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My Name’s Simon. For the most part my life is totally normal. I have a family that I actually like, and there’s my friends. We do everything friends do. We drink way too much iced coffee, while gorging on carbs, so I’m just like you. Except I have one huge ass secret… nobody knows I’m gay. I’m done living in a world where I don’t get to be who I am. I deserve a great love story, and I want someone to share it with. Disclaimer, this is about to get romantic as F.

Love, Simon (2018) Dir. Greg Berlanti

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I was wondering after I saw your amazing writers tips how do you find a spot to describe what your characters are wearing

For the most part, I’d say you should do it when when your narrator first spots the character in question.

One of the first things you notice about someone is their appearance so, personally, I feel that having descriptions of appearance happen as soon as the character is introduced into the scene flows better than having it happen in the middle of a conversation. It’s sort of weird to have your narrator suddenly go “he was wearing khaki pants and bright black shoes” out of nowhere. 

As for describing your narrator’s outfit, think about situations where you think about what you’re wearing. It’s probably usually either when you first put the outfit on, when you’re feeling self-conscious about it, or when you’re adjusting a piece of clothing.

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I’ve gone over two years with nothing more than a wild guestimation of how many letters are in the Rachel & Co. collection. I’ve taken to saying there are 700ish out of habit, but to be entirely honest there could be anywhere between 500 and 1000.

So tonight I decided to sit down and at least try to figure out a ballpark number.

By my count the letters of the “main characters”, their immediate families, and very close friends (Nell, etc.) add up right around 725. I didn’t individually add up all the letters sent by casual friends and distant relatives, but just eyeballing it I’m going to say our grand total is going to end up a bit shy of 800.

The three biggest letter senders are Allie (Will & Jack’s mom) with +/- 215, Rachel with +/- 135 and Lilla a distant third with +/- 70.

Despite the large number of letters Allie sends they tend to be quite a bit shorter (usually 4 pages to Rachel’s 8 to 12), so I’ll be curious when this is all done to see how close the actual page count is between the two of them.

The reason I haven’t talked more about Allie up until now is that (while she seems like a wonderful woman who I honestly like more and more as I go along) her letters are exactly what you would expect letters between a mom and her teenage sons to be.

The Allie letters I transcribed today were a two week saga of “Does your dorm room have curtains? Does it need curtains? Are you going to buy curtains? Do you want me to buy you curtains? I’m going to Buffalo next week I’m going to buy you curtains. How many windows do you need curtains for? I need to know how big your windows are. No, the width. How many windows are there? You know what, just draw me a picture. Why are there curtains in the picture you drew? Allen already has curtains??”

Also Allie doesn’t like periods or capital letters.

So much of my identity is wrapped up in being creative, that when my brain fogs over and everything I draw looks wrong, it’s devastating. 

