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remember when everyone’s text post typing style was consistently no caps with no punctuation and that was the unspoken mandate (the chicago manual of style for depressed gay kids on microblogging platforms?) because I think I’ve recovered from that and now I’m back to feeling unsettled whenever I make a text post without a period at the end. I’m a casual again, trapped in the web of normative punctuation :(

imagine trying to explain to your great grandma that you have a device at that connect you instantly to anyone in the world, and you use it to microblog on a website that’s so overrun by fools that you can say “the guy who wants to fuck trains commented on my post” and everyone knows exactly who you’re talking about

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Since you're answering questions like these rn what is weibo I see people post from it but idk what it is 😅

Weibo is one of the most popular social media sites in China. It’s a microblogging website. 
BTS opened their official Weibo back in March 2015 to be closer to Chinese ARMY as a majority of social media are blocked in China (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter …). They announced it through this video HERE. They share now exclusive content there. You can find eng subbed videos previously posted on Weibo HERE

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Chinese ARMY are very precious and supportive. They deserve all the love.

peach is a partially-nonfunctional-due-to-developer-neglect lesbian centric bi inclusive queer-men-inclusive semi-public diary SLASH microblogging platform SLASH music recommendation forum SLASH conspiracy board SLASH dating app and it’s better than tumblr and i will not be giving out my username to anyone thank you.

Who is this Tumblr?

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Y/n has created a chatroom.

Y/n has invited Nat and Wanda.

Y/n: Okay girls, I have something important to show you.

Nat: I’m intrigued?

Wanda: Is it naked Thor?



Wanda: What, girl has her needs.

Wanda: But you’re seriously not going to tell me he’s not hot.

Y/N: He’s old.

Wanda: You mean, he’s hot for an old guy.

Nat: Y/n, Cap and Bucky are almost hundred but that doesn’t stop you from gushing over them.

Y/N: Nah, he’s just pretty much old.

Wanda: Y/n stop, you’re not fooling anyone.

Y/N: About that, I have something to share with you, as I already mentioned but you girls have a concentration of a two year old, so.

Nat: Hey don’t assault, I may have a concertation of a child, but I certainly don’t punch like one.

Wanda: Y/n do you feel like flying?

Y/N: What do you mean?

Y/N: Not funny Wanda, LET ME THE FUCK DOWN.

Wanda: Since you asked so nicely.

Y/N: Damn you, Wanda.

Y/N: By let me down, I didn’t mean throw me into wall and almost break all of my bones.

Nat: Wanda, sometimes I think you’re bigger child than Tony.

Y/N: Let’s face it, you can never be bigger child than Tony.

Nat: Ah, true story.

Y/N: Will you now finally let me say what I have to say?

Wanda: Spill your soul, honey.

Y/N: You know I was telling you about Tumblr and fanfictions, yeah?

Nat: I think I still quiet don’t get it.

Y/N: Anyways, I found this amazing fanfiction about Steve and Bucky.

Y/N: It gave me all kind of different feelings.

Nat has added Bucky and Steve.

Nat: Guys, I think Y/n wants to tell you something.


Y/N: You better start running.

Steve has added Tony, Sam, Thor, Clint and Vision.

Y/N: Oh thanks Steve.

Steve: Anytime.

Steve: Now do you want to explain yourself?

Thor: May I just inquire, who is this Tumblr you’re speaking of?

Clint: Buddy, you don’t even wanna know.

Tony: As I wise man once said, stay away from Tumblr. You don’t wanna get involved.

Sam: It’s not who, it’s a page on the internet.

Steve: Tony, who was that “wise man”?

Y/N: I agree with Clint and Tony, it’s not for innocence people like you, Thor.

Vision: My sources claim that Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website founded by David Karp in 2007, and owned by Yahoo! since 2013. The service allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. Users can follow other users’ blogs. Bloggers can also make their blogs private. For bloggers, many of the website’s features are accessed from a “dashboard” interface.

Thor: I am not innocence.

Thor: I’ve killed many enemies and I fear nothing. One little foolish page can’t do much.

Sam: Yep, definitely too green for Tumblr.

Tony: Simply, page where people post stuff about their favourite celebrity.

Tony: Me of course.

Wanda: Vision, did you take that from Wikipedia?

