and miss my wife

While Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s wife is happy to have him at home more now that he’s finished his award-winning run in Hamilton, there’s one thing she’s missing: his long hair.

“My wife misses my ponytail. She was like, ‘Oh, I have a new husband for a couple of years,‘” Miranda tells PEOPLE. “Less people recognize me with the short hair, hence I love the short hair. I like the 30 minutes a day I save on looking for hair ties.”

  • Namjoon: *Stares longingly out of the window*
  • Jimin: What's wrong hyung?
  • Namjoon: It's dumb but I miss him already. I mean when will my wife return from the jungle?
  • Yoongi in the background: It's been 5 minutes! At least wait until the kitchen is burning down to sulk!
Things that go through my head when I play Pharah

“Can I land on that?”

My team has a Mercy: “Wife!!! Must protect!”

Mercy switches: *sad bird noises*

Killing enemy Mercy: *distressed bird noises*

Killing enemy Ana: “Sorry Mom!”

Punch ALL the railings!

Enemy team has a Pharah: “THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE”

Using Concussive Blast: “Boop~”

Pushing myself over the edge from Concussive Blast: “TOO MUCH BOOP”


Ana on my team: “Must make Mom proud”

“Are you SURE I can’t land on that?”

When I need healing: “I miss my wife”

Using Jump Jet: “Fuck this shit, I’m out”

Killing myself with a rocket: “…Why must the universe punish the good?”

“I will land on this if it kills me”


And what a team it is.