and messes with so many powerful people and just

The grass is always greener, right?

Being a doctor is amazing. You get to be directly involved in someone’s care. See them from the moment they come into hospital, through being diagnosed and treated, until they are ready to go home. You get to feel that you are making a real difference.

However, with great power comes great responsibility.

It’s scary, and excting, and absolutely tiring being responsible for so many things. There are times when you’re going to look back, and reflect on just how much easier it was when you were a student and the only thing people expected you to do was not mess up your exams.

That said, when it comes to it, I don’t think most of us would go back. When you get used to making decisions instead of watching others make them, you can’t go back to watching from the sidelines any more.

Mafia!NCT 127 when his s/o is threatened by another Gang.

A/N warning there is swearing.



His gang wasn’t the most violent one out there, but the moment he heard you had gotten threatened he would hurt everyone that dared to threaten you.

“Who said it Y/N! I’m not letting this go!” getting the gang ready to fight.

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His gang was strong, and only attacked when things between gangs got horribly wrong, his gang was in a fight with another. Johnny kept his cool, but the moment one of them threatened you, he had punched him in his face.

“You fucking don’t have the right to even speak that name” grabbing your hand, pulling you away.

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Not many gangs wanted to mess with Taeyong, he was the top and could destroy someone’s life with a snap of his fingers. A new gang had come to town and spotted you as Taeyong’s weakness, so they threaten you, only if they knew you were his power.

“Bite your tongue, or you’re going to fucking lose it” grabbing the mans face, glaring into his soul.

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Don’t let the smile fool you, he has done more than just knock people out in a fight. when the gang next town over threatened your life, you had to hold him back because he had a fire in his eyes.

“You son of a bitch, you better pray I never see you again!” he screamed as you tried pulling him away.

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You were his rock, you kept him in line, he needed that support, but when his gang ran into their rivals you knew things were going to get messy, but without warning the other gang grabbed you and threatened to kill you, let’s just say Doyoung lost it.

“You’re my rock, no one can touch you like that!” he mumbled as you patched up the wounds.

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Jaehyun was only a sweetheart to you, to the outside eye he looked mean and just a lot of trouble, which he is when others mess with what and who he loves. When you got threatened by his old best friend’s gang, he would lose all that sweetness, only anger was left.

“Where’s the asshole with a death wish” clutching his teeth.

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His gang was a peaceful one, they tried their best to stay out of fights and help out with their community. You tried keeping the threat to yourself, but when it got to a matter of life or death, you had to tell Winwin.

“Y/N tell me next time, I’m hurting each and every one of them!” the peace was gone, for now, now it was just a bloody fight.

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He may be young for a leader but he was protective over what was his, he didn’t let any negativity reach your ears, so when your life was in danger, he took the matter into his own hands.

“S/O mine, don’t you even look at her. You’re not worthy” glaring down at the beaten man.

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After Haechan was handed the gang by his father, he had a lot to prove. other gangs started sending in threats, haechan ignored all of them until one came in saying that they were going to kill you. He knew it was now time to protect what is his.

“I may be young, but I still going kick your fucking teeth in” leaving the guy bloody, but at least alive.

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Our Friends Across The Pond-Avenger!Reader x Eggsy Unwin

Summary: Requested by
@zainab-al-huwaizi:‘Hi!! Can you make an Eggsy Unwin x Avenger reader?? Where the reader is Tony’s cousin and she helps Eggsy in a mission and they meet more and stuff? (her powers are Telekinesis and Pyrokenisis) Idk if you like mixing two fandoms but I think it’s a good idea!’

Characters: Eggsy Unwin x Avenger!Reader

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name

Warnings: Bit of swearing


“You’re sending me where?” I asked, wondering if I had heard my cousin right.

Tony continued to work on his suit.“To England. There’s a secret organisation like S.H.I.E.L.D stationed there. I hear it’s very James Bond though.”

“Why am I going? I mean, I’ll do it! But why me specifically?”

“They want to breach out their agents. Now that the world has realised that there are people with powers out there, they want to use it their advantage like S.H.I.E.L.D.”

“So I’m the test run?”

“Yeah. So don’t mess it up.”

I was to fly out to England the next day. Trust Tony to leave it last minute. Being the cousin of Tony Stark had brought many dangers, one of them being captured and experimented on. Only five years old and one of the last members of Tony’s family, I was an easy target. They kidnapped me from school, just as I was about to catch the bus, locking me up for years. Three years passed slowly, torturous experiments day in and day out, until they realised that they had done their job. They had given me telekinesis. However, because I was so angry and tormented by all of this, the telekinesis formed to gift me pyrokenisis. Tony was able to rescue me but these powers would take years to control.

Walking out to the launch pad, I saw the quinjet that had been prepared for me. Dumping my bag inside of it, I tried to calm myself down. I was representing in-humans everywhere. This secret service wanted to introduce them to their programs, we could all work together in peace, no one would be afraid anymore.

“Don’t be nervous. You’re powers won’t work.” Tony made me jump.

“I’m fine. It’ll be weird working with different people.”

“You know what to do if they give you trouble.”

“Light their asses on fire.”

“That’s right.”

Laughing, we hugged each other goodbye before I dissappeared onto the jet. FRIDAY was going to be piloting it for me. It was a long flight, around eight hours. That would give me enough time to think how I was going to be around these people. Would they be accepting? Was I going to be helpful in this mission?

