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Damn, it's nice to hear Nolan got his groove back. Is Dunkirk really that good? I thought the reviews were just overreacting like they do with every Meryl Streep performance.

It is brilliant, the best war film I’ve seen, it is truly about the event at dunkirk, it’s not overshadowed by character stories or development, it is about men in a crisis so terrifying it hurts. you’ll get no rest, I was at the edge of my seat the entire time. Every scene is in its place, no extra fluff. goddam loved it, and it was so beautiful, hoyte van hoytemaand, you are a god. the music, ah, hans you are also a god. ok I’ll stop myself before I spoil the entire film.

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What is your objective opinion about Lana's performance and singing?

Nonnie, I am SO SORRY THAT IT TOOK ME THIS LONG TO ANSWER YOU! Truthfully, I wasn’t by tumblr regularly this week. And when “Love Doesn’t Stand a Chance” first dropped, I was so firmly in fan girl mode (my god Lana, be more gorgeous! I dare you!) that I knew I couldn’t be objective. But I am more level headed now so we can talk about this! 

Let’s (objectively) talk about “Love Doesn’t Stand a Chance”:

(If you don’t want to read the long book-length essay I wrote (whoops!), my short answer is: I think she did as well as anyone could have reasonably expected. The song is a lot of fun, and she has a lot of fun with it. Though I’m an Evil Regal to the end- this is not my favorite number. Still, I love it and play it often. And anyone who follows me knows that I have can’t stop reblogging gifs. It’s great. But, I am going to be more critical in what follows)

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❤❤❤ The brilliant ice dancing team Meryl Davis @meryledavis and Charlie White @charlieawhite looked so beautiful and skated so gracefully and elegantly to the very emotional song “#LoveMeStill” by Chaka Khan @chakaikhan ❤❤❤ EVERY #ArtonIce2017 performance is now available in high quality ► for free, on our website for you to enjoy ► Watch the full video here ► [LINK IN BIO] 📺📺📺 Get your tickets for #ArtonIce2018 at @ticketcorner and experience the #magic for yourself ✨🇨🇭✨ #ArtonIce #ArtonIceMagic #AOI #AOI2017 #meryldavis #charliewhite #meryldavisandcharliewhite #american #olympicchampion #pairskater #icedancer #music #video #ChakaKhan #pairskating #show #choreography #icedancing #eiskunstlauf #hallenstadionzürich #Switzerland #Schweiz #Zurich #Davos #Lausanne

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What's your take on Maks returning to DWTS?

June 4, 2014 Clientele Luxury Summer

“I will always have one trophy, and there’s always going to be only one Meryl for me.”

June 2014 Social Life Magazine

“I want Meryl to be the last person I dance with, the last person I got to be passionate with and care so much for.”

June 23, 2014 Access Hollywood

“I just don’t think I want to do the show again as a dancer, because I feel like I wouldn’t be able to do it again on this level, and that involved, with that big of an emotional output. Sometimes you meet people that you have an absolute understanding with, and there’s no awkwardness, no discomfort. And that was us together, she felt the same thing back with me.”

July 18, 2014 Good Morning Texas

“I just don’t know if I have it in me to put that much effort and that much passion into someone else. Meryl and I stayed very close, so I’d feel almost like cheating.”

August 9 Cumulus Detroit Podcasts

“In my mind, in my heart… I was done the second my name was called out. This season with Meryl was so special.”

August 11, 2014 The Seattle Times

“I just don’t want to replace Meryl and this experience with anyone else. It’s so dear to me, so special, so much emotion involved into it. There’s nobody out there that I think will come along that I will be able to connect with on this level.”

October 23, 2014 People

“It was brilliant that Meryl was my last partner. It made it so easy for me to walk away.“

December 17, 2014 Sway

“For me to walk away and retain that relationship, that connection that I have with Meryl, is a win in itself.”

Conclusion; Maks is either full of BS, or he is simply supporting his family and expected child.


Sorry the photo equity isn’t that good!! I have to say that Meryl looks amazing in pretty much everything  she does. Am I the only one turned on by how she looks here?! And she has tattoo and she sings. Omg so looking forward to this movie!!!!!


“What Does Maks Think of Meryl (Part 1 of 4)

This covers preseason through week 4. I’m working on uploading the other three now. I’m also working on the Meryl version. ;)

This was someone else’s brilliant idea, not mine, but I can’t remember who… So thank you to them! :)

This. was. a. ton. of. work…. but it was totally worth it! :)

Brilliant Anon Mary - - Brilliant

Just one more reason why Meryl is the best. I went to her instagram to look at her award dress again. Someone posted  “I wish you had posted a picture of you and your award alone” on her picture of her and Charlie.She answered them “I didn’t win it alone.” Love Mary

Back Then - Chapter 5 and 6

Chapter 4 (And all other links)

If something about this seems familiar, it’s because I’ve posted the flashback in chapter 5 before. It was actually my first fic I ever posted! 

This ends on a semi-cliffhanger and I feel rather guilty because the next chapter is where I’m going to have to start doing some rewriting. It just took off in a really bizarre direction that I don’t like at all so I need to do some fixing. And I don’t know when that will be. 

Chapter 5: The Walk

Meryl decided to change her clothes again before she left for the studio. After talking to Charlie, she suddenly felt like her simple outfit wasn’t adequate enough for her arrival. She picked out a dress and put her hair up and then back down about ten times before she settled on down. She remembered how Maks once said that he loved the dances where she wore her hair down because of what it added to “the picture”.

She heard her phone buzz and was surprised Charlie was calling her after they had just hung up, but she checked her phone and saw a text from Val.

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