and mispelled words

I’m honestly SO DONE with Tumblr people trying to prove that whatever slang is “problematic” and thus unusable because it has a troubled history



Alright, well the word “okay”–which is the SINGLE MOST UNDERSTOOD WORD AROUND THE GLOBE–originated as this weird trend in Victorian times for making acronyms of intentionally mispelled words because dyslexia and learning disorders are hilarious. O.K. stands for “oll korrect.” So you’re making fun of people who can’t spell worth a shit whenever you use it. Don’t use “okay” unless you hate people with dyslexia and learning disorders!!!!!!!!!

I don’t think you realize how many words have FUCKED UP origins, but here’s a clue, it’s a fucking lot. Don’t play this game or you will wreck yourself when someone who actually knows this enters the game.

MBTI “types as” posts that should be done

mbti types as enzymes

mbti types as bees

mbti types as sharks

mbti types as midlife crisises

mbti types as retired bath and bodyworks scents

mbti types as manifestations of ennui

mbti types as star wars plotholes

mbti types as mispellings of the word excersize. exersise? 

mbti types as weird places on your body you get a single freckle 

mbti types as mbti types pretending to be other mbti types

Commenting on Fanfic: A how-to guide for not being an asshole. Even unintentionally.

You’ve just read a fanfic that has left an indelible impression, and the siren song of the comment box is calling your name. It begs for you to send your opinion to the author… but should you? Are your thoughts really helpful or encouraging or even all that important?

Well… lets break it down! What do you want to say, and should you say it? And if you should, what should you say?


I want to flail at them because their writing is amazing! My comment would be nothing but effuse praise and adulation.

Full speed ahead, captain! By all means! You post that comment! Write for days! There is not enough positive feedback in all the world if you’re a fanfic author. We drink that shit up like it’s the blood of the innocent.

And if you feel awkward about commenting on explicit fic, don’t fret. We’ve all been there. Don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, but if you want to say something positive about an explicit work, go for it! We wrote explicit fic. We know why you’re here.

Something to consider: While, “THIS IS AMAZING! FLAILING FOREVER! THANK YOU!” is an awesome compliment to receive, it isn’t the same as positive feedback. If you’d like to have a bigger impact on an author that you really enjoy, comment with something specific about their writing and how it moved you. 

- “I liked the way you decribed <specific thing here>. It made me feel like I was part of the story.”

- “Your word choice here was amazing!” 

- “ *cut and paste a small section of dialogue or action* This was my favorite part.”

This is not necessary by any means. Flail-comments are still the greatest thing ever, and are the best part of any writer’s day. It’s not a matter of one being better than the other. It’s about what sort of impact you want to have on the writer. Praise and flailing are ego and mood boosters and are sure to help us keep writing, and writing more of what you like. Specific positive feedback is a great way to help a writer find and improve their voice when writing. 

And “thank you” is always nice. It’s good to acknowledge that fic writers do this on their free time, and let them know that you appreciate it.


This fic is amazing and I want to encourage updates or ask when it will be updated!

Tread carefully here. While on one hand, you could simply be meaning to encourage a writer to keep writing, but I know a lot of writers (particularly who start publishing before they are finished) that get anxious over requests for updates. Be mindful of your wording, and be sure you tell the author that you’re enjoying the work. Keep it positive and encouraging. 

Remember that fanfic authors have lives outside of writing fic. There may be some real world obstacles in the way of their fic writing, and guilting them about updates will not help. And in fact, it may hinder their ability to write. Not everyone responds well under pressure when it comes to creative outlets.

Something to consider: Pair your request with compliments! And avoid outright demands for updates.

Do: “This story is so amazing. I really love your pacing throughout the chapters. The suspense is amazing. I can’t wait for more! Thank you so much for writing!”

Don’t: “When are you updating? I’m dying here!” or “Update soon !!!”


Eeek! This fic I really love has a typo/grammatical error! Can I tell the author in a comment?

Pause for a moment! We are now treading into the dangerous land of uninvited criticism. While your intentions are no doubt good, this could very very easily be taken the wrong way. Or just flat unwanted for whatever reason. This is criticism that is coming quite possibly from a total stranger. There are a few things to consider.

