and more swords


hello this is my message to farley and a description of farley (what she would do/say)


Shoma Uno ft. Yuzuru Hanyu, “What are you interested in these days?” || 2017 World Championships (x)


“Geralt! You’ve found me! I knew you would! I always knew! I knew you'ld find me!”  ◉ "Ciri…"  ◉  "You’ve found me! Oh, Geralt! I was waiting all the time, for so very long…We’ll be together now, won’t we? Now we’ll be together, won’t we? Say it, Geralt! Forever! Say it!"  ◉ "Forever, Ciri."  ◉ "It’s like they said, Geralt. It’s like they said! Am I your destiny? Say it! Am I your destiny?"  ◉ "You’re more than that, Ciri. Much more.”   

so uh

is the additional plot in the DLC going to explain why the Hero from 10,000 years ago looks nothing like Link but a lot like Ganondorf

or are we just. supposed to roll with it and not ask questions

Look, the Emo Kylo Ren meme was fun and relevant for a while, but now that we have seen Luke Skywalker

- hang out with Kylo Ren for like a decade
- run away to the middle of nowhere to brood and search for meaning
- slowly and dramatically remove his hood
- look at a laser sword with more emotion than I have ever looked at anyone
- dump all his newfound religious angst onto an unsuspecting freshman
- be the third Skywalker man in a row to attempt to end the Jedi
- announce his intention to do so while mysteriously silhouetted in a shadowed doorway
- give us an honest to god Kubrick stare with his face bathed in This-Isn’t-Your-Dad’s-Star-Wars Red
- possibly live in a tree??

I think it’s pretty clear there’s a New Emo in town and I fully expect us as a fandom to give him the tough love memeing all Skywalker men deserve


Photos I took for a product campaign in my photography class and of course, what’s better than doing a photoshoot with Hobbit LEGOs? (I’ll try to remember to post the final product when I’m done!) 


Drew Louise from FE7, FE: Heroes style (not rly) for an art contest a few weeks back. Got placed in the top 3 for my work so that’s neat.

I would post the results video but some of the video stuff is NSFW (yes people drew nudes for it) so look it up on Mangs’ youtube channel yourself I guess lmao


【♚】character moodboards 》cal calore {rq} 

“I am your rightful king, silver-born for centuries,” he replies, seething. “The only reason you’re still breathing is because i can’t burn the oxygen from this room.”