and misha laughing at jared calling him and mark girls like he is not as

Forever Yours

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Y/N Ackles, Mark Sheppard, Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, Genevieve Cortese, Rob Benedict, Richard Speight Jr.     

Pairing: AU Rockstar!Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Being away from the ones we love ain’t easy, suspense but not angst.   

Word Count: 2100ish

A/N: I have wanted to write a rockstar!Jensen fic for so long. Thanks to @like-a-bag-of-potatoes I finally got an excuse to do so. This is written for her birthday/follower celebration challenge and my prompt song was Faithfully by Journey. I hope you like it Ida <3

Thanks to my sweet amazing friend Sana aka @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester for betaing this one for me.

Jensen was laying awake in the tour bus staring up at the ceiling. He always had trouble sleeping when he was on the road and away from Y/N, but tonight it was even harder than usual. He kept going over tonight’s phone call over and over again in his mind. He longed to be with her more than ever before, but he knew he wasn’t scheduled to have time off for another month and Y/N wasn’t able to get time off from her job this time to join him on the road. It hadn’t been more than a few weeks but he missed her. Every fiber of his being, every molecule of his body was screaming for her after what she had told him tonight.

Jensen loved being on the road. Part of him missed it when he was at home. He knew he had the soul of a gypsy and that he needed his music, like it was oxygen. It was his drive and passion and for a long time that had been all he needed. Right until he had ran into her, literally.

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Sleepy Little Bee.

Summary- The reader is a teen actress on set who has CFS, on rough day the cast take care of her.

A/N- just thought of this whilst another flare up hit me, hopefully this’ll give some insight on what CFS can be like??


You walked onto set that day with your arm wrapped around your middle, clutching at your side trying to subside the pain. Your chronic fatigue decided that today would be the best day to flare up, you had been awake for most of the night with a hot water bottle stuck to your stomach like glue, you had taken the usual painkillers but for some reason they weren’t working as well as the use to which made you feel worse, knowing you’d have to go back to the doctors only to be prescribed a higher pain medication. 

Everyone on set knew about your condition, the cast, -past and present- had actually researched what it was which made you cry, just a bit, okay a lot but nobody had ever done that for you before.

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You're my home/Part 4

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Warnings: Reader is a young single mom and a lot of Fluff!!!

Notes: So finally here i am with Part 4, first i want to say Im sorry!!!! My life is a mess in the moment… and i have zero inspiration right now, so so sorry. Second, thank you for all the people who are supporting this story, it means a lot <3 And guys, i just can’t write smut, so SORRY! Anyway, i hope you like it!

Part 1  Part 2   Part 3

It has been a week since you last saw Jensen. He and all the cast had to travel to another convention in another city and for your surprise… Woah he didn’t text you. Can you notice the sarcasm? You really weren’t expecting anything, for god’s sake, he was an actor. But a small part of you was a little disappointed.

Of course, it didn’t stop you from when you finally processed the events, started screaming and fangirling. You hooked up with Jensen Ackles after all.

But someone that did text you was Amy, the redhead girl that you met in the convention. You started to text each other, and she told you that she was a photographer and invited you and Lottie to do a photo session. Of course you accepted.

“Smile Lottie!” Amy said with a smile and with the camera in her hands. You tickled your daughter making her laugh and you heard the click. “That’s it! Another smile for me!”

“Ice cream!” Lottie screamed poiting at the ice cream car that passed and you and Amy laughed.

“Okay, I think thats enough for today.” Amy said turning off the camera and you put Lottie on the ground holding her hand.

“Momma I want ice cream.” She said with a pout and you started to walk towards your car.

“I will buy some on the way home babygirl.” You said putting her in the baby seat, and helping Amy to put all the equipament in the car.

“I think the photos were great, I’m so excited to see them.” She said when you started driving.

“Me too!” You said excited as well. “You liked today honey?” You asked looking at your daughter throught the rearview mirror.

“YES!” She screamed. “Carry on son”

“You up to listen to Carry on my wayward son?” You asked to your friend.

“Are you kidding me?” She said excited and put the song on the radio, singing out loud with you and Lottie. For some reason, Lottie loved that song. She loved old rock.

You stopped to get ice cream and of course Lottie got her face dirty with chocolate and you just had to take a picture. Not so long after that, you were all in your house for a… kind of slumber party. Lottie was watching The Little Mermaid and singing along while you and Amy were in the kitchen table seeing in the computer the photos of today.

“I loved this one.” You said poiting at the picture taking a sip of your beer.

“Me too, but this one…” She said passing to the next. “Was definitely my favorite.”

“You’re amazing, I love all the photos.” You said still in ‘awe’ and Amy smiled thanking you. After watching the Little Mermaid, Monster’s Inc and playing with you and Amy, Lottie finally slept. You and Amy started to talk about everything including the convention after you saw the photos she took in the event, and you told her about what happened and she simply freaked out.

“I still can’t believe this.” She said with the beer in her hands. “You’re freakin lucky.”

“Well yeah but…” You started but were interrupted by your phone ‘BIP’, you frowned and got up of the sofa to get your phone. You were more confused when you didn’t recognize the number.

“Who is it?” Amy asked drinking her beer and you struggled.

“No idea.” You said opening your phone reading the text from the unknown number.

‘Hey, apparently you missed a number when you wrote your phone to me and I’ve been talking to a Bob for a week…. Anyway just now I discovered your real number. How are you?’

“What the fuck….” You mumbled confused with the message but your phone lit up again.

‘Oh, by the way, it’s Jensen :)’ 

“Holy crap.” You said widening your eyes and Amy looked at you confused.

“What?” She asked but you didn’t say anything. “(Y/N)?” She said getting up and looking at your phone. Her chin fell and she put her hand in her mouth to hold the scream. You looked at each other but nothing came out of neither one of your mouths.

“Answer it!” Amy cried when she finally could say something and you looked at her with wide eyes.

“I don’t know what to say!” You said and closed your eyes when the words got out of your mouth. You were sounding like a teenage girl. He was a normal guy, like any other guy around.

But… maybe you were so shocked and paralyzed because the other guys around never texted you back. He was not the type you were used to. Unfortunaly, you were used to jerks.

“(Y/N) I don’t think he is lying. Yeah I was not here, but…” Amy said reffering to the situation you told her. The moment when he left and you got a little disappointed because you though he was making up excuses to go away.

“I didn’t consider he was lying.” You said with a small smile “Okay….” You said taking a deep breath looking at your phone.

‘I’m sure that Bob was a really nice guy for you to talk to him for a week… Haha, I’m okay, just saw some photos of the convention. How about you?’ 

“This is perfect, send it.” She said making you two laugh a little. You sent it, and forgot your phone in the kitchen while you and Amy finished the beers, talking and watching Sex in the City. She was an amazing girl, you two were already good friends and you were sure that this friendship would last.

“Okay now I have to go, I have to photograph a couple tomorrow.” Amy said getting up from the sofa. “Tell me everything about Jensen later!” She said when you opened the door for her and you laughed.

“Of course Amy, thank you for the photos today, I had a lot of fun…. You sure I don’t need to pay for anything?” You asked feeling guilty for not paying her for the photos that she took of you and Lottie.

“Yes, I’m sure. It was my pleasure.” She said smiling making you smile too. You said a last goodbye and closed the door, picking up your phone and going to your room.

He was kind of weird… I’m good though. Tomorrow is my last convention, for now. I kind of missed you…’ 

You smiled at Jensen’s text, and after a shower, you laid on your bed already seeing that was going to be a long night talking to him. 


“Jensen, C'mon man, wake up!” Jensen slowly opened his eyes hearing knocks in his hotel door, and he knew it was Jared. He got up and opened the door, seeing his friend already dressed up. “Hey what happened? You’re always up before me.”  Jensen stepped back to let Jared in.

“I was up all night talking to (Y/N)…” Jensen said with a yawn going to the bathroom to wash his face, and when Jared didn’t answer he turned to look at him and found him with a big smirk making Jensen roll his eyes.

“I guess I deserve a ‘thank you’ for finding her real number for you.” Jared said seeing his friend getting some clothes and going back to the bathroom to change it. It was Jared the one who started to dig in your informations in the site you bought the ticket for the convention, okay… This was technically illegal but it was for a good cause…. “You know, I think you can thank me at the weeding, it’s okay, I can wait.”

“She’s a really nice girl and I like her a lot… But why are you guys are putting so much faith in it?” Jensen asked getting out of the bathroom, referring to Jared, Gen, Misha, Felicia, Mark and even Cliff, all of them who were pretty excited about the couple. “I don’t know if it will work… She is so much younger than me”

“This is a problem for you?” Jared asked when they got out of Jensen’s room to have breakfast.

“Hm, for me of course not.” Jensen said entering the elevator. “But for her… I don’t know.” He continued and Jared laughed.

“Stop trying to find excuses to not give into this relationship.” Jared said already knowing the resistance his friend had when he started developing feelings for someone since his last girlfriend. But it was time, actually past the time to forget what happened. “You like her, she likes you, what is the worst than can happen?” Jensen just shook his head considering Jared’s words. “After this convention, go see her.”

“Yeah, maybe I will….” Jensen said hiding from his friend the little smile that he couldn’t contain, thinking about you. But well…. Of course Jared saw it.

Jensen had already thought about it, going to your house. But he truly was a bit insecure about it. Okay, who he was trying to fool? He was really insecure. So many things that could go wrong, maybe you didn’t even wanted to see him. But one thing that he was sure of was that he wanted to see you again. He wanted it a lot. And even thought he was tired because of the conventions, you were worth it.

When they finally finished the last panel, Jensen, Misha and Felicia went to Jared and Gen’s room to play cards and drink beer. Something they loved to do when they had free time.

“Noooo, I can’t believe this!” Felicia cried looking at Misha’s cards, and he started laughing. “Stop winning.”

“Don’t think I can do this darling.” Misha said with a smirk and everybody laughed at Felicia’s face.

“I will get another beer.” Jared said getting up.