First, check the author’s notes on the fic itself. Do they state that it’s unbetaed and invite corrections? Some do! Myself included when I publish something that has been edited by no one but myself. I know I miss things. When this is the case, I always put an invitation for corrections in my author’s notes, and many other fic writers do the same. Or they put it in their author bio on their main page. 

If you see no explicit invitation for corrections, do not do it. It’s as simple as that. I don’t care how egregious the errors are. It is quite simply not your place.

If you do see an invitation for corrections, a few steps are advised. First, go leave a comment on the fic. Make no mention of the corrections there. Just let them know you enjoyed it and thank them for their work. Then, send them a private message, not anonymously, with a gentle wording of the correction. Don’t do this in a comment that everyone can see. There’s no need to be exhaustive if you’ve caught a lot of errors. Sometimes just one or two corrections are enough to make an author go back through with a fine-toothed comb themselves. Then, thank them again in the private message and lay on a compliment or two there as well.  Again… this is not their day job, nor are you their writing professor.

Do: In a private message, “Hi AmazingAuthorPerson! I absolutely loved your fic “Fic from the Pairing X.” You invited spelling corrections in your author notes, and I wanted to let you know that this word was mispelled here.” *copy/paste line where mispelling takes place* “Your work is incredible. Thank you so much for taking the time to write and share with us! Sincerely, PoliteReaderPerson.”

Don’t: In a public comment, “I found errors X, Y, Z, AA, BB, and CC.”

Something to do instead: If you’ve got a good eye for editing, and you’re really interested in helping out fanfiction writers, consider becoming a beta reader. I see requests for beta readers all the time, particularly from people writing in their second/third/fiftyseventh language, and some of the more established fandoms have lists of beta readers. Just know that this can sometimes mean forming a relationship with a writer that goes beyond just comments on their work. Part of what makes unsolicited corrections icky is that they’re coming from total strangers.


The author did not appropriately tag something! Can I tell them?

This is a similar situation to the above scenario with corrections. Even though you may not feel like it be careful, especially with your wording. 

First, consider if there’s something seriously misleading going on? Is the maturity rating wrong? Did they fail to tag triggering material that would have been important to you to know about for safety reasons? 

If it truly is something serious, especially regarding triggering material, very gently tell them using the same method as for corrections. And remember that even though you might be upset, aiming that negativity at the author for what might be an honest mistake or just flat ignorance about tagging is not helpful in the long run.

Do:  “Hi AmazingAuthorPerson! I really appreciate that you take the time to write fanfiction for our fandom. In your fic, “Character Has a Bad Day” there is a scene that contains XYZ triggering material, but the fic is not tagged as containing XYZ material. Would you please update your tags so that your readers can be aware if they need to be? Thank you again for your work! Sincerely, PoliteReaderPerson.”

Don’t: Flame or even shame them in a public comment. Or be rude or angry in the private message. 

Regardless of what the author’s response is, move on with your life. You’re not the fandom police. 


Oh no! I just read a fic and I didn’t like the pairing/ending/a plot twist! I with they had done something else! I need to tell the author!

No, you don’t. 

It’s as simple as that so let me repeat it.

No, you don’t.

Here is where we get into the most valuable tool in a fic-reader’s commenting arsenal. 

Not Commenting.

Yes, it’s true! The option exists to just not comment. You can read something, not like it, and then move on with your life! 

Odds are good the author chose to write what they did for a reason that is personal to them. The idea of changing canon, keeping to canon, shipping a pair, not shipping a pair, or whatever it was spoke to them and they wanted to explore it. Or it was a request from a friend! Regardless, let them do so in peace. 

Or go write your take on the same pairing and write it how you think it should be done. I’ll be honest, I’ve read some fanfic where I’ve gone… “Yeah, I don’t know that I like that. I think I would like this better.” And then I go write it! Or at least bat the idea around awhile until it’s out of my system. Hell… isn’t that what fix-it-fics and non-canon-compliant actually is?

Do: Click the little “x” window. Go read a favorite fic you do like. Leave another positive comment for that author. 

Don’t: Leave negative comments.


That’s the ultimate takeaway here folks. Negative comments are not helpful to fic writers. Full stop. If you feel the author needs to know you didn’t like something, particularly if it has to do with what they chose to write about, or how they chose to portray a character/pairing, I would ask you this:

Why does the author need to know? 

