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But I just had another headcanon revolving around the post CA:CW headcanons I have.

What if Tony didn’t throw the engagement ring back at Steve but simply kept it in a safe place because he’s still not ready to move on? It resides in the very same dark red velvet box that Steve had used to keep the ring and he keeps it in one of the drawers in their his dresser. 

One day, he decides that he wants to send it back to Steve (he thought about giving rid of it but he couldn’t bring himself to do it) and he’s in the workshop, got his envelope ready and everything. But the more he looks at the box, knowing what’s inside, it becomes all too difficult again because he still hasn’t let go of his still very there feelings for Steve. 

So, he leaves it in the workshop and forgets about it for the next week as he buries himself into his work while also taking on mentoring Peter. 

Peter discovers the engagement box during working with Tony in the lab and curiously, he picks it up and opens it. 

“Wow, Mr. Stark, are you planning on proposing to someone?”

Tony looks over, eyebrows furrowed in confusion before catching sight as a sudden rush of emotions go through him. He remains quiet long enough for Peter to get worried and go to him before gently placing a hand on his shoulder. 

“Mr. Stark…are you okay?”

He snaps out of it soon enough and tries to fake a smile with a nod of his head. 

“I’m good, kid.” Tony replies before giving a shrug. “And no proposing here, it was just a-”

“Will you marry me, Tony?”

Bright blue eyes and a hopeful, kind smile.

His smile turns bitter. 

“Just something that was left by someone who used to be a very good friend of mine. The engagement didn’t work out…unfortunately.”

Breath this in with me

I was picky. So picky on SA. I knew exactly what I wanted, and I wasn’t going to compromise and waste my time. I got it. Mr. Trout is exactly what I had in mind coming into this. I wanted a genuine connection, compatible humors, actual friendship and a hell of a mentor. *sigh* this man checks all the boxes.

This sugar shit doesn’t feel real sometimes.
Mr. Trout and I had our second date today and I want you to live it with me because I’m still rolling it over and over in my mind.

*I come from a family that has always struggled with money so bare that in mind as you read*

I got to the restaurant early. It was about 307 degrees in my ‘96 civic. So I attempted not to melt waiting for him to arrive. Last date we went to the city and I parked about a mile away, so him being the gentleman that he is, he dropped me off at my car. That day he was driving a super nice new Mercedes with spotless leather interior. Naturally, waiting for him to get there, I was looking for that car to pull in and park. Nope. Nooooope. This fucker pulls up in a convertible Maserati. I squealed. I’m not normally impressed by cars but fuck me that was gorgeous. So onto lunch. Good lunch blah blah. We talk about the business I want to start, he talks about how he can help, connections, the math game, the works. He’s so business smart and that’s something I’ve ALWAYS been turned on by. Always. I bask in the glorious rays of his sexy spread sheet business model talk. *pinch me*.

And now for the juicy bits

Him: Dark blue pinstripe suit. Light blue shirt. Gorgeous leather shoes. The man can dress and I made sure to tell him.

After lunch, I ask him what he’s driving today (knowing the answer but, I manage to be half slick on occasion) “just the convertible” he says in his soft voice giving me a bit of a look. “Wanna take a drive?” He grins. “I absolutely do…” We’re both grinning. We bill pay. Take a piss stop before finding the parking lot. “so which one are you?” I ask, as we walk up to his panty dropper vehicle. “I’m gonna assume the nicest one in the lot” and point. His little face lights up as he turns and says “well I mean I guess it’s not the worst”. He pretends to not have an ego the size of Neptune. He opens the car door for me. We make some chatter about how hot it is because, let’s be honest, we are both nervous. I inquire “so where are we goin, Daddy?” Which he loves. More nervous chatter trying hard to keep the chill. We held hands like two kids on a first date. Cutest. We drive around a little till we hit a park close to the restaurant. “Wanna park and make out?” Probably the most adorable thing I’ve ever had directed at me from a 55 year old man. I let out a good laugh and tell him how much I love this. Whatever the fuck this is. And yes. Fuck yeah I wanna make out (not an exact quote. I did pretend to have some class)

I’ve been with boys. Nothing but boys who don’t tease, don’t play, they just drive right in. Today I was with a man. A man that took me by the hair and gave me some of, if not, the sexiest make out sesh ever. Which if you’ve kept up this far, he checks all the boxes and AND the sexual flow is there. He at one point said “good thing we are in this inconspicuous car”

This is the first person I went on a legitimate POT date with. The first. And I may have hit the jackpot. “If you’ve ever wondered if you’ve still got it… You’ve still got it *huge sigh*” I told him as he drove me back to the reality of my Honda. With the peeling paint. And the crank Windows. A man with everything and more wants to help me start my business and fuck me. I don’t know if it gets better than that.

