and midorima chan

  • Kuroko: Daddy, can you pass me the salt?
  • Akashi: *reaches for the salt*
  • Aomine, at the same time: *reaches for the salt*
  • Kagami, at the same time: *reaches for the salt*
  • Kise: And so it begins.
  • Midorima: I’m surprised no one threw me across the table this time.

Rakuzan x Shuutoku

Miya: Dont touch me, leave me alone
Haya: Miyaji-san, Miyaji-san

Reo: I like you. Lets go back to Kyoto together
Takao: Eeee really…. Dont touch my eyes….Shin-cha…..

Aka: You are tall, Shintarou

  • Midorima: I would never say this to Takao’s face, but he is a wonderful and very talented person.
  • Kuroko:
  • Kuroko: Why
  • Kuroko: Why wouldn’t you say that to his face

-“Oi! Midorima Shintarou-kun! Are you going to join the basketball club? I’m going to join too. My name is Takao Kazunari, nice to meet you.”