and meets awesome people

critch_: And that, ladies and gentleman, is a wrap for me on Dunkirk! Twas a hell of a ride, but I got to meet and work with some really awesomely talented people. Not gonna lie, though, despite what we all may think this guy’s actually a pretty great kid. Great dirty jokes and sweet as all get out. All around class act. …and yes, it did kill me to ask. 😉

My WSC Highlights

So this weekend was awesome. It’s all kind of a blur, so I would probably fail at trying to describe it in detail, but here are the things that stuck with me and made me wish I had a rewind button so I could experience them all over again. 😄

  • Meeting Danai and somehow not crying
  • Meeting Steven and somehow not crying
  • Meeting other Richonne shippers!
  • Meeting some really awesome people in general, because there’s nothing to do but talk to people while you wait in lines forever and ever
  • Getting to ask Danai and Andy Richonne-related questions at their panels
  • Danai coming back yesterday just to take the cast picture even though she wasn’t scheduled to be there
  • Andy telling me I smelled good
  • Talking about Mad Men with Ross
  • Taking three different pictures with Danai because my friend and I suck at taking pictures 
  • And Danai subsequently saying we should just come and hang out with her all day. Like sis, that’s literally all I wanted to do.
  • Getting to thank Steven for playing Glenn so beautifully and him saying he loved me 😩
  • The love everyone showed for Steven everywhere he went
  • The endless lines for Danai (I hated standing in them, but I loved seeing how revered she is)
  • My new Richonne t-shirt!
  • Andy holding my hand for .8 seconds
  • Andy squeezing my hand when I made him laugh at something ridiculous I said because I have no home training
  • Meeting the cosplayer that looked so much like Rick, it was kinda creepy
  • Meeting the Michonne and Lori cosplayers that took the epic Bye Jessie Ashy photo with Andy
  • For some reason, deciding to tell everyone we met that we hate Daryl and they all agreed that it’s his fault Glenn is dead 👀
  • Andy’s panel in general was just really awesome, even with Norman there
  • Andy ruining the surprise that Steven was coming out for the Q&A on Saturday night
  • Steven coming out for the Q&A on Saturday night
  • Andy’s outfit. I’m glad he wore it twice, tbh, because it was perfect on him
  • Danai’s code-switch when my friend and I approached for our picture 😂
  • Meeting* everyone in the Lucille lineup. *= I didn’t meet most of them because pictures are super fast and I just wanted to talk to Andy, lol. (Side note: Danai and Norman were next to each other in my picture and I just don’t know why the gods have forsaken me. But she remembered me from Saturday, so okay, I guess.)
  • Just being in the same space as these people that I admire so much, and getting to express how much I appreciate them
  • I’m exhausted

I haven’t  made any of this follow –forever things since I created this blog. Now, at this Christmas time I have a chance to thank all of you for following me. I’m beyond happy that I managed to have +1k of great followers (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥
You all make my dashboard beautiful each day . I’m still amazed how some of you keep up with me since I made my blog. I gained many new followers, meet many awesome people here. Despite the fact that 2k16 was a sh*t to me, you helped me to survive it somehow. ~

Thank you  to all of you, my new/old lovely mutuals. Merry christmas and happy holidays ! I hope 2017 will be a wonderful and happy  year for all of you


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Studyblr Group Chat

okay so a few people have messaged me to start this Kik group! Basically if you didn’t see the earlier post I want to create a chat to meet people, make friends & share studying tips! Anyone can join :-) we are all busy obviously but I think this be an awesome idea to do meet more people in the community on our free time!

Anyways you can msg me thru here or my Kik is nycskyla and just tell me you wanna join :)

Either way a reblog would be appreciated ❤

so tbh this year was so terrible…

but there were some good things that happened to me, like i finally passed my exams, graduated (but havent received my degree yet lmao) and have a great time here, even meeting more people here which are just pure awesome! whenever talking casually or letting me yell about my OCs or sending each other stuff or just rebloggin from each other…here i feel great!

ok enough brag from me

first of all…i wanna say a few words about these people…SPECIAL THANKS!

(not a particular order)

@alessandroilcavaliere - we havent talked too much recently but i understand that you are busy with university, which im very proud of you and all the hard work you put into! i wish you the best of luck in your work and we can talk anytime you want! take care!

@colonelkepler and @hyperionangel - you guys are literally very sweet and kind, and i love ya both! i wish both of you good luck in the New Year! 