Why does the author need to know about your personal tastes in fandom/fanfiction? Especially if it doesn’t include what they are writing. They aren’t here to cater to you and your personal tastes. That is what fic commissioning is for. That’s what tagging is for. So we all can find what we want to enjoy.

So enjoy things. And let other people enjoy things. And most importantly, let authors enjoy writing the things they feel moved to write about.

This has been a public service announcement.

*vanishes in a puff of feathers and caffeine.*

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99, 98, 93 with aleister black?

I am. So worried I am going to butcher this. If I do, pls don’t yell at me, I may look like a boss ass bitch but I am a marshmallow.

#93:  “It’s a real shame nobody asked for your opinion.”
#98:  “Hold me back!”
#99:  “I don’t care what they said, it doesn’t mean shit!”

You tugged at Aleister’s arm, trying to get him to just move. Never would you think you’d be in this situation, the two of you usually getting on as well as cats and dogs. Although the man challenging was larger, you were more worried for what Aleister would do to him, knowing he would easily come on top.

“I believe you owe her an apology,” Aleister warned, his voice growing low, a snarl passing through his teeth at the sarcastic smirk plastered on the man’s face. The man had run into you at the bar, ultimately spilling his own drink all over himself. You tried to apologize, really you did, but that didn’t stop him from hurling insults your way. That’s when Aleister got involved.

“Yeah? It’s a real shame nobody asked for your opinion,” his hand pushed at Aleister’s shoulder, expecting to intimidate him a bit. You saw his aura grow thicker with rage at that movement. “Are you going to buy me ‘nother drink or not, bitc-” he never finished his sentence, a tattooed fist fell against the front of his face, knocking the drunkard to the floor. You moved quickly in front of Aleister, pushing at his chest to move him away from the situation. One of your hands fell against his cheek, cupping it gently. Tingles erupted against your spine as you felt his jaw clench beneath your fingertips.

You ignored the squeals coming from what you assumed was the man’s girlfriend, forcing Aleister’s eyes down to yours, whispering small words to calm him down. You turned your head a bit, following Aleister’s line of vision to the girl holding the face of the man, unconscious from either the punch, his alcohol level, or hell, both.

“Are you happy now, he did nothin’ wrong, but your menace of a boyfriend just had to start somethin’, too much of a pansy to punch ‘im when he’s sober,” you did a complete 180 at this, cocking your head to the side as she stood up, getting in your face. A small ‘what’ left your lips as you tried to understand what this girl may be on. “What, this the only way h’can get you off anymore, pickin’ fights with innocent strangers? His dick too small for a whore like you to be satisfied?” 

Your tongue pushed against your front teeth, a chuckle passing your lips as you looked at the girl. “I’m gonna put you on the fucking floor,” you were suddenly held back, fighting against the arms keeping you in place.

Hold me back,” the girl whispered to her friend before shouting back at you. “If it wasn’t for them holding me back, I’d kick your ass,” she growled out, making no move to go at you, pissing you off even more.

“Let’s go, come on, I’ll rip that infected ass tongue through your teeth,” you hissed back, launching her direction yet again, only to, this time, be lifted by tattooed arms. “Put me down, Aleister!” you fought against his arms, ultimately making zero impact in getting his arms off of you. As you passed through to the back alley, he finally set you down, arms stopping you yet again as you tried to pass through the door.

“You stay here, I’m going to go grab your things,” his voice stayed calm, which only made you angrier as you growled out a ‘but they said-’ before being cut off. “I don’t care what they said, it doesn’t mean shit!

“You did earlier, now that I jump on board with you for once, you move on, that’s bullsh-” one of his hands took hold of your face with a rough touch, angling it as his lips pressed against yours in a heated passion. Your eyes went wide as he pulled away just as quickly, your voice growing small. “O-oh.” you mentally hit yourself at your response.

“Are you going to listen now?” He questioned, his hold on your chin loosening without completely releasing it. You ignored his question, opting for the age old, cheesy, ‘you just kissed me,’ response. Your eyes met with his, heart leaping at the small smile rising on his lips. “I did,” your face angled up to his as his lips moved to hover over yours. “And I’m going to do it again,” This time it was softer, yours lips easily moving in sync with his. 