We landed on the greens of a huge mansion. This couldn’t be it could it? Unless this was like a HQ thing? As FRIDAY touched down, I spotted a man stood further ahead with a clipboard, two younger (what I assumed were) agents standing either side of him. The back of the jet opened, revealing the cold weather I was told so much about; welcome to England.

“(Y/N) Stark, welcome to Kingsman. We are so glad that you agreed to come.” the bald man said.

“How could I say no? Free vacation to Britain sounded nice.” my American accent sounded harsh in contrast to theirs.

He shook my hand.“I am Merlin, I’m in charge of anything technical and overseeing new recruits.” He gestured to the woman beside him,“this is Lancelot,” then to the man,“and this is Galahad.”

They all saw my confusion.

“Those aren’t our real names.” the woman smiled.

Merlin also smiled.“No. They certainly are not. Just codenames.”

I chuckled.“Oh right. I wasn’t sure whether it was just insanely British around here.”

“Well, I suggest we head inside and have a briefing of the mission.”

When walking through the building, my mind was going crazy over the thoughts of everyone else. Clearly, talk of my arrival had been spread around. Many of these thoughts were negative. They couldn’t believe what the organisation was doing; some were bad mouthing the Avengers. They had no idea how much we had saved them from. One thought stuck out for me though, coming from a young man to our right.

'This is barbaric. They’re just going to end up hurting anyone who is normal.’

Tired of all these silent comments, I marched towards him. He obviously seemed panicked but was too slow to react to anything. Grabbing him by the collar, I created a flame in my hand, holding it just out of his reach.

“Sir, I would appreciate it if you would clear your mind of those disgusting thoughts. I’m here to help, and once y work here is done, you’ll be working with a lot more people like me.” the flame intensified.“So if you don’t want to get third degree burns, shut the fuck up.”

Everyone around us had stopped, shocked by what they had just seen. Shaking my hand, the flame went out and I went back to Merlin, waiting for him to continue walking. He cleared his throat, carrying on. I saw the two other agents smirking. At least someone enjoyed it.

I heard Galahad whisper to Lancelot.“That was bloody mental.”

The mission wasn’t a hard one. I was simply going to meet the target at one of his charity balls whilst Galahad would break into his office to gather his files they needed. As I had telekinesis, I would be able to see into his mind and hopefully gain the passwords we needed.

“So, what’s your real name?” I asked Galahad as we gathered up weapons.

“Eggsy.” his cockney accent rang out.

I tried to suppress a laugh.“Eggsy?”

He scoffed out a laugh.“Ok, well it’s actually Gary, but no one has ever really called me that.”

“I actually like it. It’s different.”

“So are you.” Eggsy stopped loading his gun.“I didn’t mean that to sound horrible-”

“No, it’s alright. You’re not wrong.”

His face suddenly lit up.“I couldn’t believe what you did! I’ve only ever seen something like that in superhero films! Come on, guess what I’m thinking.”

I laughed loudly, surprised by his enthusiasm.“Eggsy, we don’t have time-”


I sighed.“Alright.” I looked at him, wanting to mess around.“You think I’m utterly amazing.”

“Not far off luv.” he smirked.

I couldn’t help blushing, shaking my head as I tucked away a pocket knife.


“Bloody hell, that was amazing!” Eggsy whooped as we sped away in his car.

“No it damn well wasn’t! I almost set fire to the place!”

Although I was successfully able to flirt and recieve the passwords needed for Eggsy, he was caught escaping the office. To cause a distraction for the guards, I had produced a small flame, setting alight to the long curtains that draped throughout the huge hall. However, I had not predicted that a bigger fire would erupt, causing everyone to evacuate. Eggsy had just grabbed me and made a dash for the car.

“When do you leave?” Eggsy asked.

“What? Uh, tomorrow I think.”

He sent me a charming smile.“Good. You need to see the sights of London before you leave.”


“And where are you off to?” Tony called out, sounding fed up.

“Take a guess.” I grinned as I saw him standing at my bedroom door.

“You going out with full english breakfast again?”

That was Tony’s nickname for Eggsy, not only because he was English but also because his name had 'egg’ in it.

I rolled my eyes.“He just finished a mission here and he’s got a few free days.”

“He seems to be over here quite a lot.”

“Yes he does. And I think it’s lovely that he wants to see me.”

“When I say 'quite a lot’, he’s been here six times in the last month.”

“Look Tony, I’ve not got enough time for this. I’ve got a date.” I grabbed my handbag, walking past him.

“Date? Hold on, it’s official now?” he followed me down the corridor.

“Yep. Now go work on some really technical thing, I’m going to be late.”

I managed to escape him in the elevator, heading straight down to the lobby. Bursting out of the doors, I couldn’t help a huge smile light up on my face as I saw him leaning against his car. Hugging him tightly, I whispered to him.

“I’ve missed you.”

“You saw me two weeks ago.”

“Eggsy, that’s a long time when you live across the ocean.” I pouted.

“Well I’m here now.” he kissed me smoothly, still leaning back on the car.“And we always make the most of it.”

“I know.” I sighed, slightly dazed by his lips. The effect never wore off.

His time got softer.“Don’t worry, we’ll be together soon, properly though.”


“Good. Cause you know what I would do to you if you broke that promise?”

