and monica as well

Life is Strange

To All of You - Syd Matters

Crosses - José González

Santa Monica Dream - Angus Stone

Piano Fire - Sparklehorse

Obstacles - Syd Matters

Mt. Washington - Local Natives

Something Good - alt-J

Got Well Soon - Breton

Lua - Bright Eyes

The sense of me - Mud Flow

Mountains - Message to Bears

In My Mind - Amanda Palmer

Kids Will be Skeletons - Mogwai

Spanish Sahara - Foals

Here are the only ways that the htgawm plot from now on is acceptable:

1- Oliver finds out about everything and send them all to jail

2- Wes is alive and making a plan with Nate and the police to send Frank and Bonnie to jail

3- HTGAWM spin off of the keating 5 alive and well working in Santa Monica defending the sunblock companies against false advertising charges

4-Wes and Laurel had a plan to escape and Laurel is the one that “””dies””” next

5- Zumbi apocalypse except there’s nothing to worry about cause Wes is back

6- Laurel has been coma dreaming and when she wakes up Wes is holding her hand and everyone is making fun of them already