Time seemed to slow down as you pulled away, instantly wanting another. His forehead pressed against yours. “I’m going to go get your things, stay here.” You nodded gently, biting on your bottom lip as he pushed past the metal door, only to come out a few minutes later, your purse and jacket in tow. 

He set your jacket around your shoulders, before his arm rested across them, tugging you close to his body. Your fingers moved to intertwine with the ones dangling over your shoulder, calmly asking where you were going. 

“Cafe, about a five minute walk. We need to talk about some things,” he muttered out, doing nothing to hide the smile blossoming on his lips. 

Keep The Door Open_ Zach Dempsey x Reader (Justin Foley’s sister)

So I’m french and start Tumblr two weeks ago I think. And I discover this amazing things called “Imagines” and just fell into it. And then, I decide to write one. So since I’m french, you can guess that English isn’t my first language so I excuse myself for all the mispelled word and everything. Hope you will enjoyed.

Warning: None, except the fact that I love Zach so much.

Originally posted by love-me-like-this

      You know it’s bad. Or not. All you know, the only things your brain is capable of process for the moment is how good Zach Dempsey is a kisser. And you can totally deal with it. Because you’re kissing him back. In your bedroom, on your bed. Two feet away from your brother’s room, your boyfriend’s best friend. Yeah, you know how mess up it sound but you like Zach since Justin came back home one day with him. He is an old crush, and you were okay with keep it a secret since you were incapable to talk to him without babbling stupidly. So you really didn’t though he liked you back. That was completely impossible. That why you thought he was messing with you when he asked you out, you thought your brother was trying to mock you because you win at basketball against him the night before. And you specially didn’t believe Zach because he asked you in school where a dozen of students could have see you or heard you. But he keep asking, and you finally say yes. And now, that’s exactly what you’ve been doing since three months. Hiding and making out like horny teenagers.

           You and Zach wanted to go public but both of you were a little scared by the reaction of Justin when he will learned the truth. So you kept it quiet waiting for the right moment. But with all the mess with Hannah Baker’s tape (yes you knew about it, she wasn’t your friend but you liked her, and learning you brother and boyfriend play a role in her death wasn’t easy to deal with. Especially with the Bryce’s tape), and Jessica breaking up with him; your brother wasn’t in the right shape to deal with anything.

           Zach moves to your jugular, kissing you. He always makes you so lost after a make out session. For hours you could still feels his breath on your neck, the shape of his lips or his scent on your close. It’s like he has a super power, making you hot and lost and only capable to think about him for the next hours.


He keeps kissing you, ignoring your voice.

“Zach? Baby?”

Your right hand is playing with his hair, loving how soft they are.


You smiled a little, knowing he trying to ignore you because he’s already know what you’re going to tell him.

“You know you can’t leave mark here.”

He’s finally leaving your neck to look you in the eyes.

“Why are you always breaking my heart Y/N?”

He’s pouting like a three years old who didn’t get the toys he wants. It’s look so cute that you can’t repress the urge to kiss him and changing place on the bed to be on top.

“First because Justin doesn’t know about us and I really don’t want to have this weird conversation with him at breakfast. And two, because i don’t like it. I always saw hickey like marks.”

“That was it is Babe. Love marks.”

He kiss you again making you speechless for a few second. But your hands find their way to his torso and push him back to the mattress holding him.

“But I just find them disturbing you know, like suddenly you were just on objects that someone own. And everyone is judging you, talking behind you back. Making you feeling bad and awful. Sometimes, i see girl with hickeys on their neck, next to their boyfriend. They should look happy, but their eyes are filled with  fear, but they have to pretend because that’s why their boyfriend expected them to do. They controlling their lives. And I don’t want that.”

You know you speak without thinking, because after you finished, Zach hands fell from your hips and his eyes looks hurt.

“Do you really think so low of me Y/N? Do you think I want to put on hickey on your neck only to treat you like shit? Really? After I run after you for a month, asking you repeatedly on a date when you just keep rejecting me? You must be fucking kidding me.”

