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Accidentally saying his brothers name while doing sexy stuff

No one asked for this but here you go anyways lol

Raphael sat behind you, running his fingers along your arms. Memorizing every curve and freckle. You giggled,
“Raph that tickles.” He smirked, moving his lips to your neck, wrapping his arms around you tightly. You moaned,
“Oh leo.” Suddenly everything stopped, it felt like the dead silence right before a bomb explodes.
“Who?” Raph asked, getting up from behind you.
“Wait raph.” You tried to stop him but he was already on his way to the dojo where Leo was training with splinter. You followed him, trying to get him to slow down. “What’re you doing Raphael?” You asked in a panic. Raphael entered the dojo, immediately spotting Leo he jumped on him.
“Whys my girlfriend saying your name asshole?” He roared. Your face turned a bright red,
“Oh my god raph!” Leo gave you a look and raph shook him.
“Don’t look at her look at me asshole!”
“Maybe it’s because I’m better then you.” Leo kicked Raphael off of him, infuriating the turtle in red. Mikey and Donatello walked into the ruckus to see what was going on.
“What should we do?” You asked.
“Let them fight,” donatello said.
“Yeah, splinter will break it up eventually.” Added Michelangelo.
“Hai!” Yelled splinter. Raphael and Leonardo stood rigid, with their fists at their sides. “Hashi! Both of you!” Leo and Raphael pushed past you and their brothers.
“Maybe it’s better if you go home now [Y/N].” Said splinter. You sighed,
“Yeah I think so.”

Mikey opened the fridge in search of food, when he suddenly smelled pizza in the air. He closed the fridge and turned around, only to find you there, carrying a stuffed crust pizza.
“Hey babe!” He exclaimed, running to hug you. “Just in time.” He grabbed the pizza box from your hands.
“Good to know I’m good for something!” You joked. He put the box down on the counter, backing you up against the cabinets.
“You’re good for other stuff too.” He countered. You smiled kissing him, as he ran his hand up your skirt. You bit your lip,
“Oh Raph.” Mikey stopped, pulling away from you slowly. You froze, you didn’t mean to say that, it just happened.
“Woooow,” he said, obviously hurt. “That’s cool, i get it.” He said backing up.
“Wait Mikey,” you tried to stop him, as he attempted to retreat into his room, bumping into raph on the way.
“Watch out Mikey.” Said raph. Mikey pushed him,
“Why don’t you watch out,” he paused. “Bruh?” Raphael raised his brow at Mikey, before Mikey slammed the door shut behind him. Raphael approached you,
“What was that all about?” He asked, your face an uncomfortable shade of red, as you shifted awkwardly.
“Nothing it was nothing.” You blurted. “I don’t like you that way ok?” You asked. Raphael looked really confused.
“It was an accident!” You yelled, immediately covering your mouth. “Sorry.” You took a deep breath. “Ok,” you paused, trying to regain control of yourself. “I might have said your name while we were doing… stuff.” Raphael stared at you in confusion for a second before his face slowly morphed into shock.
“No no no no,” you stopped him. “It didn’t mean anything and I’m sorry.”
“Yeah alright.” He said. Mikey walked out of his room.
“Oh you talking to your boyfriend over there?” He asked.
“Mikey I’m sorry!” You yelled across the room. “I love you.”
“It was an accident little brother.” Agreed raph. Mikey pouted into his room, leaving the door open a little for you to come in. You rolled your eyes and rubbed your temples, knowing this would take months of pampering and apologies to be done with.