@cosmoillusion - ZEF! you are just literally one of the greatest persons i ever meet here, such a lovely nerd and talented gifmaker and also a great friend and i thank you for everything! я люблю тебя (i love you!) (hope i wrote it corectly)

@mandaocity - i know we havent talked alot but i wanna thank you for the wonderful fic series you wrote about Rhys and Vaughn…I LOVE THAT FIC SERIES SO MUCH!

@nokikissa - also i know we havent talked so much but i also wanna thank you for the art you create, and also special thanks from me and my Vaughn for his drawings! im always happy to see new art from you, even that may not be a common fandom! best of luck!!!

@incrediblyinterested and @her0isms - you guys are so awesome and your OCs and their stories are very interesting and i wish both of you luck! 

@ravialle - YOOO!! i know we may talk once in a days, but you are just great and thank you alot! you are one of the first persons to meet here and you are pure awesome ok? i wish you the best of luck at university! i love you!

@seattle138 - dude!!! i know we havent talked alot but you also are one of my oldest mutuals here and just wanna say that you are great and awesome and i wish you luck! take care!!

@seattlespapertrail - FAM!!!!!! you are literally such a treasure, you are just so cheerful and so awesome, and supported me alot and i thank you for everything! im very proud of you and what you do and i wish you luck! love ya!

And here are the other mutuals and non mutuals that make my blog awesome! (BOLDED HAVE A SPECIAL SHOUTOUT! - cause im not good at words but you also duddies are great!)

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(message me if i forgot someone)


I can’t thank enough the makers of Tumblr for being an instrument to meet such awesome people living in this world of chaos. So hi. Hindi ako friendly na tao and hindi ko kayo nakakausap ng personal or madalas, pero naapektuhan niyo ang buhay ko in a good way. Masaya na akong nakikilala ko kayo kahit paano based sa mga posts niyo, at nakakatuwang madalas kong makita iyong pagmamalasakit niyo sa bawat isa. 😊 You treat each other not as a friend but as a part of the family. I salute you guys. Anyway, a happy new year to all of you! May you all have a blessed and wonderful year.

@guhgoh Hi besh! Hindi na tayo natuloy huhuhu. My fault. :( Btw miss you na huhu

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so this has been a pretty shitty year overall but i do have to say that one of the good things to happen this year was meeting so many awesome people who helped to make this shitty year a little less shitty. this follow forever is specifically for all my amazing mutuals; old friends, new friends, and acquaintances. thank you so much for following my silly blog and putting up with all my silly posts. you’re all so wonderful and i hope you have a great 2017 !  (also, if you’re not on this list but we’re mutuals, i clearly fucked up and you should definitely be on here. i tried to make sure i included everyone but if i did forget you, it wasn’t intentional !!)

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Ahh, I had the best time at Supanova again this year! The most popular ones by far were the Dragon Age dolls and the Pokemon haha - I had a few new ones of both, so luckily there will be plenty of new stuff for me to post in the coming weeks while I add them to the shop and write up the patterns!

I think my favourite part about doing conventions is all of the awesome people you meet - including the ones pictured above, who bought tiny versions of their awesome cosplays (You look. so. good!) Aveline is @zaryanva, Merrill is @widowmakrs and Isabela is @dashurie

I managed to get Vaporeon and Jolteon finished in time, but just didn’t get the patterns written up - they’ll be out by this weekend! Thank-you so much to everyone who bought a doll and who came to say hello! 😘

Being Abnormally Tall

So I’m all about TeamIplier and want to meet them all as well as JSE. Also I want to go to an SPN Con and meet everyone I can.

Here comes the problem.

I am, and always have been, very embarrassed about my height. I bounce between 6’ and 6'1".

That means:
- I will be eye to eye with Jensen [awkward]
- I won’t have to crane my neck to talk/look up to Jared [equally awkward]
- I will be looking down on all from TeamIplier but Tyler and I don’t know how tall he is but I’m betting we will be eye to eye or close. [SCREAMING]

All I want to meet my favorite people that I look up to and take decent looking photos so I can remember meeting them fondly not be reminded that I’m basically Shrek.

It’s one of those days.


Welcome to Bipop Squad! This was created because bisexual people are pretty damn awesome and meeting more of you wonderful people who share my interests would be great!


  1. Be Bisexual
  2. Be Nice
  3. Like K-Pop
  4. Reblog this post 

and done! thats all there is too it

Apply here if you’re interested! 

All members are added to the blog so they can reblog things themselves! Self promotion, gay and interesting things are all welcome, but please no overtly nsfw

We have a line chat if you want to join! You do not have to be a member to join this!

The admin is me, sapphicshawol, so msg me if you have any questions, or just send an ask to the blog here!

Tracked tag will be #bipop-squad if you want any of us to see whatever