Zach push you back on the other side of the bed, collecting his things. You’re so lost by how things went to hell in a few second that your brain doesn’t register with the actual situation right away. But just before he reach the door you push him against it kissing him like your life depends on it. Because it is, you love Zach fucking Dempsey so much that you cannot live with him leaving your room without knowing if it will be okay between you two. Your hands are behind his back trying to draw him towards you (with the height difference it’s not really easy to kiss him without holding him) you’re trying to show him how sorry you are for hurting him, showing him how much you care about him. You can feel how much he cares about you. His hands travels along your back till it stop after your ass to carry you. Letting you be has his height. He push you back to the door and kissing you like he’s going to die tomorrow.

After you’re both breathless from the kiss, you try to make you look at him.

“Zach, I didn’t want to hurt you. I’m sorry but it’s not okay if you leave every time I going to hurt you. Because I’m going to do it, even if I don’t want too. So you need to tell me, explain me your point of view. I don’t know the world. I only know what I thinking, what I believe in. What I love.” You’re caressing his face, lightly on his cheeks trying to erase all the wrong that have be done to him. “I love you Zachary Shan-Yung Dempsey and I’m not going anywhere.”

You’re the first one of the two of you to tell the word Love. And you’re really trying to not freak out at the moment because yes, you know you love him, you’re probably love him since the first smile he address you but you just said it out loud without knowing if he feels the same about you.

“I was supposed to say it first. I love you Y/N Foley. More than you could ever know. And I don’t want to mark you to control you. I want to mark you because I love you. And maybe because I want to show everyone that you’re mine and only mine. I want the world to know that you’re my girlfriend, and that I love you. I want to show to all the boys who look at you that you’re mine. You’re my girlfriend.”

“A little possessive, don’t you think darling?” You laugh at his smile, and kiss him again.

“Don’t say to me Y/N, that you don’t want to leave a mark on my body letting know to all the girl, the cheerleader and other that I’m yours.” You shift in his arms.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You mumble.

“You think I don’t see the jealousy in your eyes when I shots and Ellia from the cheers can’t stop touching me?”

“It’s not Ellia it’s Hailey.” And you know you fall just right into his trap. “Okay, you’re right Dempsey, maybe I’m a little jealous when a girl can’t stop touching you even if I right here”

“She doesn’t mean a thing to me babe. And it’s okay to be jealous. I am too, when I see you with Clay and Tony talking about things that make you laugh and smile.”

“Most of the time we talked about movies or music. Sometimes about Hannah.” You see how his eyes get lost for a second when he hears her name. “And about Skye too.”

“Skye, the dark weird girl? Who works at Monet’s?”

“Yeah, and she’s not weird. She actually really fun and interesting to talk to. I like her.”

“But why do you talk about her with her other friend.” You don’t respond right away, trying to know if it’s okay to talk about Skye with Zach.

“Babe?” You look back at him and shy a little.

“You can’t tell anyone about it. If Tony or Clay learns about it, they’re going to kill you.”

“I’m not really scared about Jensen babe.”

“It’s funny how you say nothing about Tony.” You smile a little when he hides himself in your neck. “Okay, you see, Clay discover she’s not well, and we think she could be a little depressive. So we try to talk about thing we find in her comportment that could be different before it’s too late.”

“You think she would… Like Hannah..?”He can’t say the word and your heart break a little when you see him like that.

“It’s a possibility; we want to be sure about it. We just trying to know if she keeps hurting herself and it’s freaking me out because if she does that means she could do other things and she became one of my closest friend, who know about you and me by the way.” Zach doesn’t let you finish.

“What? She knows about us? I thought we keep it quiet!”

“Okay, don’t get mad baby, but Tony and Clay know too.”

“You must be kidding me, you tell your friends but I can’t tell to my best friend about you!”

You kiss his lips, just because you want it.

“You can’t tell your best friend, because your best friend is my brother who going to kill every boy who get close to his sister. I doesn’t want to get you kill just because you kiss perfectly.” You wink at him before he gets the chance to pretend he’s hurt by what you said. He kiss you on the cheeks “I should go to see Justin. It’s been almost an hour I’m here, and he going to start asking question.”

           You know he’s right, but you’re incapable to let him go. but before you could kiss him goodbye, someone is beating at your door like maniac.

“Y/N why can’t I come in? Why your door is close? Mom wants to see you and ask you to come downstairs!”

