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US Tour 2007 - John Cudia, Marni Raab and Greg Mills x

Special mentions:

#2: John is very close to Marni but doesn’t look at her
#4: Marni is quite conflicted
#6: John runs away from Marni
#7: Marni stumbles back
#8: John looks really overwhelmed and doesn’t know what to do
#9: John really seems to attack Greg, Marni hides her face
#10: Marni still wants to withdraw her hand

justfangirlingaround  asked:

7 & 14 with Philip or John(whoever you feel more inspired with :3) and can it be something bad or sad happened to John/Philip and the reader comforts him and they talk about it and then they watch movies and cuddles to calm him down and it ends all cute and fluffy and him thanking the reader?~~😊💖✨

Ooo, you makin’ me write some angst! I chose John, hope that’s okay, Doll ✨
(T/W mentions of John’s dad being mean to him as a kid)

Anticipating a quiet evening with you husband, you walked through the door to be abruptly startled by yelling. Dropping your purse and keys, you ran through the apartment in search of the source. Your heart raced as opened each door.

“I waited, and waited, but you never came back!”  You heard John scream horsely at someone. 

You found the room and quickly shoved the door open. Your heart nearly stopped as you saw John standing across the room from you, tears just streaming down his cheeks as his chest was desperately heaving. He wasn’t in his usually arguing disposition, no, he looked so scared. Your mood changed from sadness to sheer anger as your eyes made their way across the room to see John’s father. You hated that man, he never supported John in anything. You had heard horror stories about how he used to treat John for showing interest in “things his father disapproved.” Since when was an interest in science a reason to hit a child? This man wasn’t even allowed to be at your wedding. 

“I didn’t come back, because you were a disappointment and needed to learn to stand on you own,” John’s father tried to justify his abandonment of John. 

“Then why are you here now?!” John asked.

“I wanted to see if you had changed…,but I see you’re still the disappointment I left-”

“Get out.” you said through gritted teeth, staring down the older man as you made your way to stand in front of John, “You have no right to our life.”

“I’m his father-”

“You lost that title years ago, you mean nothing…I said, get out.” you spat.

Reluctantly, he left, and you made sure to follow him until he was completely out of the apartment. Locking the door you rushed back to the room. Your heart broke even further when you saw John on his knees, his eyes were closed and his jaw was tightly clenched as he tried to repress all sounds of crying. You fell to your knees to comfort him, for a moment he tensed at your touch.

“It’s me! Babe, calm down, it’s me!” you stroked his hair and gently rocked him.

You felt his arms wrap around you tightly, he was still scared and you could feel him shaking. He soon fell apart completely fell apart in your arms, asking himself why, and shamelessly crying. You stayed with him, every time he whimpered you just wanted to make his pain go away, sadly you couldn’t. Those memories were engraved in his mind…forever feeling like a failure to his father.

After about an hour of sitting with him, he eventually pulled back. You waited for him to look up and make eye contact. John hated when you saw him like this, even though it was only the second time. He looked up, eyes red from all the tears and tear stains down cheeks. You immediately held his face in your hands, softly stroking his cheek, wiping away a few stray tears that fell. 

“Can we-…can we,” John started, but stopped, looking down again.

“Take your time,” you whispered. 

“Can we watch… Lady and the Tramp?” He met your eyes, sounding desperate for any form of approval, even just a yes to a simple question.

You tried your best not to cry, as you were supposed to be the strong one here, “Yes, yes of course, honey!” 

You hugged him one more time before bringing him to his feet. You both got in your Pj’s and John grabbed some blankets while you turned on the T.V. eventually getting it on the right input you placed the Dvd in the player. You stood and turned around with a smile, but gave a worried look as John held a blanket just staring at it. 

“What’s wrong, baby?” you rubbed up and down his biceps.

“Can you maybe-” he sounded shy, you knew exactly what he was asking for.

Without saying a word you sat at the end of the couch and held your arms out for him. He placed himself between your legs and rested his head on your stomach, with his arms wrapped around your waist. You absolutely loved it when you actually got to hold him, he let you braid and play with his hair, which actually calmed him. You rubbed his shoulder a little and he began to calm down, even quietly laughing at a part of the movie. You looked down to see his eyes slowly close.

“Thanks, for…taking care of me…” John whispered. 

“For better or for worse, I love you.”

Did you ever have a genuine psychic/medium experience?

Although many readings can be attributed to cold readings or sheer coincidence sometimes it’s uncanny how accurate psychics/mediums can be. Here’s a collection of supposedly genuine experiences from threads. If you have an experience feel free to tag me @sixpenceee!

by reddit user Jinuxxx

I never believe in palm /card readings. I don’t actually believe in it nowadays. BUT when I was in 9th grade, my friend took me with her to a fortune teller so she can have her future read. Surprisingly she mentioned about her love dilemma, a blonde guy and dark haired guy. She was completely convinced about her reading powers while I was meh… We’re teenagers, it’s natural we’ll find ourselves in situations like this. And then she predicted the scores she’ll get at the exams when you finish high school (in our country there are some mandatory subjects for the exams, thus multiple numbers) she guessed that right. If I think really hard about probabilities and stuff I can find a logic explanation to that as well. 

by reddit user GoobyBear22

About 5 years ago I saw a psychic that a family friend had told me was the real deal. I went in skeptical and came out a believer.

She used tarot cards and knew things that could have been lucky guesses, like that I had just bought a house and was renovating it, but she also knew specific things that no one else could have known.