You stared at your phone, silence filling the room around you. It had been exactly 1 week and 3 days since you had accidentally said Donnie’s name while you were making out with Leo. He had brushed it off at the moment, saying everyone makes mistakes, and after that it had been silence. It hadn’t meant anything but You wondered if Leo had told Donnie, or if he had maybe fought him. You didn’t know, because Leo wasn’t responding you and you were too embarrassed to ask his brothers about it. You sighed, knowing you had to go down there and force Leo to talk to you. You marched your way down the sewers and into their lair. Raph was sitting in the kitchen, turning his head slightly at your noise.
“Aye,” he grumbled. “‘Sup.”
“where’s Leo?” You asked, not wanting to waste a second.
“Trainin’.” Raph replied. You rushed into the dojo.
“Leonardo.” You said as soon as you saw him. You could see him physically stiffen up at the sound of your voice. Donnie and Mikey sat at his feet on the mats, watching leonardo. “We are going to talk about this Leo, or we’re just going to break up right now,” tears started welling in your eyes. “Because this isn’t a relationship without you.” Leo turned around quickly.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He said, returning to his swords. You stepped around, pushing your way in front of him.
“Yes you do leo!” You yelled. “I didn’t mean to say his name.”
“Then why did you?” He yelled back, the room suddenly filled with silence.
“Should we go?” Asked donatello.
“No stay,” Leo snapped. “I’m sure she’d like that.” Leo threw a daggering look her way.
“Leo don’t be like that.” You yelled, as Mikey and Donnie awkwardly watched from the sidelines. “I don’t see him like that.” Leo threw his swords into the wall.
“I wonder what they’re talking about.” Whispered Mikey.
“Shut up.” Said donatello, smacking Mikey’s leg.
“This is what you’re attracted to?” He asked pointing at Donnie.
“He means nothing to me!”
“Hey!” Interrupted Donatello.
“Sorry Donnie I meant I only see you as a brother.” Leo rolled his eyes walking away from you. “I’m sorry ok?” You finally responded, lowering your voice. “I don’t know how to make you forgive me. Leo stopped in his tracks.
"I just need some time.” He retreated into his room.
“Sorry guys.” You said apologizing as soon as he was gone. “I’ll fix this.” You said, knowing it would take a long time to gain Leo’s trust again.

You walked into Donatello’s lab, seeing him for the first time in a week was almost startling. He had been ignoring you ever since you had accidentally said Michelangelo’s name during a impromptu makeout session.
“Hey.” You uttered. Donnie jumped, slowly turning around to see if it was really you.
“Hey.” He said back, somberly. You didn’t know whether to approach him or keep your distance.
“Don I miss you.” You said. He scoffed and rolled his eyes.
“I don’t know what to believe anymore.” He went back to working on the project on his desk.
“Donnie I love you,” you explained desperately. “I don’t want us to break up over this.” He set his thing down on his desk, staring at the pencil in his hand.
“I’m just hurt I guess.” He huffed. You slowly approached him, gently placing your hand on his shoulder.
“I’m sorry, it didn’t mean anything.” He swiveled towards you. Donnie stared at you with big sorrowful eyes as you cupped his face in your hands. “Please forgive me.” You lowered your face onto his, kissing him softly. His hands were tightly gripped around your hips. You pulled away from him, grateful to finally be close to him again. “Is that a yes?” You asked, playfully. Donnie quickly wrapped his arms tightly around you.
“Yes I missed you so much,” he smothered his face into your belly. “You smell so good today!” Donnie began rambling as you smiled at him, glad to be with him again.

Broken feet

Raphael (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: Exciting, this is gonna be fun. Thanks for requesting nonnie!

Prompt: “imagine Raph coming back from a walk to find his girl in a verbal fight with leo over who knows what and happens to walk in right before she tries to round kick him, only to break pretty much her entire foot.”

Word count: 750

Warnings: Swearing & nerds

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

“Never underestimate an angry child, Leo!” You yelled at the blue-clad ninja who was on the other side of the living room with his arms crossed and a sour expression on his face.

Mikey was between the two of you, reading a comic book on the couch and devouring the packet of chips you left on the couch. “I bet your brothers secretly love seeing how the mighty fall - their invincible leader knocked down a couple of pegs.” His teeth gritted together, coiling one of his green hands into a tight fist.

“Shut up, you ignorant bitch!” He jumped over the table, aiming to tackle you but missing completely after you swerved out of the way to the other side of the table. He picked himself back up from the ground where he landed and glared again, his fingers itching to grab his sword.