“Light my arse on fire.”

What really gets me about 13 reasons why is Hannah tried to get help and feel better so many times and was just shut down and ignored. She went to the counselor which is something people tell us we should do whenever we feel the way Hannah was feeling, and he let her down in a hugely major way. All he had to do was speak up, give her and the people who love her a chance to help her fight. She wrote a poem and a letter depicting how she was stuck and trapped in life and wanted to die, basically screaming for help and again no one did anything to help her. It truly breaks my heart that even through all the incredibly messed up shit going on in her life, she still gave life chances and tried her best ALONE until it was too much. She was a fighter, she fought the best she could, alone and broken but still fighting. I think she wanted to live and she tried so many times even after the traumatizing things she experienced, i think people just eventually broke her so far she just couldn’t get back together. People have to speak up, they have to realize words have more power than they think, it might not seem like a big deal but it is. It could literally spare a life. These things actually happen in real life, people don’t know how to handle mental health because it can be an uncomfortable topic, but they need to learn. We all do. Especially in the society we live today where most teens have anxiety and depression disorders and so many other mental health problems. Hannah would’ve gotten through it if she had the support she needed, it was the carelessness and indifference of the people around her that killed her.

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So there is this super common anime trope where a woman with mystical abilities is guarding some mystic artifact or something, only some guy comes to steal it and the two of them fall in love. Then something terrible happens and she barely gets the chance to hand it over before promptly dying, leaving it in the hands of her agonized lover. I was thinking it would be far more interesting if they were both men instead... which naturally lead me to imagine tododeku.

So Izuku is the guardian of a shrine containing a terrible weapon. There is some sort of terrible struggle going on in Enji’s kingdom, so Shouto is sent to retrieve it. The only way he can claim it is by defeating Izuku, which he continuously fails to do. During his repeated failures though, Shouto ends up falling in love with Izuku… But if the weapon is claimed, Izuku will die (he was literally made to guard it after all). Shouto wants to save his kingdom, but can’t bear to lose Izuku either.

Shouto will have none of this nonsense, so he decides to screw the rules, breaks into the shrine, and uses his magic to fuse himself with the weapon instead. Izuku is mortified, but now that Shouto technically is the weapon (and Izuku was never defeated) his task to guard said weapon still stands. He gets to be Shouto’s guardian and help the poor fool control his newfound much too strong magical abilities (Plus help ward off angry gods pissed at Shouto for fusing himself with their artifact).

Shouto waltzing back into his father’s beseiged castle with Izuku trailing along. King Enji is sitting on his throne with his “crown of flames” (his own minor artifact) and asks, “Where is the artifact? We can’t hold out much longer. And what the hell happened to your hair?” Shouto replies, “I’m the artifact now. I used the soul fushion spell.” Enji is just, “Do you have any idea what you’ve done?! The magic will consume you!” Shouto glances at the still alive Izuku, “It’s worth the risk.”

(Things I love just as much as world building: Messing with common tropes and screwing around with magic systems. I play D&D and my gave my character a magic artifact that let her speak to the dead in dreams. I promptly abused that power and had her use illusion magic to make it so other people could see her dreams and then had her put the many dead wizards she could summon to work as professors in what soon became the world’s top magical university. That’s just how I roll.)

ohmanohman shouto why u gotta screw with the gods manz.

if shouto is an artifact now, there will probably be a lot of people trying to kidnap him so they could get their hands on the power, so izuku will really have to put himself to work, acting as both a teacher and protector. 

would enji, after having the curse expelled, try to use shouto’s newfound powers for himself??? it would be tempting as hell, especially since his own son is the artifact now, and i wouldn’t put it behind enji to use the artifact for war or smth. izuku wouldn’t be v happy, and he probably might even try to convince shouto to run away with him, where they can live in solitude and away from the greedy hands of humans?

or like… u could just angst this up. that’s fine too.

Mad power >> Yugyeom, You

I’m not even sure if this picture is legal. But no. No yugyeom no. 

So this was requested by @parked-jimins based on Dye my hair by Alma 

I took the general idea of the song lol. I hope I didn’t mess this up. I messed this up

“You have changed a lot.”

“What happened to you?”

“Do you like him that much?”

“What’s wrong with you, Y/N?”

Too many questions. People won’t leave you alone. It is obvious that you changed, even if it is just a little bit. But with someone like you, who’s known for their free spirit and independence, people will wonder what happened to you.

Well, He happened to you. He entered your life with no hellos and you find yourself attached without knowing what get into you.

Yugyeom. The boy who rules the dance floor in your school. The one whom everyone finds cool, yet they will not get near him because he is Yugyeon.

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The Signs as Suicide Squad Characters (pt.1 of 2)

Amanda Waller - Aries

Amanda formulated the plan for the Suicide Squad and is almost singlehandedly responsible for the operations of the group. She is a naturally brave ruler who is rarely afraid of risks but is not seen in the front lines. Her nickname “The Wall” represents her stubbornness and ruthless attitude. She has fixed opinions and will not budge for anything in the world. Amanda is a human of many hats and therefore infinitely connected. Although she hasn’t any superpowers her cold calculating decisions make her a powerful and feared person. “The Wall” is so intimidating, you just know you don’t want to mess with her.

