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But I just had another headcanon revolving around the post CA:CW headcanons I have.

What if Tony didn’t throw the engagement ring back at Steve but simply kept it in a safe place because he’s still not ready to move on? It resides in the very same dark red velvet box that Steve had used to keep the ring and he keeps it in one of the drawers in their his dresser. 

One day, he decides that he wants to send it back to Steve (he thought about giving rid of it but he couldn’t bring himself to do it) and he’s in the workshop, got his envelope ready and everything. But the more he looks at the box, knowing what’s inside, it becomes all too difficult again because he still hasn’t let go of his still very there feelings for Steve. 

So, he leaves it in the workshop and forgets about it for the next week as he buries himself into his work while also taking on mentoring Peter. 

Peter discovers the engagement box during working with Tony in the lab and curiously, he picks it up and opens it. 

“Wow, Mr. Stark, are you planning on proposing to someone?”

Tony looks over, eyebrows furrowed in confusion before catching sight as a sudden rush of emotions go through him. He remains quiet long enough for Peter to get worried and go to him before gently placing a hand on his shoulder. 

“Mr. Stark…are you okay?”

He snaps out of it soon enough and tries to fake a smile with a nod of his head. 

“I’m good, kid.” Tony replies before giving a shrug. “And no proposing here, it was just a-”

“Will you marry me, Tony?”

Bright blue eyes and a hopeful, kind smile.

His smile turns bitter. 

“Just something that was left by someone who used to be a very good friend of mine. The engagement didn’t work out…unfortunately.”

I’m going to put this little fic below the cut. There are spoilers if you have not seen last nights episode. I don’t usually give spoiler warnings, but this is a big one, so read at your own risk. I actually don’t know any finale spoilers so good news that it doesn’t ruin any of that, or the stuff we kind of know for next week’s episode.

As always, I just went for it. It was oddly kind of therapeutic in a way for me. Which I am till in shock that they did that. So yeah, happy Monday.

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Robin!Jason flirting at Catlad!Tim while they are waiting for their mentors to be done. And pushing a bit too far, boxing Tim in between his arms to keep him in place and getting hissed/yowled at and his face clawed. And Selina and Bruce come check what the noise was about and only see Tim running away and Jason holding his kind of scratched up face smirking and saying a simple “Cute”.

“CORNERMAN”: The film stars Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins playing the role of legendary boxing trainer Cus D’Amato, who seeks to cement his legacy by mentoring a troubled, teenaged Mike Tyson toward becoming the youngest boxing heavyweight champion of the world. Also starring in the film is BAFTA Awards winner Jack O’Connell, three-time Golden Globe Award nominee Mandy Patinkin, and two-time Academy Award nominee Liv Ullmann. Primetime Emmy Award nominee Rupert Friend is director/writer on the project. Producers are two-time Independent Spirit Awards nominee Lawrence Inglee, Academy Award nominee Graham King, Aimee Mullins, Denis O’Sullivan, and Gastón Pavlovich. 

anonymous asked:

when a sd says he wants to mentor you, what exactly does that mean?

Every mentor is different.

Your mentor may work in a field that you are interested in , e.g you may be a medical student with a surgeon Sugar Daddy (my dream situation), or you may be dipping your toes in finance and he is a financial analyst.

In this case he should be helping you directly with things in your career. This can vary from helping you find the best research for your assignment, to telling you about vacancies for jobs and if your SD is really nice he may even introduce you to potential employers. There are many other things he can do for you some of which is bestow his knowledge upon you, share his tips and tricks of the trade, guide you towards making the best decisions in your career, The list of things your mentor daddy can do for you is in-extensive.

However, your Sugar Daddy need not be in your field in order to mentor you. One of my SD’s (Mr Mentor) works in marketing. He manages many people and hold a pretty high position in his job. now just because he is in marketing and my interests lie in science doesn’t mean I’m going to give up the chance to have him mentor me. 

Your Mentor can teach you a lot about life.Don’t forget that these men often hold high and respectable positions in their career and they would have had to work very hard to get there. Whether your Mentor SD started from the bottom or had caviar in his lunch box, there is something they had to all learn. People Skills! 

If you are anything like me. you are the kind of baby that believes in working hard, so that eventually you will be as rich or even richer than your current sugar daddy. 