“You know it’s true or you wouldn’t be so angry!” Playfully you cocked an eyebrow up at him defiantly. Leo narrowed his eyes at your small form, his lower lip jutting out in what looked like a pout.

“I can break you, like a tooth pick.” He grumbled, making Mikey look up at him and raise his eyebrow.

“Bro, you yelled at Donnie earlier because he killed a bug, by accident, how the hell-”

“Oh my god Mikey, shut up!” Your hands moved to your hips, walking over to stand in front of Mikey, like a protective mother.

“Don’t yell at him, he had a fucking point you backwards dipshit!”

“I’m the backwards dipshit? You wear socks inside out so you don’t have to wash them when they get dirty.”

“How the fuck do you know? And at least I can wear socks without ripping them!”

“Really? Your big hairy man feet say otherwise!”

“Actually, [Y/N] has nice feet-” Mikey started before shutting up when Leo sent him a glare.

“Why don’t you just get the fuck out of our lives, I don’t even know what Raphael sees in you!” Leo attempted to walk past, but you yelled another few colorful insults his way, him yelling many back and just as you managed to muster up the courage to turn around and boot him in the face with your foot, Raphael showed up behind you and Leo was no where to be seen. Your foot collided with Raphael’s cheek and everyone heard the loud crack.

You fell to the floor, howling in pain and Mikey’s never ending back of chips on your head.

“Fuck!” Raph yelped, shaking his head slightly. For such a small person in comparison to him, you hit hard. But returning to the problem at hand, Raphael knelt down beside you, his hands shaking as you and Mikey both screamed.

“I can see bone dudette! I can see bone!” Mikey ran around before kneeling next to Raphael as well, picking the chips off of your body. “Can’t let these go to waste though-”

“Mikey, go get Donnie! Now!” Raphael pushed Mikey away, as he picked your body up gently and taking you to one of Donnie’s tables.

“What tha fuck were ya and Leo even arguin’ about that made ya think it was a good idea to hit him?” Raphael lectured, propping your head and leg up on blankets and cushions.

“I-I wanted to watch Star Wars, but he, the stupid prick, wanted to watch Star Trek.”

Raphael shook his head and ran a hand over his face.

“Are ya kiddin’ me babe?” Donnie burst into the room, a serious yet panicked look on his face as he instantly began tending to your injury.

“Ta be honest darlin’” Raph started from a chair next to you, his head leant back and his hand in yours. “Star Trek: Beyond wasn’t that bad.” Getting a look from you and a smack on the head he sat up straight. “Okay before ya murder me, let me explain.”

Quite some time after getting your foot properly treated by Donnie, Leo walked out from the kitchen, a sandwich in hand.

“What did I miss?”


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“Distract me”   best friend!calum. smut.

Rude Awakening   daddy calum. little y/n. no smut.

Tense.    daddy kink cal. choking. smut.


Bite Me.    vampire mikey. smut.


Six Feet Under   smut. ashton’s got money.


Soulmates   calum. no smut.

“Ughhh… what… what happened?”

The last thing he remembered was… wait, shouldn’t he be… dead? Disintegrated? Rolling onto his front, he looked around, wide-eyed and stunned. This was New York… wasn’t it? But it didn’t look… right.

It looked more like rubble. He shook his head, looking up at the tower. Or what was left of it. Yes, this is where he’d been before everything had happened.

But where was he now? And where were his brothers?

“Leo?” Shakily, he dragged himself to his feet. “Raph?! Mikey! Anybody?!”


  • Mikey: There we the middle of the night...
  • Donnie: It was day.
  • Mikey: We were surrounded by Footbots.
  • Donnie: They were Purple Dragons.
  • Mikey: [shoots to his feet] DOZENS OF THEM!
  • Donnie: Three of them.
  • Mikey: But they were no match. And in the end Donnie and I took them down and made a boatload of money selling their parts!
  • Donnie: [sighs] He's been having this recurring dream for nearly a month now...