Captain Boomerang (George “Digger” Harkness) - Leo

Boomerang is the Suicide Squad member who always has a cutting, allusive or original remark up his sleeve. While he can really annoy the crap out of the others, there is a reason why he of all people is part of Task Force X. An expert boomerang thrower, his arsenal contains explosive, razor sharp, spy and ultra fast and strong boomerangs. Boomerang oftentimes doesn’t listen to reason and does everything the way he considers it to be right. Actually knowing deep inside what is really important, Boomerang on the other hand can to others appear to be over-theatrical, over-reacting or even nasty. But if you really let yourself in for him, you’ll learn that he hasn’t had a happy childhood. Nevertheless Boomerang serves the cause and his mates and respects and helps the ones that don’t mock about him and accept him the way he is. He recognizes sincereness in front of him, but may have to think twice before he sees somebody’s true intention. (That’s why the things coming out of his mouth sometimes seem not very well-considered.)

Deadshot (Floyd Lawton) - Taurus

Deadshot is a typical antihero. He has no special power, only his precise shooting abilities caused by hard work, good eyes and steady hands. Floyd keeps himself in good shape and is always eager to discover or develop new technologies. In fact, he is nearly perfectly accurate when shooting and therefore makes a perfect leader for the Suicide Squad also because he possesses the ability to keep calm during crises. Deadshot is usually known as a cold-blooded murderer, killing every target as long as he is paid appropriately. But he has a weak spot when it comes to his daughter Zoe who is the only one he really cares about and therefore is the perfect leverage for Amanda Waller. Floyd would do anything to protect his daughter, to spend time with her and to show how much he loves her.

El Diablo (Chanto Santana) - Pisces, Cancer

El Diablo or Chanto Santana grew up in Mexico and joined a particularly dangerous street gang of which he quickly became the leader but he strongly believed in moral justice and would only retaliate against those who deserved it. Santana inherited the fiery gifts from Lazarus Lane who was El Diablo before him. As a type of pyrokinetic he can generate and control fire. The first time that Chanto harnessed the power of El Diablo, he decided to evoke revenge against an ex-mobster but lost control of the flames and ended up burning down an entire building. He felt guilty for the deaths and turned himself in. It seems that Diablo is capable of reading peoples’ minds because of his strong empathy and he reacts precisely to the moods of others.

Enchantress - Aquarius

This character actually consists of two different people. June Moone is a blonde freelance artist who was in the wrong place at the wrong time when she got possessed by the demonic witch Enchantress. Moreover the Enchantress is actually one of the most powerful beings with the ability to wield all sorts of magic, for example: teleportation, casting illusions or controlling of fire and other elements. June however is mostly shy, quiet, gentle, romantic and all in all a sensitive girl, but when she calls the Enchantress her personality is eccentric and energetic. Enchantress is some sort of a twisted mirror version of June. It is like two opposite and conflicting beings inhabit the same body, fighting for control.

Bruce Wayne

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You looked in the mirror and wasn’t sure about anything anymore. The dress was wrong, the hair was a mess, you found so many wrong things in your look you just felt like losing your damn mind. Bruce really wanted you to come with him to this Gala, but now seeing all these people, all these model looking people, you wanted to go home curl up in a ball and sleep. That wasn’t going to happen any time soon, you knew this was important to Bruce and he was important to you, so you had to suck it up and suck it in and act as if everything was fine, but couldn’t find the power to walk back to the ball room. 

“Y/N” Bruce said walking in the room you were hiding in. “Why are you here?”  

“Nothing” you said and tried to walk past him with your eyes down at the ground, he stopped you by your waist. 

“Talk to me” he was using your own words on you. Every time you saw something was bothering Bruce you said the same thing talk to me and every time he did, so now it was your turn, but this wasn’t so simple. Bruce sat down on the couch and waiter for you to speak. 

“I hate it here” you said without thinking. Bruce looked at you not really sure how to take it. “I feel so horrible” 

“You feel sick?” he thought you might have a cold but it wasn’t even close to that 

“No, I feel horrible about myself every time I look at all those women out there. They all are so beautiful and I’m blah” you couldn’t find the right words, but Bruce still understood you very well, and it hurt him. 

“Why didn’t you tell me this sooner?” he took your arm and led you to sit on his lap. 

“Because I know how important this is for you” Bruce caressed your cheek making you relax a bit. 

“Nothing is more important then my girlfriends feelings. If you don’t like it here we won’t come” you were about to speak up when Bruce pulled you in for a kiss, that made your mind go blank “and for your information you are the most beautiful women in that room, inside and out. All those people” he pointed at the door behind which loud voice were still heard “are dead inside” you giggled at his comment. 

“Are you sure about not coming here? I mean you can still come here” he smiled and kissed your cheek. 

“I never liked it here anyway. I’d rather sit at home with you and watch a weird movie then talk to all these people.” you got up from his lap extending your hand to him 

“In that case, will you join me in a movie marathon and some very unhealthy foods?” Bruce took your hand and got up, then pulled you towards him, 

“I would love to”  and kissed you once more before leaving and having the best night ever. Since that day you and Bruce spend all those Galas at home, sometimes he did have to go to some, but all the other ones you both sat at home watching movies and being in each others arms. 

[SPOILERS] Fairy Tail Chapter 537 Reactions

So, turns out I was right with the whole Romeo and Juliet thing.

