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Teostra - Toa Tesukatora design

{{ Lords of Fire and Ice - finally done! I’m so glad my lion babies look this good UwU I’ve experimented with different styles than usual, it was a lot of fun! (And pain hah)

I’ve also put the design available on my Redbubble if you want a goodie with it on o3o

Here! >>> 

If you happen to find something you like and purchase it, I’ll be extremely grateful ;w; otherwise, reblogs are much appreciated! :D }}

waiting here for catastrophe

aka that buzz.feed unsolved serial killer!shane fic i only mentioned writing to like two people, no one is here for this but i’m posting it anyway
pairing: lowkey shane/ryan
rating: probably T? maybe M? there’s a severed head involved but no graphic descriptions of violence
content: mentions of murder, like i said there’s an instance of a severed head, this gets a lot more comedic than you’d expect, shane eats cocoa puffs 
on ao3

Ryan.” Shane breaks off and sits down again, slides his chair closer to Ryan’s, stares him down. “God, fuck, look at me, okay, I did this. I did this, this is my case, this is mine, everything you’re talking about—”

Ryan can’t help it: he laughs. It comes out a little anxiously, but it’s a laugh all the same, because Shane can’t really expect him to buy into this, right?

And Shane looks—well, murderous is either the wrong word or the right one. “I’m not kidding.”

“You really want me to believe—”

“You entertain all possible theories, right?” Shane says, exasperated and angry, and Ryan notices it’s the first time he’s ever said that seriously. “That’s what this stupid show is—that’s what you do. So entertain this one.”

All at once, it stops being funny. Something the size of a golf ball seems to lodge itself high in Ryan’s throat. He realizes it’s alarm, fear, a caged bird thrashing against the bars inside himself. He’s waiting for Shane to break, to burst into laughter, to say it’s all a stupid joke, but it doesn’t happen.

“What the fuck,” he croaks out.

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There are two-faced people who look at you approvingly, watch your reports with interest,agree with you, accept an invitation to a closed community, but hate and resent on the back.
It looks like this. “I really did not want to do it, but I had no choice.” Well, so that say people who betray or cheat. The person always has a choice. ALWAYS
So I’m a sadist. I probably forcibly bring everyone to my blog and forcibly read and watch my reports. Everyone so does not want to do it, but I force it. (lol)
And all my readers are shy masochists who do not want to read me, but can’t tell me about it. Maybe my followers afraid of punishment? (bakajanaidesuka)
But two-faced people feel himself clean and unblemished. They quietly watch the video of the concerts, read the reports and continue to resent my actions. They justify themselves by the fact that they need to know what is going on, so there is no choice. Ah, again there is no choice. I already heard it somewhere.
Maybe I tell my followers?
“You have to read my report a 1000 times and watch my video that your conscience does not allow you to watch. Be sure to watch several times until you vomit from disgust!”.
And then I forcibly force to put me like and write a commentary on my posts.
And then, where is my whip?
Somehow I’m completely broke.
Are you not a funny? It’s very funny to me! It’s funny that people do not understand what is this PR. They do not understand that JE knows everything, but is calm about it. Because it adds to the popularity of the guys. Whose clips are the most on the Internet? Hey Say Jump! Who received the winter concerts? Hey Say Jump!
Do not find a connection? I think that is not given for you.
Yes, I forgot one more thing!
I’m look like demon, unlike them - such honestly and correctly ones who post on Twitter pictures of paparazzi from weibo.

These pictures are made from concerts illegal video just as they the same that are made by ordinary fans. But the fans share them for free.  The pictures on the weibo are sold. You did not know about this? God, they rob Je! And you are their accomplices! Call Johnny soon, he will become poor without your help!
Why you repost these photos and your friends too?
retwit = twit - There are no differences in the copyright of international law.  Do you know these words?
Of course, you do not need! Clean and unblemished people themselves know what is right and what is not right! They are sure that the luna-kis is evil and that’s all. Stuff your feet!
So, illegal paparazzi pics from weibo posts everything (the ideal logic of the crowd), but translations of video and reports from concerts has only luna-kis.
let’s throw her stones!
Exactly, why am I so fool (or sadist - I do not know more)! In your mind your posts with papa-pics can’t not illegal! Because  clean and unblemished people even defecating  only roses. Therefore, let someone else be bad, but not you. For example, must to be luna-kis. I now Japanese and mentality and I write interesting reports. Please, give me to praise myself a little, because I look like completely negative.
luna-kis is very bad!
She dared to say that the guys who are 23-25 years old can have girlfriends. And she did not just dare say it, the luna-kis  forced to listen to this information forcibly! I need to talk about the fact that they had no choice? I think, and so it is clear.
You really thought that in their spare time boys sit  and embroider a cross? Well, that is the rhetorical.  You don’t have to answer.
And more. One of clean and unblemished person said me: “But seriously, whoever leaked the information, you just ruined some people happiness”.
Okay! Be happy!
You are could completely kill my desire to translate reports and moments that never come out on DVD. I will not stop doing this, but no one will see it anymore and everything is thanks to you. Are you happy? Be happy!
I’m done, everybody can leave.

I was tagged by the lovely @britishsixtiesbeat to post 10 songs I currently listen to lately! Thanks Lexie 💜

  1. Yes - Siberian Khatru
  2. The Beach Boys - Do You Wanna Dance?
  3. Led Zeppelin - The Battle Of Evermore
  4. Pink Floyd - Corporal Clegg
  5. Elton John - Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
  6. Yes - And You, and I
  7. The Rolling Stones - 2000 Man
  8. Pink Floyd - Green Is The Colour
  9. The Beatles - Rain (whenever I walk in the rain)
  10. Roger Waters’ fucking cover of “Across The Universe”

I’ll tag @chronical-music-fangirlism @clearthroughtheclouds @casket-base @superfreddiemercury64 @watching-the-fire-dance & anyone who wants to do it ♡


so uuh i’m super into witchcraft so i thought this would be cool to do with my faves. i’m planning on drawing these but i’d be interested in seeing other people’s interpretations as well. so yeah!
(also holy heck toshi, destruction magic and a demonic cat familiar?? heck yeah??)

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POSITIVITY TIME 🌺 Tag 10 blogs you love seeing on your dash.

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Um, omg just 10??? But like there are so many people I love seeing on my dash? Okay okay I can do this. So some of the people I love seeing on my dash are…

@anditsxsorrows @amongthcwreck @starsxmemoriesinthesky @originallymikaelson @seesgood @xhidingintheshadowsx @handsomepianoman @ofwickedminds @ofinsecuritiies @moonoverbourbon @ebonyhellebore @greeneyedcamille @survivorbuiilt @leaderbuilt @bornhybrid @ xinebriated  

Oops that’s more than 10 my bad.

      plotting/starter call for the historical fantasy verse where wynonna’s a young queen just trying to keep her shit and her kingdom together.