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Dancing. [Prince Adam Oneshot.]

We are all sinners and are gonna go to hell but you know as long as we have fanfics there I’m okay.

Title: Dancing.
Pairing: Implied! - Prince Adam x Female!Reader.
Words: 3,361.
Rating: T.
Summary: Haven’t you ever wondered what would happen if you called out a Prince who constantly acted like the world revolved around him?

You had quite a difficult time processing how you had gotten to the moment of standing only a few feet behind Prince Adam, with a silver trimmed and tall stout glass of champagne sitting in your right hand. The ring on your middle finger clicked against the glass shivering out a rather satisfying sound, one of wealth that demanded the most absurd amount of respect. Strangely enough, he hadn’t found any interest in you until this evening despite being invited (more like severely persuaded you come) to many of his parties. They were all the same. The same type of physically appealing people, the same stuffed up atmosphere, the same petty chat from person to person, the same typical dances, and the same type of carefully picked attire.

The Prince, with his naturally strawberry blond hair covered by a long haired wig that twisted into rather exquisite curls near the end, only seemed enthused by the aesthetic of the situation. He himself seemed to be the only thing that changed from event to event. The shades and colors of his face would change, varying in vibrancy depending on the clothing he donned that evening.

This evening—you thought to yourself and scaled your eyes upon the Prince, a few feet in front of you. And yes, this evening he was wearing velvet as usual; A dark purple, or so it appeared in the light of the room. It sparkled if he he caught the candlelight just right and for a split second, Prince Adam looked approachable, as if you wanted to sink into his arms because he closely resembled the shine of the stars. The embroidery on his waistcoat was nothing less than perfection and played along with the fabric as if they were swirled in a dance together. Purple and silver detailing hung closely to the trim of his coat and expanded into flourishes of metallic silver flowers spilling onto the breast of the jacket. Speckles of jewels hit sporadically around the jacket, and down the right and left side clung silver buttons that served no purpose other than appeal. And oddly enough, his jacket looked like the softest material imaginable if you dared to reach out for him.

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Normally I avoid the discourse but tonight I felt like getting riled up so here is your friendly reminder that regardless of what others say, we BELONG.

I’m here, I’m queer, I’m aroace, and this is my ace-ring-wearing middle finger waving in your face, aphobes. You cannot tell me who I am or where I belong.

I’ve been doing Martial arts for 7 years, and here are a few things you need to know about basic self-defense.

First of all, forget everything you’ve ever seen in a movie or TV show. Every time I watch an action scene I cringe, even the most realistic fight scenes are unrealistic.


Punching someone doesn’t hurt your fist if you do it right. When you make a fist, you need to clench as tightly as possible. A loose fist is a sure way to break some of your knuckles and fingers while doing minimal damage to the opponent.

Make sure you’re hitting with the main knuckles (the base ones that connect your hand to your fingers) of the index and middle finger. Your ring and pinky knuckles aren’t designed to take a hit like that, and will almost definitely break if you hit someone with it.

Thumb placement in a fist has always surprised me, and where someone puts their thumb tells you a lot about their fighting experience. In the picture above, you can see what to never ever do. Punching someone like this will break your thumb. Your thumb should be placed on the outside of your fist. The picture below shows how you should make a fist, with the thumb lying outside of the fist, and not sticking out anywhere. If your thumb sticks out in any way, you will break it or injure it.


Realistically, you are probably not going to kick someone in a fight. If you know what you’re doing, it might work, but unless you have a lot of experience, kicking is a dangerous thing for you in a fight. If you’re going to kick, remember a few things

  •    Always pull the toes back. When kicking, you want to hit with the top, ball of the foot (where the toes meet the foot) or the heel, depending on the kick. Your toes break very easily, and kicking anyone with them will break them.
  •    Don’t kick high. The higher you kick, the less power you have. Aim for knees and groin.
  •  Don’t leave the kick out there. Once you’ve connected with the target, place your foot on the ground. If you kick someone and don’t incapacitate them, they will almost definitely try and grab your leg.

