and moon c:

Emotional Temperament
  • Moon in Aries: Sacrificial, young hearted, imaginative, reactive, self prophetic, fearless, quick tempered, innocent, abandoned, alone
  • Moon in Taurus: Faithful, relapses into self indulgence, lazy, concerned but refusing to self sacrifice, overtly loyal, maternal and welcoming, disarming, fretful
  • Moon in Gemini: lacks concentration, unsympathetic but genial, emotionally reactive, nerves, travels, secretive about emotions, undramatic
  • Moon in Cancer: Restless, fearsome, psychic, unstable, intuitive, despondent, martyred, delivering, rich emotional world
  • Moon in Leo: dramatised, fears of the inner child exaggerated, very coloured in impulse, self shame associated with lack of appreciation, faithful, subject to elusion
  • Moon in Virgo: Irritable, over conscious of environment, easily triggered, helpful, intuitive, responsive to distress, anxious and consumed with worry, pedantic
  • Moon in Libra: Impressionable and sympathetic, morale and concerned but detached and self contained, temperamental, evasive, passive aggressive, emotionally unstable especially regarding the day's interaction with people
  • Moon in Scorpio: Contained but secretly uncontrolled, unsympathetic but empathetic, suspicious and paranoid, splitting, passionate and then empty, debilitating and destructive highs and lows
  • Moon in Sagittarius: Escapist, psychic, speculative, detached but generous, tender hearted and noble hearted, shows tremendous loyalty to animals
  • Moon in Capricorn: Self sacrificial, often altruistic and kindly, Dry, distanced but concerned, consumed with material worry, emotionally conscious to the extreme, suspicious
  • Moon in Aquarius: Active emotional life is inhibited by over reactive intellectualism, can generate a coldness about the individual that hides regenerative warmth, excitable, over analyses emotion to extreme
  • Moon in Pisces: Cannot resist environmental stimulus, the impressionable, lack of boundaries, psychic, devoted, melancholy, withdrawing, sacrificial, emotional hemophiliac
  • -C.

sun in the signs: the luminescent qualities of the sign, its radiance, its regal, royal quality, its need to be worshiped 
aries sun qualities must be worshiped for their greatness and triumphs 
taurus sun worshiped for beauty, creativity, and conservation 
gemini sun worshiped for the mind and intellectual qualities 
cancer sun worshiped for its creativity, empathy, and quality of dream
leo sun worshiped for its essence, artistry, and presence 
virgo sun worshiped for its skill, quality of mind, and technical talents 
libra sun worshiped for its grace, beauty, and sociability 
scorpio sun worshiped for its mystique, power, and emotion 
sagittarius sun worshiped for its knowledge, experience, and philosophy 
capricorn sun worshiped for its success, glory, and talent 
aquarius sun worshiped for its individuality, self expression, and altruism 
pisces sun worshiped for its vision, empathy, and creativity 

moon in the signs: increases the intuitive qualities of the sign’s expression
an ultra intuitive moon in aries 
a time sensitive, nature intuitive taurus moon
a telepathic gemini moon
a clairvoyant cancer moon 
a creative manifesting leo moon 
an intuitive virgo moon 
an interpersonally psychic libra moon 
a crystal gazer scorpio moon 
a prophetic sagittarius moon 
a time sensitive capricorn moon 
a telepathic aquarius moon 
a psychic pisces 

mercury in the signs: increases the quality of mind and calculation
mercury in aries: turns rapid movement into rapid thought 
mercury in taurus: cerebral creativity 
mercury in gemini: clever and mercurial 
mercury in cancer: emotionally intelligent 
mercury in leo: broadway light mind
mercury in virgo: technical intelligence 
mercury in libra: interpersonal intelligence 
mercury in scorpio: calculated curiosity 
mercury in sagittarius: mental adventurer 
mercury in capricorn: calculates dream
mercury in aquarius: mentally unusual 
mercury in pisces: thinks a dream

venus in the signs: increases the fun and flowery qualities of the sun
a childlike aries venus 
a creative taurus venus 
a socially harmonic gemini venus 
a poetic cancer venus 
a ravishing, loving leo venus 
a gesturing virgo venus 
a dancing libra venus 
an empathic scorpio venus 
an interested (in people) sagittarius venus 
a noble hearted capricorn venus 
a playful aquarius venus 
an ultra affectionate venus pisces 

mars in the signs: increases the potency and raw aggression of the qualities
rapid cycling mars in aries 
bull headed mars in taurus 
silver tongued mars in gemini 
scathingly reactive mars in cancer 
dramatically self centred mars in leo 
hurtfully critical mars in virgo
passive aggressive mars in libra 
confrontational mars in scorpio 
blunt to the point of pain mars in sagittarius 
cold hearted solo minded ambition mars in capricorn 
unforgiving detachment mars in aquarius 
psychic wounding mars in pisces