“Get one for me.” Jensen said when Gen was distributing the cards for a new round. “Thanks.” He said when Jared handed him the bottle. He was about to see his cards when something popped up in his phone screen. Jensen frowned looking at your name facetiming him. Wow… He hadn’t seen this coming. Nice, though.

“What is it J?” Jared asked not giving it much attention.

“Hm… (Y/N) is facetiming me.” He answered and all of them opened their mouths with smirks. He accepted the call and his face lighted when he saw Lottie’s face close to the camera.

“Hi Jens!” She said excited with her cute voice and his friends awned.

“Hey sweetheart.” Jensen said with a big smile. “How are you?” He asked happy to see her again, but still a little bit confused.

“I’m fine and you?” Lottie said and all the people in the room were paying attention to the conversation.

“I’m great… Where’s is your mommy Lottie?” Jensen asked curious.

“Hm… She’s in kitchen. Is gonna be my birthday!” She said excited, still with her face close to the camera, and he could see she was probably in her room.

“Really? You already getting old?” He asked messing with her, noticing that his friends went back to the cards. He got up, sitting in one of the couches of the hotel room, a little far from the table.

“No” Lottie said giggling holding a little stuffed unicorn in her hands. “You want to come to my party?” She asked seeming a little embarrassed to ask that and Jensen literally felt his heart melting.

“Well, yeah, of course.” He said feeling honored by the invitation, and obviously he couldn’t deny it, “When it will be?” He asked but realized that although she was smart for her age and had apparently facetimed him without (Y/N)’s help, she obviously wouldn’t know when her party would be happening.

“I will pass to….” Lottie started but was interrupted when you entered her room looking confused at her with your phone. “Mommy!”

“Lottie what are you doing with my phone?” He heard you ask and saw your surprised face when you got closer.

“I’m talking to Jensen momma.” Lottie replied innocently. “I’m inviting him to my party.”

“Oh my god Lottie.” You said with your eyes wide. Lottie handed you the phone and went back to her toys. You got out of her room and gave Jensen a yellow smile. “Hey, sorry for that, you must be busy.”

“No problem, we’re in Jared and Gen’s room playing carts.” Jensen answered with a small smile looking at you.

“Oh, tell them I said Hi.” You said. “But… I’m really sorry, I have no idea how she managed to FaceTime you” You continued and you both started laughing. This still was a little surreal for you, talking to Jensen Ackles in a video call. Who would have thought.

“She’s a prodigy.” Jensen said smiling. “But about her birthday…”

“Look, I can talk to her. You’re very busy with the series, she will understand.” You said a little embarrassed because of what Lottie did, but well… Kids.

“Actually we just finished our last convention for now, so yeah…. I have some time until I need to go back to the set.” Jensen said. “I would love to go.”

“Hm…really?” You said not expecting this, he surely had more important things to do. Okay, you two talked a lot last night, but you didn’t expect that he wanted so much to get in your pants that he would go to your daughters birthday. Or maybe he just wanted a friend.

Maybe he was gay.

Okay, after that kiss this option was definitely out of question.

“Yeah, I wanted to go back to your city to see you anyway.” He said and you felt your cheeks turning red. “Now I have an excuse…” He continued making you look down and laugh embarrassed. He found it adorable.

“I will message you the details after then.” You said with a smile. “I have to go now.” You said and he nodded.

“Okay, bye (Y/N), talk to you later…” Jensen said with a small smile matching yours, and you turned it off.

“Jensen and (Y/N) under a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!” His friends starting singing the childish song messing with Jensen when he put his phone in his pocket, and he rolled his eyes.

“Ohhh Shut up!”


“Hey sis, Rach finished the cake.” Scott told you passing his arms around your shoulders. Scott was your big brother, and even though he had been a little scared of the situation (and pretty mad with Lottie’s father) in the time you got pregnant, he was the one who supported you the most. He was married to Rachel, an adorable girl that was his best friend since always, and they had a little boy named Theodore, that was only one year older than Lottie. They still lived in your family’s city, but whenever they could, they would visit you.

 "Thanks Scotty.“ You said with a sigh and he looked at you raising an eyebrow. 

 "Are you excited?” He asked because you told him about this man that you were talking to, and that was coming to the party. 

 "I’m anxious.“ It had been two weeks that you were talking to Jensen every single day. He was in hiatus break in his house in Austin, and because he had nothing to do, you ended talking all day, and constantly facetiming. It was an incredible connection, you would talk for hours and even so still wouldn’t get enough of it. You’d talk about everything and nothing at the same time. 

 So yeah, you were pretty excited/nervous/anxious to see him. 

 He texted you an hour ago telling you that he Was already in the city, but he would leave his things In the hotel before going to your house. It was a very small party in your apartment, with just a few people, only what you could afford right now, just a little something to make Lottie happy. You called your brother, Amy, Dan (your colleague from work and also your best friend), Michelle, your good friend, and also the mother of Lottie’s best friends, the twins, Jasmine and Ava. Plus one more friend from her pre school, Leo, and Mrs. Alba and her niece, Clary. 

 "Hmm, (Y/N) there’s someone at the door.” Michelle told you pointing at your front door, and you signed. 

 "Can you call Lottie?“ You asked her and she nodded. Lottie and the kids where in her room playing, while the adults were in the living room, kitchen and the balcony.

 You opened the door and couldn’t help but to smile when you saw Jensen standing In front of you with a green sweater matching his eyes and a white bag in his hands, and you could smell the same cologne that he used in the convention. Oh god… 

 "Hey” You said, both of you with small smiles, it was a little strange seeing him in flesh after so many video calls and messages. He immediately put his arms around your waist, hugging you tight. 

 "Hey, beautiful" He said still hugging you. “It’s nice to finally see you in person again." 

 "I can say the same.” You said looking straight into his eyes making him think that this was the perfect moment to kiss you. But even if it was, he didn’t have the chance, because Lottie came running and jumped into his arms. When you facetimed Jensen, your daughter loved to see and talk to him, she really, really liked him. 

 And although this was really nice, it scared you a little… You were scared of hurting Lottie’s feelings if something between you and Jensen didn’t go well. 

“Heey, a little bird told me that a little girl is getting old today.” Jensen said holding her in his arms and tickling her. 

 "I’m not old!“ She said giggling and you smiled, Jensen was incredible with kids.

 "You’re not? How many years then?” He asked and she showed four fingers. He put her in the ground and kneeled down to be in the same height as her.

 "Look, I brought you something.“ He started and you felt your chin drop.

 "Jensen you didn’t have to…” You said and he looked up shaking his head with a smile. “It’s okay, I wanted to.” He said and went back to Lottie. She opened the white package with a mischievous smile and slowly got a blue thing from there that looked like a sweater. 

 "Let’s me see baby.“ You said to your daughter and she handed you. When you extended it you finally understood what it was and it was the most lovely thing you had ever seen. "Oh my god! Look Lottie it’s a unicorn costume!” It was a unicorn jump suit and it was extremely cute. It was in her size, blue, with a purple mane and tail, and a white shiny horn. 

 "I want to put it!“ She cried and Jensen laughed, visibly glad that she liked the gift. You helped her to put it on, and Lottie looked happy because of her new clothing.

 "What do you say to Jensen?” You said to her and she turned to him giving him a hug. 

 "Thank you Jensen" She said and Jensen smiled squeezing her little body.

 "You’re welcome, princess.“ He said giving her a kiss in the forehead. Lottie went running back to her friends and he got up again smiling at you. 

 "C'mon in, I will introduce you to everyone.” You said. “If you don’t mind…. Some of my friends kind of watch the series and…" 

 "It will be a pleasure to meet your friends.” He said interrupting you and you smiled entering the apartment with him behind you. Amy was the first to come say Hi. You’d met her in the supernatural convention, so she obviously was a huge fan of Jensen. He greeted the parents of Lottie’s friends, Mrs. Alba, Dan and Rachel, who watched the series too. And at last, Scott, who although was always overprotective of you, surprisedly liked Jensen a lot. They were talking like they were best friends for years. 

 "Hey momma!“ Lottie said excited when she saw you looking at the kids playing in her room. 

 "Hey honey.” You replied seeing the other kids waving at you too. “Everything okay around here?” You asked and she nodded smiling making you smile too. Wearing this unicorn jump suit just made her look cuter than ever.

 "Enjoying it while you can?“ Someone said behind you, putting a hand in your shoulder and you smiled when you saw Jensen. 

 "She is getting old too fast!” You said looking at Lottie and her friends. “I don’t want her to grow up." 

 "I get it.” He said slowly running his thumb along your shoulder, making you shiver. “Soon she will be a teenager. She will start to do wall paintings and to break public properties…. Just normal teenage stuff.” He said shrugging and you laughed. 

 "I know right?“ You started. "My friend’s daughter doesn’t even help her grandpa to cross the street anymore!” You said and you two laughed. 

 "Such a rebel.“ He said and you both started laughing for no reason. 

 ”(Y/N), shouldn’t we sing 'Happy Birthday’?“ You were interrupted when your brother appeared in the corridor.

 "Oh, yes.” You said shaking your head trying to concentrate, you were incredibly close to Jensen. “Lottie, kids, C'mom!” You called and immediately all of them went running to the kitchen. Rachel already had set up the cake in the kitchen table and all of the guests were standing in front of it. Your daughter jumped in your arms and with Scott by your side, everybody sang Happy Birthday as Amy took pictures of it. “Blow the candles Lottie.” You said and with your help, she managed to blow out all the four candles.

 "Thank you mommy.“ She said looking at you with her big green eyes and you melted. You really didn’t want her to grow up.

 As the time passed, the guests started to leave until only Scott, Rachel and Jensen were left. They helped you clean up a little and organize the apartment while you put Lottie and Theo to sleep. When you were done, you all sat in the living room and talked for hours, Jensen and Scott really got along well. 

 "Okay, I think it’s time to go.” Scott said getting up since they were in a hotel near your house. “I will get Theo.” He continued going to Lottie’s room. 

 "Thank you for everything Rach, I will take you guys to the airport tomorrow.“ You said opening the front door. She hugged you thanking you too, and soon Scott appeared with Theo in his arms and kissed your cheek. You closed the door and sighed, finally alone with Jensen. You smiled making him smile too and sat by his side on the touch. 

