and meg is reyna

Percy ‘this shit wasn’t in the contract’ Jackson

Annabeth 'deadass fight me’ Chase

Grover 'my enCHILADAS’ Underwood

Jason 'fuck u and ur asshole ways’ Grace

Piper 'what do you mean I can’t do that’ McLean

Leo 'this is a bad time, I'ma make puns’ Valdez

Hazel 'didn’t come back to life for this’ Levesque

Frank 'lmao wait what’ Zhang

Reyna 'I could fukin kill you’ Ramirez-Arellano

Nico 'I have a doctors note’ Di Angelo

Will 'doctors orders’ Solace

Thalia 'what do you mean punk is dead’ Grace

Clarisse 'kys before I kill you’ La Rue

Travis 'u put the bombs on the wrong hill?’ Stoll

Connor 'don’t be an idiot’ Stoll

Meg 'it’s raining trash, hallelujah’ McCaffery

Apollo 'i cant believe zeus would ever’


Picture this:

Leo Valdez lands in the centre of Camp Jupiter, valiantly striding his giant bronze dragon.

People are whispering.

“Who is that?”

“The son of Vulcan- Hephaestus. I heard he died in the war!”

“Then how is he here?”

“Is that dragon… metal?”

Leo smiles brilliantly, and raises a hand in a wave.

With surprising agility, he hops to the ground, dusts off his coveralls, and speaks. “I need to see the praetors of Camp Jupiter.”

There is movement in the crowd, two people dressed in purple togas over armour come forward.

One is a girl with light brown skin and thin fierce eyes. Her hair is braided down her back and a golden laurel is placed atop her head. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that she could kill the most dangerous of monsters with a single glance.

The other is a young Asian man, tall and broad shouldered with a look of awe on his face. His muscles let you know that he could snap your neck as easily as a twig, but his kind face says that he also would never want to hurt a soul.

Leo smiles uncontrollably, and holds his arms out wide at his friends. “Reyna! Frank! It’s so good to see you guys! I have something really important to-”

“Leo,” interrupts the male praetor, Frank, his dark eyes full of worry for his old friend, “if I were you, I’d run. Fast.”

A frown finds its way into Leo’s face. “Ouch, man. I just got here and you’re already telling me to leave.” He brings his hands to his heart jokingly. “I thought we had something special, Frank.”

Reyna shakes her head, her eyes wide, but before she can say a word, a different voice speaks, softly, “Leo?”

It was like music to his ears. Leo had wondered when he would hear the kind voice of his dear friend again. Excited, and ignoring the advice of his friends to flee, Leo turns around to see a girl.

She is quite short, with chocolaty dark skin and curly hair. She has bright golden eyes that hint at her real age, though no one would suspect her of it.

Leo can’t stop himself from smiling, and he hold his arms out again for a hug.

Running towards him at full speed, instead of a hug, Hazel Levesque, with all of her might, punches Leo square in the face.

Here’s a question: Do you remember the @pjofanzine? Well, I do, and it’s kinda been a long time since that. A lot of the fan artists have stopped drawing pjo, and the ToA and MCaGoA series have come out. Would anyone be up to a new one?

It wouldn’t be exactly like the old one. There wouldn’t be only 24 artists, for example. All credit goes to the original for the idea, but would anyone like to be part of a new one? Everyone loved the old one.

It wouldn’t be like my Heroes of Colour, or like @ninakoll’s beautiful Dionysus Loves You! fanzine. The fan art zine takes a lot more time and commitment, but the result is beautiful.

I’m not saying I will yet, but I will if I can get enough people to agree.

(Do you reckon I should tag some artists to ask?)

What do you reckon? Like i said, it would take commitment, but this one would be much easier to read. I’m English, so I’d only sell it for Charity in England - the art still belongs to the owners, and I’d put it on Google Drive or issuu. Is anyone interested?

Thankyou so much for reading this! Feedback is SERIOUSLY appreciated!


Reyna: Hey, are you free on Friday? Like, around 7 pm on Friday?

Will:  Yes?

Reyna:  What about you?

Nico:  Yes, I am.

Reyna:  Great! Because I’m not. You two go on without me. Enjoy your date.

Nico:  Did she just-


PJO - HOO - TOA icons

art: cherryandsisters

EDIT: click to see in high res

Me: *Gets up from seat and takes deep breath*


In honor of International Women’s Day here are just a few of the books I’ve read that have amazing female women in them.  Trust me when I say there are more where these came from…

petition for ToA to be a reformation of Olympus where they don’t use kids where they don’t think of demigods as disposable and able to undergo the abuse and neglect and injury that they do

petition for ToA to be the uprising led by Apollo who’s finally realised Zeus’ wrath and reactions aren’t okay and

to be led by Reyna who’s spent her whole life abused and terrified and relying on her own strength and who’s not watching another kid die

to be led by Jason who’s realised that taking the position of Pontifex Maximus and babying the gods even more in the hope of merciful treatment instead of confronting them isn’t the right choice

to be led by Percy who is not watching another friend die and is not letting himself be used again after he’s been through so much with nothing more than a meaningless “thank you”

to be led by Leo who blamed himself for his mother’s death and has only been used and manipulated by the gods and had to watch Echo and Calypso and so many others who’d got on their bad side once suffer eternal consequences

let ToA be the realisation of Meg and Chiara and whatever other new demigods that this isn’t okay and that they have a chance to stand up against the world they’ve been thrown into

let ToA fix the shitty shitty romanticised world that’s only gotten more dangerous and more abusive since PJO

Lets not forget that percy calls jack in the box “jack in the crack”.

  • Piper: I've noticed Hera often says 'perhaps' when there is a truth she wants to hide. It keeps you from having to give a straight answer.
  • Hera: Perhaps so.
  • Jason: 'Mayhap' is a good word too.
  • Annabeth: Also 'perchance'.
  • Percy: I see nothing wrong with 'maybe'. A little modern, but the gist of the idea comes across.