Wow, I don’t really know what to say? I’d like to tell Mashima that this is so cheesy and cliché but then again, isn’t he always? This is what makes me prefer Rave Master over Fairy Tail (sometimes). Even though Sieghart died. 

Despite my disappointment with Mashima’s cliché-ness and etc, I was still sad when this part came. I don’t know, I guess it’s just my inner romantic self at work or whatever.

Isn’t it sad that you have to die by the hand of the person you loved the most? Yeah, I get the drama that Mashima tried to bring. The tragedy of their love story that they can never be together. It’s nice.

Now THIS PART fucked me up.

Are you meaning to tell me that at that time, Mavis made love to Zeref but she wasn’t sure of love? That’s really messed up and even more harrowing. It kind of made it seem like Zeref’s love was only one-sided, which is really, really sad and so like him as well.

I just realized as well that without Zeref, there would be no Fairy Tail. Because how would Mavis learn enough magic to be that powerful and etc. Wow, so Zeref is basically the root of many things, despite people thinking they all are bad.

That’s… idk anymore.

I love how Mavis is so torn between loving or hating him though. I really like that angst, but let’s be honest here, the angst in their love story is pretty weak compared to some stuff I’ve read. STILL, I liked it. Good job, Mashima, for making me like this chapter despite me being heavily disappointed in it.

Ahh, I don’t know if I should love or hate this chapter, too!

OKAY, not gonna lie!!!! This part made me feel pain! It must be a tsunami of relief for Zeref that finally he’s going to die for real.

It’s okay, I will try not to insult you anymore because I want you to rest in peace.

Who would have thought that he would actually die though?! I thought he would still live but repent or something idk. I guess the story wouldn’t really end that way anyway but BAH! I don’t care anymore!

The next scene made me curse out loud, I swear.


I thought, “Finally! Someone is actually dead! It’s been a few chapters and Makarov is still dead! This is turning out good!”

I was oh so wrong. I mean seriously, Mashima? The character development just kind of sucks when you make it out like this :( I’m so disappointed. SO UGHHHHH I JUST WANT TO SCREAM!

DAMN IT, I can’t deny though that it made my heart flutter in happiness when Laxus cried. But still, STILL, IT SHOULDN’T BE THIS WAAAAAAAAAAAAY.

*Sighs* I have no words anymore for this chapter.

However, about my Zeref and Lucy story, I just realized that if I want to make it realistic as possible, then Zeref has to die since Lucy loves him :/ But I’m going to change that now and really separate it from the FTverse so I can make them work.

That’s all! Let’s all tune in to the last 9 chapters it has left :) 

every time someone tries to make “multiple personalities” into something deep, extra-dimensional, or spiritual, i feel sick. on one hand its a display of several levels of ignorance and ableism and on the other…as a victim of spiritual abuse… i just… how dare you imply this was given by a higher power, by the destiny of souls, by fucking fate. there are many Inside that came from people using those implications of yours as excuses for actions. dont throw us back into that mess so you can make a “deep” text post.

Castiel Season 12

Castiel is a beautiful and important angel, people keep blaming him for shit he is not responsible for and frankly its annoying.

1) Castiel killed Billie and yes, I’m sure there might be repercussions of that that they will have to deal with but this was in no way Castiel’s fault. You wanna know who’s fault it is? Sam and Dean. They are the ones who were stupid enough to ask for Billies help and making a deal with her. You would think after 12 seasons they would learn to stop making deals with people. So if you want someone to blame for this, blame the two who, I don’t know, started the mess in the first place by making the deal? Castiel never would have needed to kill her to protect your precious Winchesters remind you if Dean and Sam never made the deal in the first place.

2) Dean and Sam being taken to prison was in no way Castiel’s fault. Castiel fell from Heaven, his wings ripped to shreds from the fall. He is a significantly less powerful then he had been for many reasons. So just because he “sleep” spell thing didn’t last long enough for Dean and Sam to get out. doesn’t make it Castiel fault. He has been constantly used by the Winchesters so its to be expected that his powers are no longer their 100 like they once had to be. Second, why the fuck are you blaming Castiel for this? He was given a mission and that was the girl and that was his priority at the moment so he should be able to trust that Sam and Dean would be able to get their jolly asses out of the motel. They’ve escaped in other similar situations so Castiel rightfully assumed they would be able to leave. Third, why is no one blaming Crowley or Rowena? with a snap of their fingers the boys could have been gone and out of that room before the guards woke up. If anything you should be blaming them instead of Castiel. 

3) Loosing whats her face. Okay, so a girl was able to trick Castiel. So what? Why are you guys so salty about this when the same thing happened to Dean and Sam in the Hitler episode. In that episode, she climbed out the window and pulled a fast one on Sam and Dean and yet, you guys aren’t bitching about how Dean and Sam cant do anything right because they lost the person they were suppose to be looking after. So why blame Castiel for a mistake that you just overlook when the Winchesters make it?

I’m sure there’s other things but these are the main ones i’m hearing as of late. So basically to the Cas haters. Open your eyes and realize that most of the reasons you hate him are because you like to blame him instead of the one who are truly to blame because in your eyes “Dean and Sam can do no wrong.” But you know, keep blaming Castiel for the Winchesters down falls, what ever helps you sleep at night

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Hi! Could you recommend books for people who want to start learning animation?