Clint: Oh you just console yourself with that, Thor.

Vision: My sources gave me this information.

Steve: Why did I even ask anything?

Y/N: You’re our little innocence puppy.

Bucky: I still want to know about that fanfiction that you found

Thor: I can assure you I am not a puppy.

Bucky: Is it good?

Sam: Bucky, your gay is showing.

Tony: Oh Thor.

Thor: Mr. Barnes, I didn’t know you were homosexual.

Bucky: I am not.

Vision has left the chat.

Y/N: Face it Buck, we all know you got hot’s for our captain America.

Steve: We are very good friends.

Nat: That’s what they all say, “JUST FRIENDS”

Wanda: Wait am I the only one here that’s team Stony?

Clint: No you’re not.

Thor: What’s team Stony?

Sam: No Thor

Sam: You don’t want to know.

Sam: You should just leave and never ever mention Tumblr again.

Sam: Or fanfictions.

Thor: How dare you tell son of Odin, god of Thunder to leave?


Y/N: I love you Sam, but THOR LISTEN TO BUCKY.

Y/N: Just tell me when you’re about to do it cuz I want to film it.

Y/N: Imagine how many notes I would get for that.

Sam: O thanks Y/N, I really appreciate it.

Nat: You know when love you, but that would be spectacular.

Thor: All right guys, be right back.

Thor: Or how you kids write it.

Thor: BRB

Sam has been disconnected

Thor has left the chat.

Nat: I have to see this.

Nat has left the chat.

Wanda: Right behind you.

Y/N: Film it for me.

Wanda has left the chat.

Y/N: Thanks to Wanda I can’t go now.

Tony: Well I will film it for you Y/N.

Tony has left the chat.

Bucky: So the fanfiction, what was it about?

Y/N: Oh you know, basic stuff.

Clint: Wait Y/N, is it that one that you showed me like a week ago?

Y/N: Yep that would be the one.

Steve: I am curios now, what was it about? Beside me and Bucky.

Clint: That is peace of art.

Y/N: Every fanfiction is a piece of art.

Thor has joined the chat.

Bucky: I can agree on that one.

Bucky: Not because I read them.

Bucky: But because people put effort in it, you know.

Steve: Just stop Bucky, you’re embarrassing yourself.

Thor: I’ve got him lady Y/n, just like you said.

Thor: Oh no, that was Mr. Barnes.

Thor: Anyhow, he was lightning like a Christmas tree.

Y/N: Man I wish I could’ve see that.

Clint: I will go check on him.

Clint: And don’t worry, I will take photos.

Clint has left the chat.

Steve: maybe I would pay him a visit too.

Thor: Oh it’s nothing.

Steve has left the chat.

Thor: I didn’t hurt him that badly.

Bucky: I still want to know about that fanfiction.

Y/N: God damn it, it was about you and Steve Fucking, will you shut up now?

Thor: So you are homosexual, Mr. Barnes?

Bucky: No, I am not.

Bucky: But would you mind sending me link tho?

Thor: I want to read it too.

Y/N: No Thor, I will find you some fanfiction about Jane and you.

Y/N: Meanwhile, don’t hit me with no thunder.

Y/N: Bucky come to my room and I will show you.

Thor: I would never hurt you, Lady Y/N.

Thor: Only because you would hurt me ten times more.

Bucky has left the chat.

Y/N: Ah my child.

Thor: You have a child, Lady Y/N?

Y/N: No Thor, I don’t, but I may adopt you.

Thor: I don’t think that will be quiet possible, considering my age.

Y/N: Yeah but your mental age is three so it’s fine.

Y/N has left the chat

Thor: I do not have a mental age of a three year old.

Thor: Oh she left.

Thor: But I do enjoy the chocolate.

Thor: Was that what she meant?

Thor has left the chat.

fave thing about tumblr? abt 70% of funnymen are up’n’comin’ artists in their late teens to early 20s. so statistically there’ll be at least two or three wikipedias in the coming years which includes something like…..“Funnyman came to early prevalence on the microblogging website tumblr, under the online moniker georgecunstanza [1] [2] [3]. Most content produced under the cunstanza account was relatable humor involving various celebrities [1] and bizarre fetishes [1] [2] [3] [4].”

