at the pit of your stomach. He stared at your face, which had been twisting into pleasure all the while. He would stay with you in the dorm the whole night without attending the party if he could spend time with you like this. Or however, he wouldn’t mind if it was just movie watching or playing games either.

A small smile formed on his face as he felt you clench around his fingers, signalling you were about to come.

'Why don’t you tell me how good this feels, Y/N?’ He whispered seductively into your ear, and you immediately responded, 'Fuck you, Hoseok.’

His thumb found your clit, and you regretted every word that spilled out of your mouth as your head went back against the wall, exposing your neck which had all of his marks on.

'Hmm, you’ll get to do that, don’t worry.’ He chuckled, before licking one of the spots on your neck with the tip of his tongue.

You groaned as you felt the pressure in the pit of your stomach release around his fingers. He pulled them out, his hand still holding your wrists against the wall, bringing his other to his mouth, licking away your remnants.

'Mm…you taste amazing, Y/N. And only I’ll know that.’ He stared at you, and you couldn’t find the view any hotter.

'I still hate you.’ You breathed, your eyes half lidded as you glared at him, before he picked you up, his hands under the back of your thighs.

He opened the door to his room before dropping you on his bed, pulling his pants down, 'We’ll see about that.’


No, there isn’t a sequel.

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