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What fantastic news!!! I hope this will bring a revival to Deviantart!!! I was -just- talking about how it would take a buy-out in order to finally put Deviantart’s full potential to use. I felt like the creators were just sitting on their hoard, doing nothing. They haven’t improved the community in years. The last big thing they did was totally redo the branding. :-/

Maybe Wix can actually save the community we all began as artists on. I miss the community Deviantart had- the fact that people used to actually COMMENT and COMMUNICATE, not this microblogging bs. They may finally revive the art world and bring the social aspect back to people who so desperately want to actually HEAR back from people who follow their art!

IDK about you, but Tumblr is so dead, as is anywhere you try to post your art. I have over 700 followers and only an average of 4 people even react to anything I post. Back in Deviantart’s hay days I actually got to KNOW who followed me by a rally of conversation. I was able to find out new artists and bounce from their favorites to find other new talent as well. With clubs, and comment-reminders, Deviantart had so much potential to truly unite artists and get people talking. I really hope this buy-out brings about a much needed revival. 

I saw a post about self diagnosis the other day and there were multiple people in the notes complaining about how “thanks to tumblr’s encouragement of self diagnosis, people don’t actually believe I’m mentally ill”

Tumblr was founded in 2007. Do you really think people with mental illnesses were never disbelieved or disrespected until tumblr came along?

Like, one person said their parents told them they didn’t actually have anxiety bc “All the kids nowadays say they have anxiety” so they were mad at self-diagnosing people on tumblr bc of it and like.. I’ve got bad news for you but my parents were saying that to me back in 2002, before tumblr and before widespread and easily accessible information about mental illness was on the internet.

A microblogging website isn’t the cause of your problems. The people who are being disrespectful to you about your mental illness are.

People who don’t respect/disbelieve those who say they struggle with mental illness have been around since way before tumblr was even a thing and they’d still be doing it even if tumblr had never existed bc that’s just the way people who are mentally ill have always been treated.

Can he read?

So, a 140-character microblogging platform is suddenly the organ of United States policy, but dyou think Trump reads every tweet @ him?

Dyou think it would hurt his teeny-tiny temperamental fee-fees if everyone in the world started spamming his tag with the 💩 emoji?

Shall we find out?

the year is 2017. i yell about about fascism’s shadow darkening America’s doorway on a microblogging site. a teenage boy with a blog full of gun photos mansplains the definition of fascism to me

BTS’s Suga Make It Onto Tumblr’s 2016 Top Albums List

In addition to Tumblr’s K-pop list, the microblogging and social networking site also revealed its list of 2016’s Top Albums. Note that the album did not have to be released in 2016 to be on this list.

K-pop artists making it on the list are EXO and BTS’s Suga. EXO makes it to the list at No. 16 with “Lotto,” the repackaged album version of their third studio album “EX’ACT.”  BTS’s Suga ranks at No.8 with his mixtape “Agust D.”

1. Lemonade – Beyonce
2. Blurryface – Twenty One Pilots
3. Blue Neighbourhood – Troye Sivan
4. Made in the A.M. – One Direction
5. ANTi – Rihanna
6. Sounds Good Feels Good – 5 Seconds of Summer
7. The Life of Pablo – Kanye West
8. Agust D – Suga (BTS)
9. Vessel – Twenty One Pilots
10. 1989 – Taylor Swift
11. Cry Baby –  Melanie Martinez
12. Death of a Bachelor – Panic at the Disco
13. ViewS –  Drake
14. 25 –  Adele
15. Badlands – Halsey
16. Lotto – EXO
17. Mind of Mine – Zayn
18. Joanne – Lady Gaga
19. Purpose – Justin Bieber
20. Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys – My Chemical Romance

According to Tumblr, the lists were created implementing a specific criteria that contains four factors:

  • How many posts were created that contain the tag
  • How many times that tag was searched for
  • How many times a post using that tag was reblogged
  • How many times a post using that tag was like


This is what our posts and reblogs and tags do!! hahaha WORTH IT!

BLAQUEER: a self-care attempt

January 1st, 2017: an attempt at being more “active” about my own well-being à la microblogging finally gets off the ground. i’ve been thinking about making something like this for myself for a while, but have always dragged my feet about it.

BLAQUEER will be devoted to any and everything that i find helpful for myself personally re: navigating queerness, mental health and self-care as a black person. at the moment, i envision that as including, but not being limited to:

  • photos, artwork, etc of queer black people existing: because goddamnit, be it on Tumblr or out in the world at large, i never see that without actively search for it. i want a place where i can see people like me existing without having to hunt for it each time. i also want to curate what i see because i’m tired of wading through hypersexualization / hypermasculinzation when i do hunt for representation / visibility.
  • the positive and negative of dealing with poor mental health issues: be it my own blatherings about it or the writing of others, be it misanthropic comics or suggestions for everyday coping methods– i hope to put a lot of mental health (and general health) related stuff here without feeling the need to withhold my negative feelings / experiences in favor of more positivity. if i can find things that others have made related to mental health and being black / queer simultaneously all the better, but i’m not holding my breath. might get up the nerve to blurb about that myself eventually.
  • resources & random commentary on my own (failed) self-care: resources in the form of reblogs, links to things i find online, my own commentary on things that have and haven’t worked for me etc, as well as a lot of random thinking aloud about things in general that i’ve usually reserved for Twitter but have grown annoyed with the inability to go back and find things afterwards.

while i do try to touch upon all of these things on my main blog, @queerascat, i often feel like i can’t actually go into depth about these things there for various reasons. while Queer As Cat will continue to be what it has always been, i’m hoping to be able to be more inwardly focused with BLAQUEER.

anyone is welcome to follow BLAQUEER, but please only do so bearing in mind the potentially “”heavy”” nature of some of its content. i will tag try to tag for triggers and you are free to ask me to tag something in particular, but…. yeah. the goal is to try to uncensor and unrestrain myself. “followers beware” and all that jazz.

starting out, i will be digging through QAC and reblogging old content to this blog, but hope to start posting “newer” things very soon. cheers.

