and merlin will not let him go

I like to think that Draco has this whole ‘I can’t stand Potter’ image to uphold but as soon as Harry is in trouble is just sort of crumbles every time. Like running into him when he’s sick and trying to make him feel better because he can’t help himself because he secretly really cares so he just acts really rude about being nice like and also he’s sort of in denial.

“I’m going to make you tea because you’re obviously completely incompetent and don’t know how to care for yourself.”

“Don’t slouch Potter, it’s undignified.”

“Honestly Potter, are you completely
useless? Just let me do it before you blow your bloody fingers off.”

“Merlin! You’re going to catch your death wearing that. -don’t argue with me just put the bloody coat on. Yes I’m aware it’s mine I’m not completely daft.”

Him Accidentally Run Into You Changing (HP Preferences)

Preferences #1

You were changing your clothes in your dorm when he ran into you by accident.


Harry Potter

“Y/n, quick, let’s go to dinner!” Harry shouted as he opened the door.


“Wow you look- I mean- uh I’m so sorry.”

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Ron Weasley

“Hey y/n did you see my- holy mother of Merlin-

“Get out!”

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Draco Malfoy

“Y/n? You there?” His face suddenly changed into a wide grin when he saw you. “Nice body." 

You threw a pillow at him and screamed, "Draco Malfoy! I suggest you get out now!”

“Not in a million year.”

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George & Fred Weasley

“Oh dang.” One of the redheads said, you weren’t sure which twin it was.

“Oh Merlin.” The other said.


“You don’t mind us staying for a while do you, y/n?” They both smirked.

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Remus Lupin

“Oh I’m so sorry y/n!” Remus’s cheek darkened as soon as he saw you.

“Uh! It’s okay.”


“Um.. Why are you still here?”

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Sirius Black


“Sirius! Do you mind?!”

“Just what I wanted to see. Since you already got your shirt off, might as well take off the rest?” A smirk appeared on Sirius’s smug face.

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James Potter

“Ah y/n, if you wanted me to see this you should have told me. Why bother planning it to look like an accident?” James teased you while looking away.

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thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it :P that wink from johnson tho

you can always request imagines & ask questions, here // masterlist

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Freaky Friday: Part 2

Remus: *chokes* W-WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?

Remus: *gapes* NO! You don’t look good… because you are me. That is ME, Sirius!!! That is me covered in… MERLIN SIRIUS, those tattoos are horrible! 

Sirius: *shrugs* I’ve been trying to get you to spice up your look for ages… *smirks* Perfect opportunity amiright? 

Remus: I look stupid. 

Sirius: Correction. I… you… we look fantastic. 

Sirius: Your skin is soft. 

Remus: *looks up and freezes* 

Sirius: *grins and lets his hand drop* Well, if you’ll excuse you… you’ve got some “stuff” to attend to. 

Remus: … W-what stuff? Sirius? What stuff!? 

*Sirius struts from the room, leaving several pairs of eyes trailing after him* 

Mary: *looks like she’s going to have an aneurism* Is it just me… or is Remus… like… really… *sweats* … confident… lately? 

James: *snorts from his position in the corner* 

To Be Continued

modern au where morgana suspects merlin is gay and so when she realizes she’s gay and hints at him about that they end up coming out to each other

and merlin! is the first and only person morgana’s ever told! or who knows! even though she’s maybe known for a long time! and morgana! is the only person merlin’s age that knows about merlin! and the only person he’s ever told instead of them figuring it out (because gauis found out when he found merlin’s gay porn lol and he thinks hunith knows but he hasn’t Officially Told her and will knew he had a crush on this boy when they were little but he was straight so it Wasn’t The Same) and morgana! who merlin’s always thought of as kind of cold and standoffish, hugs him and won’t let go and cries after they tell each other and chokes out “i’ve never known anyone else who was gay, thank you thank you”

they’re both so high off the fact that Someone Knows and they’re always giggly at each other and make silly gay jokes (gwen: hey look a rainbow’s out! merlin: you know, i don’t see many rainbows. morgana, smirking: really? *giggle giggle* merlin: well, not many actual rainbows *giggle giggle* maybe other types *giggle giggle* arthur: what?)