Defense against a gun:

Run. If the gun is not within reach, or to your back, run. If they’re trying to kidnap you, you actually have a very good chance of escaping unless you cooperate with them and are moved to a secondary location. There is only a 4% chance of them hitting you, and even less that it’s in a vital organ/region. Run in a zig-zag preferably while yelling as much as you can.

If you are being mugged/robbed, cooperate. It’s not worth risking your life for your wallet.            

If you are within arm’s length of the gun, slap it as hard as you can. The attacker is very nervous and probably does not have a tight grip on the gun. Slap and run.

If the gun is behind you, but within arm’s length, turn around while waving your arms(preferably while yelling) and once you see can  the gun, slap, and run.

Defense against a knife:

Knives are tricky things, and there is almost no way to defend against one without getting cut somewhere. Realistically, you won’t see a knife attack coming. But in case you do, here’s what you need to do.

  •       Stay out of their range. This is critical when defending against a knife, you want to be as far away from them as possible. You want to see their attack coming
  •       Wait for them to attack first. Unarmed, it is very unlikely that you will be able to attack someone with a knife, but much more likely you’ll be able to defend against it. Once they have attacked, you have two options: Isolate the hand with the knife (grab their hand or wrist) or attack and incapacitate before they can react. The first one takes practice (or luck), so in a fighting situation, I would go with the second one. Once they’ve lunged at you, step to your right (if the knife is in their right hand) and to the left if it’s in their left hand. Once you are somewhat out of harm’s way, the attacker will be leaning into the attack and be somewhat off balance. There are two things that you can do right now, kick them over, or push them. If you are new to kicking, shove the attacker as hard as you can, and run.

Defending against a knife is very difficult, and I would recommend taking a self-defense course, or taking Martial Arts classes

Defense against a bat (or other blunt item)

Bats are very unsophisticated items, and easy to defend against

Wait for your attacker to swing first, and get out of the way. That’s a lot easier said than done, but really a duck or a leap backward will do the trick. Once you’ve done that, the attacker will still be being carried over by the weight and momentum of the bat, and you’ll have plenty of time to attack them while their vulnerable, or run.

Where to strike

When you’re hand striking, you want to aim for the throat, ears, nose, temple (area next to the eyes and ears), and sometimes the eyes themselves. If possible, you also want to strike the back of the neck.

With kicks, you want to aim for the stomach, knees, and groin. A good kick (of almost any kind) to the knees will be sure to hurt a lot if it doesn’t completely disable the attacker.

When striking with knives, if you aren’t looking to kill, just to disable, a stomach stab is okay. If you are in a situation, and you have a knife, and you are in immediate danger, a stabbing someone in the stomach may not stop them. Under normal circumstances, it would be crippling. The plain plus the shock of being stabbed could take out almost anyone under normal circumstances. But in the event of being attacked, there is adrenaline. Not to mention whatever drugs your attacker may be on. A stomach stab may hurt, but if your attacker is determined, it won’t stop them.

If you want to disable with a knife, go for extremely painful and disabling places, like the knee. Stabbing (or shooting) someone in the knee is called kneecapping, and it is one of the most painful things a person can do.

In summary, if you are in a situation where your life is in danger, that is not the time to be a hero. Get out of there if you can. If there is no way out, realistically, you have about 3 seconds to react. You want to hit hard, and preferably in the face. Don’t wait for them to react to that first strike. Keep on hitting. If there are multiple people, strike the one directly in front of you as hard as possible. Then run as fast as you can, it will take the remaining opponents a few seconds to go from fighting to chasing.

Let’s Learn Japanese Vocabularies!

Today we will learn about our hand 手 (te) and fingers 指 (yubi)
1. 親指 Oyayubi - is thumb!
- Oya is a kanji means parents/intimate
- Used in 親子丼 - oyakodon food (Literally means parent and child rice bowl, which is basically egg & chicken)
- 両親 - ryoushin: both parent
- 親切 - shinsetsu: kind

2. 人差し指 Hitosashi - is index finger!
- 人 hito (people)
- 差す(sasu) to raise hands
but there is another 指す (sasu) which means to point/select. So you can think of it as a finger to point out people ~

3. 中指 Nakayubi - is middle finger!
- 中 naka (middle/center)

4. 薬指 Kusuriyubi - is ring finger!
- 薬 kusuri (medicine)
The story behind the name: In the old days, medicine is in powder shape and taken with finger. Our ring finger is the least movable finger and we rarely use it to touch things, so it seems cleaner than the other finger. That’s why people use this finger to take medicine and named it the Medicine finger! Interesting right?