- Vesper

p.s. also, just to put this out there and get it off my chest because it’s making my anxious, i was really hesitant to use a photo of myself as the header image on the blog, but in the end it’s there as a constant reminder to myself that the blog and its contents exist for me… i often need reminding that i can even do something solely for myself, so… i might change it, iono.

Tips for a happy life: neurodivergent edition

  • set an alarm for a normal time, hit snooze for the next 2 hours as self-loathing intensifies
  • increase heartrate by involving yourself in unnecessary internet drama that doesn’t pertain to you
  • wash down meds with cup of dusty water you found on your dresser
  • read lists with advice you’re currently incapable of implementing in your life
  • listen to one sufjan stevens song on repeat for 4 hours (take your pic, they’re all depressing)
  • “i think i showered last week–should be fine”
  • microwave leftovers, get impatient 30 seconds in and stand in the kitchen shoveling lukewarm, unevenly heated food down your throat
  • use social media and falsely inflated memories of peers from high school and college as ammunition to berate yourself for being so awful
  • think about all the things you could do for self-care, become paralyzed by guilt
  • liveblog your depression on the microblogging platform of your choice, obsess over the validation you do or do not receive and how this reflects your self worth
  • stay up until 4am refreshing your social media even though it’s just you and one other random australian 
  • resolve that tomorrow you’ll stop being such a miserable little shit and get your life together
  • have you tried just, like, not being depressed?

it is time for me to make a post containing several tumblr microblogs that i enjoy and do not plan to unfollow

@crustysheith - @demigirlallura - @klance-klance-revolution - @besame-suave - @kraft-macncheese - @heith-bar - @altaens - @keith-colgate - @vld-keith - @freckledlance - @criss-alis - @mcslained - @klanced - @galralance - @keiyth - @transiwa - @transoiks - @piningkeith - @spacecryptids - @frostytips - @nymas - @sinningpaladin - @varaderolance - @yootsart - @snowingaltea - @pelhahnu - @platonicsheith - @butchpidge - @iminlovewithpidge - @keithkogayne - @temporarywhales - @gonebutforgotten - @kxlance - @sheithphobic - @briannathestrange - @lanceskogane - @muggleborn-n - @pidgetholt - @starsapphics - @pidger - @piidge - @pidgeypi - @old-friends-senior-dog-sanctuary

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Will we continue to receive Business Calls through Tumblrdotcom to keep us up to date on Business? Until some sort of text-based microblogging service is created, at least.

I will attempt to keep you up to date on current business by calling the Internet with my telephone.  It’s a shame that no one’s invented a better way of distributing information by now.

Según wikipedia tumblr es:  Tumblr es una plataforma de microblogging que permite a sus usuarios publicar textos, imágenes, vídeos, enlaces, citas y audio. Según yo, tumblr es VIDA.
Why I left Wicca

I haven’t been a practicing Wiccan for several years now, and I thought it might be time to talk about why I left that path. I’m doing this not just as a way for you to get to know me, but also for those out there who seem to think wicca=witchcraft. I completed my one year and one day and initiation rites in 2003. I chose the Wiccan path, because in all honesty, I didn’t know there were any other options. When I first was attracted to witchcraft in late 2000/2001 there were no easily accessible sources & certainly no microblogging sites. If you wanted to be a witch you either practiced Christianised satanism or Wicca, certainly other paths existed at that time, but there wasn’t much if any information on the internet about them & no books that could be easily purchased. I chose Wicca because it seemed to resonate at the time. I struggled a lot following the rede. I had an extremely abusive childhood which involved physical and mental trauma, and I experienced a sexual assault when I was 14. As you can imagine the ‘love and light’ thing was hard to swallow for someone with that past & battling PTSD at the time. But I swallowed the Wiccan dogma down like some bad medicine and kept practicing in ignorance. I began to really doubt and hate my religion in 2010/2011 by then there was more information on the internet and I was able to find out just how far gone the Wiccan faith was. Things that I’d believed were acceptable because ALL the books and early sources said they were, turned out to be toxic lies. I read articles written by Native Americans & other PoC discussing the issues of cultural appropriation in the 'new age movement ’, I knew my practice had to change. I felt extreme anger & guilt over the reality of what my path was. I’m half Romanichal, I know what it’s like to have others nit pick the palatable bits of your culture, while mocking & vilifying you. Yet this is exactly what I was doing to other cultures while practicing as a Wiccan. By 2013 I’d ceased calling myself Wiccan, indeed I’d removed so many central elements 'the rede’ that I probably had no right to call myself one anyone anyway. Nowadays my religious beliefs are seperate to my practice. I have nothing against those who want to be Wiccan, but I personally can’t abide the toxic elements of it. It’s not hard to make something not transphobic, sexist, culturally appropriative & racist, hopefully one day Wicca will change so it’s not those things.

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If we're gonna play the age game then why are so many inclusionists 30+ y/os with jobs and spouses and children who for some reason spend all their free time complaining abt LGBT teenagers on a terrible microblogging platform ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I KNOW. I’d also argue why any adult cares so much about it… shouldn’t you be dealing with real issues instead of online debating? ;)