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Hi - When answering an ask message, hold down the Alt key (or Option key on a Mac). You'll see buttons to Save as Draft or Queue. If you save as a draft, you can schedule or queue the post, preview your post, add tags, set your own URL or switch to HTML view. Thanks, Mykl

Hi unwrapping . Thanks for the info about answering asks on Tumblr :-) . I didn’t know about this at all. But this is very useful and helpful. I’m glad that it’s actually possible to save answer posts as a draft.

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what is this

a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style, hosted on a microblogging and social networking website founded by David Karp in 2007, and owned by Oath Inc.

Why your art comment section is dead & how to get seen

I keep seeing more and more young artists become discouraged from posting their artwork in online art communities due to lack of feedback so here’s some thoughts.

(Disclaimer: The following article is based on personal observations, both as a self-thought hobby illustrator and as a graphic designer working in the advertising field, hence I do not guarantee any scientific accuracy.)

The good news:
Your art does not suck.

The bad news:
You might have to find a different way of presentation.

Here’s why.

So, I assume most of us come from a time where forums were a thing, LiveJournal was the blogging place-to-be and deviantART and similar art communities were flourishing. You’d log in and have a two-digit number of notifications. Comments, favorites, maybe a personal message or two. I remember spending hours on the site and logging in several times over the course of one day in order to write back and forth with my fellow artists!

Today? Dust and tumbleweed. If you hold your ear to the inbox close enough you can hear the chirping of crickets. But why?

Here’s my personal theory:

The dynamics of online communities are an ever-changing phenomenon as the learned behavior of users is strongly influenced by user experience and design trends. From my personal experience, the peak of activity in art communities seemed to have been around 2005. That’s 12 years! Remember your first clunky cell phone vs. your current smartphone? That’s how incredibly fast technology advanced in just a small fraction of your lifetime. It’s basically the same for user experience and online behavior, just that it’s not so easy for us to see because it’s more of a mentality you feel than an actual, physical object we can see, touch or buy.

In the past 12 years, lots of things have changed. The concept of Like buttons started popping up everywhere. Microblogging like Twitter is a thing. Some news stories are nothing but slideshows with minimal caption. Snapchat and Instagram stories are booming. Why? Because the majority of users do not sit down for hour-long sessions on their desktop PCs after school any more and go through all of their messages. Instead, thanks to smartphones, users do it on-the-go wherever they are; like or reply to messages on their smartphone as they pop up, swipe them away and move on to the next, in the course of minutes or seconds. This means: Today’s users are used to quick reception; short, quick posts that can be consumed in seconds. This is why Clickbait, for example, is a thing, and Tinder happened.

TL;DR: Users are no longer used (and hence willing) to spending time writing comments or reading articles unless they’re very, very devoted to the subject itself. In an online world where it’s easy to drop a quick Like to give props to the artist, or even share or reblog a piece without comment if it’s relevant enough to your interests, the concept of forum- and comment-based online art communities is outdated.

This has been creeping up on us very, very slowly and is hence often – understandably – interpreted as lack of interest, so it is not surprising that some artists feel discouraged by the regression of written feedback, resulting in doubt of their own skills. Let me assure you: Your art actually rocks! In these times it just requires a different form of presentation.

So what can artists do?

  1. Make peace with the fact that in today’s online community, likes and shares have replaced comments and journal features. It is people’s way of telling you that your art is awesome.
  2. Post your art on social media channels that are currently popular. Not as a link to your deviantART gallery with a preview image where people have to tap through tumbnails three times and spend 10 kilograms of data volume through 273 redirects, but as an actual, native image post. The faster the user can see the actual piece, the better.
  3. Keep captions short and simple. If you have a lot of personal stuff to say to an image, include a link to a more detailed version (e. g. in a personal art gallery) in the caption or put it under a cut. Why? Again, the faster the user can perceive the whole thing in one, the better. Also, from my personal experience, people will refrain from reblogging art that has a lot of personal text under it (= displaying it on their personal timeline or profile) because they simply do not identify with what’s written there, and why should they?
  4. You know that annoying feature where sites like Twitter will randomly display your likes to your followers? Rely on that shit. I’ve stumbled upon some really cool art that way, and people will find your art that way as well (granted you post it publically).
  5. Use tags! This works surprisingly well, especially on Instagram, for example. I’ve had strangers drop by and like my stuff just because it contained a tag that was somehow relevant. And if it mostly makes “like for like”-commenters come to your posts? Even better! People like that tend to have a huge network, and as long as there’s traffic on your page, the website algorithms will do their job and your art will eventually pop up in strangers’ “posts you might like”.
  6. Timing is important! People’s timelines and feeds are cluttered with input that’s impossible to consume in one sitting. Make sure to post at the right times, e. g. when people sit down in the train back home from work and check their phones. I’m not going to elaborate on this in-depth but there’s enough studies out there that will help you.
  7. This one can be skipped if you’re financially dependent on selling your art, but as someone who just does art as a hobby it helped me a lot so I’m sharing it: Try to internalize the fact that you’re drawing for yourself, and only yourself. It’ll spare you a lot of frustration and save friendships; trust me.