they don’t know each that well outside of this one thing, but they’re constantly talking to each other about it and they’re the friends who shop together and text each other constantly while they’re with their friends together and complain about the Straights and Judge People (honestly 80% of their conversations that aren’t directly gay jokes are them Judging People Together) and they can’t go to pride events where they live because Uther, so they road trip together other places, and they’re so physically affectionate too, particularly morgana

and! everyone! starts to think! they’re together! and they keep giggling about this which only serves to make everyone more sure, like arthur gwen merlin and morgana go on a trip together and arthur and gwen are dating so they’re going to share a hotel bed, and morgana’s like “merlin can share with me *giggle giggle* we don’t mind heehee”

and arthur and gwen! get all jealous! but don’t quite understand why because they haven’t both quite worked out that they’re not in love with each other but in love with merlin and morgana respectively, and arthur’s just sitting around that whole trip like “i’m not sure whether to fight my sister or merlin for this and i’m not sure what’s up with any of it but i Don’t Like It”

because you know merlin and morgana would only encourage people thinking they’re together once they found out people thought so, because if they didn’t think they could come out anyway they’d be like “how many of our friends’ heads can we screw with heehehe” so morgana’s texting merlin like “elena just asked me if we were together and arthur was there so i said i wouldn’t tell her that but that i did know youre well hung af and arthur turned an alarming shade of purple and excused himself, you can thank me later” meanwhile merlin’s texting morgana like “how! can percy not realize! i’m gay! we’re sharing a room and i only wore tommy hilfinger black briefs to bed last night THIS IS A TELL TALE SIGN!!!! and yet he just asked me if i like freya oh my god”

Dating Gwaine Would Involve...

-Constant touching. 


-Seriously.  There’s always an arm around your shoulder, or fingers playing with the ends of your hair.


-Excessive PDA.  But what did you expect?


-Bringing you a flower every time he returns from a mission.


-When he returns from an especially long trip, you bake an apple pie.   As soon as they enter the castle gates, he makes a beeline for your house.


-“Hey Gwaine, we’re going to the pub if you—hey, come back!”

“Oh, let him go.”

“I never thought I’d see the day when Gwaine skipped out on the pub.”

“Yeah, well we didn’t think he’d ever settle down either.”


-Finding out the knights made bets on when you’d get together.


-“How long has this bet been around?”

“Pretty much since the day you met.”


-For the first few days he flirted with you nonstop, using all of his tricks.  When he realized it wasn’t working, he tried more sincere methods.


-He’s great with the village kids.


-“You know, we’d make great parents.”


-Then he chokes on air as he realizes what he said.  He doesn’t calm down until you slip your hand in his and lean your head on his shoulder.


-And then that vision of the future doesn’t seem so impossible.

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When I met Colin, I was struck by how different he looked from his geeky, rather Hobbit-like persona in Merlin. His blue eyes glitter with intelligence and compassion, and a rare, lovely charisma; and better still he is so unexpectedly gorgeous! […]  My lovely students, Maria and Roisin completely, and rather sweetly, fail to recognise Colin from Merlin, and happily let him muck in and carry boxes and props for the shoot. Colin is a star, but he isn’t the least bit arrogant. He is warm-hearted and friendly to everyone. Even so, there were blushes all round when I stop trying to do a hundred and one things at once, and properly introduce him to everyone. After promising him that he won’t go hungry at lunch, I’ve organized a delicious vegan picnic, he tells me that he usually brings his own sandwich to work to avoid complete starvation. What a terrible thought. By this stage everyone is hopelessly smitten with him.
- Alison Jane Reid (BTS at The Lady Magazine)

Percival: Who here does the best impression of Merlin? You’ll be judged on voice, body language, and overall lack of flair. Everyone will perform the same scenario: Merlin eating a marshmallow for the very first time. Let the Merlin-off begin!

Roxy: [as Merlin] What is this glutinous monstrosity before me?

Harry: Ooh, mm-hmm, mm-hmm-hmm-hmm!

Roxy: …That’s your Merlin impression?

Harry: I can hear him doing that.

Eggsy: Looks like a sticky pillow. I don’t care for it. Classical music.

everyone: [laughter]

Merlin: What’s going on here? What are you doing?

Roxy: Just eating some marshmallows. Care for one?

Merlin: Marshed-mallow.


Merlin: Hmm. Hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm!

Harry: I knew it.

