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Reaction to: You asking for a hug

(in all my reactions you are their s/o ,significant other, unless said otherwise)

Rowoon: Alright right so he is the mama, so that means he is probably going to take care of you as well, right? Anywho, if he is working and it is uber important, he would just tell to wait a little bit. But if you keep bugging him about it, he would most likely pull out his mom voice (we all know he has it in there) and tell you he needs to finish working. He would feel bad about it though so later he would cuddle you as much as he possibly can. If he is just reading or something (idk what he likes to do in his free time) and you came up to him and ask he would put his book or whatever he is holding down and open his arms for you to climb on and koala him

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Chani: He might be a little awkward about it but he would probably give you a hug. If he was working he would think about it decide he has enough time to hug you and would give you a tight but short hug

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Inseong: I feel like he has a little bit of a mother side to him so he might be able to say no if he was working but in all honesty, he would probably get up and give you the biggest hug no matter what. If he was in a situation and he couldn’t hug you he would be that somehow calm mom and explain to you that he can’t right now

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Hwiyoung: Alright happy virus give the hugs you are good at jk no but srsly he would drop everything and anything (even another person) to go hug you the second you asked. I feel that he loves hugs and he loves you so of course, he is going to go and give you one of the best hugs of your life 

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Dawon: He would probably be playful about it. Maybe a little teasing….lots of teasing. You would ask and he would be all like “I don't know Do you deserve it> Have you been a good s/o?” And then if you got upset and told him you didn’t really want one anyways he would get up and pull you into him like it is a kdrama and hold you close. After a few minutes he would finally quietly say “You know I love you, right?” and give you a kiss on the head because he truly loves you even if he slight;y acts like he is just a bestfriend

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YoungBin: He said he loves skinship so he will probably smile slightly (because he shy) and give you a really good hug. You know those ones where you just don’t want to let go because you feel so warm and nice and safe all that jazz, yeah he’s gonna give you one of those

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Zuho: Alright so he comes off as cold and kinda emotionless on first impression but he is just a lil’ baby teddy bear who needs a kiss *looks at youngbin*. You ask him and he is going to seem like a little kid. If you were sitting down he would climb in your lap and just give you a snuggle. If you were standing this boy would do his best koala hug he could without hurting you

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Jaeyoon: He would no doubt tease you about it. He would kinda pout a little and say something like “Why don’t you ask for this stuff mooooree” and hug you for forever and four days. Or he would pretend to not want a hug (but who we kidding all of sf9 is going to want a hug) then he’s gonna hug you because he is a lil’ brat (still love him tho)

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Taeyang: I don’t know much about him (that’s horrible i know) But i think he is a ray of sunshine sent from the sun gods to save this terrifying world (he isn’t innocent enough for that tbh). Anywho he is probably going to slowly start backing away from you and once he is far enough away he is going to run up to you grab you in a bear hug and spin around with you in his arms

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Can you do exo's reaction when you finally get up the courage to kiss them first. Hehe

I’d be way too shy to kiss a guy first ;A;


Luhan: wait. what. did that just happen. she kissed me first. omg im meant to kiss her first. im a manly man. manly men kiss first omg noooo..


Suho: mooreee~ Junmyeonniee wants mooooree~



Chen: ChenChen wants another onee~







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