Hello to thou, bearer of the anon’s seal, and great knight of the ask box.
     Sadly for thou, i don’t know a lot of animation books, and i’ve only read two of them in my whole life, and, if they do were a starting point, and sometime a good reference , they did not change my vision of the world, and i didn’t learned animation with these.

Forsooth, i’ve also heard that a lot of people learned animation only by using them so maybe it’ll show you the way, i don’t know, they just weren’t that much of a powerfull artifact with me… anyway, here they are, i’ll let thyself be the judge of their usefullness… Or not. 

     Animation survival kit by Sir Richard E. Williams (the animator, not the tennis coach), this one is a good starting point, it’ll introduce thou to the animations principles, but at the same time, i feel like it doesn’t really help thou ingerate well these said principles, and, also Sir Willams is trying to create “rules” to explain these principles, but thoses rules aren’t exactly sooth all the time, but at the same time arn’t exactly naught … For me ‘tis the kind of book that make thou think “oh, okay i understand that, no probleme” and then 2 years later someone teach thou that thing, and thou’re like “oh my god ‘tis amazing, if only i knew it earlier” and then thy friend’s like “oh, but you know Richard Williams say the exact same thing in his book” and then thou remember it, but ye never really assimilited it, even though thou understood what he meant at the time.
     Elemental Magic by Lord Joseph Gilland, actually, i don’t know if i understood this one better because i already was into animation when i read it, but it’s a good book to introduce you into fx, the way animator’s survival kit help you start animation. Natheless, same thing as Sir Williams, i ended reading the book and being like “hey no probleme i totally understand how to do it” then i got into the fx departement at ankama as an intern and i discovered that i didn’t knew at all how to really make fxs, basically i was just messing around until then relying only upon my intuition and my feeling of movement, and i still see many people using that book and being like “okay i understand” and then doing weird fxs saying that they followed the “rules” thou can find into these books.  

In sooth, I’ve also heard about Preston Blair’s grimoir but i never read it so i don’t know if it’s power is as rumored…

[EDIT]: Two kind people just told me that the drawing force serie by Michael D. Mattesi, and animation crash course by Lord Goldberg Eric are interesting handiwork.
My answer isn’t very usefull hereat, mayhap some other animators who learned through books know them better than i do. Basically i think everyone have a different way of learning, some people, like me learn way more by only practicing an watching at animations, some other feed themselves with theory and books… Verily, It all depends of thou, i may not be the best to talk about animations books as they never really made me learn anything absolutly amazing, or anything that changed the way i animated…

But i don’t want this answer to be useless, here, i shall give you this ancient and secret tumblr i discovered when i was an animation peasant in search of the Great Knowledge:

I don’t know who’s the natural who made it but there is like billions and trillions of decompositions from a lot and lot of great animations (sadly if thou don’t like japanese animation thou may not like these), i spent days and days just looking at every last one of them, and there’s absolutly every kind of movement, from medabots cartoonish acting and expressions to ttgl’s over FXed battles, ye have the very best of japanese animations in it ( i don’t exactly remember if there are a lot of realistic animations films like Jin roh or Akira, or the ghiblis, or even the kon’s… Peradventure i shall check it again).

Feast upon this recollection of animation, and make thy drought for knowledge become naught by looking frame by frame to all kind of animation (of course thou shouldn’t only look at these one, look at as many animation style as thou can see, like Don Bluth’s, Sylvain Chaumet’s, Dinsey’s, Shinya Ohira’s,Ghibli’s, Satoshi Kon’s… but at least these may be a good starting point) . 

My work here is done, hence i shall return to the darkness. 

Honestly I’m so upset about this whole thing I legit started crying while I was having dinner and I know I’m being dramatic but it’s just Eren has given so fucking much and not once did he ever complain about anything nor did he ever expected anything in return and to see him, someone who deserves so fucking much, go through all this shit because of other people is just…… The amount of shit he has been through is just ridiculous and he still keeps going and going no matter what. Eren has been fucking tortured, he is mentally unstable too, everyone he loves is taken away from him so fucking easily, he harms himself regularly, he has begged to die, he keeps hallucinating and having break downs, he is treated like a monster and a tool, he just wants to be trusted and to keep the only friends he has left close to him no matter what, he has given his life away so many times, he was fucking used and traumatised by his poor excuse of a father and that disgusts me more than anything honestly what the fuck.

And there he is, again, in a goddamn cell, probably hungry, unclean, uncomfortable, sleep deprived, having hallucinations, crying. He specifically said in those interviews he hated to sleep underground because of the lack of sunlight and because of the mold but I don’t see him complain at all, he just endures it like always and suffers for other people’s mistakes and stupidity and this kills him. Why? because he begged to save his best friend (the one and only who always believed in him no matter what, the one who was ALWAYS by his side since the beginning) and it is so fucking unfair to see literally everyone shitting on him and shitting on his problems and treat him like this is all his fault when he’s the one who suffers the most because of all of this and he just got caught up in this mess. He never fucking asked for any of this, he literally told Historia to take his powers away from him, he just happens to have a fucked up dad who happens to use his goddamn sons as fucking war tools or some shit I don’t even know what to say I’m just really upset, specially when I get to see so many people shitting on a character to whom I can relate deeply and who is heavily misunderstood. Eren is constantly taken for granted and people criticise him for the simple fact that he’s the protagonist and they reduce him to certain characteristics because they don’t even bother to try to understand how amazing his character actually is and how unique he can be.