 "So….” He started holding your hand. “All this time we spent talking and facetiming just… just made me want to see you even more” He said looking straight into your eyes and even though he seemed confident, you could tell that he was kind of nervous. You were too.

 "Is that so?“ You replied biting your lower lip and he nodded. "I was excited to see you too, I’m glad that you came." 

 "I told you I was.” He said. 

 "I know but I kind of doubted it.“ You said with a yellow smile.

 "What?” He said pretending to be mad.

 "Well yeah.“ You said laughing a little, embarrassed. "I thought you were busy, had more things to do…”

 "Even if I was… I would still prefer to be here.“ He said and you felt your heart accelerating. ”(Y/N), I like you.“ He said taking a deep breath. "And… It has been some time since I liked someone the way I like you.”

 "I like you too Jensen.“ You said looking at his eyes and suddenly his lips were so much closer. "A lot.” You said and he kissed you. Man, you missed his lips. No matter how many times you imagined yourself kissing him again, nothing compared to this moment. One of his hands were in your neck, slowly caressing it with his thumb and the other was in your tight. He got up with you in his arms and stopped kissing you just to ask with swollen and red lips. 

 "Which way?“ 

 "At the end of the corridor.” You said with a little smile of anxiety for what was about to happen. He walked to your room still with you in his arms while you were kissing his neck and slowly lowered you into the bed, climbing on top of you. 

 "You okay with this?“ He said serious stopping what he was doing, studying your face. 

 "Yes.” You answered without hesitation just admiring more this man. 

 "You sure?“ He asked and you nodded. You started kissing again but soon you both were shirtless. 

 This was going to be a long night.

Part 5???

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Convention - Rob Benedict Imagine

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*This is the surprise imagine that is well over 2,000 words!*

Your POV

“Can you tell us a story about your son, Connor?” a fan asks.

I nod, “Okay so, if you didn’t know I have a son. His name is Connor and he’s five and three quarters as he likes to remind me.”

People in the audience laugh as I roll my eyes fondly.

“Okay.” I think, “Um. Last week when I got home from filming it was about 9:30 pm and he goes to bed usually around 7. So when I come home I always go into his room wake him up and talk to him for about 30 minutes. Well last week when I got home he told me that he lost a tooth. And that’s a big deal. It’s his first tooth. So, he showed me and everything. So, I told him okay put it under your pillow that way the tooth fairy can get it and bring you something special in the morning.” I pause looking at the sea of fans in front of me. “So he did. So, the next morning I’m in the kitchen making breakfast. And he comes in upset. I asked him what was wrong and he tells me that the tooth fairy gave him five dollars. Now I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with that when he goes on to say that all of his friends who had lost a tooth had gotten one dollar and that it wasn’t fair that he got five. So, I tell him that the tooth fairy made a mistake and she didn’t mean to. He has the five dollars in his hand and goes mommy can I have a dollar. I tell him yes and then I ask why. And he says that even though the tooth fairy made a mistake it wouldn’t be fair to his friends so he wants me to have the five dollars and have me give him one dollar. I have never been so proud.”

All the fans ‘aww’ at the story. A large grin on my face.

I stand up from where I’m sitting, “I know, I know. Adorable little munchkin isn’t he. So, next question.” I point to a guy sitting in the fifth row with his hand up, “How about you?”

“Hi, my names Oliver. I was wondering who watches Connor or what his schedule is when you are filming?”

I smile, “Hi, Oliver. I love all the questions about my kid. I think we should talk about that for the next thirty minutes until Rob and Rich join us. Well luckily I get to take him to school. So he’s at school and then he takes the bus home to Vicki’s, Misha’s wife, since West and him are good friends and so are Vicki and I. Then about an hour or two later Rob goes and gets him and stays with him until I get home, usually that’s how things work. Which is nice because Rob, Vicki and me all live in the same neighborhood. So, it’s easy to get things taken care of. When Rob is in LA or filming usually Vicki has him or a babysitter until I get home.” I sit back down, taking a drink of water. Leaving out the fact the Rob doesn’t leave the house after I come home, he stays there. Where he’s lived for over a year.

I pick another person to ask a question.

“Hi, Y/N.”

“Hi.” I wave.

“I first want to say that I love your character, Ashley on ‘Supernatural’. My question is what is it like having a kid at such a young age?”

I laugh, “well I’m not that young. I’m 33. If you want to talk young ask Osric. Because everyone but Misha and Mark are in their thirties or lower. Rob just turned 39. He’s getting up there.” I joke with everyone. “I was twenty-eight when I had, Connor. So, once again not that young. It was hard because I was by myself. So, it was hard and it still is. I don’t regret having Connor. It’s definitely the hardest thing I have ever done though. Being a mom that is.”

A staff member picks a fan this time.

“Does Connor ever get to see his dad?” The fan asks.

I freeze for a moment before answering, “Sadly, no. Connor’s dad was in the army and before that he worked with my dad. I was with Connor’s dad for a few months and we broke up because he was about to leave. So, I found out four months after he had left that he died in combat and then two weeks later I found out I was pregnant. Sadly, Connor will never get to meet the amazing person who his father was.”

I pick another fan to answer a question.

“First I just want to say I’m sorry. And I was wondering if you would play Fuck, Marry, Kill?”

I look at my phone, “Hold on for like a minute because Rob and Rich are going to be joining me and then all three of us will play. How does that sound?” The whole crowd cheers. “Now one more question from the guy in the black, seventh no tenth row. I’m blind!” The fans laugh.

“Hi. Excuse my blindness.” I say to the guy.

He laughs, “It’s fine. I was wondering how it feels to go from being in three episodes to a series regular. Or more regular than Mark Sheppard at least.”

I laugh, “I don’t have my wallet. Thank you for that. It feels great. I was expecting to die. I still am truthfully. But, it’s amazing. Not only that I already knew some of the cast beforehand. So, it’s amazing. I think that is my favorite word.”

The guy laughs sitting down.

I look behind me to see that Richard and Rob haven’t shown up yet.

“Okay.” I sigh. “Looks like I can take one more question.” I point to someone further in the back.

“Hi, Y/N. I was wondering if you have any future projects coming up.”

“Hello, sweetheart. I do have a few. I’m allowed to talk about some of them too. So, while someone is hunting down Rob and Rich, I will tell you about them. First I will be starting a YouTube channel that’s going to have a lot behind scene stuff and when I’m not filming, my kiddo. Another project that I’m allowed to talk about is ‘The Walking Dead’.”

The crowd screams.

“Yes, that is right I get to be on ‘The Walking Dead’. I’m not suppose to say anything about my character except for this, Negan.”

The crowd screams again.

“Awesome you got them hyped up for us.” Rich says sitting down next to me, surprising me.

“Actually I was talking about ‘The Walking Dead’.” I tell him, the crowd laughs.

I look over to see Rob sit on the other side of me, he gives me a soft smile before looking at the crowd. “Hey guys! I hope you have some questions for us.”

“Hold on. I heard something backstage about Fuck, Marry, Kill. That’s what I want to do first.” Rich says.

The girl from before stands up again, “Hi so the options are Misha, Jensen, Jared.”

I laugh at the looks on Rob and Rich’s faces. “Hi. I already know. Kill Jared, fuck Jensen, and marry Misha. I would get to also marry Vicki if I marry Misha so that’s a benefit.”

“Why kill Jared?” Rob asks.

“I’ve heard to much about his sex life. I know to much, nothing would be a surprise. Jensen I’ve heard a few details same with Misha. Leaves more mystery for how they are.”

Rich shrugs, “Makes sense. And I have to agree with you, Y/N. Not exactly with your reasons but I agree.”

“Rob?” I ask.

“I’m in shock. But, I’m going to say kill Misha, fuck Jensen, and marry Jared.” Rob says.

“Anyone else got a round of FMK for us?” Rich asks. A few hands shoot up. “You in the blue dress. What are our options.”

“Rob, Rich, and Y/N.” The fan tells us. Handing the mic back to a helper before we can question her.

“Well then. That is interesting.” Rich says.

“No shit.” I say to him.

“Does anyone know their answer?” Rob asks.

I shake my head no, lying. I definitely know who I want to marry.

“I do. I will fuck Y/N, marry Rob, and kill myself after doing both.” Rich tells everyone.

“I’m sorry, Rich. I feel bad now. Because I’m going to kill you, fuck myself and marry Y/N.” Rob says, getting cheers from the fans.

“There’s a term that goes everybody wants to fuck themselves, so I think you know one of my answers. I’m going to kill Rich,” I pause to laugh. “Fuck myself and marry Rob. He practically lives me with anyway.” Well he does live with me but you guys don’t need to know that.

“Wow! My best friends just killed me so they could have each other. I don’t know whether to cry or laugh. I’ll do a bit of both when I’m going to sleep tonight, alone.” The crowd giggles at Rich’s answer.

“Alone? Is that what you call -” The rest of my answer is cut off by Rich’s hand over my mouth.

“You aren’t allowed to finish that.” He takes away his hand.

“Yes dad.” I say, sticking my tongue out at Rich.

“Okay. Anyone have a question?” Rob asks, ignoring us.

I lean my head against Rob’s shoulder, giving him a small smile when he looks at me. I turn to the fans and see one standing up, a nervous look on her face. I take my head off his shoulder. “Hi, sweetheart. How are you?”

“I’m good. You?” She stutters out.

I smile, “I’m doing fine. What’s your question?”

“My question is actually for you. I was wondering where Connor is right now.”

“I can answer this one!” Rob yells.

“Me too!” Rich yells, getting laughs from the fans and me.

“I will answer the question. Connor is currently hanging out with Uncle Misha. He was very happy when I told him that he got Uncle Misha to himself for two hours long.” My eyes on the girl who asked the question.

“Before we came out here. We were hanging out with Connor and Misha. I have to tell you. They are playing a really intense game of monopoly.” Rich laughs.

Rob nods along with what Rich is saying. “I think Misha was getting ready to throw the board across the room.”

