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This is btw the kind of crap that Thor is capable of 👀

Nomi: Saves the day with hacking

Sun: Saves the day with her fists

Kala: Saves the day with her intellect and pharmaceuticals

Will: Saves the day with strategy

Riley: Saves the day with empathy and trust

Capheus: Saves the day with his words

And then there’s Wolfgang and Lito

Wolfgang: Saves the day with Crazy EyesTM

Lito: Saves the day with hysterical crying and flair bartending

The Holy Grail of Sam Wilson Fanfic Recs

A list of recommended Sam-positive fanfics and authors by @lunaaltare and @unclesteeb. For more information on how this list was created, click here. 

Just a special reminder to check out @samwilsonbirthdaybang! Let’s keep creating awesome works!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this list in any way!! HAPPY READING!

Holy Grail of Sam FanFic Recs And Authors:

Dreadnought by lunaaltare [Sam/Steve/Bucky, 60k, Explicit]

It’s 2015. So when a Nazi organization bags and kidnaps a bisexual black man to be their next asset, he guesses they’re trying their hand at this whole progressive thing, too. 

Make Me Your Home by Unclesteeb [Sam/Steve, 3k, Teen]

Sometimes, things need more than dusting and cleaning. Sometimes, things just require a lot of hard work.

When There’s Rain Showers by AmarieMelody [Sam/Bucky, 12k, Explicit]

In which Sam and Bucky are married and have a certain code language.

Humor, fluff, more humor, and gratuitous smut at the end.

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So about Glaciator...

… but leaving the love square aside, this was a really fantastic episode!

It may as well be that Adrien can’t really play piano, if all of his practice sessions look like that (that wasn’t the first time Lol XD)

Tom and Sabine and where he proposed!

DJWifi confirmed, like 100%

Clueless Ivan – who has green eyes? [certainly not ppl in this pic :)]

Why did LB need the helmet if she never moved the motorcycle? [I know, safety comes first]

Also: LB/Mari and motorcycles are not a one time thing! Just like her grandma!

The striped tees Adrien models are finally selling!

And Marinette clearly has a thing for tails!

I just want you to know that
  • It’s okay to feel sad, and depressed over school, university or life problems.
  • And it’s okay to think about your bias in those moments.
  • And it’s okay to try to use them as a positive example just because you wanna believe that if they can, i can do it too.
  • It’s okay to take it easy, step by step and relate to your favourite bias. 
  • It’s okay to think that, look, maybe he suffered just as much as i do right now, before debut, maybe he/she was as desperate as i am right now.
  • It’s okay to think that probably he/she wanted to quit, just like you probably want to right now. 
  • But he/she didn’t.
  • That’s the hardest thing to understand. 
  • How did they manage to go through everything and succeed.
  • So, shout out to everyone that thinks about his/her bias, wants them closer. Wants to hang with them, talk to them, hug  them and just chill together.
  • Shout out to everyone that want they bias to come and cheer them up.
  • Shout out to everyone that makes up little conversations with their biases, just because they know it will make them feel better.
  • That shows how much we actually love and care about them, even tho we haven’t even met once.
LGBTQ+ Representation in the 2017 Broadway Season

For a long while, Broadway has been considered somewhat of a haven for the LGBTQ+ community (the past few years, though, have been monumentally lacking). For this post, I’m making a list of LGBTQ+ representation currently on Broadway. This will not include fanon opinions or implied LGBTQ+ characters. I’m talking about characters who either say “I am LGBTQ+/not cis/not straight” outrightly or are seen/discussed as being in a romantic relationship with a same-gender character. I will also only be discussing musicals, as plays have very, very limited accessibility.

Shows that I have not seen before and/or do not have enough information/knowledge to confirm one way or another are labeled with a question mark. If you know about any LGBTQ+ representation in these shows, please reblog with that information, and I’ll update this post accordingly! Also, if I have missed or somehow misinterpreted any representation, please send me an ask, or something, just tell me, and I’ll make the appropriate changes!

Here we go! Happy pride!

A Bronx Tale - No.

Aladdin - None.

Amelié -?

Anastasia - No.

Bandstand -?

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical - Nope.

Cats - Nada.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - No.

Chicago - None.

Come From Away - A lot of non-straight characters are in this show! Two of the most prevalent supporting characters are an interracial gay couple! Also, LGB (sadly, no transgender/nonbinary/or otherwise non-cis characters are ever mentioned) family members are mentioned by various other characters. No discussion of non-cis people, though, and all non-straight characters are supporting, not lead.

Dear Evan Hansen - :/// None.

Falsettos - The best! The greatest! The lead character is a Jewish gay man who is in love with another Jewish gay man! Also! An interracial lesbian couple!! The most representation of LGBTQ+ people on Broadway since Fun Home. (Still no non-cis people, though.)

Groundhog Day: The Musical - There is a very minor gay character in this show.

Hamilton - Noooope! (It’s here that I’ll remind you of this: “This will not include fanon opinions or implied LGBTQ+ characters. I’m talking about characters who either say “I am LGBTQ+/not cis/not straight” outrightly or are seen/discussed as being in a legitimate romantic relationship with a same-gender character.”)

Hello, Dolly! -?

In Transit - Yes! Two of the main characters are gay men in love, and the homophobia they face is mentioned a lot as well! I absolutely love this show, and it has wonderful representation all-around as well! (Thank you to @meepzer for pointing out that I forgot to mention it the first time around (I’ve been listened to this cast album on repeat for a month so I don’t know how I did that))

Kinky Boots - No. (The secondary main character, named Lola, is a self-described “drag queen”–which, of course, is not, under any circumstances, the same as a trans woman–who mostly uses she/her pronouns but identifies as a man and, if my memory is correct, is only attracted to women.)

Miss Saigon -?

Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 - Kind of? Apparently, at one point, Dave Malloy may have confirmed Anatole to be bisexual, but this is never explicitly mentioned or confirmed in the show itself. Also, there is a lot of same-gender attraction seen in this show–i.e. women dancing with and kissing other women, men dancing with and kissing other men–specifically in the chorus, but no character is ever explicitly mentioned as being LGBTQ+.

On Your Feet! -?

School of Rock: The Musical - Yes! The parents of one of the main characters are gay men! BUT, this show has been criticized for a stereotypical portrayal of gay men :(

Sunset Boulevard - Nope.

The Book of Mormon - There is a gay male supporting character who eventually overcomes his internalized homophobia and leads a self-accepting life.

The Lion King - No.

The Phantom of the Opera - Not at all.

Waitress - None.

War Paint -Yes! There is a gay male supporting character.

Wicked - Nope.

Simply put, there’s a lot of work to be done on Broadway, in relation to LGBTQ+ representation, as well as representation overall.


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Such beauty, such grace………. *sigh*

“Me???? Sucked in by the mass marketing of Star Wars products?? Surely not!!!!” I nearly drop my Lightsaber toothbrush in shock as I head to my room and turn off my Star Wars light switch, straighten my Star Wars footy pajamas in disdain, plop down on my Star Wars sheets, cover myself in my Star Wars fuzzy blanket, and lean back on my Darth Vader throw pillows as I flip through the pages of the latest Obi-Wan and Anakin comic while sipping a smoothie out of my Darth Vader Tervis cup as Rey’s Theme blares in the background.