There’s a brief moment where Gwaine wishes he were still in love with this bright, beautiful twig of a man. Even though it had been anything but easy, it seems easier in retrospect. Merlin has always been all comfort and kindness, clumsy ease and affection, and even now, Gwaine feels a sudden rush of adoration for all that he is and how he gives and gives and gives.

When Merlin’s done with him, Gwaine watches him go to Arthur, catches the way their knuckles brush as weapons transfer hands, something quiet and steady in their eyes. It’s the kind of look that latches on tight and doesn’t let go, cannot let go, and Gwaine turns away because it’s not his to witness.

If Hogwarts had theater Sirius Black would definitely have been the chief theater kid at school, the one who’s done all the school plays and is always encouraging people to join up.  He definitely has a flare for the dramatics, certainly isn’t shy in the spotlight, and has probably had a ton of practical acting experience living with his unpleasant family.  Sirius would go around school tech week speaking in nothing but his lines and when the teachers would yell at him he’d simply tell them that it couldn’t be helped and they’d be exasperated but let him do it anyway.  He’d pretend to be all nonchalant about it, but would actually live for all the complements he’d get after a performance, because Merlin knows the poor boy didn’t get enough appreciation as a small child.    

Remus would be stage crew not because he doesn’t totally have better things to do with his time than watch his boyfriend dress up in odd costumes and dance around stage, but because, honestly, he doesn’t.  Watching Sirius get emotional on stage every day is just too good an opportunity to pass up.  And some of those costume…  And Sirius certainly isn’t complaining.  Not only does he get to show off to Remus all the time, but wow does the boy actually give some on point acting advice.

James would be Sirius’ biggest, most obnoxious fan, going to every showing of every show and sobbing profusely afterwards because ‘it was just so touching’. Peter would be sitting right beside him of course, attempting unsuccessfully to act like he doesn’t know the idiot next to him. 

What We Find

August, 1996 - Remus Lupin’s flat

Tonks: Look, I can either make myself look like your postman and trick you in to letting me in…

Tonks: What the -

Tonks: *shaking Remus awake*

Tonks: Have you been like this the whole time?

Tonks: Merlin’s sake, Remus.

*Remus protests weakly as Tonks heaves him off the floor*

*They are both silent as she works*

Tonks: Remus, you can’t live like this.

*Remus frowns as he hears her rummage through his kitchen*

Tonks: *handing him a piece of chocolate* You’ll feel better.

Tonks: Hey…

Tonks: I’m not going anywhere.

Tonks: Of course.


And my love is yours but your love’s not mine

So I’ll go but we know I’ll see you down the line

And we’ll hate what we’ve lost but we’ll love what we find

The Paper Kites - Featherstone



Eggsy sighed,studying his body bag nervously.

“Don’t worry about that” a voice spoke behind him, making him spin around quickly. He was met by (Y/ec) eyes and a kind smile.

“They’re just trying to scare you, I promise” she chuckled, raising and eyebrow at his shocked expression. He couldn’t help but be stunned, she was unnaturally beautiful. He shook himself out of trance when she stuck out her hand.

“I’m (Y/n), Merlin’s niece” She explained, squeezing his larger hand in hers.

“I’m Eggsy” he replied, staring at her in interest.

She shot him another blinding smile before letting go of his hand. Instantly he missed her touch. She walked away shyly, going over to talk to some of the other recruits. But every so often she glanced over at him, blushing slightly as he watched her out of the corner of his eye.


(Y/n) danced around her room madly, music blaring from her speakers as she cleaned. She yelled the lyrics to the song, not caring how stupid she looked. She went to grab a bottle of water from her bed, exhausted by all the singing and movement she’d been doing for the past hour.

The loud knock at her door made her stop, skipping over to answer it with the bottle still in her hand.

“Oh, Eggsy” she grinned as she noticed him leaning against the doorframe in his more casual clothes.  

“I was just seeing if you wanted to hang out, but if you’re busy-“

“Nonsense” she chuckled, grabbing his wrist and pulling him inside “Besides, you can help me clean”

He grumbled but didn’t walk out. The two had grown close over the past few days, barely left each other with a moments peace. Charlie had teased them about it, constantly implying they were sleeping together. Naturally all (Y/n) could do was blush madly as Eggsy lunged for the twat. She couldn’t deny she thought Eggsy was cute, but she didn’t know him well enough yet to act on that attraction.

