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Sam Wilkinson Smut

REQUESTED ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Y/n POV I was sitting in my 3rd period class next to the schools Bad Boy along with his group of friends, the populars. Sam Wilkinson, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, Big Mike, Nate Maloley, and his younger brother, Stew (Stewart) Maloley. They had been pissing me off all day cause with my luck I had all or almost all of my classes with them. Sam sat right behind me and kept whispering dirty thing he was going to do to me making it really difficult to focus. You came to conclusion that no matter how hard you tried to convince yourself that you didn’t take even a little bit of liking to all of their amazingly gorgeous features. The were hot and there’s nothing you could do to deny that. “Students your going to have a partner to complete this project assignment so if you would please be quiet,” he said. I groaned along with the rest of the class. “…..……………………………………………………………….. And finally Y/n y/l/n and Samuel Wilkinson” I turned my head around to face my friend, Mariah as she shock her head and laughed as I have her a pissed off/ glare look. The bell rang and I didn’t even glance at Sam or the rest of them but I could feel their eyes burning into the back of me. “I shouldn’t have worn the knee high socks with the tight skater skirt,” you thought as you walked out. You met up with your group of friends that were all huddled around your locker. “Hey guys,” you said confused as to why they were ALL there. “Is it true?” I instantly knew what they were talking about as soon as those words came out of Jennifer’s mouth. “Unfortunately,” I replied. We made small talk for about 3 minutes before I had to go. My group consisted of Amanda, Jennifer, Daisy, India, Kortney, Lanae, Rochelle, Danielle, Mariah, Madyson, Amber, Vera, Michelle, Kylee, Brianna, Anna, Mitza, Elizabeth, Jenna, and Melissa. We were popular I guess you could say. We were kind of the group every one likes and knew about aside from the bitches, Madison’s Group, then Sam’s group. Then of course there were the rest, Jocks, Singers, Stoners, geeks, overachievers, underachievers, pranksters, Christians, Emo’s etc. My group was the 3rd most popular, 2nd the bitches, 1st Sam’s group. Sam claims he knows everything about everyone especially me, but I can assure you they don’t. For instance, I like to smoke weed, I’m a bit of a stoner too. That’s what and where I was going to do right now in fact. I made my way to the back of my high school, and saw my best friends since 6th grade, Phenix, Lonny, Eli, Brennon, Riley, Mason, and Jesse. Yes, they’re all guys. “Hey betch” Eli said in a girl voice. I chucked, “hey bae!” replying in the same girly voice. “Are we gonna do this or what?!” I aded on referring to getting stoned. The laughed for a sec until Phenix said , “Oh yeah, we’re gonna get high at the park like usual but there’s some people that are gonna tag along too,” “Okay, well where are they?” “They’re gonna meet us there,” and with that we started walking to the park so we wouldn’t get caught smoking especially on school grounds. We made it to the park and to a seat down spread out either on the grass, playground equipment, or on the bench. Phenix started rolling a joint, Brennon got out a pipe, and Eli being Eli pulled a bong out of his backpack and loaded the bowl. I also started rolling a joint. I light the blunt and toke a hit, then another holding it in to take around my surroundings. I let it out and toke one last hit before passing it to Mason. “Bad day?” He mumbled to me and I just shook my head yes, already feeling the weed in my system. Brennon toke a hit from his pipe and handed it off to me. I light the weed and held the flame for a few seconds intending to get a big hit. Right as I pulled the lighter away and inhaled A LOT I heard a branch crunch behind me. I didn’t turn around right away because I was feeling so good. I turned my head after taking the biggest I ever had to reveal all of them. Sam Wilkinson, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, Big Mike, Nate Maloley, and Stew Maloley. “SHIT!” I said. They stood there with smirks on their faces. “Well well well so called ‘Ms Perfect’ isn’t so perfect now is she?” Gilinsky said. “What the he’ll do you guys want?!?” I snapped back. “Well, same thing you want baby girl ……. To get high,” Sam whispering on the back of my neck sending chills to rise up my spine. • About 30 minutes later • We were all SUPER high by now, and I was out of it considering I found myself sitting on Sam’s lap facing him. I began moving around because I wasn’t completely comfortable, as I did this instantly Sam’s grip got tighter throwing his head back in what I assumed pleasure when I felt him getting harder by the second. I knew what I was doing and I was gonna take advantage of it too. “You okay, Daddy?” I whispered empathizing “daddy” into his ear. “Please y/n….” He responded . I was pushing him over the edge as I said, “please what Daddy? Is something wrong?” Acting as innocent as possible. He grabbed my waist and walked is over to his car setting me in the passenger seat. • SKIPS CAR RIDE • He unlocked the door to what I assumed his house and forcefully pushed me against the wall hovering right over my lips. “You’re gonna pay for that, babygurl,” he said. “I need you Sammy!” I practically moaned when he started kissing my neck nibbling on my sweet spot. He instantly pulled away, “what was that?” He said with eyes full of need. “I n-need you D-daddy,” he grabbed ahold of my ass indicating he wanted me to jump. I obeyed his orders as he walked upstairs. He walked into a room and threw me on the bed taking his shirt off. Before he could climb on top of me I pulled myself up to his torso grabbing ahold of his jeans. I in bottomed and unzipped them pulling down both his jeans and Calvin Klein underwear. I toke his member in my hands and started pumping slowly. Deep groans from his mouth escaped one by one. I licked up his shaft and placed a kiss on his head before bringing him into my mouth. I slowly started to bob my head hollowing my cheeks out. He pushed more of him into my mouth making me deep throat him practically mouth fucking me. I felt him twitch so I pulled him out of my mouth making a “pop” noise. “What the fuck y/n?!” He said not being afraid to exaggerate the anger in his voice. “I won’t let Daddy cum until inside me,” I threw back. Without anymore words being said Sammy immediately grabbed me by my hips pushing me up further to the head board. Then when I thought he was going to push inside of me he flipped me around with my butt in the air. Without any warning he slammed into me causing huge moans to fill the room instantly. He trusted fast and rough. “Fuck y/n,” he moaned into my shoulder. He thrusted even hard which I didn’t think was possible hitting my g-spot every time causing me to be a moaning mess. “You like that?! Huh? You like when Daddy fucks you hard?” He said commanding an answer. “Fuck Yes,” “Fuck yes what?” “Fuck yes Daddy,” “I love it when you fuck me so hard I won’t be able to walk for a week, I love it when you fuck me so hard that I’ll forget everything besides your name, I love it when the whole neighborhood knows how good you make me feel,” I added on which pushed us both over the edge. I felt his warm liquids inside of me then I fell down completely out of breath. He fell beside me is both starring at the ceiling. “That was….” I began “Absolutely amazing” he finished for me. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I hope you liked it.

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—  Nane feat Mitza, Junky & Dj Oldskull - T.T.B.M