and monica as well

So I have been playing Comrades again, and finally made some progress. I was doing this quest and well after, Monica looked kinda troubled. And I was like wondering why for a moment, because she is always so excited and happy to make that meal for ya. Turned out, she served us black burned meat.

Steve: Nancy, we need more candy…

Nancy: What? But there’s only been like four kids.

Steve: Yeah, I know… but one of them just said she loved me so I just gave her everything.

Life is Strange

To All of You - Syd Matters

Crosses - José González

Santa Monica Dream - Angus Stone

Piano Fire - Sparklehorse

Obstacles - Syd Matters

Mt. Washington - Local Natives

Something Good - alt-J

Got Well Soon - Breton

Lua - Bright Eyes

The sense of me - Mud Flow

Mountains - Message to Bears

In My Mind - Amanda Palmer

Kids Will be Skeletons - Mogwai

Spanish Sahara - Foals

The one where aubrey finds out (bechloe Friends AU one shot)

Aubrey just arrived at the hotel where the bellas were staying for the USO tour, the other bellas arrived a little earlier considering all their individual schedules were different and she had to finish some last minute work at the retreat camp before she can finally get off, she realized that the window on her room was exactly opposite chloe’s she was about to call the room number when suddenly she saw beca, she was there and she was hugging chloe from the back, kissing her on the neck and slowly pulling down the zipper of that dress chloe was wearing and then it hit her. What the hell was happening? she had no idea about this and all she can do was scream and close her eyes while she turned around only to see fat amy with jessica and ashley at her door “aubrey what is happening?” fat amy quickly asked “what is happening?you tell me!look at that window and tell me what is that!?” Aubrey didn’t know how to feel she just witnessed her two friends getting it on like wild rabbits “oh my god this is bad, okay just come here and we’ll explain” “yeah just take a deep breath and let us tell you what is going on” is what all jessica and ashley had to help aubrey calm down.

“Okay so you’re telling me this has been going on for 6 months?“Aubrey asked amy as the three explained to her what clearly was a situation she had no idea about. "Yes i know because beca is my roommate and these two know because chloe is their roommate” fat amy replied “they didn’t want to tell you because well because of this kind of reaction” jessica added “well don’t get me wrong i’m happy for them and i saw it coming but oh my god” while aubrey was still in a state of shock she saw the three bickering like parents on wether they should tell beca and chloe about this but she wanted to have some fun with this secret “i think we should keep it, i wanna play with this situation for a little while” Fat amy was very intrigued “and how are we gonna do that?” “I’m gonna try and seduce beca and we’re gonna see how they’ll react” aubrey had some thoughts but settled with this one which obviously is not going to be hard cause duh.

It was dinner time and all the bellas were together, beca and chloe were sitting side by side and aubrey purposely sat beside beca. “So beca…i heard being a music producer can be very stressful and i know a way to take all that stress off, if you want i can come by later at your hotel room to teach you some stuff” she asked seductively with her hand on beca’s lap. Beca didn’t know what was going on, she was confused and maybe a bit scared of this aubrey because well let’s face it aubrey never looked at her in that way before. “Uhm aubrey you okay? Is there something you wanna tell me?” aubrey looked at her and grabbed her hand “Well there is…but you’re the only person I can’t tell it to, and the person i want to tell it to the most” she caught chloe’s reaction, her face looking very confused and jealous and a bit scared all at the same time. The whole night was aubrey getting all cuddly with beca with some lingering touches at some very inappropriate places. “Okay i think i’m gonna head upstairs to fix some laundry, beca wanna do it with me?” chloe asked “sure i’ll do it with ya” beca quickly replied “wow i didn’t know you two do laundry together now” aubrey asked seriously “ha yeah well that’s us” beca replied nervously and as if she wasn’t nervous enough aubrey grabbed her hand passing her room number with a note that says call me.