5. 小指 Koyubi - is pinky finger!
- 小 ko (small/little)

The Ring of the Lucii

Soooo, here I am, I’ve been doing some cutscene examinations, and… the Ring happened to catch my attention. And I have some stuff to share. I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed, but… okay.

Noctis and Nyx’s fingers must be thinner than Regis’ fingers, whose are thinner than Ravus’ fingers.

So finger size, from smallest to largest, would have Nyx and Noctis on about the same level (maybe Nyx is a little higher), and then Regis, and then Ravus.

The Ring of the Lucii doesn’t change size – it’s a ring. A magical ring, but a ring nonetheless. Rings don’t change sizes, so between people it would fit on different fingers, because fingers are different sizes for different people.

It took me a while to gather these screenshots, and some of them aren’t very clear – especially for Nyx – but look. I circled the Ring for ease of sight.

Noctis puts the ring on his middle finger on his right hand.

Source - Noctis

Older!Noctis does the same.

Source - Older!Noctis

Nyx puts the ring on his middle finger on his left hand.

Source - Nyx

Regis has the ring on his ring finger on his left hand.

Source - Regis

Ravus puts the ring on his pinky finger on his left hand.

Source - Ravus

So Noctis and Nyx have the thinnest fingers out of the four and Ravus has the thickest of the four. Just something I picked up there…

On another note, Noctis is the only one who puts the ring on his dominant hand. And maybe it’s because he has a glove on his left, but maybe it’s because Noctis didn’t know just how draining it is actually wearing the ring. 

He had an idea, due to Regis’ rapidly declining health, but I don’t think he knows the full extent. He seemed to be one of the few who didn’t know too much about the ring, despite his status as the one who’s supposed to wear it. Like… based on his behavior, once he actually has it, it seems like he’s more reluctant to wear it out of what he’s seen it do to people – really, what people have done for it. Regis died, Luna died, Ravus lost an arm, Ardyn… you know. Heck, one of the Empire’s main goals besides the Crystal was getting the ring.

That’s a reason, probably, along with the whole weight of the world on his shoulders. Like the being forced into adulthood thing that’s associated with the ring… anyways.

So maybe Noctis didn’t know all that much about the ring, extent-of-power wise, at least. Maybe.

And so it would make sense that he would put it on his dominant hand. Because he wouldn’t know not to.

I personally think that the sapping of strength that the ring imparts on the wearer spreads outward from wherever the ring is located. Thus, the grip on that hand would become weaker over time as the draining spread, cause it would all start from there.

With as much or as little Noct knew about the ring, he probably didn’t know that. So he wouldn’t know not to put it on his right hand. And I doubt he ever thought to change hands, because he didn’t have the ring long enough to be seriously heavily affected by it, purely physically I mean. 

Or… you know. Maybe I’m thinking way too deep into this. It’s just something I noticed.


“Honor To Us All” Honor Spell (Disney Inspired)

A spell to encourage your peers to show you respect.

You Will Need:

  • Amazonite (respect, honor)
  • Marigold (respect)
  • Ginger (confidence)
  • Garnet (confidence)
  • A jar with a lid 
  • Water (preferably storm)


  1. In your jar add your marigold and ginger, then fill with water.
  2. Close the lid to your jar and on top of the sealed lid place your garnet and amazonite. if there is not enough room on the lid place the rest of your crystals around the jar pressed to the glass. Do not put them in the jar.
  3. Leave over night and collect when the sun is rising
  4. In a window where you can see the light of the rising sun place your jar and open it. Look at the morning light and sunrise outside and the vibrancy, imagine yourself glowing like this sun: full of power and confidence. How those around you will notice this and respect you for your glow, your strength and your actions. While visualizing these wants dip your dominant pointer, middle and ring finger into the jar of water and lift them out.
  5. While still wet place them to your forehead to anoint yourself with the water. “Bring me honor, bring me might” say this 3 times.
  6. Once anointing yourself continue getting ready for the day. 