“Come on, dance with me” she grinned, dropping the bottle on her desk and clasping both his hands.

“(Y/n)-“he started, letting out a long sigh. His training was very hard and just wanted to have a nap.

“Please” she begged, pouting out her lower lip.

He grumbled but swayed along to the beat with her, soon relaxing a bit more and letting go of any embarrassment or exhaustion. He twirled the girl under his arm, chuckling as she jived and swayed her hips. He picked her up by the waist, turning before collapsing onto her bed in fits of laughter. She lay against his chest, wiping away tears of joy as she giggled.



“What’s wrong?” (Y/n) asked, noticing his sour mood. Eggsy didn’t respond at first, sitting there quiet on the steps as he stared up at the night sky. He didn’t say anything until she reached out, taking both his hands in her own. She ran her thumbs over the calloused skin, waiting for him to find his courage patiently.

“I’m-“he coughed, trying to cover up the fact his voice broke “I’m afraid I’m not enough”

“What do you mean, Eggsy?” she whispered, frowning “Of course you’re enough”

“But everyone just seems better than me. That’s the way it’s always been. Everyone always got better marks, everyone was always two steps ahead of me. I need this (Y/n) job, I really need this job. And whenever I think bout not getting it…” he trailed off, pulling his hands away so he could run them in frustration over his face.

“I don’t think I’ll be strong enough” he added, his jaw clenched in emotion.

(Y/n) bit her lip, trying to think of the right words to comfort him.

“That’s okay. We all doubt ourselves, that’s what makes us human” she sighed, turning his head so he stared right at her.

“Just know that I believe you’re enough and I always will” she smiled, wiping away any tears that fell from the boy’s eyes “Us kingsman have got to stick together. Through thick and thin, right?”

“Yeah” he nodded.

“Now come on, all of Charlie’s left shoes won’t just disappear on their own” her (Y/ec) flashed with mischief as she pulled him to his feet. She sprinted inside, Eggsy watching her for a moment with a small smile before following her.


“Merlin!” Eggsy’s voice rang in her ear “I’m fucked!”

(Y/n)’s hands trembled as she watched him nervously on the screen from a surveillance camera. She regretted not going out with him, maybe he wouldn’t be trapped if she had tagged along.

“Do you want me to come out and-“she began.

“No!” he answered quickly, shaking his head “No, just stay there (Y/n). It wouldn’t do any use”

“He’s right” Merlin sighed, running a hand over his face as he watched his terrified niece.

“No don’t give up, goddammit” she cried, pulling at her hair in frustration “Use that big brain of yours and get out of there”

“I can’t (Y/n)” he stuttered, flinching at the sound of a gunshot.

“There’s nothing he can do” Merlin whispered.

“No!” (Y/n) snarled, refusing to give up “There’s always something”

The fire seemed to fade from her eyes as she sat down shakily, desperately trying to think of anything that could save him. Eggsy was just about to say his last goodbyes when she sprung up.

There’s always something.

And he’ll think of it.

He just needs a little extra motivation.

“Hey Eggsy” she started calmly, licking her bottom lip.


“If you get out of this” she paused, unsure the words would really work “I’ll give you a kiss”

Merlin’s eyes widened and he turned to yell at her. But she held up a finger, watching the screen with a blank face.

Eggsy frowned, letting out a chuckle.

“Wait, really?” he seemed to realise that she was being serious, his body stiffening.

“Yep” (Y/n) nodded, well aware of the guns closing in on the boy.

“Like on the lips, a proper kiss”

“Yes Eggsy. Not on the cheek, an actual kiss”

Merlin watched in confusion as the boy smiled, staring up at the camera.

“Alright then”

He seemed much calmer now, the frantic look gone from his eye.

“What-“her uncle started.

“It’s simple really. His brain was going into to over-drive, he was put under too much pressure. I mean saving the world is pretty hard. So I changed his objective to something smaller, something that he can find a solution to easily. He’s no longer focussing on the main task, just a sub one. It should help him focus a bit more” (Y/n) explained, watching her friend snap his head to the side, eyes wide.

“Bingo” she mumbled before tuning into what Eggsy was saying.