“Chloe, babe you have to believe me. Aubrey was definitely flirting with me look she even gave me her room number with a call me note” chloe was at beca’s room trying to fit all the pieces together with how the evening just went “i know bec, i saw her hands on your lap and heard everything, but why?” chloe can’t think of any reason why aubrey will do this “Can’t it be just because of me, i mean i AM pretty hot” beca swear she saw chloe’s eyes rolled “yea well there’s that but there has to be something else….unless” “unless what chloe?” “Unless she knows! That’s the only explanation tbh” beca stood up from their cuddle on the bed “well what about me and my sexy bod and aubrey’s possibility of wanting this…..wait..SHE KNOWS!” chloe laughed and grabbed beca’s waist “well if she knows she still doesn’t know that we know she knows” “what do you suggest my lady?” chloe winked at beca and explained her brilliant plan for revenge with aubrey.

“Call her now” chloe couldn’t wait to start this so called competition “i am…jeez, wait it’s ringing” aubrey answered the phone “hello who is this?” beca looked at chloe for some help but all she got was a laugh “Hey aubrey this is beca, just wondering if maybe you could come by later and maybe….you could teach me how to take all this stress off and maybe…even more” beca asked, now being the seductive one, chloe was beside beca now encouraging her with a dozen of thumbs up and a lot of silent “yes” but what they didn’t know was fat amy was in aubrey’s room “uuhm well okay i have to get back on about that” aubrey replied and quickly hanged up “she wants me to go to her room!” aubrey exclaimed “what?shawshank will never do that to chloe….wait let me check my phone” fat amy checked her phone and saw beca’s message informing her that aubrey knows and she has to keep her mouth shut or hell will break loose “well this explains it, they know that you know” aubrey was shocked “okay but now we have the edge again, they don’t know that i know they know i know” aubrey walked to the phone confidently calling beca “hey beca, yea i’ll be around there in 10, can’t wait”

“Okay you got this babe just pretend like you wanna have sex with her that’s all” chloe said while fixing beca’s hair and spraying some mint spray in her mouth “what if I can’t do this” beca said “of course you can, you’re on my team and my team always win” chloe was serious “at this?!” beca retorted “just go get some”. While the two were preparing, fat amy and aubrey were doing the same thing. Aubrey wore a dress with some buttons to cover her cleavage and added some perfume fat amy gave her saying it’s some kind of a babe magnet. With a bottle of wine and two glasses on her hand she knocked on beca’s door and took a deep breath ready to put on a fight. “okay go inside the toilet and hide” beca said to chloe “okay you got this hot stuff” chloe ran off after kissing beca for some good luck.

“Hello aubrey” beca greeted as she open the door “well hello beca, you gonna let me in? I have wine” aubrey said while smirking at beca “well of course, come in come in” aubrey quickly opened the bottle of wine and both of them stood there just quietly drinking “should we take this to the room?” beca blurted “wha?” aubrey a bit too surprised with that “i mean that is why we’re here right?” beca asked, building all that remaining confidence she has “oh yea, but first i want you to..rub some lotion on me” now aubrey was blurting stuff out “yes. well i have lotion. I’ll get lotion”. Beca went straight to the toilet chloe was hiding to get the lotion “okay chlo she’s not backing down, she wants me to rub lotion on her” chloe automatically pulls beca in for a kiss “you have a very big reward after this so go and win” beca nodded “hell yea i am”. Aubrey was on the front of the door talking to amy while beca was getting the lotion “amy she’s not backing down she went to get some lotion” fat amy thinking carefully for a way they can break beca quickly “okay button down woman, beca has to see those boobs she’s a sucker for those, now go”. Beca got back in the room seeing aubrey with her bra all up front walking towards her “so uhm this is my bra” beca felt like she was gonna die from all these “i can see that…” aubrey walked a bit more closer to beca “i’m gonna kiss you now” beca gulped “not if i kiss you first”.

