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Happy birthday to the most talented seiyuu of his generation, Namikawa Daisuke! (04/02)

Trivia and Extra Details From Gravity Falls: Legend of the Gnome Gemulets!

This first portion will be completely spoiler-free from the game’s story and such. It’s just things you learn from the characters as you talk with them!

Then, under the read more cut, WILL contain spoilers because I will be placing the decoded ciphers under there! These ciphers are usually tied to the game’s story (but not always).


  • When born, his face was blue from possibly having his umbilical cord around his neck during that time


  • “Socked” the doctor in the jaw when she was born
  • Knows of the hug that Pacifica gave to Dipper (and teases them about it)


  • Writes fanfics about his own life
  • Sometimes opens and closes the cash register while pretending it’s talking - All of this while Stan isn’t looking at all
  • He dreams of running the shack himself one day
  • He’s thinking of sending a “romantic package” to Melody, containing a picture of his face duct taped to a chicken nugget
  • Soos wrote a love poem for Melody, which he had to translate from binary code:

“Roses are red. Ham is pink. I’ve really grown to like you I think. The day we met lives on in my brain. I’m glad I rode that plastic train. I used to be scared of ladies and stuff. But when I’m with you I can’t get enough. I have something to say and I hope it’s not rude. I really really like you, dude.”


  • Whenever she and her brothers have disagreements on something, they settle it in arm wrestling
  • She always wins these arm wrestle matches against her brothers
  • She actually listens to Sev’ral Timez, but denies it on the spot

Grunkle Stan

  • Was at the hospital when Dipper and Mabel were born!! (I aww’d so hard at this)
  • Once he was holding baby Dipper and Mabel, he couldn’t let them go; “Had to fight Shermie just to keep you for another minute” - Softie Stan
  • Stan thinks ladies would call him “Hunkle” Stan (The awareness of the fandom just from this one factoid holy cow)
  • He wonders if Carla would ever return to him if he became rich one day
  • Plans on telling Dipper’s and Mabel’s parents that all they did was fish the whole Summer


  • Is a huge fan of “Monster-Mon”
  • Either reads or writes Monster-Mon fanfic novels (Most likely writes them herself)
  • She’s impressed with Dipper’s Monster-Mon knowledge and wants to talk to him about the franchise sometime
  • Sometimes makes dog sounds to scare townsfolk


  • Her pet iguana is named “Grenda Jr.”
  • And her pet dog is named “GrenDog”
  • She once sneezed so hard, that she broke a table

The Gnomes

  • Jeff had been watching the Northwest Mansion because he was planning to try making Pacifica the gnome Queen next
  • Jeff wrote 12 pages about his baby blanket in his diary
  • The gnomes lost their Queen to a badger in the beginning of the Summer, so Jeff’s been taking leadership until they can find the new Queen they’ve been searching for
  • His failed attempts to find this new Queens made many other gnomes slowly lose respect for his leadership


  • Stan called Shermie “square” for being so formal and wearing a bow tie when at the hospital after Dipper’s and Mabel’s birth
  • Thompson is a very picky eater
  • Robbie is still very happy with Tambry


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