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In the rain

honestly @ the gotham fandom talking abt who ed should end up with


More Stretch Knit Flared Pants

Someone asked me recently why I would pass up an opportunity to wear a skirt to wear pants. As much as I love skirts and dresses, I would gladly wear pants like these anytime! Not only do they fit great and make me feel sexy, the generous flare helps to balance out my wide shoulders. Plus I love how they swish when I walk!

Thank you to everyone that made comments about this top, it is my first purchase from PattyBoutik and I love it! They are a little pricey but I feel it was a great investment, something easily dressed up or down.

I really need to work on my lighting, some really funky shadows going on here.

Adrinette Month Day Three

Miraculous Switched? I uh… they swapped a little further than expected. Like, literally the miraculous of their enemies by the end of Season One. I changed a bit of their designs - more flared out tailcoats for Adrien and a slightly different coloration and points for Marinette. Also, the fur around the neck to obscure her miraculous much like how some wild animals will have thicker fur around their neck to protect it from attackers. Hm… Hawkmoth!Adrien might need a cravat… though, I need to stop myself from making him Victorian instead of something more modern. Maybe not slick back hair in the future… hmm…

anonymous asked:

What's the puffiest sleeve? (I need to make a costume for school but I cant find any sleeves puffier than the bishop sleeves) Or do I have to cut/ sew the bishop sleeve to make it puffier? ((I need to make a SUPER PUFFY sleeve)) Thank you for your time!

As far as I know, bishop sleeves are the puffiest sleeve if you want the puff to be before the wrist. If you’re looking for puff on your upper arm/off the shoulder, then it would definitely be the “leg of mutton” sleeve. If you need it puffier then yes, you would alter the sleeve to include more fabric where the puff should be.

This is a nice short tutorial that explains how to make puffy sleeves, either bishop or leg of mutton: Puffed Sleeve Tutorial  by yukishirocosplay.  When you space out the pieces, you would be more dramatic with the flare. You may want to do a test with cheap fabric to make sure that it still looks right when gathered. 

All the best,
Duckie / Admin

More Smoke Flare drawings. She resides on a remote volcanic island, near the equator. The terrain is rocky and uneven. The ponies there farm and fish, so they are omnivores. They have long ears to aid in thermoregulation, long tails, and cloven hooves.

some important yamaguchi hcs

yamaguchi has rlly sensitive skin and eczema scars on his arms (especially around his elbows and wrists) and legs (mostly his knees and ankles, but also some on his upper thighs) and he’s really self conscious about them!! especially after being bullied for his freckles, he used to be so scared that his bullies would learn he had eczema too!! honestly his skin is such a worry for him always

it’s truly the w o r s t when it gets hot because even though he’s more confident now, he still prefers to wear long sleeves and not show any of his scars, so he sweats rlly bad which always causes more flare ups. it’s awful and he hates it.

but as a kid it was literal hell. he would never wear short sleeves and instead just swelter and suffer and try and deal with it, too nervous to let anyone see the rashes. he ended up fainting a few times from the heat.

the cold causes flare ups too but nowhere near as bad as the heat or high humidity. but he doesn’t mind as much because he can hide it more in cold weather

playing volleyball is a struggle sometimes but at this point he has a pretty good skincare routine so it’s not as bad as it was as a kid or just starting the sport. even still, he’s glad his knee pads help cover the scars and is considering trying to find elbow pads too

he never uses other people’s soaps or body washes and always carries a small pack in his bag in case he needs to shower unexpectedly, just in case it is something that causes a flare up