“Merlin, remember those chips we said were useless…”


Eggsy walked back slowly, making sure he looked his best when he arrived at the jet doors. There (Y/n) stood, her arms crossed over her chest, a smirk on her happy face.

“You did it” she smiled, hopping down the steps and jogging over to him.

“Damn right I did” he grinned proudly, wrapping his arms around her when she was close enough.

“And now” he pulled back, enthusiasm dripping from his voice “I do believe I was promised-“

She cut him off by pressing her lips to his, gently tugging at his hair as she stood up on her tiptoes. She pulled back after a few moments, pressing her forehead against his as she panted.

“A kiss, I know” she finished, slowly letting go of his hair, her hands traveling to his shoulders.

“Really, just a kiss?” he huffed, making her frown “I mean I did save the world, surely I deserve more than that?”

“Well what do you propose?” (Y/n) asked, swaying the pair of them slowly.

“A date”

She chuckled, shaking her head in amazement.

“A date sounds perfect”


Merlin: Sorry about this.
Queen Annis: You know him?
Arthur: He’s my servant, he must’ve followed me here. I–I knew nothing about it.
Queen Annis: Kill him.
Arthur: Wait. Please. Let him go. He’s just…a simpleminded fool.
Queen Annis: That is two favours you’ve asked of me this night, Arthur Pendragon
Arthur: Thank you, Your Highness.
Queen Annis: And take your fool with you.

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"That's not my wand!" Drarry

Not my best, but it’s all I could think of.

“That’s not my wand!” Draco told Harry.

“It’s not?” Harry asked in confusion, looking at the piece of wood in Draco’s hand, “I mean- It looks like it.”

“It’s definitely not mine!” Draco exclaimed worriedly, turning it over in his hand, “It looks like mine- But it’s just a piece of wood!”

Harry just shrugged in his nonchalant way, going back to packing.

“Potter!” Draco screeched. 

Harry jumped at his loud tone, turning around to face his boyfriend, “Merlin-” He breathed, eyes wide.

In front of him, stood a white ferret. “Merlin!” He exclaimed, with a wide grin, kneeling over in laughter. The ferret glared at him angrily, letting out a list of angry shrieks.

“Oh my god-” Harry wiped tears from his eyes and grabbed the fake wand that lay strewn next to the ferret, “Remind me to thank George for that one!”

The ferret let out a squeak that could’ve passed for a snarl. 

Ok but can you imagine Draco picking the picture he was going to use for the Potter Stinks pins? Like, can you imagine if someone like Blaise or Merlin forbid Pansy walked in on him with his bed full of Harry Potter pictures?

“This is obviously not what it looks like”

“Draco, dear, i think your little crush on Potter is getting out of hand”


*points at photos*“Obviously. I’ll let you finish whatever it was you were doing with those pictures”

“Wait Pansy I can /explain/”

  • Draco: Okay so let me get this straight... God's everywhere right?
  • Hermione: Yep, everywhere, all the time.
  • Draco: Okay, so God's everywhere... but we have to go down to church to see him? Really?
  • Hermione: That's where you visit him yes. Church is like God's house.
  • Draco: Then why is he mad at me down there!? He asked me to visit!! And Why in the name of Merlin's pants do I owe HIM money?!?!
13 Days of Halloween- Day 2

Skeletons in the Closet

Prompt from @thespiralboundmastermind

Day 1- BROTP Harmony 

“Shhhh….” Fred whispered to a giggling Hermione. “You’re going to get us caught!”

“Me? I’m not the one who pulled me out here past curfew.” She punched his arm lightly, but let him continue to pull her along. They were in a rarely used corridor, down by Filch’s office. Hermione wasn’t too worried about getting caught, not by another prefect at least, but she quieted, not wanting to be caught out so close to midnight by one of the Inquisitorial Squad, or, Merlin forbid, Professor Umbridge.

Fred stopped suddenly and spun Hermione into his arms, his eyes reflected a hint of the moonlight that filtered in through the window and her breath caught in her throat. “Is it so bad that I wanted a little privacy with my girlfriend?” he asked her.

“Not at all.” Hermione bit her lip and stood up on her tiptoes to kiss his lips lightly. “Is that what we are?”