Ps I’m breaking the baby code. We haven’t really talked about allowance and what he expects from me sexually. We both agree that we don’t want a transaction. Which is honest on my end. I knew that with the right person, he will be generous without me asking. This was correct. He gave me $300 bucks just for lunch today. Before the make out. I know I’m supposed to get all this in verbal contract but I’m doing it the way I want and it’s been so empowering. I love this mess.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I have a few petco related questions. Did you start off working a different role at your store? Or were you hired as a trainer/trainer apprentice? (Did you have to be an apprentice since you already knew a lot about training?) Do other dog people/trainers take you less seriously because you work at petco? And lastly- do you ever look down on someone because they went to petco for training rather than a private trainer? Thank you for any information you're willing to share!

Well these are oddly specific.

I was originally hired as an Aquatic Specialist and worked as one for 2 years before being seriously offered a dog training position. I was also the go-to reptile expert in my store due to me being the only person with snake experience in my first store, and one of the few people with an actual working experience with reptiles in my current store.

All Petco dog trainer hopefuls must go through an apprenticeship unless they have big box industry experience. However my mentor recognized that I knew what I was doing right away and most of his focus with me was on classroom/time management, bookkeeping, and working dogs that I don’t personally enjoy working (low drive, low motivation, etc). It was a fun six weeks where I’ve had the most working freedom I’ve ever had in my life, and I very much enjoyed it.

Sometimes! I am used to it- Petco is not known for being a pinnacle of good dog training experiences. I’ll be completely honest- I don’t train by the Petco specific guidelines and think the book is mostly a joke, but instead have constructed my classes much the same way my mentor did and have had far better luck than Petco trainers I know that do follow the book.

Look down on, no, but I do warn that big box trainers are a dime a dozen and there is no true quantifier of good or bad among them (us?) as long as they sell classes and customers are somewhat satisfied. This means that even if a trainer is really awful, if they don’t get returns and the customer thinks “good enough”, they’ll stay hired and recommended by their fellow employees. There are many Petco trainers that cannot handle the majority of dogs that come in and there are many Petco trainers that are vastly overqualified for the position. So as a result, when someone says they are looking at a big box store for dog training, my words are always that of caution because them working for the company for a long time is not an indicator of quality.

Similarly, if someone is having a hard time with something with their dog or if someone is having a hard time understanding learning theory, and they tell me they train at a big box store, then I am very not surprised. As said- if I went strictly by the book, I wouldn’t be explaining theory or having so many discussions with my customers on different ways to tackle problems with their dogs. Cookie cutter training is what a lot of big box stores strive for and it just doesn’t work with all dogs- so when I hear that someone is having problems and they went to a big box store, I can almost guarantee you that they received the cookie cutter training I’m technically supposed to be teaching.

(Hopefully) Lovely Gifts


Set outside her former mentor’s door was a medium sized box wrapped in red paper. Sitting atop was a card, not placed in an envelope. A simple card, white with a some bats on it. Inside, was a little message written in Zhria’s elegant handwriting. Beside the box sat a little plate, with a cupcake, brownie, and cookie arranged on it. Little candies surround the baked treats.

I sincerely hope you recover soon. I hope this all at least puts a little smile on your face. The gift isn’t traditional for a holiday like this, but who cares. I just hope you will enjoy it and find use for it.

Love you.

(Inside the box below the cut)

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gonna make some for all my other gems but i decided to do red first >V

refsheet by @gemsona-hq

Red Flourite “Red” by hivemarina 

Gender: female

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Sexual Orientation: asexual

Romantic Orientation: panromantic

Height: 4′0″

Weapon: Staff (not a ‘magical’ staff though. just a long stick really.)

Gem Type: Flourite

Likes: Nothing it would seem but secretly she harbors a hoard of sugary Earth cereals (Fruity Pebbles are her favorite, partially due to the name.)

Dislikes:  Red’s apathy knows no bounds but maybe excessively loud noises and people.

Hobbies: Occasionally she with take younger gems under her wing as a mentor, collecting cereal boxes 

Talents/Skills: Red is very efficient in combat and her small body makes for a difficult target. She also harbors the ability to manipulate temperatures, though the effectiveness is hampered by the size of the area she’s trying to heat/cool. This ability works best on organics but it can also be used to directly fracture gems.

Relationships: Trained both Star Sunstone, who was once a member of her crew eventually deserted to pursue her own ambitions, and Hackmantite, Star Sunstone’s apprectice.

Personality: Red hardly has a personality. She’s perceptive but only reacts to her surroundings when necessary. It takes a great deal to break her out of her near constant state of apathy. As a leader, she is ruthless. Diplomacy is pointless when more direct methods fear can be used to maintain order. Surprisingly, she lacks any kind of ambition. Red does the bare minimum of what her duties require for the most part.