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can you believe everyone fell in love with Finn the minute they saw him? like wow. He’s truly an iconic hero.

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My favorite thing about the gif with hair floof in the wind is how content Shiro is in wind that is gusting hard enough to blow another person away and to force Lance to brace himself behind Hunk. That kind of wind /hurts/ and Shiro is just so happy and content.

Fellow friends of tumblr, here it is: definitive proof that Shiro embodies the qualities of the Guardian of Air and Sky.

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I needed to buy rations for myself since I was the only one without. The market we visited had livestock.

Me: Can I buy a chicken and just keep it?
DM: As a pet? I guess?

I bought the chicken and named it Martha.

Me: Ok, can I buy armor for my chicken?
DM: …..Sure, why not. You’ll probably have to have someone repurpose a helmet for more gold.
Me: That’s fine.
DM: …There isn’t anything about a chicken’s base AC, so let’s just say 7 and the armor brings it up to 6.
Bard: What’s it’s name again? I need to write a poem about this.

‘Where’s your helmet?’ 


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Mermaid Satine is something I never knew I needed until now…. the whole crew as mermaids please?

This is maybe not what you meant by “the crew” but, consider:



I really like @galoogamelady‘s Fallout art and comics, especially her OC Buttons, so I asked if I could draw Buttons and Fred meeting.

It ended up as a full-blown comic, although I kept it at linework so it wouldn’t take absolutely forever like my comics usually do.

Buttons is very fun to draw! However, remind me never to try to draw chain-link fences ever again. Hand cramps.

Champion, Emperor, and King

So I went on a rambling tangent to a friend of mine and came back to something about the two Black Paladins we’ve encountered, Black Lion herself, and Shiro’s title of Champion.

First and foremost: There’s some implied themes of royalty to the Black Lion, and the paladin that stands by her side. Voltron, when in its strongest form, has five heads, and Black’s stands above the others. She is the head of Voltron, literally and figuratively, and she is, to a degree, symbolically crowned.

The other Lions all have ears that are usually a mix of gray and one other color. Black is the only one who has golden ears- noteworthy, because when Voltron itself is form, those ears transform into horns.

One of the primary stated virtues of the Black Paladin is they are someone who others “follow without question.” This does not merely suggest force of personality and a strong will, but rather, someone who others reflexively turn to. In practice, we see this with both Shiro and Zarkon, with how their respective allies acknowledge them and look to them in situations of doubt. The first time Lance turns to Shiro, no one asks him to do so, and no discussion has been made about who’s in charge. But Lance defers to Shiro. When Shiro was incapacitated on his arrival to Earth, we don’t see a decisive leader between the paladins as much as they collaborate, all piling in their ideas and input as it comes up.

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