Suddenly I feel something wrap around my legs. I look down and see Connor, his blue eyes staring at me. The ones from his father.  A dopey smile on his face.

“Mommy! Mommy! I beat Uncle Misha. He lost all of us his money and now he’s after me.” Connor explains, out of breath into my microphone.

I’m about to pull him into my lap when Rob beats me to it. A habit he hasn’t been able to break since Connor fell in love with Rob and vice versa. Setting Connor on his own lap. “So you won?” I ask him.

Connor nods, speaking into Rob’s microphone. “Yep. I kept on putting hotels on things and he kept on landing on them.”

I laugh, “Your uncle is horrible at monopoly and he knows it. It’s his own fault for playing that game.”

“Should we go beat up Uncle Misha?” Rick asks Connor.

Connor jumps out of Rob’s lap, “NO! That’s not nice. You’ll get in trouble. Mommy will ground you and take away cookies.”

Rob and me laugh at Rich’s face.

“Not the cookies!” Rich looks at me.

“That was Rob. That was all him. And I think he did it more for himself than anything. But, I will ground you.” I laugh, remembering that day.

I had just came home from shooting, earlier than usual. Rob was sitting on the couch, his head in his hands, shoulders slumped.

“Rob what happened?” I ask, my eyes scanning the room. Looking for anything out of place. I sit next to him.

He lifts his head up. Giving me a sad smile. “Connor hit a little boy at the park. And I didn’t mean to but I got mad at him. I didn’t yell but, I wasn’t very nice. I’m sorry, Y/N. You trust me enough with your son and I just screwed up!” he mutters, angry.

“Rob.” I chuckle. “It’s okay that you got mad. I’m mad. The one thing I’m happy about is that you didn’t yell at him. That would’ve made the situation worse. I still trust you and he’s grounded. You can decide another punishment for him to.”

“Really?” He asks.

“Yeah. Now why did he hit a little boy?” I ask, surprised by my sons behavior.

“Well he wasn’t really little. He’s older than Connor. The kid said something to Connor about not having a dad. Connor got angry and well punched the kid.”

I sigh, “I had a fun day planned out. Now, it’s mostly ruined.”


“Mostly.” I whisper, a smile playing on the both of our lips. Pressing my lips to his.

Connor nods with everything I’m saying.

“Okay. It might of been for my own needs that I took the cookies away. But, your mom grounded you.” Rob says to Connor.

“I’m fine with the grounding I deserved that. But, Dad you took cookies away. And not just any cookies, mom’s candy cookies. No one deserves that punishment.” Connor tells Rob.

I stop breathing. The word ‘dad’ slips out of his mouth like he says it everyday. Everytime he sees Rob. He’s never called Rob that. Not once in the two years Rob and me had been together. The word had not once escaped from his mouth.

I look at Rob in shock. Taking in everything displayed on his face. The joy and shock. The tears in his eyes as he sinks onto the floor, pulling Connor into his arms and just holding him there. I see from the corner of my eye Rich trying to help the stagehands close the curtains so the fans won’t see us. I hear a stagehand yell to him that the microphones have been turned off, as well as the fans screaming, right as I also sink to the floor.

Burying my head into Rob’s chest and holding Connor to the both of us. Rob’s arms wrapped around the both of us tightly. I can feel him crying into my hair as I try to hold back tears but fail.

I press my lips to Connor’s forehead. “I love you so much.” I release Connor from my grip, scooting away to give Rob and Connor a moment.

Rob kisses Connor on the forehead, the same place I did. “Connor, I love you.”

“I love you too, dad.” Connor replies.


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Relationship: SPN Cast X Sister!Reader

Words: 3,468

Summary: After fighting for so long, the Reader finally loses her battle to depression. But when she gets a visit from a little divine intervention, she’s able to see that everyone means something to the world.

Warnings: MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING!! Suicidal thoughts, suicide attempt (pretty graphic), self-hate, depression, lots of angst. Please, please, please read with caution.

Tagging: @mysaintsasinner @deathtonormalcy56

A/N: This is some super heavy stuff, guys. You’ve been warned.

Originally posted by jayqueenofhell

A single tear traced your cheek, sliding around the curves of your tired features, before splashing quietly onto the paper below. With an unsteady hand, you placed the pen down on the counter, and stared unseeingly at the note in front of you.

This was it. Your final words. They would come in here, your friends, the men who had become your family, after everything was said and done, to clean out your trailer, and you hoped they would understand. Hoped they would read the note and see that this was for the best – for everyone.

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Laughter is the Best Medicine

Originally posted by dean---winchester---imagines

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Author: @oppsiwrotemorefanfic

Summary: You are sick and Dean tries to comfort you and make you laugh. 

Word Count: 438

Warning: fluff, new writer alert, slight teasing, slight cursing

                       *Feedback is appreciated! Thanks for reading*

You felt like you had just been hit by a truck and your body viciously ached. You hated being sick because it was the worst thing in the world. Your head pounded, your stomach was uneasy, you had a stuffy nose, and it wouldn’t surprise you one bit if it turned out that you also had a fever. Why me, why now? You groaned into your pillow. There was a soft knock at your door.

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Welcome Aboard

Spn AU: You’re Jensen’s wife and you’re officially becoming apart of the on set crew.

Jensen x Reader //Mark/Misha/Rob/Richard/Jared

Forever tag list: @Freaksforthewin , @thewinhunter, @cambriacaneatnoodles, @brokennoone , @youtubehelpsmesurvive , @chrisevansthedoritobastard , @winchesters-favorite-girl , @we-know-a-little-about-a-lot @godh8salyssa @dean-baby-Winchester @straightasdeanwinchester @animexchocolate

At almost every convention, you lingered behind the curtains, awaiting your green eyed prince to come back off stage. This was until you’d stolen a slice of the spotlight and joined the crew. Well, the crew on set and being filmed.

You and J (Jensen) had been together for about seven years now, all the while you were egging him on off set. Over the course of twelve seasons, you’d appeared here and there. Usually an extra in some horrible wig to disguise your actual looks. But when you actually got a moment in the good life, the fandom ate you up.

One episode of your character, Rebekah, and people were begging for more. That was a whole whopping three seasons ago too. Of course Rebekah had made a few pops up between then and now, keeping everybody on their toes a little about what was going to happen between her and the boys.

Everybody was positioned at their seats at the comic-con event. All but one chair was filled.

“Last but most certainly not least, the unique Y/n Ackles.” Rob had given your entrance along with Richard who instantly began clapping.

The entire audience stoop up, their applause filling the area like a roar. You’d never been apart of an event like this, so they knew it was important. Everybody sitting scooted down one chair and allowed you to sit right between Jensen and Jared.

Both of your hands waved in an exited manner.

“We love you, Y/n!” A small group of fans yelled out from somewhere around the back. The biggest smile spread across your lips while your hands made an uneven heart in their direction.

“I said it long before you did.” Jensen interrupted the sweet appreciated moment. He casually took a sip of water and pretended to be upset.

The crowd began to laugh while cameras flashed in your direction. From the corner of your eye you noticed Jared fixing his beanie on the beast he called his hair. Of course you slightly shook your head and then directed your attention back to Richard who began to speak.

“Alright, let’s wrap it up with a final question.” Hands shot up in the air, more than you’d seen since the event began.

Rob pointed to a nameless face in the crowd who happily stood up and waltzed over to the microphone.

“Hi.” Her cheeks were bright red and her hands folded together. “My question is for Y/n.” You returned her smile with your own. “Will we be seeing Rebekah anytime soon in the show for a lengthy amount of episodes?”

Before answering, you glanced over at Robert who have you an assuring nod that it was okay to spill the beans.

“Hopefully I’ll be around longer than usual this time.” You bit your bottom lip a little while trying to hold back the smile that tried to erupt from your lips as the entire audience hooped and hollered. “So far, I’m not dead or cut off. Fingers crossed that becomes a constant pattern.”

Mark chimed into the small conversation.

“Look at Misha. If he could last this long, anybody could.” Everybody, including the cast, began to laugh.

Jensen hung his head low while Jared held his in his giant man paws. Leaning over you got a better look at Misha who was close to having a bright red apple face from laughing so hard.

“No hard feelings, Misha.” Your hand reached over and patted his arm in a “comforting” manner. “I’ll send you a postcard when I takeover.”

“On that note-”

The event ended faster than it started it seemed, but you were beyond happy to finally be apart of the crew officially and out in the open. Hopefully long term this time around.

Loved Me Back To Life pt 6/final

Thank you so much for all of the love with this series! I’m extremely excited about ‘Gods and Monsters’ and ‘Moose and Me’ with a few one shots coming as well! Have an amazing weekend and be safe! 


Jensen Ackles and Wife Reader, Jared and Gen Padelecki, Thomas, Shep and Odette, OFC Jaclyn Rose, 

Warnings: You guys know this already! Fluff and sweetness, DaddyJensen, seriously teeth rotting sweetness

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              Over the next year Jensen and I watched Jaclyn grow in leaps and bounds. We couldn’t believe she was going to be one tomorrow and both of us were sad to see her growing so fast. It felt like yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital. Gen and I had planned the birthday party, the boys were still up in Vancouver finishing season 14. She was my little angel but she was a daddy’s girl through and through. There were a lot of times over the year that I had to skype or facetime so she would calm down enough to go to sleep, somedays I would play videos of him singing and that would make her happy just as much.

              We came up with a cute idea, making this a future hunter in training party. Odette would be dressed like Sam and Jaclyn would be dressed like Dean. The cake would have a picture of Jay and Jaclyn when they had fallen asleep on the couch during Christmas break. Her smash cake would be a simple white cake, the food and the drinks were supernatural themed as well. By this point both girls had fallen asleep so we put them down and took the boys out back to do a little swimming before dinner.

              Gen and I just hung out for the day, so, I decided to tell her a secret I had been sitting on for a while. “I’m pregnant” “Oh my God! Really??” I smiled and nodded. “How far along are you?” “I’m about five weeks” “How are you going to tell Jay?” “I have no clue but it needs to be unique” As it got close to dinner time, we got cleaned up and decided to go out for dinner when I heard the door open to see Jensen and Jared with huge smiles on their faces.