That’s my goal. And in order to achieve that goal, I need to connect with the right people. So of course people skills plays a big part. Now you can read all the self -help books you want but when you have someone in front of you teaching you the things you have learned over the years. For the SD hat is not in you field, have them teach you about people, how the work, what makes them tick. They can also teach you about finance, after all if they can afford to run a company, look after the wife and kids and still have enough money left over to sustain the lifestyle of a glamorous girl like yourself, then they are doing something right.

Your mentor can also teach you about his own field. E.g, if he is a photographer, get him to teach you about photography, who knows, you may get a top notch camera. You can aso use your new skill and new gadget to take outstanding photos for your Seeking Arrangement and sugar dating sites. That way you can attract even more potential Sugar daddies.

How to get your Sugar daddy to mentor you without him even realising.

It can be quite awkward at times when you have a mentor SD and you are on a date and you want him to through some info your way. You don’t want to interrupt him mid conversation about his trip to Bora Bora and say “so can we start with the mentoring now”. Not classy!

So the most simple way to learn from him is to ask him questions.

On my very first date with Mr Mentor, i asked him all sorts of questions from “what is your biggest regret” and “what the most useful thing you’ve learned so far” to “what your favourite book”. Not only do these questions give you the information about mistakes that are made, things you should research , etc. but it also helps you find out more about your SD and connect with him on a deeper level.

Overall sugar daddy mentor gives you the privilege of two worlds. He helps you become a better person in your personal life and work life and he also compensates you financially. That’s a win-win situation if you ask me.




a series of linstead au’s (pt. 1)

so, this happened by accident, and there’ll probably be more in another couple of days and i only cried writing one of them. 

some of you might remember mentions of “keller” from previous meta sets. just so there’s no confusion, he’s a random addendum and i like him.

disclaimer: #sorrynotsorry

Jay Halstead as a former Marine sniper and now first-time attendee of the Summer Olympics. Being heralded as one of the most anticipated athletes of the year as he lent his wartime combat experience to three separate Shooting disciplines. Alvin accompanying him as his longtime mentor and first coach.

Erin Lindsay as a returning athlete for women’s Boxing, having won a bronze medal eight years ago and planning on bringing home gold this time. Antonio as her coach since she started her Olympic venture and Hank as her surly father-figure of a security detail, there to look out for both her and Antonio after Erin’s split from the Fletcher family.

They meet in the stands of the first women’s beach volleyball tournament when Hank and Alvin spot each other from afar, having saved each other’s lives during the Korean War. Erin and Jay steal away to get food, leaving the old war buddies to their reunion.

It’s no surprise when the two groups switch flights to fly home together, Jay with two gold medals and Erin towing a silver that doesn’t smart as badly as she thought it would. Of course, the pleasure in Jay Halstead’s smile when she evicts Alvin to go sit next to Hank helps a lot.

Jay Halstead as a discharged veteran, traveling through America with nothing but his motorcycle and Keller’s dog-tags. Breaking down outside of Rivers Church, Nowhere in the middle of the Midwest and walking his bike back three miles to the dot-on-a-map town. Feeling something twist in his chest when he meanders into the only auto shop and she has green eyes, a black tank top, and the most endearing smudge of grease across her forehead he’s ever seen.

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magi 236 translations

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gonna make some for all my other gems but i decided to do red first >V

refsheet by @gemsona-hq

Red Flourite “Red” by hivemarina 

Gender: female

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Sexual Orientation: asexual

Romantic Orientation: panromantic

Height: 4′0″

Weapon: Staff (not a ‘magical’ staff though. just a long stick really.)

Gem Type: Flourite

Likes: Nothing it would seem but secretly she harbors a hoard of sugary Earth cereals (Fruity Pebbles are her favorite, partially due to the name.)

Dislikes:  Red’s apathy knows no bounds but maybe excessively loud noises and people.

Hobbies: Occasionally she with take younger gems under her wing as a mentor, collecting cereal boxes 

Talents/Skills: Red is very efficient in combat and her small body makes for a difficult target. She also harbors the ability to manipulate temperatures, though the effectiveness is hampered by the size of the area she’s trying to heat/cool. This ability works best on organics but it can also be used to directly fracture gems.

Relationships: Trained both Star Sunstone, who was once a member of her crew eventually deserted to pursue her own ambitions, and Hackmantite, Star Sunstone’s apprectice.

Personality: Red hardly has a personality. She’s perceptive but only reacts to her surroundings when necessary. It takes a great deal to break her out of her near constant state of apathy. As a leader, she is ruthless. Diplomacy is pointless when more direct methods fear can be used to maintain order. Surprisingly, she lacks any kind of ambition. Red does the bare minimum of what her duties require for the most part.