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Time of Arrival // Steve Harrington

Summary: It was a huge shock when you traveled from the summer of 1981 to summer of 2008. With the help of your nephews, who are now older than you, you adapt to the new life. The next four eyes you integrate in the hunting before four years later you’re sent back with Sam and Dean to kill a monster to 1984.

Characters: Steve Harrington x Winchester!Reader, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, Will Byers, Castiel (mentioned), Nancy Wheeler (mentioned), and Jonathan Byers (mentioned)

Words: 2963

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or Stranger Things or the characters involved. I only own the Reader’s backstory and plot. I also do not own images or gifs that may appear in this either.

Warnings: Swearing, monster decapitation, death, mention of Barb, fluff, and angst

Author: Caitsy

A/N: I’ve changed the years that Samuel and Deanna Campbell died, when Henry Winchester MAY have died. I changed where the Winchesters initially lived before moving to Lawrence.

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As a Winchester you were accustomed to a lot of weird situations including an angel you had deemed the nicest one you had run into during your almost twenty years. Being sent back in time to Hawkins, Indiana was bittersweet given that you actually originally travelled from the early 80s to the mid 2000s just after your brother died.

In 1981 when you were sixteen years old and living in Hawkins with your parents, brother and his wife you ran into trouble. First off John and you had a ten year age difference which should have given you a hint that you were half siblings. John’s father Henry was killed in the future as Azazel leaving John to think he was abandoned and then your mother remarried in 1963 when she got pregnant.

You grew up knowing about the supernatural when you stumbled into your brother’s father-in-law exorcising a demon and his wife decapitating a vampire. He took you under his wing to teach you the ways of being a hunter that Mary didn’t want to be a part of. You spent two consecutive summers staying with them using the surrogate father excuse with your mom. Your Dad was a piece of shit when it came to parenting.

The summer of 1981 you had plans to meet Nancy Wheeler at her place for her small sweet sixteen that her parents had invited you to. You never made it to the party, you remember hearing wings flapping before it went white and you woke up in the back of the impala with Dean and Sam upfront. Of course nobody stopped looking for you until they found Samuel Campbell’s dead body and the urgency shifted to finding the murderer.

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hmu w a cute reddie oneshot pls!!

Hopefully this tickles ur willy.

“So, Eds,” Richie began, sitting on one of the smooth rocks at the edge of the quarry, “have you asked any dames to the dance yet?”

“No, Richie, I told you I’m not going to that stupid fucking dance,” Eddie spat back, “and don’t call me Eds.”

The upcoming dance was the hot new topic among Derry middle schoolers. It was intended to be a celebration of the graduating eighth graders and was very stereo-typically dubbed “A Night Under The Stars”. Eddie audibly gagged at the thought of ever going to a dumb, cheesy, germ-infested dance in the cramped gym of his middle school when he would much rather host a match of chess against himself in his room.

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anyway who else feels bad for todays pre-teen girls?? they see all these instagram models who are over 20, and they look at that and think “i need to be like her otherwise im ugly or abnormal” like?? i can only imagine how insecure these little girls must feel. just looking at these middle schoolers with perfect instagram makeup and professionally done acrylic nails?? in middle school you’re supposed to grow, that’s when you figure out who you are, you’re right in between the stages of childhood and adulthood, you’re supposed to look like a rat lmao, and pre teen girls these days arent allowed to do that and it sucks 

Again it disturbs me that people in their early twenties are ashamed of being virgins as though it should be normal and expected for middle schoolers and high schoolers to be fucking lile crazy particularly when those are the most vulnerable amd likely to be taken advantage of by adults. This world’s fixation with sex is disturbing

what i thought this was: an option that somehow magically gets rid of all the [ ] empty space boxes for the emojis that don’t display properly and shows you what they’re supposed to be

what this is: turns your entire dash into super fucking mario odyssey and replaces normal human words with goddamn wingdings of the object being described instead, what a fucking mess, this is a site being programmed by middle-schoolers trapped in the early 2000s 

barely conscious steve harrington waking up to the car being driven by a middle schooler 

I really wish people on here would notice that the people making valid literary critiques about rick’s writing in his newer series about how they’re more rushed or may not be as well written as the pjo series aren’t attacking rick for his use of minority characters. 

Thank you for teaching us that you can still have fun and dance even if you aren’t good

Thank you for reminding us to have the freedom of a kid even as you get older

Thank you for encouraging us that we will get through it even when we are depressed and have no motivation at all

Thank you for telling us that we can do what we want because it’s our own lives

Thank you for making us laugh at the simple and stupid things

Thank you for being t.o.p to us, but most importantly, thank you for being choi seunghyun

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So do you guys remember when mp100 first came out, and everyone was joking about Mob being Saitama’s son?

What if it’s the other way around? 

- mp100 is set in 2012, opm is somewhere in the future. If we assume Mob had Saitama in his mid-20s, and Saitama is 25 in opm, that puts opm set somewhere in the 2050s. Based on the technological state of the opm world, that’s not super farfetched. 

- Saitama got his powers after putting himself through something that was really physically and mentally straining for him… that’s pretty much, by definition, an awakening. 

- And we’ve seen espers with physical/combat-based abilities before!

- Mob and Saitama as a middle schooler look A LOT alike. Obviously we can partly attribute this to ONE’s style, but still… 

- They’ve also got pretty similar demeanors, and Saitama is pretty much always trying to do the right thing regardless of the trouble it causes him personally… where do you think he picked that up?

- This would also make his name Saitama Kageyama, which is just… really cute. 

if youre in your goddamn late 20s dont get in arguments with kids like a fucking decade younger than you. of course, being a young teen doesnt excuse harmful behavior, but you shouldnt be arguing with a child the same way youd argue with someone your age. in some situations you shouldnt even engage at all. 

you should look at the situation and go “hey, is it appropriate for me to be responding this way? would i ever engage a child this age like this irl?” and decide how to proceed from there. also theres a difference between confronting a child whos harassing people and throwing around slurs, vs confronting a child whos clearly well intentioned and may have some facts wrong. 

this isnt pulling the “minor card” this is just basic fucking human decency lmao like does it make you feel tough? do you feel really tough and smart fighting middle schoolers on the internet? do you feel good about yourself?

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