              I launched myself in his arms holding him close to me, overjoyed to have the love of my life back in my arms. “How are you here? I thought you had a few more days of filming” “We worked hard and got done quicker than we thought.” “I’m so happy” He just held me close for a few moments then remembering that we were heading out for dinner. “We were going to get dinner, wanna join us?” “I am starving sweetheart” While he went upstairs to freshen up I got Jaclyn changed into a onesie that said, ‘my daddy is Dean Winchester’ and a cute pair of jeans.

              “You wanna go see Daddy?” She started bouncing and giggling, so I brought her downstairs and as soon as she saw Jay she started saying ‘dada’ repeatedly. “There’s my little peanut” He hugged her to him as she grasped his face in her chubby little hands giggling at the funny faces he was making. I decided to say something seeing if Jay was paying attention. “I hope the next one likes me” “Wait What did you just say?” “I hope the next one likes me” “Are you saying???” “I’m pregnant Jay” Gen took Jaclyn so we could have a couple minutes alone. “How long have you known?” “Close to a week, I started not feeling good so I went to the doctor and he told me that I was almost five weeks along”

              I could see the tears in his eyes, I walked over and wrapped my arms around his neck holding him close. “I am a very lucky man” “That you are Mr. Ackles” He kissed me softly and smiled. “Enough with the chick flick moments, I’m hungry” “Ok mama bear, let’s get you fed” We rejoined Jared and Gen who had huge smiles on their faces. After hugging and congratulations we decided on barbecue for dinner tonight and they were happy to oblige the pregnant woman of the group.

              After an amazing night, we said goodnight to the Padalecki’s and went home tired but also happy. I started picking up a few things when I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist and a pair of lips running up and down my neck. “Jay” I whined, he really knew how to disrupt my train of thought. “I’ll do this, I started a hot bath upstairs for you and put Jaclyn to bed” “I love you so much” “I love you more” I kissed him quickly and went upstairs to my bathtub full of almost scalding water.

              I quickly undressed and sunk into the water hissing at the water warmth but I could feel my muscles relaxing instantly. I was happy and relaxed enjoying the smell of lavender and vanilla, feeling so relaxed I never wanted to move again. I knew I had to get out but I just groaned at not wanting to move, Jay came in to check on me just smiling at me knowing how relaxed I was I invited him to join me. He quickly undressed and got in behind me. “I can’t believe we’re having another baby, I’m so happy y/n. I don’t think you know how much.” I turned slightly and cupped his cheek with tears building in my eyes I kissed him. We just smiled and pushed our foreheads together.

              Once the water cooled we got out and dried off, quickly getting our pajama’s on and crawled into bed falling fast asleep holding each other closely. As I started to wake up I could feel the morning sickness hitting me hard. I made it just in time but felt a hand rubbing my back, telling me that he was there for support. “I hate this part” I groaned as I set my forehead against the cool porcelain. “I know baby I made your favorite” He helped me off the floor and led me to bed where there was a tray of pancakes and bacon. I started tearing up loving him more for remembering what I ate with Jaclyn.

              We sat and ate while Jay watched the morning news. After breakfast, I snuggled up with him before we had to go and get some errands done today. It was going to be a gorgeous day and I was always happy to spend the day with Jay and Jaclyn. While Jensen got his shower, I went into Jaclyn’s room to check on her and saw her beautiful green eyes looking at me. “Hi pumpkin” I picked her up and kissed her all over her face making laugh and squeal.

              I took her downstairs and put her in her high chair, cutting up some pancake and a piece of bacon. I saw her daddy in her as she happily munched on her bacon and saw the same look of love that Jensen got when eating bacon. “You are so much like your daddy” She just smiled and giggled slapping her hands together. The party wasn’t until four so I washed up got dressed and headed out for a few things making sure we were back to set everything up. Jensen tweeted a pic of his girls wishing Jaclyn Rose a happy birthday. The response from the fans was so sweet, tweeting out little pictures and videos for her.

              We got back to the house around 3:30 and Gen was already there setting some things up, Jared and Jensen got the rest set up so that Gen and I could dress up the girls like Sam and Dean. We got them dressed and ready to go really hoping this would be a success. As we carried the girls downstairs the guests were starting to arrive and saw everyone I had considered family. We walked out to show off our handy work and saw Jared and Jensen bent over laughing at their girls looking like Sam and Dean. Both girls had flannel then a shirt that either said ‘Dean Winchester is my Daddy’ and ‘Sam Winchester is my Daddy’ with jeans and converse.

              The entire day was filled with laughter, stories and plenty of pictures to show off to the fans. By the time everyone had gone home the girls were asleep in their daddy’s arms and there was no way that they would be waking up any time soon. We bid each other good night, Jay put her to bed while I got a shower. When I came out with a towel wrapped around me I saw my husband sitting against the headboard a pair of pajama pants on and nothing else. It was like a scene from those trashy romance novels I used to read.

              “Damn Jay, you know how to get a girl all hot and bothered” I said as I blushed fifty shades of crimson. He beckoned me over to him so I took off my towel and walked over there without a stitch of clothing. “Damn baby, pregnancy suits you.” I got on my hands and knees and crawled over to him straddling his lap. I kissed him slowly but passionately feeling him harden underneath me. He flipped me quickly kissing down my neck onto my shoulder, for the whole night we gave each other everything we could.

              I stretched as I started to wake up and noticed Jay’s side of the bed empty, I walked down the stairs to see Jaclyn watching her daddy be a dork. I had a check-up later today to make sure everything was going the way it was supposed to. I slipped on one of Jays tees and a pair of underwear going back downstairs to have breakfast with the two people I loved most in this world. I snuck up behind Jay, then tickling his sides making him jump. Jaclyn just laughed and I just smiled as he turned to look at me with a playful glare.

              After breakfast, we got showered and dressed, heading to the doctor excited to see my second little peanut. We were so blessed that Jaclyn was a good baby, she never fussed or threw a tantrum, she was calm and happy. They called us back and I started to get excited to see our new little one on the way. They put the cold gel over my small bump and started moving it around. We heard the heartbeat and I just let the tears fill my eyes, the tech looked over and asked, “Would like to know what you’re having?” “Yes please” I said quietly. “You are having a boy! Congratulations!” She printed the pictures and cleaned off the goop and walked us out. We made the next appointment and headed home to share the amazing news.

Some Time Later

              I was eight months at this point and ready for our little boy to enter the world, and be in my arms. We had come up with Robert James and he even like that, anytime we said it he moved around saying hi. Season 15 was almost done filming and it was the end of the series, everything had been planned and put together for the fans, the cast, and the crew so that it ended with a shocking surprise. Jay was flying out tonight to come back home, permanently. I spent most of the day vegging on the couch with Jacky watching ‘Frozen’ and singing along.

              She was so amazing and adorable any time the baby would kick, she would just look and tilt her head. “Your brother is just saying hi” she put her hands where he had kicked “Hi brother”. Gen brought the boys over so they kids could be together, playing tag in the back yard as the sun set over the lake. “Oh, hey Jared just text me that they got an earlier flight” I let out the breath I was holding. “That’s good because I think my water just broke” I called Donna and Alan, telling them that I was in labor and they said they would meet us at the hospital.

              We got the kids ready to go, grabbing everything we needed. I grabbed my phone and hit the call button for Jay. It went to voicemail and I left a message that he needed to get here like now. The contractions weren’t that close together yet so he did have some time but things do change. I was settled in a room when both men burst through the door, I just laughed. Gen and Jared left to help with the kids. Once it was time to push it wasn’t long until I heard the most beautiful sound. Our little boy was here, they cleaned him up and brought him back to me. I just ran my finger over his cheeks and noticed his y/e/c and his y/h/c completely smitten.

              Everyone came to visit and Jaclyn was amazing with him, she just watched him with curiosity. Jensen got into bed with me Jaclyn asleep in his arms and Bobby asleep in mine. Jay just watched me and kissed the side of my head. “Thank you so much! I love you with everything I have” I let out a sigh “Thank you Jay, you’ve given me so much love. I will never know how I got so lucky” I kissed him once more “You loved me back me to life”

Daddy Issues

Originally posted by heytheredeann

Warnings: Abusive relationship between the reader and her father. Explicit scenes of it. Don’t read it if you are sensitve to this subject. If you are going throught something related or know somebody who are, you can talk to me, but please search for help.

Notes: Okay guys, i know i’m not posting a lot, but i will try to solve this problem okay? Part 2 is coming soon, please tell me if you like it and what do you think that will happen. 

This was based in some other fics i read, i really liked them so i decided to do something like that myself. If you want to be tagged in the next part, just let me know. 

Thank you guys <3 Thank you @realdiepie <3

“So… that’s it guys. I’m very excited to see you all on the VegasCon, love yoo…. What the hell Jensen!” You screamed, finishing the video on snapchat when you felt Jensen lift you up and put you on his shoulders. You felt him start to walk and heard his laugh. “Jensen put me down!”

“Not so easy.” He said starting to run and you screamed. He entered a trailer and you recognized it as Jared’s, and you had your assurance that even when upside down, you saw the guys starting to laugh. “I found our runaway girl. She was doing a lifestream or something” 

“I was snapping jackass.” You said when he threw you in a couch.

“Watch your language girl” He said pretending to be mad and the boys laughed again. 

“We were looking for you (Y/N)” Jared said when you sat next to Misha. He immediatally put his arms around you. 

“What for?” You asked starting to feel a bit frightened. Were you in trouble or something like that?

“Gen and Danneel are coming to the VegasCon so we can’t share the room with you.” Jared said, because you’d usually share a room with one of them or Kat in the conventions, mostly Jensen. 

“But i’m alone in my room, so if you want to…” Misha said with a cute smile. You smiled sadly, but it was so fast that you doubted that they even saw it. 

