and midorima chan

  • Kuroko: Daddy, can you pass me the salt?
  • Akashi: *reaches for the salt*
  • Aomine, at the same time: *reaches for the salt*
  • Kagami, at the same time: *reaches for the salt*
  • Kise: And so it begins.
  • Midorima: I’m surprised no one threw me across the table this time.
  • Midorima: I would never say this to Takao’s face, but he is a wonderful and very talented person.
  • Kuroko:
  • Kuroko: Why
  • Kuroko: Why wouldn’t you say that to his face

Fandisc 3 “Let’s Chat” 6:40~7:40 (aka midotaka wedding video)

Kagami: I bet you practiced that shot a ton, right? 
Takao: Well, yeah. But really, Shin-chan’s shots are always textbook-perfect, so it was really just a matter of my skills being able to keep up or not.
Midorima: That wasn’t the only matter, idiot.
Kuroko: That’s right. Of course I was surprised at Takao-kun’s level of technique, but I was more surprised that Midorima-kun would perform such a move during a game.
Kise: Right!? For Midorimacchi to make a shot he wasn’t sure he could make or not…
Kuroko: It must have been because Midorima-kun has studied Takao-kun’s passes so carefully that he could believe in him and make the shot, don’t you think?
Midorima: mph
Takao: Thanks for believing in me, Shin-chan.
Midorima: It—it’s only natural to believe in one’s teammate!
Takao: Yeah, yeah…
Mibuchi: Midorima-kun and Takao-kun are a pretty good pair all the time, aren’t they?
Kise: No kidding! Never would have thought Midorimacchi would find a parter so perfect!
Midorima: Shut up, Kise!
Kise: Just me!?

  • Midorima: I will put my “A” down to make “A”
  • Kise: I will add to your “A” to make “AN”
  • Kuroko: I will add onto your “AN” to make “NANO”
  • Aomine: I will add onto your “NANO” to make “NANODAYOLO”
  • Midorima: *flips the board*

Rakuzan x Shuutoku

Miya: Dont touch me, leave me alone
Haya: Miyaji-san, Miyaji-san

Reo: I like you. Lets go back to Kyoto together
Takao: Eeee really…. Dont touch my eyes….Shin-cha…..

Aka: You are tall, Shintarou

KuroBasu x Haikyuu!! Part 1.
  • [Model and Grand King]
  • Oikawa: Yahoo, Kise-chan!
  • Kise: Hm? Oh, it's Oikawacchi!
  • Oikawa: How are you! It's been a while, huh?
  • Kise: It sure does! Oh, did you perhaps use a different moisturizer?
  • Oikawa: Oh! How did you know?!
  • Kise: You're face is much more brighter than the last time I met you!
  • Kasamatsu and Iwaizumi, in the background, mumbling: ... Perfection.
  • ---
  • [Cute]
  • Hinata: Ogyaa! You're huge!
  • Kagami: Ah! You're small! Smaller than Kuroko!
  • Hinata: How rude! You're just huge! *sees Kagami holding a ball* Is that a basketball?! Are you in basketball?!
  • Kagami: Yeah, it is. *sees Hinata's sport shoes* Are you in a sport? What sport?
  • Hinata: Volleyball!
  • Kagami: Oh? Isn't that for girls?
  • Hinata: Geh, it is not! Boys can play volleyball! We can hit the ball like "whooosh" and then the ball would "gwaaaah" at the blockers!
  • Kagami: Oh! Oh! I know that feeling! In basketball, if you dunk the ball, it feels like "GUWAAAAH"!
  • Hinata: I felt the "GUWAAAHH" too at my first spike!
  • Kageyama and Kuroko, snapping a picture of them: Cute...
  • ---
  • [The Same]
  • Himuro: Hello, I'm Himuro.
  • Kuroo: Hey there. Kuroo's the name. This is Kenma.
  • Kenma: *doesn't take his eyes off his game, bowing slightly*
  • Himuro: And this is Atsushi.
  • Murasakibara: *doesn't really care and continue to eat*
  • Himuro: ...
  • Kuroo: ...
  • ---
  • [Fate vs Dinosaurs]
  • Yamaguchi: I'm Yamaguchi! This is my best friend, Tsukki!
  • Takao: Hey! I'm Takao and this is my teammate, Shin-chan!
  • Tsukishima & Midorima: Shut up, Yamaguchi/Takao.
  • Tsukishima & Midorima: *look at each other*
  • Midorima: Birthday?
  • Tsukishima: September 27.
  • Midorima: Libra... Your lucky item is a figurine of your hero.
  • Tsukishima: ... *slowly pulls out a dinosaur figurine*
  • Midorima: *gasps*
  • Yamaguchi and Takao: ....
  • Takao: You know, you’ve got to stop sending me these mixed messages.
  • Midorima: “I don’t like you” and “go away” are not mixed messages.
KnB Fan Disc Vol. 3 Mini Drama Translation

Ahhh. I saw translations for the notable parts for the fan disc so I thought it was okay but maybe some people want to read the other dialogues too so I just roughly translated everything. 

As for the video um, I think there are copies floating around though I do not know where… I have my own CD. Be sure to support the team by purchasing your copy too, if you liked the content. (^^)

The fan disc gave me life and made me want to rewatch everything… 

Kamiya Hiroshi voiced Akashi kun so cute haha. His voice is significantly higher. Kagami was also adorkable in this like he’s so giddy when he hears Tatsuya’s name and he’s just…. pfffttttt. *throws burgers at him*

It’s so fun looking at all the piyos in this alternate reality mini drama haha. Also, Hiyoko no Basuke is EVERYTHING.

It’s also cute how Ono Kenshou is embarrassed to listen to himself in the first episode during the audio commentary. It brings so much nostalgia even to the actors and director! It’s funny how they put effort into making Kuroko invisible to the naked eye. Pfft, even they knew that someone like Kuroko who has SKYBLUE HAIR is someone who is more likely to get noticed than be ignored. 

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-“Oi! Midorima Shintarou-kun! Are you going to join the basketball club? I’m going to join too. My name is Takao Kazunari, nice to meet you.”