How Hamato Yoshi (Splinter) had influence on his sons. I LOVE Turtle Tots! I think during times of the day cause of routine, the little turtles would know what he’s up to. So they’d go searching for him at their favorite time. Especially Mikey. I think when ever Splinter cooked there would be little Mikey at his feet amazed by everything he did.

p.s. when I have kids, I would love to have a baby hammock/carrier.

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Muke Proposing

hard times call for hard measures, this is the fluffiest i could whip up in the amount of time xx, Carly

Michael perked up, when he heard the usual commotion coming from the hallway of their tiny flat. There was the high tingling of keys being thrown into the ugly-ass vase Liz had gifted them when they had announced their move to the city, followed by the two low thumps of Luke’s shoes hitting the wall next to the cabinet and, eventually, the familiar thundering of Luke’s sock-clad feet down the hall.
“You won’t believe what one of the kid’s did today. I figured it was time to broaden their tinker horizons, so I wanted them to craft an animal of their choice out of paper-mâché and imagine this, Mikey, Jimmy almost ate all the gl-… Michael.” Luke came to an abrupt halt, hand groping the door frame of the living room for support.
Michael cleared his throat. He was brave. He could do this. Ignoring the slight pain in his right leg from kneeling on it for so long, he smiled up at his boyfriend. “Hey, love. C’mere for a moment, would you?”
Shaking his head in disbelief, Luke stumbled towards him, crushing rose petals under his feet. “Mikey.” His hand wandered to cover his mouth, eyes welling up with tears.
“Shh, babe, don’t cry. Just let me do this, yeah?”
Luke nodded, a little hiccup escaping his throat.
Michael took the younger boy’s hands in his and spoke up. “I knew it was you, the first time I saw you on campus. I knew it was you, because I can honestly say, I’ve never hated another human being as instantly as I hated you.” He laughed to take away the negative implication of the sentence. “I hated the way you talk, all excited and endearing and your pretty face. I hated the size of your quiff and how my hands wanted nothing more then bury themselves in that mess of blonde. I hated how you were never not smiling and you didn’t seem to be fazed in the least by my sharp words and loud mouth.” Michael looked up, meeting the blue irides of his boy, so bright that the sun seemed black against them. “But all that was due to me being afraid. You were so close to my heart so instantly and that terrified me. But I am not afraid anymore. We were meant to be and I have never loved anyone more than I love you. You’re the love of my life, Luke. So I’ll take this chance, my chance with you and I’m asking you-”
“Yes!” Luke exclaimed, tears streaming down his face.
Michael whined. “Luke! I wasn’t finished.”
“Don’t care.Yes, yes, a hundred times yes! Yes, I want to marry you, Michael.”
Laughing, Luke tackled him onto the ground, murdering the last of the rose petals when he rolled on top of Michael, peppering kisses all over his face. “I love you. I love you.”

His Voicemail After You Broke Up // 4/4 5SOS Preference

Read Part 2 (Cake) (Mashton)



He immediately regretted calling you once he heard your voicemail. But he needed to get everything off his chest. It had been a month since you two had broken up. He had never tried to contact you. Until now.

“Hey Y/N, I um I just wanted to talk or whatever. I know you probably don’t want to so I think it’s better if I leave this message.”

Cal bit his lip and ran a hand through his hair. He had so much to say but he knew you probably won’t even listen to his message.

“I miss you. I don’t know if you could tell, I mean, I did just call you. But I uh…”

He was trying to find the right things to say. He had this hope that you’d come back to him. You knew you were stubborn but there was just this hope that if he told you how he felt then maybe you’d realise that you two were better off together. So he wanted to tell you the right things.

“I’ve just got a lot to say. But I’ll keep it simple since I know how your patience works.” He took in a big breath before continuing. “I want to say that I’m sorry. I’m sorry for saying those things to you. I’m sorry for pushing you away when I knew that I just wanted to hold you close. I’m sorry for letting you walk away. I’m sorry for everything.”

His voice cracked and he tried to regain himself so he could continue. Cal didn’t think he could continue though. Thinking about you like this was taking a toll on him.

