and michonne is the jealous girlfriend let's face it

I Ain't a Judas - Michonne and Andrea's big scene

“You poisoned them.”

“I just told them the truth.”

“I didn’t chose him over you; I wanted a life. Once we entered Woodbury, you became hostile.”

That’s ‘cause I could see it.“

"See what?”

“That you were under his spell from the second you laid eyes on him.”

“That is not true!”

“…and you still are.”

“No, I am there because those people need me.”

“What about these people?”

“I’m trying to save them too!”

“I did not realise Messiah complex was contagious.”

“Go to hell, Michonne.”

“He sent Merle to kill me. Would’ve sent him to kill you too  if you’d come with me but you didn’t did you? You chose a warm bed over a friend. That’s why I went back to Woodbury, exposed him for what he is .I knew that it would hurt you.