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Shout Out Post for Mystic Messenger

I feel like some people in the mystic messenger community don’t realize just how amazing this game is. There are so many things it does besides allowing you to talk with fictional characters. Many people struggle with their own problems - everything from failing a test to coping with suicidal thoughts and actions - and this game is a perfect way to counteract some of these problems in a positive way.

1. For starters, a simple pun can brighten the player’s day. If you are having a panic attack because of school, there is a good chance a couple mystic messenger puns could brighten your day.

2. Also, the hyper-realistic interactions with the characters allow them to act as real friends. When you don’t have a real close friend, mystic messenger provides the closest thing to that as possible. Furthermore, the extreme variation in personalities of the group also encourages the player to feel like themselves rather than, well, an MC. It encourages individualism.

3. (Warning: this is only going to get darker from here) Okay, I know this is usually taken as a joke in the MysMe community, but let’s get real for a sec. Everyone knows the persistence with which the characters ask MC if she has eaten. The constant positive encouragement is a good way to convince the player to care about their health (and they usually have facts to back it up tbh). I deal with body dysphoria and the support has convinced me more than once to care more about my physical and mental health than my appearance. These fictional elements of our lives have a REAL PHYSICAL IMPACT. Even by making the player smile there is a physical impact.

4. Mystic Messenger has also taught me to try understanding that things get better. Watching how the characters live their lives allows the player to reflect on their own life. Your life can be hella hard, but it’s best to work towards the future. Even if you can’t take to that advice, it’s a good way to ease your mind for a little. I can’t thank cheritz enough for creating the game how they did.

Conclusion: This game has improved my quality of life. So the next time Yoosung makes a joke or 707 writes you something in binary, take it to heart. They may be fictional, but they have been more supportive to me than everyone else in the past couple months.

Also, tell me if there is a series that has improved your quality of life in the tags (games, books, tv series, etc). A series that has literally save my life is Pandora Hearts by Jun Mochizuki. A game that has improved my quality of life is Mystic Messenger by Cheritz.

If you actually made it to the end of this, thank you.
Hope you enjoyed ~ 01100100 01100101 01100100 01100101 

ok so to procrastinate more than I already have, here are some Lance teaching Keith to swim headcanons based my tags on @yaxxm  ‘s post because I teach swimming and people are ridiculous.

  • Keith literally has no clue how to swim. closest thing to a pool he ever entered was his bathtub
  • Lance literally not remember NOT knowing how to swim, which occasionally impedes his teaching because it’s so obvious and ingrained in him that he doesn’t know how to describe how to do it
  • this leads to Lance moving Keith’s body for him when they get past the basics of “how to float and not drown” so he knows how it’s supposed to feel which isn’t awkward in the moment but afterwards both are like “I can’t believe I touched his thigh like that?? what am I doing I’m going to D I E” and “Lance…has very soft hands when he moves my arms and hands??? I want to just regular hold his hands this is T O R T U R E”
  • Anyway Keith is literally that dude who just stands at the shallow end gripping the wall for dear life that every lifeguard ever tries to telepathically prevent from going anywhere else or put on a damn lifejacket
  • Once Lance gets over “I can do something Keith caaaaan’t” he actually offers to help and is a good teacher for the most part
  • Keith is a horrible student
  • He not only is slightly terrified of the water but also way too stubborn to admit it and take actual advice that actually works (keep your chin up you doofus)
  • They are in like. rib deep water. Keith can obviously stand. Keith instead insists on clinging to Lance like a frickin’ koala. Lance almost bruises with how tight his arm was being gripped.
  • First lesson: how to recover from a float. not even the float. just the recovery. literally putting your feet under you and standing. in water. you can stand in. which is where they are.
  • that’s a lie first lesson is “walk around where you can touch without panicking”So they end up holding hands and walking around the pool for like. half and hour. that was all they did that day just. hold hands. in water. 
  • they were both internally screaming the entire time because they were hoLDinG HaNdS
  • eventually, they think he has it (spoiler: he doesn’t)
  • commence backfloat practice and it’s ok but then Keith DOESN’T LISTEN and tries to bring his knees to his chest (seriously why do people do this???) so he starts to sink so he flails and the subsequent neck clinging and cheeks being pressed RIGHT TOGETHER as Lance literally picks Keith up out of the water to calm him down are his own fault.
  • It’s a funny position because of the koala-ing so Lance had one arm under Keith and one all the way over his stomach and they end up chest-to-chest when Lance gets Keith standing
  • there is blushing because swimming and swimsuits and clinging means there’s a LOT of skin was touching there.
  • And their faces had been PRESSED AGAINST EACH OTHER. 
  • they do not acknowledge this at all. 
  • Lessons are over for the day. Lance reconsiders his life choices and tries to figure out how he is going to survive Keith clinging to him in the pool every day.