“And if you think that I’m even worth half of your time. If you think that we could talk, and I can tell you everything I can’t say right now, then call me back. I’ll answer in a heartbeat. Y/N… I’m still in love with you. And I don’t think that’s going to stop anytime soon.”

He coughed to cover up that he was about to cry. He didn’t usually cry but there were those moments. The moment when he will end the message he knows he’ll break down.

“So uh yeah,” He sniffed and wiped his eye, “just call me back if you can.”


Michael gave a kind of sick laugh when he heard the beep tone. “Is it sad that I was hoping you wouldn’t pick up? I mean, who the fuck calls someone and hopes they won’t answer? But I guess I’m just fucked.”

He laughed a little to himself again. It wasn’t that he found it amusing. The situation he was in was anything but humorous. But he had to laugh, because he had cried too many times. He had nothing left but to laugh. He was stupid and there was nothing more for him to do than to beat himself over it.

“I just thought that if you picked up one of my calls again then we’d have that talk. Last time I called you told me that I would be better off without you. It was weird because I was the one that broke up with you, but you were the one telling me to move on. I replay everything you said to me last time I called. It’s because I miss your voice so much.”

Mikey sat down, his feet swinging and he loved the fresh air. He hadn’t been able to find the time lately to appreciate the night sky. He was sitting at this spot over this river. It was small and most people would see past it. But it was yours and his. You two would go there when you felt like the world was too much and needed a break, but with each other. It was the first time he had visited this spot.

“I’m sitting here by the river. It’s a bit cold out but I don’t really mind. I keep looking over my shoulder, thinking that you’d come sit with me. But I know you won’t. That’s okay, at least it gives me time to think.”

It probably wasn’t the best idea for him to come visit your special place because it brought back a lot of memories. And he realised he’d never be able to make new ones here.

“I know when we first dated I didn’t seem like the type to be deeply in love. I mean, I didn’t think I was. But when we broke up, I became every cliché movie that existed. I’m sitting here in this spot, talking for some shitty voicemail you’ll get and probably delete.”

He looked down at the flowing river below him and it hit him why he was here in the first place. Since the break-up, Mikey hadn’t been the same. Everyone saw it but they knew he was just trying to cope.

“I just wanted to tell you why I’m up here. I don’t want to be like that guy that has his life shattered over a break up. But I mean, you were my world. And I just…it’s hard accepting that. I’m being an idiot now because I’m running away from my problems and not trying to pick up the pieces. But there’s no way out of it really. I don’t think I can pick up the pieces. That’s why I’m here. If I had to leave then I’d want it to be here. I was the happiest here. At least I’ll have some peace, you know? I know it’s a stupid way of telling you goodbye. But I just don’t know what I can do anymore. Hopefully in the future I get to look down from wherever I am and see that you’re living happily.

He took in a deep breath and blinked. He let the few tears fall from his eyes as he stared at the river. His vision was blurred but he loved the sound of the water rushing. He smiled sadly to himself.

“Because God knows how I love that smile of yours.”


“Fucking knew it.” Luke whispered. “Straight to ringtone. Since two fucking months ago. I knew you weren’t going to answer.” He shook his head. “But I keep calling anyway.”

Luke called often. But tonight was different because usually he had a few drinks before dialling your number. Tonight Luke sat home, sober as can be, and he was still calling you. He knew he fucked up when he broke up with you, but he couldn’t let go of you. Even you had already let go of him.

“I don’t even know why I bother. I know that you’ll never answer. You never do. But I don’t text you because I know that I can’t tell you how I actually feel.” Luke groaned and rubbed his eyes. “I feel like shit. I thought that if I broke things off everything would be great. But everything was great when I was with you. Fuck.”

He felt embarrassed that he still called you. But he loved listening to your voice, even if it was just your voice mail. He stuck around after the tone because he had this small hope that maybe, you do listen to his voicemails and you think about him. ‘Cause he for sure thinks about you.

“I can’t get you out of my head. It’s a sick feeling. I want to move on. I want to get over you. But there are just these little things. And then I realise that I can’t. You were it for me.”

He knew he was talking to himself. But he needed to think clearly, and he only did when he could talk to you.

