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I'm not trying to be rude or anything but I'm genuinely curious. Why do you hate Cersei so much? (i mean in the way that you wouldn't be disappointed if her character was gone, like I, for example, would genuinely miss her cause i find her entertaining) (Also if I totally misread your thoughts on her yIKES IM SORRY)

Other than hating her for the obvious reasons???? She’s literally evil personified and I’m just ready for her bullshit to be done with. Preferably death by dragon fire or Arya’s needle. But yes, she is probably the best villain television has ever seen. Cersei is the ultimate puppet master. Look at her mastery of false propaganda to turn the lords of Westeros against Daenerys. Brilliant yet frustrating. Dramatic irony at it’s best. I loved to hate her and now I just hate her. But in the way she’s meant to be hated based on her disgustingly evil POV in the books and her total disregard for honor and decency in the show. If the Mad King Areys II was the worst ruler Westeros has ever seen, she is right there with him. (Totally unrelated side note but to those that drag Dany and hope and pray she goes mad like her father when she’s trying to overthrow this one (Cersei) really need to check themselves.)

Stop looking for people that are exactly like you. You might find someone into the same things you’re into, but they’ll never see things the same way you do. You may find someone into the same music as you, but they won’t ever carry the same sentiment as you do. That one song attached with fond memories that you’d play over and over again, blaming yourself if you blanked out in one verse, might be just a song they’d listen to if on shuffle; in careless times they’ll listen, but when they’re not listening, they’ll skip. But him-, he was nothing like me. We had different tastes and views in everything and ever since I was young, I always grew up with the idea that I would only be happy and full if I was with someone who was like you know-, me. But You made me feel ever so complete. You made me feel as if there were only two types of species out there. You or I. And I had never ever wanted to be you, I just always wanted to be with you… it’s over now and I guess I’m still learning that I will never find anyone like me nor will I find anyone like you and that scares me because everyone out there already feels so unfamiliar and I’m too scared to become another version of me with another version of you.