“Two seconds Justin” You screamed back at him, trying to decide where you going to hide your giant boyfriend. You look to the window but it’s raining too hard to let him there for a few minutes without letting him catch a cold or worse and with their big game tonight you just can’t.

“Go to the closet. Hurry, please.”

“Y/N!” Yells your brother behind the door.

“God Justin, I’m coming!” You open the door and look right at him.”What do you want, because we both know mom isn’t here.”

“Why your door is closed in a Saturday morning at ten?” You’re trying to think fast, making up something.

“I was working on your birthday present.”

“My birthday is in four month Y/N…”

“Yeah, I know that dummy. It just I got an idea and I prefer do it right now that being late.”

“Then, can I see it?”

“Like you said, your birthday is in four month. You’re going to have to wait. Thank to stopped by but i would like to continue so if you could, leave.” You’re showing him the door before something bad happen and he discovers Zach.

“Why Zach’s jacket is here?” Yeah, something bad like that.

“Humm, he gives it to me last night.”

“Last night?”


“We were together last night Y/N. Playing basketball, and you were at home, studying.”

“But you came home. And I got to bed. But I had a nightmare and go for a walk. He saw me and keeps me company till I was ready to go back to bed.”

“Y/N, you’re always coming to me when you have a nightmare.”

“I know, but you look so peaceful that i couldn’t wake you.”

Okay, you didn’t go for a walk last night, but you did have a nightmare. So you’re not completely lying to your big brother right now.

He give you a hug before he got to the door and you release a breath you didn’t know you were holding.

“Tell Zach that I’m waiting for him in my room, and, please Y/N don’t hide him in your closet again or he gonna to be stuck in here one day.”

“Yeah, alright Jus’ I will tell him. Wait what?” He smiles at you like you’re the most funny thing he see in his life.

“You have a hickey on your neck and Zach’s car is parked in front of the house since an hour. And yes, we’re going to have a talk about him being your boyfriend and both of you hiding it from me but I’m happy for you guys.”

You look at him, trying to know if it just a joke or if he really just guess the entire thing right.

“How did you know he’s in the closet?”

“Because the door is closed Y/N. And you’re so scared of monsters since you’re a child that you’re incapable to close it. And thank you but I’m not stupid, I perfectly see how you look at each other.” He turns to the closet before adding “Zach, I’m waiting for you in my room. We don’t have all day so hurry up.”

You can hear your boyfriend’s voice telling him he will meet him there before Justin finally leaves your room letting you speechless.

“Look babe, it seems it didn’t turn up so bad. But I’m going to see him and make sure he’s okay with it. See you later.”

You don’t even see Zach leaving because you’re trying to understand how this could have happen in less than three minutes without you seeing it. The next things you do is calling Skye to tell her everything.


I love rawness so much. Falsely started sentences, mispelled words, things that you cannot say, that you have no words for. The way a person’s voice cracks up when he sings. The way you see wrinkles beneath the eyes of someone older each time she smiles. It makes me believe that everything doesn’t have to be perfect, but it’s fine. It is what makes us all human. Unfiltered. Honest. It makes me believe in life again, reminding me that there are still a lot of beautiful things left in this world.
—  Rej Jaen

I finally got my Covenant novelisation btw and I’m sitting here wondering about the word “allgegenvartig”

Does it really exist in the English language? because the internet doesn’t know it. Or did they just take a German word and mispell it? Or is it from Yiddish?

Like I googled it but one of the first hits is…the Covenant novel. What is this?

additionally: bucky cuts his own hair, wears socks to bed like the Old Ass Man he is, really fuckin loves cooking shows, is the kinda dude who’ll mispell a word just to fill a crossword box, is a good poker player / cheats anyway bc he’s a moderately decent card-counter, drinks juice out of the carton like an animal & cannot be stopped, is lowkey Afraid of tiny yappy dogs, likes his street hot dogs with extra brown mustard, & cried during the Wizard of Oz

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can i request headcanons (or whatever you see fit tbh) of jotaro, giorno, and rohan listening to his crush or s/o speaking another language that isn't the one they speak to them or their native tongue? i hope i explained myself ;w;

YES!!! I did undestand, don’t worry! Or i think i did? 



-He would think that it’s actually quite cool that they can speak a different language! The first time he heard them talk on it, he would try to guess which one was it. And would fail.

