I just want to make the best music of all time with my best friends.

You are, Chris, believe me. You’re so selfless that even on your own birthday you gift us, your fans, with more amazing music. Thank you. It’s hard to believe the world has been graced with someone as sweet, as humble, as down to earth, as talented and as positive as you (let’s not forget funny), yet here you are proving time and again that good people do exist and that we should no take them for granted. I’m proud to say I’m your fan and I’ll always love you and the music you wake along with the boys. Happy 40th birthday, you man-child Chris! Hope you never lose your spark.


More under the cut, because I drew too much Eddsworld

^This is not supposed to be shippy, it just kinda happend.

Soooo… pen sketches, yes… and markers. I should buy good markers, but… nah, I’m too lazy for that and they’re expensive af


MBTI Types as Disney Songs

ENTJ: Just Can’t Wait To Be King (The Lion King)
ENTP: Part Of Your World (The Little Mermaid)
INTJ: Do You Want To Build A Snowman (Frozen)
INTP: I Won’t Say I’m In Love (Hercules)
ESFJ: Once Upon A Dream (Sleeping Beauty)
ESFP: Touch The Sky (Brave)
ISFJ: Tale As Old As Time (Beauty And the Beast)
ISFP: Reflection (Mulan)
ENFJ: Be Our Guest (Beauty And The Beast)
ENFP: Friend Like Me (Aladdin)
INFJ: Colors Of The Wind (Pocahontas)
INFP: I’ve Got A Dream (Tangled)
ESTJ: I’m Almost There (Princess And The Frog)
ESTP: Hakuna Matata (The Lion King)
ISTJ: Dig A Little Deeper (Princess And The Frog)
ISTP: He’s A Tramp (Lady And The Tramp)

South Park Birthdays

I tried to find as many birthdays of characters as possible and made a list. If there are any mistakes or you know of any other character birthdays, tell me!

Terrance - January 18
Stuart McCormick - February 15
Timmy Burch - February 24
Randy Marsh - March 1
Kenny McCormick - March 22
Clyde Donovan - April 10
Jimmy Valmer - May 13
Kyle Broflovski - May 26
Jason - June 13
Sheila Broflovski - June 17
Token Black - June 20
Eric Cartman - July 1
Kip Drordy - July 17
Kevin Stoley - July 31
Bebe Stevens - August 13
Butters Stotch - September 11
Mr. Garrison - September 26
Chef - October 4
Gerald Broflovski - October 4
Stan Marsh - October 19
Craig Tucker - October 23
Tweek Tweak - November 10
Phillip - November 12
Shelly Marsh - November 24
Scott Tenorman - December 10
Sharon Marsh - December 16
Wendy Testaburger - December 18
Jesus Christ - December 25


Matt Stone - May 26

Trey Parker - October 19

***Matt shares his birthday with Kyle, and Trey shares his birthday with Stan.


- Mick and Len as pirates who have been avoiding the Navy for so long everyone thinks they’re just a legend - until one day, they show up to steal the last missing piece of cursed gold from Governor Queen’s manor. Raymond Palmer as a very talented but ordinary blacksmith with an overactive imagination and a longing for great adventure: notions which feel decidedly less romantic when he accidentally gets himself captured by real, living pirates.

- or Ray as a commanding officer in the Royal Navy who gets lost at sea when his ship sinks during a storm. He comes back after several months, only to find his name has been largely forgotten, and his deeds have not changed as much as he had believed they would. Discouraged and impoverished, he ends up in a known pirate hang-out, caught in the whirlwind that is two pirate captains, Sara and Rip, arguing over one ship.

-  or the whole Legends team as an actual pirate crew; Rip as the ex-Navy officer who had been screwed over badly by his superiors and he’s sworn to seek revenge (or justice, depending on the point of view). He cannot be exactly picky about his crew: that’s how he ends up with ‘Captain Cold’ - well, just ‘Cold’ now, after his ship has been sunk - and his first mate Rory. That’s how he takes on Sara Lance, the daughter of the governor who has been proclaimed dead before, but miraculously surfaced just recently, causing bar brawls all across the Caribbean. That’s definitely how Rip ends up with Martin Stein, a snooty English explorer who has gone and got himself magically bound to a young Haitian vodouist - and they’re both seeking to safely get out of each other’s heads, or however it is they are connected. Nobody’s even surprised when they are eventually joined by a woman who can take on the skills of various animals, a guy who is bullet-proof, or when they briefly meet that odd couple who can grow wings anytime they please.