Again, I just don’t really want to see Eren crying in a fucking cell and literally deteriorating and becoming progressively worse and worse and honestly if this gets worse I’m going to be so fucking sad because Eren has so much potential and he can do so many great things but unfortunately it seems like people won’t realise that any time soon which is kinda sad because having such a nice character is one of things that makes snk so appealing and even if you don’t like him, eren gives a very special vibe to this show and he fits in it perfectly and he has shown enough times he’s worthy being this show’s protagonist and he was literally created to fit in it and he is so complex in his own messy way and I’m just being clumsy right now but what I really want to say is that I really love this character and I’m upset things are going against him right now and I just really really hope he gets through this because I know he can and I believe in him a lot

Fire and Ice (Part 7-final) (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Part 6

“James,” you spoke to your son quietly, keeping your hand over his as you tried to wake him.  Bruce was lifting his sedation very slowly so that the boy didn’t panic and cause any further damage to the compound, and you had hoped that the sound of a familiar voice would help to ease him back to wakefulness.  Bucky was sitting on his other side, keeping a hand on him as well; with each utterance of his name, the two of you looked at each other with a hint of fear and apprehension as to what you were going to do once he was awake. 

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Lavellan has it really hard as Inquisitor. The only person in their inner circle who is particularly interested in the Dalish and their plight and even the restoration of elves as an equal race is the human Tevinter altus, which is ridiculous. The other elves in the gang are Sera, who is defensive of city elves because they’re poor and get stepped on, but dislikes the Dalish and is downright derisive of elven beliefs, and Solas, who regards the Dalish as children and is utterly condescending about it. When Lavellan says “our people” Solas is like what, what is our people. Oh you meant elves. Ha ha yeah um that’s not really MY people but good luck. Blackwall doesn’t know shit, Cassandra gets upset if you honor Mythal by walking the petitioner’s path, Iron Bull would probably be sympathetic but he knows very little and it doesn’t come up, Cole is Cole, Varric’s nice but has only seen Clan Sabrae as it fell apart, and Vivienne isn’t interested. So you’re left with Dorian, who does care but wasn’t raised with those beliefs at all, making any conversation less a discussion than an explanation.

Still I have to appreciate how genuine he is. He’s presented with the option of gaining the knowledge of all the followers of Mythal for the last however many centuries and he says it would be pretty messed up for a human to steal even more from the elves, as if his people haven’t done enough, so no, absolutely not. and if he’s romancing Lavellan (maybe he does this for the others, idk) all he says about who should get the well juice is “I don’t want to lose you to a well”, which is very mild. Not “this is wrong” or “you’re playing with powers you don’t understand”, just “I wish you wouldn’t.” because he’s got a line to walk between holding onto someone he loves and supporting elf interests. Reasonably, the well should go to Lavellan, as the only elf there interested in improving the lives of current elves and connecting them to their history (depending on your Lavellan, I guess, but that’s mine), and Dorian knows that.

better idea though: instead of Morrigan, give the well to Merrill, who has spent so much energy trying to understand the history of her people, who is in fact an elf, and who wouldn’t be as upset at the notion of being beholden to the wishes of Asha’bellanar. AND Lavellan would have someone to talk with!



Demand tries to put the blame on Usagi (just as Saphir did earlier), that it’s Usagi’s fault for having this tremendous power, that it’s her fault for being so tempting and causing other people to fight over her.

And Usagi just totally fucking shuts that down.

No, the Silver Crystal is there to defend peace.

No, you started this by attacking, there would have been peace.

No, you are the one thinking twisted thoughts and being manipulated.

How many times are women told that it’s their fault for something they have, whether their looks or their power or whatever, that it’s blamed on them for existing and causing people to fight over them?  It’s your fault, if you weren’t so tempting, none of this would have happened!  If you could have just controlled yourself, if you took responsibility for yourself, we wouldn’t be in this mess!

And the whole point of this is Usagi going THAT’S SOME FUCKING BULLSHIT RIGHT THERE, YOU STARTED THIS AND YOU ARE THE ONE FUCKING IT UP.  She’s not here for that victim blaming bullshit and let me tell you, just when I think I couldn’t love Usagi more, she’s written as a character who has all this attractive power that everyone wants and it’s not her fault.

Instead, it’s a fucking good thing and women with power are awesome.


I think a lot about Clockwork and all the implications that his very existence has on the series.

Like, Clockwork controls time, right? So that means that he knows the implications of every action and all possible timelines. Clockwork knows what happens if Danny skips breakfast one day and he also knows what happens if Danny goes back during Masters of All Time.

He also very pointedly allows Danny to live out the events of The Ultimate Enemy and see the timeline that creates Dan Phantom. But, the thing is, for that timeline to be livable for Danny, it had to exist in the first place. Clockwork fucking let that timeline fucking happen once all for the sake of fixing it the second time around. He fucking let Danny suffer like that. Not to mention the fact that after The Ultimate Enemy, Dan exists outside of time and essentially has to be babysat by Clockwork for all eternity. Dan probably fucking figured out after the fact that Clockwork had planned his timeline and defeat from the beginning and he’s probably so fucked up mentally (I know I saw a post about this earlier, but I can’t fucking find it).

