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So before I get too deep into studying for my exam(although with not yet a single attempt), I’d like to kind of answer their comment/question because I’ve also been thinking about the future!VLD team’s heights and such so here we go. Before that, I’ll only be able to answer some but if asked for more, you shall receive another time as long as I’m able to accommodate and comply to what you desire XD

Getting to their heights (or sizes???),

First, I have referred to the sizes of their lions to determine their heights therefore here it is in this order :D 

1~ The biggest lion; Black Lion- piloted by Shiro

2~The 2nd biggest lion; Yellow Lion- piloted by Hunk 

3~The middle-sized lion; Blue Lion- piloted by Lance

4~The 2nd smallest lion; Red Lion- piloted by Keith

5~ The smallest lion; Green Lion- piloted by Pidge

In the future!AU, they still grew up to be following the sizes of their lions accordingly and so, Pidge grew up to be Keith’s original (canon) height in the alternate universe and still being the shortest (Allura excluded because I have another theory for her next time)~ 

While for future!Keith and Lance, Lance became as tall as canon!Shiro  while Keith is only an inch or two shorter than him, so yes, Keith did grow XD

Forgive me for the messy sketch but to me, Lance isn’t exactly the embodiment of hotness but it is Shiro  mcspace daddy because my Blue son is just beautifulll~~ Yes, I LOVE MY SON. 

I thought of doing an undercut for him but then I’m just not sure, so I proceeded to letting him have his original hairstyle but bangs a little longer with streaks of blue highlights with additions like hair extensions so he can have braids 

Tats? All of them surely has it by that time which have the same lion designs but maybe different in the aspects of their own element. The others don’t really have it anywhere really prominent, except for Lance who has them just a little bit above the base of his neck. 

His fashion sense must have changed gradually while being up in space but as I’m not confident with it, I just end up making him an outwear hoarder

He loves all kind of jackets and sweaters. One of his favourite? Shiro’s old vest because Shiro likes it too ;)

Btw, if you’re asking why Lance doesn’t look that much older, please be reminded that he has a skin routine which obviously is why he’s still keeping up with his looks, especially flawless skin. 

And for the red-face thing.., I believe you meant his reaction (0v0;)

He has it pretty bad, since he’s the kind to get overwhelmed but as you know Shiro is someone who’s capable of controlling his emotions, this is a roller coaster for him. 

Not that pleasant when you’re the kind to laugh when you’re extremely anxious/nervous (that’s what I headcannon-ed him to be here)

.., Shiro stayed away from Lance for about a week after that because he knows best that one of the way to cope with it is to stay off the radar of the subject that triggers the reaction~

Honestly, the last one’s quite a joke because I’m boreeedddd~~~~~` And there you go :3 Goodnight



OH i wonder how many people will be surprised if i say i dont love love love johnnep as much as i let on?


guess who’s reading old kingdom hearts fics again

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Can you please tell me where all of the new vld screenshots are coming from? I'm so sorry if I'm being mega dumb right now, I just don't know what to search for and am very confused o((⊙﹏⊙))o.

Haha, no worries^^ If you’re referring to the Galra ladies etc, they are from the new season 3 trailer. If you’re talking about these “screenshots”:

then they are from s3e1 which got aired at the SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) yesterday. There are also a few other screenshots with Keith in the black lion/Zarkon and Alfor that come from another trailer that’s also been shown at the SDCC^^ 

From the North


The Sith Drake from the Northern region of Tatooine attacks the Jedi Temple in Coruscant looking for a Jedi to tame the flames of his origin. Sun-dragons, born of the stars, burn in the Force with unparalleled passion and rage. Jedi Knight Obi-wan Kenobi is singled out by the Drake Vader as a partner of serenity and peace to balance his own instability.


Obikin Week Day 5: Quotes


“The first they heard was a noise like a hurricane coming down from the North; the pines on the mountain creaked and cracked in the hot, dry wind. He was a fire-drake from the North.”