I’m no doctor but I hope this posts helps a little and I could put a tiny ray of light into the online experience of my discouraged fellow hobby artists who are struggling with lack of self-confidence.

Please keep going – your art is awesome!

Was it yet another year?

PWS - Photos Worth Seeing turned four today. And in Tumblr-years we almost reached retirement-age. But don’t worry, we won’t be retiring anytime soon.

Keeping a blog like PWS running is a “joint effort”. PWS is not “this member” or “that member”, PWS is a group of people - each of them equally important. And each member made PWS to what it was, makes PWS to what it is, and will make PWS to what it will become.

We - as in original photographers on Tumblr - are a comparatively small group of people on this huge platform. And so blogs like ours are of vital importance to connect “us”. But we are not alone, of course. PWS is one of many “rebloggers”, which are also all equally important. So our thanks goes out to all of you, who make this community of photographers to what it is.

We think we are not wrong in the assumption, that within all “groups of creators” and “fandoms” here on this messy, chaotic, and in parts pretty weird microblogging-system called Tumblr, we are the best-connected one, the one that forms a _real_ community. The one that interacts most, the one that constantly creates momentum and generates ideas, and “movements”.

And being a part of this all, being part of this constantly moving and evolving organism, that is not only pretty cool, but also great joy. And we are grateful for being allowed to contribute.

So… yes, we will celebrate. And we prepared a couple of things to thank YOU out there, creators, curators, and “fans”. One of them is that we went through the PWS archives, and dug out some of YOUR photos that we particularly like to present them to you again.

But that is not all. Stay tuned. 

And here’s to another four years. Cheers!

PWS - Photos Worth Seeing

(But first… the blog recommendation of the week)

the horse thing is jst a permanent part of this website now. tumblr has become the first microblogging platform where you can also play a game abt a horse who shits and dies. they hope for it to be the next FarmVille

I saw a post about self diagnosis the other day and there were multiple people in the notes complaining about how “thanks to tumblr’s encouragement of self diagnosis, people don’t actually believe I’m mentally ill”

Tumblr was founded in 2007. Do you really think people with mental illnesses were never disbelieved or disrespected until tumblr came along?

Like, one person said their parents told them they didn’t actually have anxiety bc “All the kids nowadays say they have anxiety” so they were mad at self-diagnosing people on tumblr bc of it and like.. I’ve got bad news for you but my parents were saying that to me back in 2002, before tumblr and before widespread and easily accessible information about mental illness was on the internet.

A microblogging website isn’t the cause of your problems. The people who are being disrespectful to you about your mental illness are.

People who don’t respect/disbelieve those who say they struggle with mental illness have been around since way before tumblr was even a thing and they’d still be doing it even if tumblr had never existed bc that’s just the way people who are mentally ill have always been treated.

I honestly feel so fucking bad for people who let any semblance of “success” on Tumblr get to their head.

It’s a fucking microblogging website, no one on here is a bigshot, and everyone is using their page as a free therapist. It’s time to stop being elitist about this shit just because your dumbass text post got 10k notes.

Can he read?

So, a 140-character microblogging platform is suddenly the organ of United States policy, but dyou think Trump reads every tweet @ him?

Dyou think it would hurt his teeny-tiny temperamental fee-fees if everyone in the world started spamming his tag with the 💩 emoji?

Shall we find out?