If you would like to store the water/elixir for reuse strain out the marigold and ginger and store in the fridge. For added boost to the spell carry with you a piece of garnet or amazonite after finishing the spell.

Snippets from rewatching 2

I find it very interesting and purposeful that we have 4 people wearing the ring of Lucii and all of them are doing it on another finger.

Regis: left hand ring finger   

Ravus: left hand pinky

Nyx: left hand middle finger

Noctis: RIGHT hand middle finger

There is also Luche the douche, but he doesn’t count since I can’t get a clear image and he burned to cinders anyways. I think it was left ring finger tho.  

Interesting how all of them but Noctis choose the left hand, I assume because it’s a secondary hand in combat and when Noctis wears it it’s his only weapon so the dominant hand makes sense too. He is not a lefty, is he?  

Asexual symbols
  • Cake, as a way to welcome new members and as something many of us would rather have than sex.
  • Dragons, as a way to show how we are rather rare, unusual, and largely believed to be a myth rather than a fact.
  • The asexual flag, purple representing the community, white representing sexuality, black representing asexuality, and gray representing the gray area between the two.
  • Magic and asexual powers, to make aces feel better about their orientation.
  • The ace ring, a black ring worn on the middle finger of the right hand.
Love In A Coffee Shop

Author’s Note: This is from my bwwm reader insert book on Wattpad, so the reader is depicted as a colored woman

* * * * * * * * * * * *

There’s nothing special going on when Steve walks into the coffee shop, but when he spots you, sitting beside the window to his left everything seemed to change. He has no idea why, but he feels it. In his gut.

If you would have asked him, he would have said that it was probably his subconscious picking a new favorite cafe. You know, because no one made a big deal of Captain America walking through the door.

And you, the pretty brown skinned girl by the window, you didn’t even bother looking up at the sound of the chime. Instead, you readjusted the ring on your middle finger, took a sip of your drink, and turned the page in your notebook to continue writing onto the back of the page.

The instant passes and Steve walks to the counter to order his drink. Large coffee, black, with a piece of chocolate cake. Once he gets his coffee and cake, he sits a few tables away from you and eats in his solitude. Then he leaves. Nothing special.

When he comes in the next day at the same time, he doesn’t consciously look for you. His heart doesn’t sink consciously either. He figures that the small itch in his abdomen is due to hunger, so he orders what will soon be his usual and sits at the table from the day before.

He doesn’t check the door after every ding as a conscious notion, it seems to just happen, interrupting his peace. Every single time, after he looks back down, his heart drops a little more, unbeknownst to him, of course. Probably a little too stressed for a relaxing cup of coffee.

Get used to it Rogers. His conscious tells him. He doesn’t know why, but he prepared for the worst.

A visit to the small cafe every day at precisely 8 o'clock revealed to Steve that you came to the cafe every other day, starting on Tuesdays. So he started coming on those days too.

One day, he dragged Bucky to the cafe with him. The door dinged, and a few people looked up. No one gawked. No one ran. No one did anything but smile and continue with what they were doing. Except for you, of course. You never look up at the sound of a ding. At least, not while Steve is there.

“Now that, I like.” Bucky says, regarding the nonchalance at his metal arm and the appearance of Captain America as he’s walking up to the counter with Steve. “Hi Amy, I’ll have my usual please.” The man says as he approaches the counter.

The tall girl at the register smiles and pushes her glasses up on her nose, “No problem, Steve. And for your friend?” Bucky’s eyebrows are raised at the encounter, “Oh um, I’ll just have whatever he gets.” Amy nods and rings them up, “Alright, two black coffees and two pieces of chocolate cake. On the house today. Y/N paid for all of the regulars.” Amy says, pointing at you and smiling widely again, “The two of you have a great day gentlemen.”

Steve leads his best friend to his usual table, unaware of Bucky’s curious face, “So,” Buck says as they sit down, “You pass up four coffee places to get here. I wanna know what the secret is. And your regular is chocolate cake? Since when do you eat chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, Mr. Chocolate Overload?”

