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i’m currently making a blog just for my art so it’ll all be in one place and you can buy prints if you want to, all of these pictures will be available (also new matties, harry styles prints, colour studies etc.) and i’ll post the link this week! also thanks for always sending me nice messages about my lil paintings it means the world to me xx

Two weeks. They were grieving for two weeks now.

Some days Credence felt as if Theseus left their flat a minute ago, going back to London to take care of some Ministry affairs, his laugh still lingering in the air, his see you for Christmas echoing in Credence’s ears like a false tone. Some days Theseus seemed distant like a half-forgotten dream, a fairytale. Credence tried to catch every memory, every thought; save it for later.

They weren’t talking much, he and Percival, and certainly not about Theseus. In some sort of unspoken agreement, the topic of their prematurely deceased friend became taboo.

Sitting on opposite ends of the couch, they tried to read - Credence his transmutation textbook, Percival his Aurors’ reports - but none could focus, not when their minds were occupied by that one question none of them had answers to.

Their why? remained silent.

Staring at the page without understanding a single word, Credence heard Percival move behind his back, coming closer, until he his head was laid on Credence’s bony arm, the familiar weight of it comforting.

“Tell me we’ll meet again.”

For a moment he didn’t understand. But Percival’s breath was shaky against his neck and his hand trembled reaching for Credence’s waist, locking him in a tight embrace.

“Of course we will,” he smiled - tried to - even though his lips twitched dangerously, threatening to turn down. “When we die, he’ll be waiting for us.”

“Tell me.” He barely heard the whisper before it got lost somewhere in the wool of his sweater. “Tell me more.”

“We’ll see it,” he said slowly, trying to control his voice, “new heaven and new earth. And he-” Credence stopped, the words stuck in his throat like a choking lump. “He shall wipe away every tear from our eyes; and death shall be no more.”

He knew Percival was shaking, probably crying, hiding his face, and his own cheeks were wet from tears, hot and heavy, unrestrained. In his chest, his heart was aching, looking for comfort, for some sort of understanding. An explanation.

But there was no explanation. Deep down Credence knew there was no logic in Theseus’ death.

Kissing Percival’s hair, he tried to believe. He couldn’t.


I’m rewatching SU and W359 is on again.
And somehow I can’t but think of
Pearl as Minkowski
Amethyst as Eiffel
Lapis Lazuli as Hera
Garner as Lovelace

Like, Pearl and Rene are amazingly capable but used to be underappreciated women who love singing, order & space.
Ame and Doug are impulsive and lovable goofballs of massive destruction who also have horrifying back story and pangs of hidden self-hate. Lapis and Hera are super-powerful and super tortured beings with trust issues. And Garnet IS Lovelace. Isn’t who she seems. But also is. A definition of “badass”. Madly loved by fandom.

FYI - I’ve had a lot of weird follows/unfollows lately on here, so if you get a random add from me it’s because tumblr is being an asshole and made me unfollow you. I haven’t even been on tumblr mobile for days so idk why this is happening but it’s obnoxious and I’m sorry.


In 1997, popular children’s television show Teletubbies released a short sketch entitled The Lion and Bear. It is one of seven “magical events” featured on the pre-school show, but it received a huge backlash.

Thousands of parents complained about the sketch, which features lifeless cardboard cutouts of a lion and a bear chasing each other accompanied by sinister music, being too scary. People even wanted compensation for sleepless nights, as children were too afraid to go to sleep in case they were chased by the figures. The feature was eventually banned from TV in four different countries, while many other countries resorted to replacing the music with a much jollier theme. Interestingly, recordings of the original scene were reportedly taken down by Youtube, making an unedited version hard to find.


i finished the first book of pjo the other day.. it was good. better than i expected