Both of them awkwardly moving closer to each other and before aubrey was about to kiss beca, beca shouted “okay no! I can’t do this” aubrey moved away “and why not!?” asking proudly “because i’m with chloe, because i’m in love with chloe” chloe walks out of the toilet looking very surprised with that announcement beca made, beca grabbed chloe’s waist and looked at her “i love you chloe” chloe was about to cry her heart very full at this special moment “i love you too beca” they kissed and for a second they forgot aubrey was there “well it’s about time”

Like We Used To {Part 1}

Mark x Reader
Genre: AU/Fluff/angst/implied smut (is that a thing?)
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There were other ways you wanted to spend your Saturday morning, being at the mall wasn’t one of them. You walked through the hustle and bustle of the mall trying to find a last minute outfit for the engagement party of your two best friends. You caught the scent of coffee, the strong aroma reminding you that you hadn’t had your daily fix yet. While waiting for your order your phone rang,

 “Hello?” you answered, giving a slight nod in acknowledgment to the barista as you grabbed your coffee.

 “Y/N! What are you up to?”

 “I’m…” you hesitated knowing that you would get lectured and face your friend’s disapproval, “At the mall,” you finished.

 “Oh good!” she expressed delightedly over the phone, “I don’t know what you’re wearing tonight but you need to make sure you dress drop dead gorgeous.”

This was a typical request of your best friend and you knew she only made this request for a specific reason. Still to give her the benefit of the doubt you inquired anyways, “Why?”

 “Well first of all, you’re my maid of honour so you have to look good next to me,” she teased, “Second of all, I have someone I want you to meet.”

 You called it, rubbing your temples in frustration, “Monica, how many times do I have to tell you I don’t need to be set up with another guy. It’ll happen when it happens.” you sighed into the phone.

 “Y/N, I only mean the best for you. I just want you to be as happy as I am.” she tried persuading.

 “I’m glad you’re happy Monica, but maybe we both have different ideas of what happiness is,” you said as you walked into the store.

 There was a long pause on the other line and you were hopeful that she understood and would finally lay off, “Or maybe you just need to get laid.” She cackled, knowing she would ease the tension between you two.

 You stopped in your tracks, surprised at her sudden statement but a grin formed on your face, “Excuse me, I get plenty,” you defended.

 “Oh yeah? When was the last time?” you could picture her sitting there and smiling.

You couldn’t recall the last time, you couldn’t even remember the last time you went out on a date. “Fine, I’ll look nice.” reluctantly, you gave in.

“Perfect! We’ll see you tonight, oh and Y/N you can’t look as good as me though. Remember, I’m the bride” your friend teased, celebrating the small victory she had just won. 

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I think part of why I take it all so personally is I am deeply ambitious.

I want to be first place, every time, in every situation. I remember every award I didn’t win, every law school I didn’t get into, every accolade I wasn’t given, and I take them all personally. (is this an ‘unhealthy competitive attitude’? well probably, monica, but it’s too late to fix that now.)

and I want what ambition points to. I work harder and longer than anyone I know and I want it all—executive editor of all the journals, my name on the dean’s list for every semester, best memorandum, first place in moot. I want the corner office in the nationally-recognized firm. I want the 80 hours a week schedule and the trophy case and an alphabet soup of letters after my name, I want to give lectures and write books and published articles and big name clients; have people talk about me when I’m not present. I might even want to run for office someday! who knows! 

and I swear to god, I would rip out part of my heart if I thought it would get me there.

but even just telling all of you (who do not know me, and will never know me) feels transgressive, because you’re not allowed to say these things to people! you have to ask, you have to move sideways, and slowly, and wait, and receive. (lots of being receptive, open, like—fuck this, we’re not ancient rome, I want to be the active party.) I’ve never regretted anything I’ve gone after wholeheartedly, and yet people who know me well and love me still ask, “are you sure that’s what you want?” 

so it’s deeply offensive to me that unlovable might be the thing that bars my way