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I know it’s just been a few hours since the last update, but I miss Yousana.

me: hey maybe consider. eridan wasnt the devil incarnate and is Actually a very complex & morally grey person

like 20 people: wgat th.e fuck?? what the fukc whta the fuck .you misogynistic scumbag hfuckinhg blocked reported and unfollowed this is being faxed to my lawyer right now you have 5 months to live asshole see you in court

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REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD BE DRAWING BARRY AS A HEAVIER MAN THAN THE THIN TEEN YALL HAVE HIM AS IN THE STOLEN CENTURY: In here there be gerblins, Griffin described him as 'a lil chubster'. I don't know when he died on fantasy earth the first time, but I'm guessing it wasn't that long after they landed. He was using the same DNA for the pod over and over again, meaning that his not-long-from-the-ship-first-body was a little chubby. Boom. Chubby Barry. Start drawing him that way please.

(Barry rant anon) uh that’s more of a psa & not directed at anyone specifically I just wanted to get that out of my system sry

you chose the right blog to get this out of your system on, my guy, im right here with ya

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i think i sent this ask when i was really discombobulated so i'll try again. can i have one where mat's a transguy who can't medically transition until he's like 26 (for financial reasons) and when he starts going on t/finally saves up enough money for top surgery he cries? ik it's really specific but i've been feeling kinda down lately and it would mean a lot (unless you don't want to write it! that's fine too) -🌹

There was an envelope tucked under Matt and Steph’s worn down mattress. It was full of money, crumpled $20’s and $50’s stuffed in whenever the couple could spare it. Despite that, even on their worst days when they were scrambling to pay rent and were living off of diced tomatoes and pasta for almost a week straight, they didn’t touch that envelope. Matt had suggested it once or twice, saying that taking $100 or so out wouldn’t be too bad, but each time Stephanie refused and said they’d make it work. Each time, Matthew loved her a little more for it.

Once a month, the two would pull the envelope out and lay the money across the bed and count it. They’d get excited together about the slowly closing gap between what they had and what they needed; $2000 difference, $1000 difference, $500 difference. This month, both of them were itching with anticipation for the 30th to roll around so they could count their savings, and as the two sat on the bed and counted they both felt like laughing and crying as they counted out $4500 in messy bills

“We did it.” Stephanie said softly and picked the money up into a bundle, running her fingers gently over it. “Matt, we finally did it.” Every single part of him wanted to scream or shout or run into the street and tell anyone who would listen ‘My girlfriend and I finally saved up enough to afford top surgery’. Instead, he started crying and hugged Stephanie tightly, burying his face in her shoulder and sobbing loud, relieved tears. “We can call and book an appointment tomorrow, it said keyhole surgery can be about $3000 to $4000 so this should be able to cover that plus any additional costs. We finally did it, Matthew.”

Matthew barely heard what Steph was saying, he was too busy dealing with the surge of emotions in his stomach. He could feel Stephanie running her fingers through his hair, pressing kisses to the top of his head. For a second, an entire life time of pain and anxiety seemed to disappear. Being shot down from trying out for male roles, trying to fit a binder under stage costumes, every moment of raised eyebrows and dirty looks and ‘she’ or his dead name faded away at the feeling of Stephanie holding him and the thick wad of money he could feel pressed against his back. “Finally.” He whispered against Steph’s neck, smiling through his tears. “Finally.”

okay so like, me and my one dude bro sort of madeout in his car after he asked and i was like, really chill with it but now he feels weird and today me and him are going to hang out and just like talk

he also knows i like this OTHER one guy, but he said he was like, should we not do that anymore and forget, or should that be a thing that happens again? i mean, he DID ask. i honestly feel soooo indiffernt?!!?!?!? I DONT KNOW

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Hey :3 I was just wondering, who are your top 5 worst characters in TWD?

Oh my XD well even this is hard as they are so many to hate XD

1. I can’t stand Joe and the Claimers…from the start they came across Daryl I hated them…like never again (but hey that makes them interesting villains XD)

2. Dawn…Couldn’t stand how annoying she was…on the plus side again it means she’s a good villain , i guess…cause I hate her…

3. It’s a tie…between Owen and the wolves and Gareth and his people…Like they are equally horrible..I mean trapping walkers to steal and murder other groups…and the other isn’t better…tricking people into thinking it is a safe haven only to trap and kill them to eat…yikes…Can’t stand by them…

4. Ron…and borderline Jessie…like what was their point? They just came across as annoying…like get out of the way… (maybe Nicholas as well but he changed towards the end so it made me hate him less…)

5. I guess…Spencer? He was an ass (but with a real nice ass tho like boi wow) but at the same time it’s like I see where he’s coming from… idk who else to put in 5 place that’s why XD

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm i want to make music again. i mean i guess i never really made music but i made a close approximation with lsdj before the actual controls of that being limited to gbc buttons drove me up the wall 

i love chiptune and i feel like it would be less difficult than a lot of other genres to at least figure out the groundwork of 

Y'all really gotta calm down with this discourse with Killing Stalking

Like fuckin hell can we just let those who enjoy it, enjoy it? And those who don’t, just fuck off? Like?????? It’s a beautifully illustrated and written work of FICTION that has shown a bit of light on disorders and dyad dynamics that aren’t shown very often in media. And I mean again, it’s fiction. Yes Borderline is a real thing, yes dyads like this exist somewhere I am sure, but Woo and Bum are fictional characters. Calm down, holy shit. Let people live their lives and enjoy what they enjoy for whatever reason they have.

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This hiatus has been hard. I miss the show so much. Also I just need Bellamy and Clarke in the same scenes again I mean I do want Bellarke (canon pls) moments but just them being in the same scenes is what I want; they've been separated enough

I feel you, nonny. 

I think its kinda funny how we’re all dying over Bellarke being separated though because its only actually been two episodes lol. This damn hiatus. Makes the distance seem so much worse. 

wELP, just two more days to go! We can do it!