At his friend’s jests, Steve looks away from you, “Nothing. I like this cafe, and I’ve always liked chocolate cake.” Bucky doesn’t buy it though. He’s about to state such matter-of-factly, when he notices Steve isn’t paying him any attention.

Following his line of sight, Bucky smirks, “Hey, that’s the girl that paid for our stuff?” He asks, looking between the two. When his oldest pal nods slightly, still paying him no attention, Bucky stands up, “I’m gonna go give her a proper thank you.” He says slyly. Steve tries to grab his friend, keep him from disturbing you, but the former Winter Soldier is way too quick and easily steps from Steve’s reaching hand.

The Avenger doesn’t quite know why he cares so much, but he doesn’t want your first experience with him to be, well, Bucky. So, faster than he’s ever moved before, Steve sits across from you, causing you to look up at him.

Your formerly pouting lips are now smiling gently and you’ve set down the blue pen you were previously scribbling with. Time seems to freeze for a moment, like Steve’s first day ever in the cafe. Looking at you, he sees your eyes shining with your smile and it makes his eyes shine too.

He can’t tell if they actually are, but it feels like they might be. If your eyes are so beautiful as they’re shining, then he damn sure hopes his are doing the same for him.

Time starts again and Steve sees Bucky smirking at him as he sits along with the two of you, “Hi. Me and my friend wanted to come over and thank you for the pay. It was really kind. Your name is Y/N, right?” He questions as if Amy hadn’t just told him your name.

Nodding, you readjust the ring on your middle finger - a twitch you’ve revealed to him unknowingly - and smile a little wider, “Yeah. Steve, right? It’s no problem. Everyone that comes in is so kind, I felt that the least I could do with a little extra money was treat you all a little bit.”

Steve doesn’t even hear most of what you say, when he hears you say his name - that you know his name - his heart starts pounding so out of control that he can barely hear you, hear anything.

Once his heart calms though, he can hear you and Buck talking, “Your prosthetic is cool. Can I touch it?” Bucky nods and Steve watches as you inspect his arm, awestruck. There’s no fear or animosity in your eyes just utter and absolute awe.

Feeling his heart start to go crazy again, Steve opted for talking to you as a distraction. “What are you writing? Every time I see you you’re writing and I’m always curious as to what you’re writing.”

After Steve finishes his stuttering question, you smile slyly at him, “You have been watching me?” When the super soldier’s cheeks flush a light pink, you chuckle, “It’s fine. I am actually in a creative writing course. I get to start teaching it this upcoming enrollment season and asked if it was okay if I take this class again. I get my assignments before everyone else since this is just a refresher. I like writing here. It’s got a certain feel to it.”

*     *     *     *     *

Bucky and Steve end up bringing their cake and coffee to your table so you all can talk some more.

When the two of them leave, Bucky can’t help but chuckle, “Steve. You dog you. Black coffee, chocolate cake, I see you have a one track mind here.”

Completely oblivious, Steve furrows his brow, “What? What are you - wait, are you referring to Y/N?” He asks incredulously, making Bucky laugh, “No, of course not Steve. I’m referring to the other chocolate goddess you’re obviously in love with. Why didn’t you tell me about her sooner?”

Steve gets ready to object to having anything other than a pleasant acquaintanceship with you, let alone love, but then it hit him like a train. He could never pinpoint why he liked that cafe so much. Never ever, but now he realizes it. “Love her? Love her. Buck, I love her! I didn’t even know!”

Seeing that his best friend has finally come to touch with reality, Bucky claps his shoulder, “Chocolate cake, hah, yeah, you’ve got it bad. At least she likes you too.”

Black Asexual Rings

Aces wear a black ring around their right middle finger. I decided to make my own.

The regular Ace umbrella ring

The Ace of Spades - Aromantic

The Ace of Diamonds - Demisexual/Demiromantic

The Ace of Clubs - Greysexual/Greyromantic

The Ace of Hearts - Romantic

This is my Etsy shop where you can find every ring listed above.