He laughed darkly. “Obviously you don’t think the same now. I heard you’re around with someone new.” He paused for a moment. “I’m such a fucking idiot. I should’ve seen that you were it. You were the one who would make me happy for the rest of my life. Fucking hell.”

He sniffed and this time he tried not to break down. He had cried too much lately. But he couldn’t help the tears fall.

“The other day I found this shirt of mine. It was that shirt you always wore around the house. I joked about saying how it annoyed me that you took it too often. I joked about a lot of things. Maybe that’s why you realised you should move on. It’s because I never told you anything. I never told you that I fucking loved that shirt on you. You would do everyday things and I just wanted to wrap my arms around you and tell you how amazing you looked in it. I should’ve told you how I loved when I wore that shirt there was still a hint of your smell and it just put a smile on my face.”

Luke needed to end the call before he’d get too upset again. The boys worried about him. They have heard him call you before. And it broke him. Every time he calls you, it breaks him.

“I hope you’re happy with whatever you’re doing now. I’ve heard from a few people that you’re living better. I hope you’re happier than me because that’s all I want for you.” He shook his head to himself. He felt so guilty. “I should’ve told you how much I loved you. I needed to tell you that I’d love you forever and only you. Oh god, I love you so much Y/N. I love you so fucking much… I-I… I want you back here with me so I can tell you.

He sighed and it happened again. He realised again something he wished he would never have to say.

“But I know you’re never coming back.”


“Shhh she answered!” Ashton giggled. “Oh wait, it was her voicemail.” He tried to quiet down the other boys while he was on the phone. “Fuck it, I’ll just talk in another room.”

When Ash finally found a spot for him to sit and talk he sighed. It probably wasn’t the best idea to call you, especially when he had far too much to drink. His mates encouraged him to get out and get you off his mind. He hadn’t stopped thinking about you since the night you told him you were leaving.

“Hey Y/N, it’s Ashton. I don’t know why I just said that, I mean, you should know who I was. Unless you deleted my number then I totally understand if you didn’t answer.”

Ash bit his lip. It hurt it him when he thought about that. You two were fighting and you asked him if he loved you.

“I called because… because I wanted to tell you something. I do love you. I know I didn’t say it that night but I love you so fucking much. I love you… but I let you walk away.”

His groaned and brushed his hair out of his face. The alcohol was kicking in and he didn’t like it. He wished that he didn’t have to get shit-faced drunk because he’d rather be back with you, telling you the things he should’ve said.

“I know I pushed you away, so far that you had to leave me. I know that. But… I’m back home now. Well not really, home was where you were. But I mean that I’m back with family.”

He laughed at himself for getting side tracked so easily.

“I hadn’t told them what happened between us. I mean, Mum knows of course, but I didn’t tell Lauren and Harry. So when I got home we hung out for a bit and then Harry asked about you. I froze, I didn’t know what to say to him. He was asking if you were going to come visit, like you always did. Lauren agreed with him, she said she had so much to tell you. I freaked. I mean, what the fuck was I supposed to do. So I flipped out on them. I didn’t mean to yell, but I stopped because they looked so scared so… they hadn’t looked at me like that before. Like they hated me.”

Ash blinked quickly, trying to keep the tears at bay while he tried to stay calm on the phone. He didn’t want you to think he was broken beyond repair. He just wanted to tell you everything he felt.

“Mum got mad at me of course. At first I was silent. But then she started saying these things about how I’ve changed since you left and she said that if I wasn’t acting like I was I would’ve had you with me still. I got so angry at her just because she was right. I snapped at her. Oh god, the look on her face. I swear I… I apologised. But they’re all acting differently around me.” He paused to breathe in deeply. “It’s hard being at home now. I know I don’t have a lot of time with them and I should make time matter. But it’s so hard trying to pretend everything is the same. It’s so hard when they look at me, like the way you did when you left. Oh god… I can’t get you out of my head.”

Ash looked ahead of him, not staring at anything, just looking. His hand fell onto his lap and he just stared at it. He didn’t want to move. He didn’t want to do anything but close his eyes and sleep. Because at least then, he can imagine what it was like to be loved by you.