-Though it would annoy him quite a lot if they were just having a chit chat and they start saying non sense in other language. “Didn’t your mother told you it’s rude to do that? Good grief, i can’t get half of what you’re saying.”

-But in secret, he would try and start studying said language! He is very smart and would learn a lot of it in no time. 

-So next time they wanna play funny by talking to them in other language he will surpise them by answering back!

-If they ever get tongue tied or mispell a word, he would teasingly tell them “Hm? was that something on that other language?”


-He would look at them with a ‘not bad’ expression. He thinks that it’s actually quite elegant that they can speak another language, it gives them an air of a cultured person.

-Depending on the language, Rohan may talk with them in it too. He has quite a lot of knowledge on foreign tongues after all.

-Just because he is like a kid, after they tell him they can talk a language that he doesn’t know he is like “Well, i can talk FOUR languages that you don’t speak.”

-He would learn the insults on the language they speak. That’s all he needs.

“Rohan can you actually speak it?” “No i just know how to say ass.”

-When he hears them directing to him in that other tongue, he looks at them,squinting his eyes. “Are you insulting me, perhaps?”


-He thinks it’s absolutely wonderful that they can speak another language. He would be very interested on how or why they learnt it!

-Giorno would also be interested on learning said language. In exchange, he promises to teach them italian! Or if they know it already, to teach them japanese! Now, if they already know both italian and japanese he would be taken aback and promise to give them something else in exchange.

-Everytime they use a word that he doesn’t know he would ask them “And what does that mean? What do you use it for? Can you translate it, please?”

-Though he might learn quite a lot of said tongue just by listening to them! “Ah, maybe what you just said means x? Or am i wrong?”

-Another way he has of learning the language is ask them to show him music sang in it! It would be a fun way or learning it, and he would sing the songs all day, sometimes with funny pronunciation.



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Learning how to find people means knowing how to hide. It’s being familiar with tucking away into dark corners and creating invisibility without walls or doors.

“He’s in there.”

There’s distance in the eyes of people from Velleda. Sol recognizes the divide in people the same way tourists would breeze through Nuwa nations open to the economic benefits of allowing leisure travel. It’s not the same when you live on a planet that sells its perks as a fantasy. You carry a different weight as a citizen– a person. The burdens of the land sit on your shoulders and it’s simple to resent those that adopt your home for as long as they like it.

In that way, he understands the sharp tone of the man. Asking a simple question usually dredges up a simple answer. But asking where Minhae is usually breeds trouble and Minhae leaves a particularly large foot print here. Bare feet hit cold floors and the wind still leaves the smell of salt on his skin and in his hair. Someone is running their fingers through it– a woman, or man. Still shrugs them off his shoulder and the ache to run away.

“You’re new here, aren’t you?”

And Sol can’t quite understand why they whisper next to his ear, or why this place smells so nice. But he ignores the curious glances at his abnormal clothes (he’d shed his ravenger jacket– can’t make the same mistake twice). Another woman leads him to a room, air smoked out and hazy. Fabric clings to the ceilings, draped over sheets and soft pillows of reds and golds. Urgency and intention runs hot in his veins, mouth open to call out for Minhae in the room. But it stays propped open and soundless. He’s rigid, frozen. Suddenly the bill he’d used to track Minhae made far more sense when he was standing in the middle of a pleasure house.

There’s bare flashes of skin, hands on hips, murmuring voices and so many people in one room–

“Minhae– god–” his voice might have pitched just a little bit (a fact he’d deny), shielding his eyes as he turns his back to the sight. Each whisper through gritted teeth, muttering broken phrases in his native language. “We have to go.”

it’s exactly two things he can be certain at this point–

he had never wanted to go back to the ship more quickly, and he had just seen more of Minhae’s asshole than he’d ever wanted to see.

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Out of all the words seym mispells, I dont ever think he has spelled cosign correctly. Is there meaning behind that.

he is spelling cosign correctly. you just spelled it. that’s how it is spelled

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Sorry! I said I'm *new! I forgot to put "new" I. Not ducky! I'm very sorry! 😓

Lol its okay Nonny! I call everybody Ducky.:) and I mispell and forget words all the time. No need to be sorry.