So, assuming Clockwork did plan Dan’s timeline and Danny’s, how much else of history did he plan? How many times did he fuck up before he got even the simplest thing right? How long did it take him to realize that the only way to beat certain timelines was to let them carry on until such time as they can be used against themselves?

Another thing is that we have no idea how Clockwork came into being. Was he human? Is he an ancient ghost who has existed since the very beginning of time, quite literally?

In theory, Clockwork could have been the first being, period. He could have suddenly come into being and been given strange powers he didn’t quite understand and, like any child, decided to play with them and create something. So he created time and with it came events and individuals and problems, so many fucking problems. And he didn’t know how to fix them at first so to this day he’s cleaning up his original messes because everything blossomed into fifteen billion other problems and he’s just running damage control for all eternity because he regrets his childish actions.

After a while though, Clockwork realizes that he can’t fix everything, so he focuses on turning what he has into a good world for the people he watches over. And it hurts him to see them suffer, even if it is for the greater good. But he learns over time that his meddling isn’t always beneficial and often has unforeseen consequences so he limits himself to meddling in times where he knows he can fix the outcome to what it should be.

And somehow, sometime, someone gets the idea that there is some supreme being of omnipotence watching over everyone and that idea spreads and changes, but the idea of an all-powerful god remains and Clockwork feels guilty about that because he’s not worthy of that title. He’s made mistakes just like those who worship the idea of a deity and it haunts him, but it also makes him strive to be better, to do good for the people he watches over.

I don’t know, I just have so many feels for Clockwork, all-powerful time baby

Reading Carrie by Stephen King for the first time

There’s one interesting thing that the movies never really pick up on: Carrie is already quite bitter and vindictive and has decided she’s going to use her powers to fuck people up if they keep messing with her even before the prom prank goes down. She’s been weak and abused for so long and she revels in the little acts where she can fight back (like knocking the kid off his bike).  

I think it’s King insinuating that prom or not, she was gonna end up killing people, regardless. It just wouldn’t have been so many. She’s really not the delicate little flower who just wants to forgive and get along with everyone that both movies make her out to be. She was on her way to being a monster anyway. It was arguably the shower thing that sent her over the edge, the prom was just the horrible culmination.

Truth Be Told

Imagine: Not knowing that Barry is the Flash, and walking into STAR Labs while Barry’s eating Sushi in his suit. Neither of you know how to react.

“Wait, don’t go…” Cisco, one of your best friends, trails off, calling after you. You ignore him and slide the door open, revealing Barry, your long-time crush and best friend, eating Sushi in the Flash’s suit.

“In there…” Cisco finishes, face palming. He eventually catches up to you, “I told you not to come in.” 

Barry’s the Flash?” you gasp in shock, turning towards Cisco angrily.

“Uh… no. He just… found the suit,” Cisco nods towards Barry and Caitlin, as if he came up with the best excuse ever, despite it obviously being a complete lie.

“Mm. And, what about when I told The Flash about my crush for Barry Allen?” You hit Cisco’s arm, causing him to rub the new sore spot and curl his lip in pain.

“Geez, abusive much? I warned you not to mess with The Flash,” Cisco mumbles.

“Oh, yeah, by the way, I think The Flash is jealous of you, Barry likes you, too,” Barry smiles, offering out a piece of Sushi, “sushi?”

“I’ve never had sushi, so, why not?” you shrug, walking over to Barry and taking a bite. You lick your lips in satisfaction, loving the exotic taste that fills your mouth.

“Good, right?” Barry nods, grinning.

“Yeah! But I’ve got a question for you. Uh, how are you not dead from running so fast?” you ask, eyeing his suit.

“The particle accelerator gave me and many other people powers. It’s just natural now,” Barry shrugs.

“Uh, okay… why couldn’t I have been hit by the particle accelerator?” you grumble, turning towards Cisco, who flinches away from you as you walk by to grab a chair to sit near Barry. You’re glad that you can inflict that fear into him.

“Well, you were with Oliver Queen, so,” Cisco chuckles, rolling his eyes.

“I met him a while ago, helping my sister Felicity,” you reply, still annoyed that he didn’t tell you about Barry being the Flash, “and again, why wasn’t I informed of The Flash being Barry?” you cross your arms at Cisco, who clears his throat.

“Well, would you have told the Flash that you had a crush on Barry? It was kind of obvious. He asked you, specifically, who you liked,” Cisco states.

“So? I didn’t think he knew, well, even though he is him, but that he knew Barry!” you exclaim.

“Oh, well. Crap, I forgot!” Barry disappears in a flash of red, returning after a few seconds, flowers and chocolates appearing in his hands. He holds them out to you, grinning.

“Does he… do that often?” you gape at him.

“Just take it, (Y/N). But that new girl at the precinct is kind of cute, and-” you snatch the gifts from him, sending Barry a small glare.

“Thought so. You, me, date tonight?” Barry grins.

“That depends on if your saving someone or not,” you laugh.

“Not yet. But soon, there will come another villain,” Cisco shrugs.

“Then, sure! Why not?”

“Great. See you in a few hours!” Barry zooms away, grinning like a little child on Christmas.

“That isn’t enough time or information!” you groan aloud, running out the door to gain enough time to change into something better. This is something you’ve been waiting for your entire life… you can’t just look like crap.