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He realized, with a small sense of startlement mingled with annoyance, that he was thinking of the Woman. Fraser’s wife. Fraser had spoken of her very little - but that reticence only added to the significance of what he did say.
—  A Remedy For Sleeplessness, Chapter 3, Lord John And the Succubus

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The statement on John's blog mentioning the BBC, John and Sherlock looking directly into the camera, the camera that can be seen in the Morocco scene in TST - what if it was a show within the show? As in Sherlock and John are filming something to be broadcast on tv in-universe (for whatever reason)?

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This is hilarious, because I came to the same conclusion post T6T after the fuckiness was discovered (I can’t find the post I commented this exact thing on, but I had the same idea back at pre-TLD). Then I got to thinking why? For me, it’s proof of an altered narrative. I’m not quite sure what the point of all the fourth wall breaks is yet, other than to clue us into Something Fucky™

It’s like TRF and HLV tackled topics related to the press and who gets to decide what the “real” story is, and then TLD just dove straight in with the ambiguity of Culverton Smith’s presence but was rather one-dimensional in the reveal that yes, he is a serial killer (the TV clips and Sherlock’s mental state suggested that there might be room for doubt, but then he straight-up confessed and so there wasn’t much of a mystery there). All those mentions of John’s blog not being realistic, and then TST basically became a blog entry, saturated with references to John publishing his blog and the “real story” coming out, discrediting Lestrade. All of Moriarty’s cleverness regarding fairytales and games, and then TFP played out like a cheap horror flick with a rushed, tidy “happy ending.”

(And what else uses this concept of sinking to the story level, without the distance? TAB. Is it mad enough, gothic enough, Victorian enough to be a Holmes adventure? Does it have to make sense to the casual audience?)

It feels like these later episodes were commentaries on the act of adapting Holmes, but without the “commentary” bit; they just dove straight in, and only through meta do you really notice what’s missing.

we are about to get an info overload here, and i am already dying. in the next six weeks before the ep airs:

they’re gonna drop a new trailer, prob soon-ish. we’ve got whatever intro thing at the tab cinema screening on the 7th. there’s the bafta thing on the 9th, which i’m pretty certain will include the official ep 3 title announcement and cinema screening announcement. and then there should also be a tst trailer if that isn’t already the next trailer that we get. we’ll start getting actual press about the eps including new promo pics, we’ll get at least the first ep description, the episodes will get ratings, we’ll get the bbfc info about ep 3. we’ll get the dvd cover art. we’ll prob get more interviews and bts vids from the youtube account. 

so much is coming and soon. hold on to your butts, friends.

Okay, now I’ve had a chance to go back and watch That Scene again, here’s what they did in a beautiful and extremely clear way:

  1. They repeatedly had John’s Mary hallucination confirm that she is John’s way of arguing with himself. She’s his subconscious. She is inside his head.
  2. They had John’s hallucination of Mary tell him to “get the hell on” with being the man he “wants to be.”
  3. They had Sherlock OUTRIGHT CONFIRM that there is NOTHING romantic between him and Irene - “It was just texting. People text.”
  4. He said that to John. It was completely out of context. He even said “It’s not my place to say, but.”
  5. He said it to John because he wanted John to stop assuming that his connection to Irene was romantic - John mentioned passionate nights and sex and Sherlock wanted to SHUT IT DOWN ASAP.
  6. They left both boys open with nothing between them anymore. No guilt stopping John, no miscommunication stopping Sherlock.

I don’t see how anyone could read that as anything but a path to a Johnlock endgame. 

it fucks me up to think that current alpha canon John Egbert not only met the game over timeline Dave and Karkat, but spent hours with them recounting their respective trips on the meteor/golden ship, like, I wonder if he ever just looks at dave and karkat now like ………………….man. All those stories of how dramatic their trip was and fighting over Terezi and how tense and different they were 

I wonder if he ever recounts stories their own alternate selves told him, and Dave and Karkat look at each other rolling their eyes like “sound fake but ok”

*Mary dies*


*John blames Sherlock for Mary’s death*



“Granny Witches”
- Granny women are purported to be healers and midwives in Southern Appalachia and the Ozarks, claimed by a few academics as practicing from the 1880s to the 1930s. They are theorized to be usually elder women in the community and may have been the only practitioners of health care in the poor rural areas of Southern Appalachia. They are fancied to not have expected or received payment, and were respected as authorities on herbal healing and childbirth. They are mentioned by John C. Campbell in The Southern Highlander and His Homeland.