Soul Purpose of Moon signs 

Moon in Aries: To direct intense emotional energies into the mental body so fresh, intuitive ideas can be generated, like a flower springing from wintery darkness. The crisis is channeling confusing emotions into the mind. The moon is ultra spiritually active in Aries 

Moon in Taurus: Expressing pure creativity that satisfies material and spiritual desires. Personal emotions have admirable empathy and generate marvellous creativity that shapes the nature of Gods and Goddesses 

Moon in Gemini: The mental and altruistic awareness of emotions becomes a gateway for the creation of relationships. The mind is intensely spiritually alert and establishes new harmonic patterns between people 

Moon in Cancer: Turning back time, the individual remains partly in past lives. The goal is to materialise a cradle to protect, nourish, and nurture like the Mother Goddess. This is to use the illumination of the moon to radiate pure, unconditional love 

Moon in Leo: Self awareness and identity emanates from grandiose emotional activity. Feelings about themselves are based on their opportunity to give and receive love passionately and intensely 

Moon in Virgo: Christ inside, the individual is a sacred world server, spirit’s child. The individual activates all vibrations of love on behalf of whole humanity and all of earth’s minerals, plants, and animals 

Moon in Libra:  The creation, facilitation, and growth of love and relationships is the Moon in Libra’s soul plan. Bringing and reuniting souls on their journey together. Turns ego-driven need for relationships into spiritual love for all beings

Moon in Scorpio: To resist the ego’s need for isolation and separation. To generate the sacred, healing power of the spiritual self and dissolve destructive and karmic emotional activity and impulsive action. This facilitates soul level transformation

Moon in Sagittarius: The emotional nature is nourished and sustained by physical experience, to wander the temple of earth. The generation of ideas and vision that benefit the collective spirit and body. Submits the physical nature to something higher 

Moon in Capricorn: To direct and arrange personal vision and goals from being physically and materially based to wholly spiritual pursuits. To facilitate safety and spiritual nourishment for collective humanity 

Moon in Aquarius: Tremendous spiritual responsibility is born with Moon in Aquarius. Powerful, vibrational love is directed into the mind and as a matrix for wider humanity, immersing every soul like air droplets. To dissociate from the bias of human emotion and judgment to radiate the essence of higher beings, angels, pure unconditional love 

Moon in Pisces: Powerful soul work is activated with Moon in Pisces. The will of God is bought forth through the vessel of bright, loving illumination. Potent, universal compassion nourishes the soul of the world


Soul Contracts 

Aries: Self actualisation 
Taurus: Loss of attachment to material desire
Gemini: Bringing opposites together 
Cancer: Mastering the emotional experience
Leo: Demonstrating the will of God
Virgo: Dissolving ego needs for causes larger than the self 
Libra: Completion through human connection
Scorpio: Mastering ego death
Sagittarius: Searching for a personal philosophy 
Capricorn: Realising their true limitations 
Aquarius: Sharing the vision 
Pisces: Healing, soothing soul homesickness 

Moon in Aries: Emotional awareness and understanding 
Moon in Taurus: Responding to emotions with internal (and not external) resources
Moon in Gemini: Synthesising mind with emotion
Moon in Cancer: Developing peace in the emotional storm
Moon in Leo: Nurturing while being nurtured 
Moon in Virgo: Using personal experiences to emotionally support others
Moon in Libra: Developing awareness of personal emotional needs
Moon in Scorpio: Perishing emotion no longer necessary for spirit development
Moon in Sagittarius: To answer universal questions through the inner experience
Moon in Capricorn: To understanding the validity of their emotions
Moon in Aquarius: To relate personal emotions to the universal experience of emotions
Moon in Pisces: Development of universal, unconfined empathy