and milky


Milky way pivots above mudcracked surface at the mines of Mazarron, with structures that date back to roman times, Spain.



This timelapse is from Point Sublime, the most delightful and hardest viewpoint to reach on the North Rim, Grand Canyon. An awesome experience. It takes a good vehicle and even 4wheel-drive at times, to reach the point and we had only one other family nearby for the evening. A photographer from the other group joined me and we took pictures and talked technique and life philosophy for several hours. The cliff light is from the setting moon that was a waxing crescent of about 8%.


Summertime vacation timelapse tour of Yosemite National Park. For the first half you can watch shadows of clouds dance over the mountains and forests, and in the second half the night and the Milky Way surround a campsite.

yall: cute relationships!!!
me: i want a hateship so severe that frank seethes when he thinks of the person. a person frank can’t beat. a person that’s beaten frank so many times and he’s frustrated he can’t beat them. someone who aint afraid to fuck with frank. someone who keeps frank up at night bc he knows they’re still out there doing horrible things. i want-