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• Arthur loves the sound of Merlin’s laugh and would do anything to hear it, as well as his smile 

• Merlin would always mess with Arthur by making his bedroom floor extremely slippery, but would always keep Arthur from injuring himself by it 

• On hunting trips, Arthur tries to keep the animals from experiencing pain before death for Merlin’s behalf 

• Though Merlin still flinches when they die 

• Once a king of another country pushed Merlin to the floor and Arthur got so angry he almost started a war, Merlin had to drag Arthur to his room and remind him that as a servant, Merlin is expected to be treated like that 

• Arthur still wasn’t happy but let it go in peace, sort of 

• Arthur excused Merlin of his duties for the next week as an apology 

 • During training sessions Arthur likes to try and go easy on Merlin, and Merlin knows but never says anything 

 • Arthur likes to take Merlin out of Camelot and eat lunch by the river, this trips usually end up in making out (sometimes more…) 

• Merlin’s favorite flowers are Water Lily’s which are found only near that river 

 • Arthur has tried giving Merlin a “promotion” in the royal court, even offering him to be King’s Advisor or maybe giving him his own business in town, Merlin always declines and says he is perfectly content being Arthur’s servant

• Arthur always gives Merlin some of the good food from the Kitchen in secret 

 • Arthur gives Merlin books for presents since he doesn’t have access to them himself 

 • Arthur sometimes tries and convince Merlin to sleep with him, Merlin always reminds Arthur that he is still a servant and that would be inappropriate 

 • Arthur sats screw that and pulls Merlin into his bed 

 • Arthur is the big spoon, Merlin always complains but in the end just sighs and falls asleep in Arthur’s arms 

• Merlin wakes up early to run back to his room to change and then runs back to start his morning chores 

• When Merlin wakes him up for breakfast he always grabs Merlin and pulls him on his lap and kisses him 

 • Merlin doesn’t ever try and pull away because he truly loves it, but when they finally separate he scolds Arthur 

• Arthur just laughs and eats his breakfast

Sorry I didn’t do a one-shot!

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Your POV: 

Why did this ever have to happen? It was Arthur’s birthday and well the Knights and him had decided to play a little game. The one game I dreaded - Spin the bottle. If it landed on one of the Knights it would be messed up. But If it landed on the prince - my feelings would be blown. Why? it was all I could ask myself. “You’re Turn!” Lancelot spoke giving the bottle to me. “Oh god.” I muttered spinning the bottle -  crossing my fingers. It went past Merlin, past Gwaine past Leon and straight landed at Arthur. I couldn’t tell if I was nervous or completely relieved. “Alright, enough with the love eyes lets go” Leon teased pulling you and Arthur into a cupboard. “Arthur you don’t have to.” before I could finish his lips were on mine. I pulled away gasping out of surprise.Without thinking I pulled Arthur closer kissing him once again. Many minutes passed. “Oh my god don’t you ever need air?” Gwaine teased. “Times up!” Merlin said his eyebrows up. I pulled away from Arthur blushing. Arthur chuckled above me and took and hand as we walked back to the circle letting the next person go.

I had a dream about a Hogwarts AU

It was a Harry Potter/Merlin crossover where Hogwarts is actually the castle of Camelot that Merlin helped his former students Godric, Helga, Rowena and Salthazar turn into a school after Camelot’s fall, turning it into a safe haven for wizard children who should never ever have to practice their magic in fear

Merlin coming back and being the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts after Lupin because bullshit, he’s never let some curse stop him before and these kids need to learn

All the students loving their weird Professor Emrys who tells odd stories and seems to be an endless encyclopedia of everything from charms to history to pop culture

All the students wondering how exactly he knows all these things and why he never uses a wand


Like, protective teacher Merlin sticking up for all his students and his staff because fucking excuse you I built this school and I’m more powerful than you can even comprehend, you bet your pink cat-loving ass Sybill is staying on as a professor

Suddenly everyone realizes that their eccentric Professor Emrys is actually the Great Wizard Merlin

Suddenly it makes sense why he starts cracking up every time someone says Merlin’s pants

Arthur’s reincarnation is found eventually and it’s very dramatic and Merlin cries. Arthur discovers that sitting in during Merlin’s lessons is a great way to learn about all the ways Merlin used to break laws, the idiot, and the students think that listening to the two of them bicker while Merlin tries to teach is hilarious