Warning; this is utter shit. haha I may keep going if y’all like it…so let me know! Otherwise it will be left to die.


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those anons about frank being an addict have really fucked me up ngl

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how exactly do group orders work???

omg group orders are my Thing anon you came to the right person to ask! I’m actually going to be doing a vlog explaining about group orders this week!!

okay so how group orders usually work:

overall info

  • group orders are used for either fanmade goods, or official goods, in situations where buying as a group would just be more simple and easy. Usually you’d join to either to save on shipping, get items that wouldnt otherwise ship to your country, or just get items you otherwise wouldn’t have known how to get lmao. (What I mean by that is if you don’t know korean sometimes getting certain goods can be hard, especially with fanmade stuff.)
  • most group orders consist of three payments, buying the goods, paying for shipping to the group order manager, and then paying the group order manager to send stuff to you.

whats a GOM?

  • one person runs the group order, they’re called a group order manager (gom)! The gom is the person who coordinates with the fansite or buys stuff from the store and has everything shipped to them, and then they personally ship it to you!
  • so if you want to join the order, first before ANYTHING check out the gom’s information. most are based on twitter, and have faq pages and spreadsheets as their pinned tweets or descriptions.
  • It’s really important to make sure you read a gom’s faq so you don’t accidentally make a mistake in joining! And everyone’s policies are different so it’s just safe and important to check faq’s.
  • Then, most gom’s keep spreadsheets of all their orders so you can check and see what orders are open! Also, goms twitter pages will be full of pictures and information of their open orders so just scroll through and take a look around.

actually joining an order + payment one

  • okay so you found an order you wanna join!
  • goms keep google forms as ways to join orders
  • the first page of the form is usually pictures of the thing youd be getting, info on the order such as what it is, how much it is, how to pay for it, how many payments there will be, etc
  • so then, on the next page of the form, this is usually where you’ll fill in all your info, like your name, contact information, quantities or specifics of items you want, your address, and information regarding how you paid so the gom can match your form to your payment
  • open up paypal or venmo or google wallet or however you’re supposed to pay for the order, and in most cases, make sure you pay before submitting the form!
    • there are some special orders or things like some interests checks where you don’t pay away though, make sure you read the first page of the form carefully to understand when you pay. but most orders you pay before submitting the form.
  • when you pay for the items, the form usually says what you should write in the payment comments on venmo or paypal. I always make sure my full name is written somewhere in the payment comment.
  • once you’ve sent the payment, filled out the form completely and checked everything is okay, submit the form!
  • the gom should send you an email saying they got your payment and form :)

okay now what + payment two

  • yay you joined an order!!
  • so now you wait for the group order manager to send out an email to everyone who joined when they know how much shipping is from the fansite or store, to them. They take that shipping price and divide it between how many people are in the order, and thats what you pay
  • for example, if shipping is $50 and 23 people are in the order, everyone sends the gom $2.17!
  • usually theres a deadline for this payment, make sure you dont miss it!

payment three (domestic payment)

  • the items came to the gom yay!!!!!!! so close to getting to you ;~:
  • now the gom calculates shipping to your house, and emails you how much it’ll cost, and you pay it (don’t miss the deadline for the payment!)
  • the gom mails out the item to your house
  • wait a lil
  • ta dah!!!!! u got a thing

i didnt go too much into group order etiquette with this but im gonna go more into that in my vlog when i film it. basically, don’t miss payments, and dont message the gom questions that can be answered via faq or form, and dont get mad at the gom if the item is taking a while to be made or ship, that isn’t their fault.

if you have any questions or need help with this kind of stuff you can always ask me!!

     Yo ! I’m going to be a bit busy for a few days, so most my things will be queued up ! 
     I might not be online a lot, but I’ll still check things and all that. I want to send memes 
     rip but I will wait til I am free again. As well as catching up with all the things I owe.