“Yeah, thanks Misha, but you guys don’t have to worry, my father is coming to this one.” You said feeling a bitter taste in your mouth. You really didn’t understand why your Dad had decided to come. Of course, it was Vegas and he obviously enjoyed to spend your money and make use of your privileges as a celebrity, but he hated the people you worked with. It made him angry. And when he was angry…. Well, it was not something very nice to think about. 

“Oh okay then, we will let Cliff know, and he will arrange the rest.” Jared said smilling and you forced one. 

It was gonna be a long weekend. 


You thanked God when you entered your house and your Dad was passed out in the couch. Every night was the same thing. He drank until he slept, but if you arrived before the he fell asleep, he’d always find a reason to scream at you and remind you about all of your insecurities. Or he made you clean all his mess and get him more beer. Or… well, in his worst nights, he’d hit you. You had already broken a rib and an arm because of him. Of course no one knew about it, and everybody thought that your fear of being around men was because you were shy. But with time, for your surprise, being around Jensen, Jared, Misha, Mark, Richard, Rob, Cliff and all the others had become your favorite thing. You felt safe with them, they were more protective than your father would ever be, and from the bottom of your heart, you knew they loved you.

As least somebody did.


“Jensen! Jared!” The both were entering the hotel where the convention would happen, and there were a lot of fans already there. With Cliff’s help, after pictures and autografts they finally got out, going directly to the room where all the cast would be. Because Gen and Danneel weren’t in Vancouver, they took an early flight, and they were probably already in their rooms. 

They greeted everyone. Misha, Mark, Kim, Kat, Briana, Rich, Rob, but there was one person missing….

“Where’s (Y/N)?” Jensen asked no one in specific while getting a sandwich from the table.

“I’m here” You said getting behind him and he imeddiataly turned around smiling. Although the smile vanished when he saw you with an uncomfortable face and forcing a smile. He had been seeing this smile for a while now, which really worried him. He had known you for years now, he had practically seen you grow up, as you’d entered the series when you were only 10, and now with 16, he saw you like a daughter. 

“Hey sweetheart, had a nice flight?” He asked watching you hide behind sunglasses and a long sleeved shirt. He put his arms around your shoulders, starting to walk as the others were already going to where they had to be now, some people to panels, some to the autographs’ table, some to OP photos. You guys were going with autographs. “Where is your father?” 

“Hmm… he left. To see the city” You said and he raised his eyebrows.

“He won’t watch your panel with Kat?”He answered and you struggled again, giving him a humorless laugh. 

“I guess not.” But before he could say anything else, Jared appeared by his side and started talking to (Y/N). Jensen sighed, he knew something was not okay with his little girl and he couldn’t figure what it was. And it killed him.

“Okay guys, I have to go. See you later” You said to them, and after they both patted your head and messed with your hair, you went to the opposite direction from them. You were going to do a panel with Kathryn Newton, the one who was Claire, Castiel’s daughter in the series. She was just a few years older than you, which made you two become really good friends. 

“Don’t you think that (Y/N) is acting kind of weird these days?” Jensen asked and Jared took a deep breath looking at his friend.

“Definitely” He agreed. “In the beginning I thought she was just heartbroken or something…”

“Wait, what? Why would she be heartbroken?” Jensen said starting to get fatherly over you, being overprotective and a little… well, jealous. 

“You are saying that you didn’t see the hickey a few days ago in her neck? At least it seemed like a hickey. I thought she had been with some guy and was acting weird about it.” Jared said and Jensen’s eyes widened. “But after some time I started to change my mind.” 

“So if it’s not a teenage love story, why the hell is she acting so strange?” Jensen said sighing, a little frustrated as he ran his hand over his face.

“No idea man.” Jared said struggling when they heard somebody of the production call for them to go to the autograph tables. They had to forget this subject for now. At least try to.


The day passed incredibly fast for you. The panel was great, the photos and autografts… amazing. You had met so many fans and had a blast with your co-workers and everybody. The moments when you were with the cast, the conventions mainly, were some moments that you could forget about your dark reality. 

“(Y/N) come here!” Kat said and you saw that she was recording for snapchat, so you posed next to her. All the cast was already in the big room again, and you saw Danneel and Gen talking next to the food table. You hadn’t seen them earlier, so it wad the perfect time to go talk to them. You were on your way when someone stopped in front of you, making you gulp. 

“Dad” You said forcing a smile. Again.

“Time to go (Y/N)” He said forcing a smile too. You sighed, noticing he was already drunk. He really couldn’t haved picked a worst moment to do this.  

“Oh hey mr. (Y/L/N)” Jensen said in a friendly tone, appearing by your side and reaching his hand for your father, who quickly shook Jensen’s hand. “Your daughter was amazing today, she…” 

“Yeah, well, she always is.” You father said interrupting Jensen, who raised his eyebrows. “If you’ll excuse us, I’m taking (Y/N) out for dinner tonight.” He said putting a hand behind your neck, making you shiver, and pushing you. 

“Oh but you know that we’re gonna have a little celebration here? Well, at the seafood restaurant, here in the hotel. You are more than welcome to join us.” you felt your heart racing. You were scared, and you were 100% sure that Jensen had noticed it.

“Make it next time, pal.” Your father said and you closed your eyes sighing. Jensen didn’t say anything else. Your dad started pushing you to the exit of the room, and soon you were already in front of the door of your hotel room. “Time to have some fun right darling?”

“Dad… what are you talking about?” You asked with a nervous laugh, knowing exactly what he was talking about. He pushed you into the room so hard that you almost fell. 

“I’m talking about those people that you work with.” He said, low and rough. One of the signs that he was becoming aggressive. Your hands were sweating and your heart racing. “Can you believe that your worthless driver didn’t want to take me to the tourist hotspots? 

“But he-he…” You said, your voice already failing because of how nervous you were. It didn’t matter how many times this happened, you would never be prepared for it. 

“He-he.” He said copying your voice giving a hurmoless laugh. “Yeah right. And that Jensen guy and his tall friend.” He said getting close, and grabing your neck and making you gasp. “They make me so angry… and they have this strange possession over you. Perverts. That’s what they are.”

“No dad, they’re not…” You tried, already feeling the tears falling as he hit your head against the wall, still holding your nick. 

“Shut up! I didn’t give you permission to talk.” He said tightening the grip into your neck, and you gasped again. “I met some of your ‘fans’ today. I really can’t understand how they idolize you so much. I mean… what is so special about you?” 

You cried hard and you saw him roll his eyes. 

“I said… Shut. Up” He said angrily and you tried not to make any noise, but you sniffed. And he punched you. Not slapped, punched. Hard.

You groaned in pain, feeling a little dizzy and starting to see black spots. He pushed you into the ground and you hit your head on the floor. 

“We’re in Las Vegas, and I’m not half as drunk as I wanted to be.” He said leaning down and purposefully treading his fingers on your hair, making you look at him. “I don’t want you near those people anymore, you heard me? Now here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m gonna get drunk. And after this, I’m going to a strip club, and yeah, I don’t want you in this room when I come back with a whore.” He said hitting your head on the ground one more time. “Did you understand?” You tried to talk, you really did, but you had no strength. He kicked you in the ribs, making you groan. “I said: did you understand me?” He asked again and stepped on your ribs, forcing his foot down. You answered with a low voice. 


“Good, now if you’ll excuse me.” He said forcing his foot down again before walking out of the room. You felt a giant pain and immediately started to have touble to breathe. Unfortunately, you already knew this feeling. He broke one rib of yours. Again. 

The pain was so intense that you tried to scream but nothing came out. Your eyes were watering and no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t breathe. The black spots came back, and you couldn’t stop yourself from thinking that tomorrow morning, you could be dead.

Part 2

Behind The Story – Pt. 10 (JIB Special)

Summary: The reader is Jensen’s girlfriend (fiancé) and also a cast member of the show. Part II of JIB special of them having a great time at JIBCon.

Author: deanwinchester-af

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 2.4k+

Warnings: Fluff.

Beta: @waywardlullabies


A/N: Thanks for the good feedback on the twitter updates I will keep doing more of those. It was so fun for me to write this part and hope you guys find it funny too, feedback is always appreciated it ♥


Parts:  01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09

The interesting conversation about this new social media called Snapchat between you, Jared, Gen and Mark got interrupted by the staff. She announced that it was almost time for your panel with Jensen. You already had a solo panel, photo ops and signed autographs, as always everyone was very kind and sweet to you. Even one fan brought you butter cookies you’ve been craving like crazy.

Excusing yourself out of the conversation, you followed the woman as you got followed by bodyguards. You giggled at the sound of Jensen’s laugh through his mic as you walked to the panel area. Jensen is currently doing his panel with Misha, which by the sound of the fans shouts and laughs, tell everyone they’re having one hell of a good time.

Your eyes landed on Jensen who dropped to the floor as he laughed his ass off. You reached the DJ’s station, asking for him to play the song Light It Up because you were going to crash this panel in a creative way. He grinned and quickly look for the song in his Mac, a couple minutes  passed when he rose his thumbs up, you took that as your cue to crash the Cockles (as the fan call it) panel.

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A Little Help from My Friends

Request: Are requests open? If so I’d like a Richard Speight X reader where rich flirts with all the ladies but when he sees the reader he stammers and gets so nervous, but eventually his friends tell you about his feelings in front of him and he goes crazy and walks out- then you follow after him and fluff or smut ensues ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Pairing: Richard Speight Jr. x Reader

Warnings: Unprotected smut (be safe, guys), explicit language, public sex

Word Count: 3542

Originally posted by fraudulenti-vulpes

“Thanks, guys!” You called out to the crowd, waving a hand to all of the screaming Supernatural fans with a bright smile plastered on your face. You left the stage, the lights falling against your back as you made your way to the dim backstage area. You placed your microphone on a table, giving your fingers a few curls to shake off the ache from holding it for so long during your panel.

“Nice panel, Y/N,” a familiar voice greeted you, soft footsteps sounding from behind you.

You turned and smiled at Rob, your fingers carding through your hair to fix the strands. “Thanks! Is Rich back from his photo ops yet?” You asked casually, your mind automatically wondering about your long time friend, Richard Speight Jr., known for playing Gabriel on the show. You had never had the privilege to share a scene with him, but he did direct an episode you were in, and you saw him all the time during conventions. Plus, the two of you hung out with each other constantly. Being with him just felt natural.

