and merry christmas pjs

Happy Merry Christmas Eve…  at least in California…  for those of you ahead of us, waking up to gifts and cheer, happy Christmas, but there’s more to come from Star Wars Countdown, so stay tuned!

The Christmas Spirit Awakens by @landomcquade

The Force Awakens is here!

519 Days until Episode VIII









Hello folks :)

Merry Christmas!!!!

Finally my Dark Faye-PJ´s are available on Nexus. LINK!!!

Big Thank goes to all who helped me to find a good name for my jammie :)

This mod replaces the default Skyhold-PJ texture with the Dark Faye texture.
Please note that this mod is only for EF and HF!!!

I´ve made a gold and a silver Version for each gender.
I also tried to do some different skin colors for each version.

I hope you will like it ;)

Other mods used:

Invisible Armors by Grimm Prince
Side bun for human female by MissObsidienne
Morrigan Hair Attempt by ag99
ImprovedLashes by xstephyg
New eye texture by me (not released yet)
Allisa Basic Face Texture and Vallaslin 11  by me

Eyebrow mod by settrah


hey tumblr, my christmas present to you is a terrifyingly embarrassing video of myself react to my teenage band.

please enjoy, share, and have a merry christmas!


On the 12th day of throwbacks, my true love gave to me…

Dan discussing common Christmas accidents with the help of British Red Cross!

…And also slapping Chris on the bum.

(This marks the end of my little Christmas throwback series! Hope you guys enjoyed and Merry Christmas!!)