The most amazing part of the whole thing was that she knew that I had some complications with my hormones and had a surgery in the past that would make getting pregnant very difficult, but she told me Despite all this, I would have a baby later in life. Toward the end of the reading she hands me the tarot cards and tells me to shuffle them. Then tells me to ask three questions in my mind one at a time. I decided to really test her authenticity so the first question I decided to ask was am I going to have children, and halfway through laying the five cards down, she stops and looks at me and scolds me saying “I already told you that you were going to have one child!” hah this is when I knew.

by reddit user wobblerss

This was before I was born. My mom had a neighbor who was a grandpa who could see the future. He told my mom that my sister would be really sick when she became a preteen and not to worry because she’d be okay. When my sister was a preteen she was diagnosed with cancer and after a year and a half she was perfectly fine. My mom was pregnant with me when she met him again and he told her that I would be a c-section baby. My mom already knew this and said she had scheduled the c-section already since I was breach but he was adamant that she would have me on a certain day and that the c-section wouldn’t go on the planned day. I was born on the exact day he predicted.

Nothing too crazy but the fact that he knew that my sister would be sick and would be okay is crazy to me. He also didn’t want any money and approached my mom and asked if he could do a reading for her.

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anonymous asked:

you said you were working on reading 10 trans and wlw books this year but you didn't mention what they were!

THAT WAS REMISS OF ME, because so far they’ve been mostly friggin’ awesome: 

  • The Abyss Surrounds Us by Emily Skrutskie ♥ (wlw 1/10) – light sci-fi, light dystopian, LESBIAN MOTHERFUCKING PIRATES!!!!!!!!
  • This Is How It Always Is by Laurie Frankel ♥ (trans 1/10) – this is what I was reading when I made that post, and it ended up being the borderline-literary, adult fiction, family + trans kid saga of my dreams
  • Luna by Julie Anne Peters (trans 2/10) – old enough to be considered a Classic of the very small, very niche genre, but is now suuuuper dated compared to everything else on this list (that possibly makes it required reading, tbh) 
  • Beast by Brie Spangler ♥ (trans 3/10) – I absolutely loved this book! it’s ANOTHER boy meets girl ~*~with a secret~*~ (i.e. she’s trans) book but actually really refreshing and lovely 
  • Coffee Boy by Austin Chant (trans 4/10) – this is more of a novella than a novel and also NOTHING HAPPENS but it was still cute
  • We Are Okay by Nina LaCour (wlw 2/10) – a lovely, quiet, sad-but-hopeful book (in which the protagonist just happens to be gay)
  • The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson (trans) – I’m not counting this towards my goal of 10 because it’s a memoir by someone who’s married to a trans man rather than A Novel About A Trans Person, but it was a really great read!
  • Days Without End by Sebastian Barry ♥ (trans 6/10) – one of the most fulfilling Book Surprises of my life was realising that Thomas is trans!!! the cherry on top of an already stunningly beautiful and moving novel 
  • This Is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp (wlw 3/10) – I wasn’t mad about this book, but two of the POV characters are lesbians who’re in a relationship with each other (and iirc they’re the only relationship in the book) so it counts I guess 
  • Hold Your Own by Kate Tempest (trans) – this poem is trans in a THE GODS HATH TVRNED ME INTO A WOMAN way rather than a regular trans way, so I’m not counting it, but it was ELECTRIFYING and I loved it 

Ayyy Species swap kids for beckybert78 :) Everyone’s blood colour is determined by who they share their aspect with.

I’ve been experimenting a bit with how I sprite hair, and the horns are pretty randomly designed.

Also I didn’t know what to put as their symbols so I just didn’t, but hey, this was fun.


“Granny Witches”
- Granny women are purported to be healers and midwives in Southern Appalachia and the Ozarks, claimed by a few academics as practicing from the 1880s to the 1930s. They are theorized to be usually elder women in the community and may have been the only practitioners of health care in the poor rural areas of Southern Appalachia. They are fancied to not have expected or received payment, and were respected as authorities on herbal healing and childbirth. They are mentioned by John C. Campbell in The Southern Highlander and His Homeland.

  • george: did it again mate
  • paul: did what?
  • george: you know what
  • john: ;)
13 Reasons Why (Tape 1)

Characters: Dean, sister!reader, Mary, Sam, John

Warnings: mention of death, angst, swearing

Word count: 4139

Summary: Dean listens to the first tape that you left after you died. He learns about the rules he has to follow with them, and who the first cause of your decision was.

A/N: italics are flashbacks to the events before your death

Series: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Dean woke up around 5am on Monday morning. It had been three months since you, his 18 year old sister, had decided to take your own life. Him and Sam never got a note, you were just gone and that was all they knew. They were too late to save you and that bothered him. Every morning since that day he woke up at 5am. He realised there was no going back to sleep so he climbed out of bed and headed to the door. When he opened the door he was surprised to be greeted with a small box in front of his feet. Dean looked left and right and noticed Sam wasn’t around to have just placed the box there. He sighed, picked it up, shut his door and walked back to his bed.

As he opened up the box he was confused as he noticed that all was inside were tapes. Why would someone give him a box of tapes? Dean rummaged through the box on his shelf and found his old tape player that John had given him when he was a kid and wanted to listen to AC/DC. He put the first mysterious tape inside the player and pressed play.

“Hello,” the familiar voice that he hadn’t heard for three months spoke which almost hurt his ears to know that he could hear in tape form. He must have been mistaken… It couldn’t be!

“My name is Y/N Winchester,” your tape continued. “I’m about to tell you the story of my life. More specifically, why my life ended… And if you’re listening to this tape,” The tape paused for a moment and Dean waited in suspense. “You’re one of the reasons why.”

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