“But the thing is Y/N, I don’t think I want you out of my head. ‘Cause if I forget you, I’d forget who I was as well.”

How Not To Sleep (Michael)

It was late when you finally got home. Somehow you had gotten sucked into an all day marathon that included every season with every episode of Teen Wolf by your best friend. It had been a crazy fun day, but now you were ready to snuggle up under the comforter in an oversized Tshirt and a pair of undies then snuggle up into Mikey. As you unlocked the door and got in, it was absolutely dark other than the TV setting a glow over the sleepy little teddy bear of a boyfriend on the couch. He gave you a half smile, but didn’t make to get up.

“Hey. I waited up for you.” He mumbled sleepily. A yawn escaping his lips as his arms stretched lazily toward you.

“You didn’t have to, but thank you, babe.” You say going over and kissing his cheek. “C'mon lets go to bed.”

You help Mikey to his feet and make your way up the stairs with his hand in yours. Once you reached the bedroom you made to change into your pjs while he immediately crashed on the bed before kicking off his too tight jeans sloppily and pulling his shirt over his head.

You laughed as he fought with his pants, mumbling a string of curses under his breathe. Pulling a big Tshirt over your head, you went to help him get his jeans off. But as soon as they were off you couldn’t help but stare a little…or yanno, a lot.

You settled under the covers along with Mikey who curled an arm around your waist pulling you flush against him. He nuzzled into your hair. With his lips in your ear he started softly singing as he and you began to drift slowly to sleep.

But you turned you head and looked at him with a look. “Babe, I’m not sleepy yet.”

“Mmm. Just lay down I’ll sing to you.” He mumbled already drifting off.

You bit your lip softly. “Mikey. I don’t want to sleep though.”

“Mm tired.”

You leaned over and started kissing his neck. Trailing them and leaving love bites in your wake. No way was he gonna be able to hide all of these. He groaned slightly as he shifted you on top of him without breaking your lips slowly trailing down his chest.

You left an array of hickeys across his chest before he pulled you up and kissed you gruffly. Flipping you onto your back, his hands trailed up under your shirt cupping your breast in one hand and the other trying to undo the clasp. You arched up to give him some help. You pulled his lower lip between your teeth before kissing him again. Tongues colliding in the moment.

“You need this gone.” He said pulling your shirt and bra off in one swoop, tossing them who knows where. “And these.” He kissed his way down from your neck to the top of your panties. He pulled them down with his teeth and licked his way up your thighs. Your breath hitched as he kissed everywhere but where you wanted his lips most. “Uh, mikey. C'mon don’t be a tease.” You moaned. He smirked up at you before he started eating you out. His tongue in you made you arch up and when he started to run your clit you lost it. Moaning his name and all you wanted was him inside you. He worked thoroughly as he went, your fingers twisting in his hair as your moans got louder. “Mi-mikey. I want you to fuck me now.”

You whined at the loss of his tongue. He pulled his boxers down roughly hid hard on slapping against his stomach. You hummed your approval before pulling him in for a kiss. The taste of you still on him, “Lemme ride you.” You whispered hoarsely.

His eyes flashed dark as you pushed him down and pulled his dick into your mouth. Your tongue licking at his slit and tasting the precum before you slowly began bobbing up and down. Your hands cupped at his balls as you deep throated him with even movements your tongue swirling the head every time you came up. You felt his dick twitch an you pulled off with a pop. His moans halting for a second before you lowered yourself onto him, rolling your hips as you slid all the way down. You moaned at the stretch and rolled your hips.

His hands fondled your boobs as you started to pick up pace as you moved up and down on his dick. Your moans filling the room perfectly with his as you pulled yourself almost all the way off of him before slamming back down. Each time he hits your g-spot right on. You scream his name as you cum and he follows right after as he cums inside you. You fall onto his sweat glistened chest and hum. “That was mmm.”

“Ready for round two?” He smirks as he pounces kissing your neck as you squeal.