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No Regrets - Fiancée

Request: Not a request. I just saw some gifs and this story popped into my head. Hope you like.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: None - pure fluff.

Wordcount: 546

A/N: This is a drabble complication. All drabbles fits into the universe I created for my Jensen x Reader series Living with Regrets. Most can be read as stand alone but will also very much be part of the series.

This takes place between part 9 and 10 of LWR. About 8 or so months after part 9 I would say. 

Unbetaed and fast written - All mistakes are mine



“Having fun Y/N?” Misha smiled at you as you walked into the area behind the stage. You hadn’t been to a convention for years and you had actually be reluctant to go at first but Jensen, Misha, Mark and Jared had not stopped bugging you, until you had caved.

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Loved Me Back To Life Pt 2

Jensen and the reader plan out the wedding while the reader finds out some awesome news

Jensen and Reader, Jared and Gen, Mark and Sarah, Misha and Vicki

Die a Happy Man Thomas Rhett        Part One

No harm against Danneel She’s our queen and we love her greatly

Extreme Fluff, sweetness, Jensen SInging

@not-moose-one-shots @smacklesandstretch67 @sanityoverrated27 @5minutefanfiction @supernatural-jackles @bringmesomepie56 @mysteriouslyme81 @ilostmyshoe-79 @jensen-jarpad @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @27bmm @deathtonormalcy56

Originally posted by queenofhelldarlin

              After we had gotten home from our amazing vacation, we had a happy greeting from the cast to the fans. They had offered me to join back on the cast, I thanked them profusely for the offer but told them I wanted some time to totally be lazy.

              Since I was a kid I never wanted a huge wedding, I always planned on the courthouse in the afternoon and a huge barn party that night. He kept asking if I was sure that’s what I wanted, and every time I said yes. So, we invited the closest family and friends for our ceremony, and then a huge party with Texas barbecue with beer and wine.

              Thursday came quickly, so we parted ways for him to have his last night of the single life, and I had an amazing pajama party planned with the girls. We sat around with music playing and giggling about different stories we were telling about our men. “So, are you ready to be Mrs. Ackles tomorrow?” “I am so ready! I’m ready to step into my next role! Wife and mother!”

              Gen was the first one to realize what I had revealed and jumped up to squeeze me tightly. “When are you telling him?” “Tomorrow night, I had the t-shirt from Suicide Squad made. It says ‘Daddy’s little monster’ with an arrow pointing down.” They all laughed at me and knew it was perfect for the simple fact I was obsessed with that movie completely.

              I couldn’t sleep well that night at all, I missed Jay terribly. I finally fell asleep and woke up to the sun filling the room with warmth and happiness. I heard the door open to Gen, Vicki, and Sarah bringing in food and orange juice. Of course, Sarah had Isabella, so naturally I hogged for most of the day. She looked so much like Mark it was ridiculous.

              I finally got dressed and slipped on my white dressy sandals. I looked in the mirror one last time, reminding myself that the next time I kiss Jay I will be kissing my husband. I could feel the tears building up wondering how I could ever be so happy. It was already time to leave, so I took one last breath and headed out the door.

              When we arrived, Clif was already there with a black SUV decked out in streamers and balloons ‘Just Married’ in big white letters. I walked in to see Jay in a beautiful all black suit, dress shirt not fully buttoned on top. Jared tapped him on the shoulder, he turned to see him pointing towards me. He turned to see where he was pointing and I could see the tears already building up. I slowly walked up and kissed him on the cheek.

              He held his arm out linking me to him, when we were called back our friends followed us excited to see this new chapter in our lives begin. We gave our vows, coming straight from the heart, both of us tearing up quickly. Once he pronounced us husband and wife, he dipped me and kissed me like the most precious thing on this planet.

              Clif led us back out to the SUV, being surprised by fans clapping and cheering that we finally had found happiness. “My Lady” I giggled and quickly kissed him before sliding in and pulling him with me. I whispered ‘my love’ against his lips as he kissed me slowly and sweetly.

              We made back to the house with some time to get dressed and go party with everyone who came to celebrate our love story and our new adventure we were going to take on. We did have enough time to get some rest, both of us didn’t sleep well without each other.    

              After waking up and feeling refreshed, both of us got dressed for the party. I walked out with my shirt and a pair of skinny jeans with my red chucks. I patiently waited for Jay to get the message I was getting across. He just kept looking until it finally clicked in his head. “Really??? I’m gonna be a daddy?” I could only nod, I had never felt so happy in my life. “Yeah Jay! I was afraid you wouldn’t get it”

              He kissed me and pulled me to him, holding me and crying at the most amazing day ever. It was time to head out and of course now he was over protective and I didn’t care at all.

Jensen POV

              I just watched her next to me, in awe of the fact that she was mine completely and that she had our unborn child growing inside her, I couldn’t wait to start this next adventure with her. I was so happy and content knowing that she was mine and I was hers, I took her hands and interlocked our fingers together. I had a huge surprise for her at the party but what she just told me made me feel absolutely over the moon.

              Once we pulled up, she grabbed a hoodie and pulled it over until we could tell everyone together. Once the whole wedding party was together the DJ started our entrance music as we danced into the barn. It was finally our turn so when ‘Marry You’ by Bruno Mars so I picked her up bridal style carried her in. Our family and friends whooping and hollering.

Reader POV

              Everything was perfect, the food was amazing and just being around people who want us to be to be together. One wedding tradition that I’m really loving is the clinking glasses, I got to show the world how much I absolutely loved my husband. “It’s time for your wedding present then we tell them our other news” “I love you” “I love you more”

              He walked over to where Louden Swain had gathered, getting everything set up. Gen and Jared came over and sat with me also curious what was going on. They started playing and I automatically knew the song he was going to serenade me with. He started singing ‘Die a happy man’ by Thomas Rhett and I started getting emotional at the best gift he could have given me.

              He finished the last notes winking his ‘Dean’ wink. “Y/n, baby will you come up here a minute?” I gave him the thumbs up and he nodded. I pulled the sweatshirt off and left it up to everyone to figure out. “So, there is a reason that y/n isn’t drinking tonight” Finally people figured it out and started laughing and clapping at the new addition to the family.

              It was an amazing night dancing and eating, enjoying time with our friends. Once it hit two in the morning Jay and I were exhausted, so we said our goodbyes and headed off to a honeymoon of rest and relaxation. The best thing was we weren’t going anywhere, we were just going to relax at home before we had to go back up to Vancouver. I had never been so happy in all my life and only things could get better.


Characters: Reader x Cast (Jensen, Jared, Misha, Mark, Richard, Rob)

Words: 693

Summary: Rob, Rich, and the reader got drunk the night before, and the consequences are not as big as they could be. 

My entry for the Supernatural Hiatus Writing Challenge Week 11. :) The quote is bolded. Enjoy!

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Behind The Story - Pt. 14

Summary: The reader is Jensen’s girlfriend (fiancé) and also a cast member of the show. Discover their journey to parent hood and marriage as they go.

Author: deanwinchester-af

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 2K

Warnings: Implied Smut.


A/N: Another NerdHQ part, hope y’all like this one.



“I have a friend too,” Jensen mumbled, “She-”

As soon the audience heard the pronoun, everyone started to scream and cheer. You laughed at Jensen’s own way to announce you. Currently standing backstage of NerdHQ with Misha and Shay who’s your new assistant.

“She’s a friend but she’s more than a friend, y’ know?” Jensen said.

“Who is she?” Zach asked rolling away with it.

You looked at the screen projecting Jared, Jensen and Zach on stage.

Jensen smiled and spoke a weird Italian accent, “She’s ma’ babe.”

In that moment the door sliding wide open revealing you to the audience. You strolled in, smiling and waving at the everybody. Jensen, Jared and Zach stood up from their seats to greet you. After hugging Zach and Jared, you hugged and kissed Jensen quickly on the lips, then sat down next to him.

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Title: Thirty Seconds to happiness

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader, Jared Leto x Reader

Warnings: Married Jensen (I guess, no disrespect intended!)

Imagine: Imagine leaving Supernatural because you fell in love with your co-star Jensen and couldn’t be together. Years later you meet again and it is obvious how he has always had strong feelings for you. Only this is you now are no longer single either.

The man that laid next to you was sleeping soundly, his bare chest moving up and down as he breathed in and out softly. He was so peaceful and at moments like this the only thing you wanted to do was stare at him. It looked like no worry bothered him and you wanted to cherish moments like this… especially when you knew you were the reason behind all said worries.

You hated doing this to him, you hated being the reason that those beautiful eyes were clouded at moments and that warm smile wasn’t as bright as it used to be. At least when you first met him. You didn’t want this to happen to him, not him of all people. Not to the man that brought so much happiness to others, you didn’t him to suffer this fate. But you couldn’t do otherwise.

You turned slowly but surely, careful not to wake him up in fear of losing this rare moment. You smiled softly, feeling your heart swell inside your chest as you watched him smile in his sleep. Maybe the bliss of the aftermath of such a night still had him forgetting everything. Everything that had him worrying at day. Some part you felt your heart soar inside your chest. You tried to show him the best you could how you felt about him and were glad that deep down he at least understood it.

You moved closer to him, moving your hand up to cup his cheek as his lips were half open. You smiled lovingly at him and felt the butterflies go crazy in your stomach when you heard him mumbled your name in his sleep. You ran your hand down to his chest and let it ret on his heart, the skin to skin contact making you feel every heartbeat. You let out a content sigh when memories of only a few hours ago started rushing. You bit your lips and shuffled, shifting your legs as you remember all the words he whispered when he kissed you, when he touched you and when he made love to you. Every time felt like the first one no matter how hard it was to believe.

You wanted to be guilty, you wanted to feel guilty so bad. In that way maybe you would pull away and maybe, just maybe, you would stop this. You would stop feeling about him this way and maybe, just maybe, change everything. Maybe, just maybe, you would stop hurting this man and finally give him the happiness he so deserved. Maybe you could stop being so selfish and hurt him during the day only to try to lessen the pain with kisses.

