and monkey d luffy

psycoaces21-blog-blog  asked:

Ok I can see that ur a very busy man but I have a question WHY FOR THE LOVE OF GOLD ROGER DO PPL THINK LUFFY IS YOUR AND DRAGON'S kid Y answer whenever you get time

As you can see, people are morons who’ll believe anything.

It’s a common saying that “anything is possible” on the Grand Line, but that shouldn’t be taken too literally.

Wait a minute….


Nope, it hasn’t been dropped. If anything, I’VE been on hiatus. I haven’t been around for a long while because I’ve been trying to rest and recover from some health issues. 

As for Snare, the sixth route for chapter 26 is 8k words kinda done. I still need to give it a read but if all goes well, it’ll be up this week. Or within this month. Hopefully. HALP