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Witch AU
    • Lance 
    • He’s the prince of the Alteans or Water Witches
      • On the path to be the youngest Diplomat to join to regions in peace
      • (The Olkari Nomads and Altean Kingdom)
    • He can control water, ice and water mist
      • Due to his Princely duties he’w fairly in-proficient in the water  moving stuff
      • When he was younger he used to sneak out to the gardens with Allura (family Friend and fellow Royal) and play in the river
    • He has a secret “tattoo”
      • Lance: “I am a prince, Keith! I can’t violate my skin-”
      • Keith: “but you’re not the one leaving the mark though”
    • He’s fascinated with space
      • When he was younger he wanted to be a Star Sailor 
      • But his Princely duties forced him to study politics and debating
      • He ended up stealing books on space and reading them late at night while his guard was distracted
    • From ages 7-14 he was a fairly typical kid, running around and playing with friends (Keith) 
      • But after Keith was captured and supposed dead he almost instantly matured and set out to unite the regions to take down the Galra
      • When Keith returns he’s caught between his childhood and his future
        • Many other diplomats would describe him as a split mess, never being able to state what he wants, and never being able to say what the kingdom needs  
        • this would be his biggest insecurity but because it’s Keith who’s making him feel like this he can never bring himself to care 
        • Keith: “Remember that time we made crowns out of flowers and danced in the garden?”
        • Lance: *trying to finish the bill to cut down gardens and parks to help fund the new diplomatic connections*
        • Keith: “What are you doing?”
        • Lance: *Starts writing a bill to fund more parks and gardens* “I hate you”
    • Haha his giant crush on Keith!!
      • It took him a lot longer to realize he has a crush on Keith and even longer to be okay with it
      • it started just before Keith was taken away
        • Lance was pretty much hating life because he didn’t want o marry a complete stranger
        • Lance: “Marriage sucks!! I rather kiss Keith than marry a stranger… I rather kiss Keith…”
        • Lance: “OH SHI-”
      • But because Keith was taken away Lance never really understood his feelings until Keith came back
        • Lance: “Keith is hot, I kinda want to kiss keith… quiznak, I’d totally quiznak Keith!”
      • Due to his responsibilities (*cough cough* arranged marriage*cough cough*)  he pushed down his feelings for the salfty of the kingdom
  • Keith
    • Professionally trained Guard/assassin by the BoM 
      • He was and guard in training from ages 6-14 and served under the lead guard in charge of watching lance
        • They actually became decent friends at this time
        • Keith would steal books from the Library for Lance and Lance would read them too him
      • From ages 15-16 Keith was held captive after an assassination attempt on the king by the Galra
        • *trigger warning* he was tortured for information but never broke, this is wear he got his tally burn marks along his right (his left) side *trigger end*
      • After escaping he was offered to be Lance’s guard since the previous one passes away
    • He’s a Fire Mage
      • he can control the heat of his body
        • This is how he creates his tattoos (and Lance’s tattoo but that’s never spoken of)
          • He heats up a small section of him skin until it burns and “tans” over
        • He can also summon fire but it takes more energy and is uncontrolable
    • Avian
      • Because of the Galra blood he has a set of hawk wings
        • He rarely flies unless nessisary
          • (*cough cough* like escaping a burning castle *Cough cough*)
        • He enjoys letting Lance sketch them during their time in the garden
          • He pretends he doesn’t notice Lance drawing him, but it’s pretty obvious
      • He also has tail feathers but he hides them in his pant
    • He can’t swim
      • He only found this out when he was guarding Lance by the river and Lance fell in
        • Keith dived in after but ended up burning his neck and almost drowning
        • Lance saved his life
    • Keith: “I have a crush on the Prince…”
      • Keith had always had a crush on Lance but only after being separated for a year did he truly realize how much he liked him
        • Galra: *slapping Keith senselessly*
        • Keith: “Oh my god! I’m in love with him!”
        • Galra: “Say what now?!?!”
      • They actually kissed when they were kids
        • (some where between the age of 6-10)
        • Lance: “mom says I’m going to have to marry someone for the kingdom.”
        • Keith: “what about me?”
        • Lance: “I can’t marry you, you’re Keef!”
        • Keith: “we don’t have to get married, but I can kiss you”
        • Lance: “ew, but you’re a boy.”
        • (they kiss anyway and it’s really cute)
      • He’s never put himself in the position where Lance could see that he has feeling

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So What would look like a Gravity Falls Be More Chill AU where Dipper is Jeremy and Bill is Squip or vice-versa?

I’m not taking requests right now but i couldn’t help sketching a very quick squippy/robot Bill.

Gosh I love this idea ahhh

Steve Harrington Imagine

Request: can you make a steve harrington imagine where your billys sister

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Harringrove!Reader

Originally posted by wheeelers

Billy has always been a protective brother, maybe over the top, always keeping an eye and worrying about your boyfriends. Now that you have moved to Hawkins, he somehow felt a bit more relaxed, since the town was small and full of “losers”, according to him. But he wasn’t expecting that you would chose exactly his nemesis, Steve Harrington.

Of course Steve was shocked when he found out you were Hargrove’s younger sister. You told him on your 3rd date and it was too late for Steve to run away, he was already deeply into you.

Every time Steve picks you up at your place, Billy keeps staring at you two. However the deadly look on his face doesn’t threaten your boyfriend anymore. Steve was capable of doing everything to have you, even if that meant beating your own brother but of course that wouldn’t happen because you also love your brother a lot.

Originally posted by stranglythings

You also stand up for yourself whenever you need. You keep telling Billy that you’re not a child anymore and he understands it every time.

But being with Steve involved making out in the bathroom during breaks, hanging out after school to the movies or even to his place, where you can enjoy his pool and be the two of you alone, just enjoying each other.

“I never thought I’d say it, but I love you Hargrove.”- he’d say all the time with a cute smirk on his face.

You can’t help yourself and laugh whenever he did that.

“I love you too, Harrington.“

But the best day was when you introduced Steve to your whole family: your dad, Susan, Max and Billy obviously. Even though introducing them both wouldn’t be completely necessary. After a pleasing night, with Billy behaving himself properly due your father’s presence, Billy comes to you two and playfully punching Steve on his shoulder, says:

“Hey, take care of my sister. Maybe she did a good choice indeed.”

Your heart then is filled with happiness and you hug your brother. You know he meant that, even though he’d never admit it. Blood is thicker and love is stronger than rivalry.