happy birthday @enbyezra !!! have a small hylian and his tall girlfriend

Because I am absolute trash, and I saw something from another account that I wont tag cause I don’t know if they’re cool with that, but  I will put them in the tags.

Just Imagine that Vax and  Gilmore get together and get married in Whitestone castle on the insistence of Percy and Vex. Vex gets Vax out of his stinky armor for once and into nice dark blue and silver robes. Pike gives him a symbol of the raven queen as a gift and Keyleth makes flower grows for both Gilmore and  Vax.Also like let’s be real, Vex gives her brother away at his wedding and Velora is there because she’s Vax’s baby sister. She also bugged Slydor so much that he let her go to whitestone to see them.

Then just Vex and Percy’s kids have Uncle Vax and Uncle Shaun and my heart is like melting. 

Tfw u find a mental illness that might explain some of your symptoms and on one hand u wanna rejoice because it finally makes sense
but on another hand how mentally ill can I get??
but on a third metaphysical hand what if I’m just making up the symptoms for attention or looking into this diagnosis for attention????

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The new chapter of melancholic temperament is so good. From the beginning Len is on full defense mode,scrambling to put his walls back up and separate himself from the emotional attachments of his younger self by referring to himself in 3rd person-I loved all of it. I thought that even though he tried for distance,his interactions with Joe sort of sneaked up on him and softened him without his permission (I also saw how you sneaked in a Joe/Cisco reference there) Thank you so much for this fic

Honestly I’m such trash for Joe/Cisco but I’ve never written it, so sliding in a reference/mention there as like…. :3

Len is #struggling but yesss, his interaction with Joe was fun. It’s neat because they’re so close in age and now they realize it and have those bits to bond over? Joe made sure to treat Lenny a bit more like an adult than he did with his own kids at that age and didn’t have any totally embarrassing or cringeworthy moments with him (in Len’s estimation), so he’s finding it easier to fall into a sort of rhythm with Joe. 

They’re very: “We don’t like each other but shit we respect each other and have enough shared experiences to understand one another and even accidentally enjoy the other’s company when we’re not talking about any touchy subjects like work.”

While I know how the Evil Queen split was resolved is probably controversial I actually found it relatable and touching. Which was a shock for me considering how little I tend to care about Regina or her story. Regina has always felt like the kind of person who isn’t self-aware or who is willfully blind to her own narcissism and the havoc that her self-absorption causes to others. All of that rubs me the wrong way and I spend a lot of time yelling at my screen for her to just wake-up already. Then in the last couple episodes she did wake-up and she owned that she was her darkness too and tried to fix the split as best she could. 

I know the argument is that she shouldn’t have needed to separate herself to come to this realization and that’s how I felt about it for most of the arc. But then recently I have been thinking a lot about my own struggle with depression and how for the longest time I didn’t really see or understand what was going on and how it changed me and made me a person even the people that loved me had a hard time being around. And on some level I knew this was happening but on another I couldn’t change it. It’s only been since I have gotten out of it, been separated from it, that I have been able to see things clearly. I needed the perspective that comes with being healthy and my regular self. I feel like this is how it worked for Regina she couldn’t change until she had that ability to see clearly.  I know this metaphor won’t work for most people but it did for me.