He never said it out loud but those, they spoke a thousand words to you.  Those eyes that were now staring at you, sleep still lacing them but a lazy smile forming on his lips.

“Hey” he said in a rough voice and you smiled sheepishly at him.

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Love Her Like Me

Pairing: Mark Pellegrino x Reader
Word count: 1,628
Warnings: Cussing. Minor violence.    
Written for Wayward-Mirage’s Mark Pellegrino Day
Request: (Anonymous) You write the best Pellegrino fics !!!! <3 Can you do one where the reader is dating someone else and Mark is in love with her and finds out the boyfriend is cheating and has to tell her with a fluffy ending

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This One Time... At VanCon...

SPN FanFic

Conceived and Written by: @frenchybell & @impala-dreamer

~”The plan was simple, or so we thought. This is a recounting of our night in Vancouver. I think it got a little out of hand, to be honest…” Join three FanGirls on an adventure they’ll never forget…~

Reader, April, Beka, Misha, Mark, Jared, Jensen

5,281 Words

Warnings: Explicit Silliness, Drunken Antics, Slight Kidnapping, Minor Character Passing Out, SFW, Fluff and Craziness

A/N: This is a joint effort of love springing from a late night convo with the joke “Well I’ll need to be ready for when I break into Jensen’s trailer.” And here we are. Big hugs and thank you to April for doing this with me. I had so much fun! Hope you all like it. Get ready for silly…

The plan was simple, or so we thought. This is a recounting of our night in Vancouver. I think it got a little out of hand, to be honest.

Let me start with a little backstory, just to give you some perspective. You see, Beka, April and I had met on Tumblr, writing and sharing our fanfiction for all of you to enjoy. We got to be close friends and when the opportunity arose to meet up at a convention, not just any convention, VanCon, we jumped at the chance.

To save on costs, we decided to share a room. We arrived a day early, just to make sure we didn’t miss anything and we hung out in our room, drinking. Beka had stocked the mini bar with any and every alcoholic beverage we could fit into the small fridge. The more we drank, the more we laughed.

Ideas got tossed around for new fics, amid drunken giggles and smutty plots. That’s when Beka made a comment about how awesome it would be to have Jensen and Jared act out our favorite fics. Well, I had to open my big mouth.

Being drunk, and feeding off one another’s energy, I suggested we break onto set, where the guys were staying, and have them act out the scenes for us. Beka and April were all for it. If not for them, I’d have never had the courage to do this. And maybe, just maybe, that wouldn’t have been a bad thing.

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Flashed - Part 1


So, I’m verry sorry this took so Long, but I had to start all over again like three times as tumblr seems to delete my drafts all the time. This is a crossver between The Flash and Supernatural. It’s not one of my best works, but I really tried. I hope you like it.

Request: Could you write me a supernatural cast imagine were the reader has been on the show since she was 14 (she’s 24 now) and now she is engaged to grant gustin ( just because he is my celeb crush) and in an interview the cast talks about how happy she is for her and him and of the person she has become its okay if you won’t do it it is a bit complicated
Pairing: Grant Gustin x Reader
Warning: None I believe
Words: 1624

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Turn it off

For: Anon

Characters:  single(?)!Jared Padalecki, Single!Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins (mentioned), Richard Speight, Jr, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Reader

Pairings: Jared x reader

Warnings: None

Words: 2,416

A/N: I hope you like it, I had a great time writing it!

 This is based on an alternative universe where Jared and Jensen are not married to their respective and lovely wives, I love Genevieve and Danneel

Forever tag: @deathtonormalcy56 @mamaredd123 @my-sharpie-sketches @professionalfangirl03 @fangirl1802, @cozyjaws

Want to be tagged? just send me an ask and I’ll tag you on my next fics ❤

“Alright guys, today we will be joined by the new cast member. We want to capture the true and raw essence of your first meeting so we will keep them away from you until we’re rolling” Richard said when Jared, Jensen, and Misha were getting ready to get on set.

“Really? After eleven seasons you’re doing that?” Jensen laughed which earned him a mocking look from Rich.

“And after eleven seasons you’re still whining like a little child?” Richard bite back which made Jensen laugh harder, it was going to be a long day.

“I should be the one whining, okay? I deserve to know who she is” Jared said dramatically, they were sure persuasive.

“Why?” Richard smirked knowing exactly what he was talking about.

“That person will be Sam’s new love interest! I should be allowed to know more” Jared exclaimed and made everyone laugh.  

“It will make things more interesting, in fact,” Richard said as he got closer to Jensen’s and Misha’s chairs “how do you feel about being the only one who has no clue who she is?”

“What?!” Jared turned to see to his friends, who had both a victory smiles on their lips. “When?!”

“Today, didn’t you get the memo?” Misha said confused as he unlocked his phone and opened his mail app.

“Memo? What memo?” Jared anxiously did the same and started refreshing mail “I didn’t get it”

“Really?” Misha looked closely at his phone “Ah, okay, this makes sense”

“What makes sense?” Jared said, kindly dismissing his makeup artist and walked towards him.

“Schedule change: Jensen and Misha, be here an hour early than planned. Don’t say a thing to Jay” Misha read and he couldn’t help it anymore and burst out laughing, Jensen following him quickly.

“You guys are assholes” Jared rolled his eyes, and laughed in defeat.

“Trust me, it will be worth it” Jensen winked at him, which confused Jared even more and walked towards the set overthinking everything.

“Stop it!” Misha shouted as he laughed, Jared was poking his back behind cameras trying and succeeding to break his character.

“We’re losing daylight and we need to wrap the first episode by today. Remember we have someone waiting” Richard smirked and Jared suddenly froze, he had completely forgotten about that.


“Okay here you go” Richard whispered trying to not make close to little noise “Dean is possessed, Cas is getting beat up and Sam is knocked out, and you darling are kicking ass in one… two… three… go!” he directed and you ran towards the set.

“Hey, idjit!” you shouted and Dean turned to you, a black tear drop running down his face.

Sam groaned in pain, trying to move he realized he was tied to something.

“Let me go, bitch” Sam heard his brother voice and forced himself to open his eyes.

“Shut up and go down!” you scream tackling him down, silver chains around his ankles and wrist, you laid on feet on his chest as you took your lighter out.

“Hey dude, please hold on I’m almost done,” you said worriedly as you turned to the trenchcoated guy pinned against the wall, he wasn’t in need of urgent help since he was an angel but still it looked horrifying.

“I can handle it, save Dean and Sam,” he said in a deep voice and you smiled.

“Will do” you whispered as you lighted up and salted a cowboy hat and a leather belt that were laying on the floor.

Cas dropped to the ground and Dean gasped for air.

“What the hell is going on? And who the hell are you?” Sam said weakly still trying to get out of the ropes that held him steel.

“Oh right,” you said and turned to see Sam, his eyes widened in surprise as you walked towards you.

“Excuse my manners, Sam” you continued untying the ropes. “I’m Raylene, and I just saved your ass”

You offered your hand and he took it immediately, his eyes locking with yours, analyzing and memorizing every single part of your face, the two of you fell into an electric silence.

“Yeah, thanks for the help,” Dean said as he got rid of the chains and stood up by himself “Who are you anyways?”

Letting Sam’s hand go, you turned to Dean again with a big grin on your face. “I’m Raylene Singer, but you can call me Ray”.

“Cut!” Richard said as he started clapping and congratulating everyone.

“That was amazing!” you screamed and jumped into Jensen’s arms.

“Next time a warning would be cool” he laughed and you broke the hug.

“It’s call improvisation, Jensen” you rolled your eyes, “I think your back will be okay”

“I’m not in my twenties anymore, can’t risk that” he laughed.

“So in another word, you’re old,” Misha said and your laugh became louder.

“Good one,” you said and fist bumped Misha.

Jared’s voice remained unheard and it unsettled you, from what you knew he was pretty talkative, so you turned to him.

“Hey, Jared I’m (Y/n)” you said offering your hand.

“Yeah, I know,” he said giving you a quick handshake before he practically flew out of the set.

“Nice to meet you too,” you said a little sad about his reaction, but well, maybe you weren’t his cup of tea and it was okay, he didn’t have to like you at least not right now.

“Are you okay?” you heard Jensen voice over your shoulder, you didn’t realize that you had stood there in the same position overthinking the situation.

“Huh, yeah. I just think Jared doesn’t really like me” you laughed nervously finally changing your position and turned to see your best friend.

“Why?” he said with a confused look on his face, you proceeded to tell him about it and he just groaned. “Alright, I’ll be back”

“No, no, no. It’s okay, Ackles” you smiled, since you met when the both of you worked on Smallville he turned into your best friend and you had agreed on calling each other by each other last names since it made you feel more legit.

“He doesn’t need to like me in real life, just in scene”

“But he…” he tried to say but loud steps interrupted your conversation.

“Oh god,” Jared said breathlessly “I’m sorry, I just thought I’d miss you”

You didn’t say anything or even turned to look at him, he was talking to Jensen anyways.

“I’m so sorry, I’m really not an asshole” he said and you furrowed your eyebrows, looking up you saw he was standing in front of you, leaving Jensen at his back who mouthed “good luck” before winking at you and walked away.

“You are talking to me?” you said confused.

“Yes, I was an asshole but I’m not an asshole. It’s confusing, just trust me” he said and you laughed.

“Don’t worry, it’s okay”

“Thank you, and sorry again,” he said, a light tint of red adorned his cheeks.

“No worries, let’s do it again” you smiled and he looked at you confused.

“Hey Jared, I’m (Y/N)”

“Oh…” he said “Oh right, yeah. Hi, (Y/n) is really nice to meet you” he now offered you his hand and you took it, again you both felt the electricity and both let go of each other hands almost too scared of what you were feeling.

“I guess you are really not an asshole” you joked and he laughed shyly.

“Don’t let him fool you, he’s the worst” you heard Misha say as he passed you behind, covered in baby powder.

“He’s special,” Jared said as he dismissed himself to keep teasing him.

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