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the Babysitter Marvin thing is actually something that is heavily based on my experiences as a tiny kid lesbian and my Very Gay, grumpy babysitter, Michael, who i shit you not reminds me SO MUCH of Marvin!! but i am 10/10 here for everyone headcanoning anything u want to about that au!! (dude i am shooketh people rlly like this and I AM SO HERE for all of your additions, they're so cute!!)

everyone loves babysitter marvin™ especially me

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The reason why paddy deleted his account because some stupid pedophiles, on Instagram has been sexualising him? I think... I heard that on twitter. Honestly, I am disgusted! Who and why???? He's 13 and he's a kid! No! No! That's wrong.

what the fuck? ew. oh, my god. that makes me so freaking sad. what the fuck is up with people sexualizing kids? first the IT kids, now paddy? disgusting. 

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everyone is panicking about kaijuneki and i am sitting here thinking it would be so hot if kaneki came out of that and had sex with touka on the floor while blood is dripping over both of them like the couple in the animals music video for maroon 5 someone kinkshame me plz

Mod K:

Don’t… drag me like this.

I am actually not that stressed about this chapter. Touka is alive, So is Yusa and Take, and Ui finally changed sides. It even seems like Furuta lost some of his luster. I am certain that none of the main ghouls are dead and we didn’t get confirmation on what happened to ghouls Touka was with.

They very well could have been killed by the doves before Ken got there. We did catch sight of two ghoul kids who were very much alive during the chapter as well after Ken’s rampage and all of the kids and women were with Touka.

So idk, i’m hype and not really worried and also interested in smut possibilities because that is who I am as a person. 🤷‍♀️I think we all jump to conclusions too much.

Animorphs #8: The Alien, Chapters 20-21

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Chapter 20

Ax’s Earth Diary, which I am trying not to think too hard about lest I start to wonder where he learned to write, what his handwriting is like, etc., is about Patrick Henry this time, and “give me liberty or give me death.”  He wonders if the aliens knew how hardcore humanity is about liberty, before they decided to conquer.  I…suppose that Ax’s humanity lessons have not gotten to things like “founding fathers who talked a good game about liberty while owning other human beings as property,” but that’s perhaps a note for a future lesson, kids.

For now, we’ll move on to the last couple of chapters, which are basically just one big confirmation that ha, I was RIGHT, the Andalite Prince Seerow 100% caused the Yeerks.

A couple of days after the last chapter went down, Ax has done some soul-searching and decided it’s time to tell his friends everything, so he calls a meeting.  He explains how Seerow was an Andalite explorer and found the Yeerks, who were at the time using a slow, primitive, nearly-blind species called the Gedds as their hosts. They couldn’t leave their planet with such backwards hosts, and Seerow felt sorry for them and wanted them to be able to travel the stars. So he gave them better technology, and by the time the Andalites realized the Yeerks were using that technology to enslave entire species, it was too late. The Andalites hold themselves responsible for everything that followed, and that’s why they’ll never make the same mistake again.  (Except for how both Ax and his brother definitely did.)

(Um. Nowhere in this are we chatting about how the Gedds felt about this whole thing. Were they cool with being hosts? I have questions.)

Ax waits patiently for everyone to turn against him now that they know his Dark Secret, but the Animorphs are pretty uniformly chill.  They understand about things like good intentions and unforeseen consequences, and not condemning an entire species in perpetuity because one member of it once upon a time did a bad thing by accident while trying to do a good thing.  Nuance, Ax!

Then we have a cringe-y little moment about how humans and Andalites can absolutely get along and learn to share and trust each other in the fight against the Yeerks, because the one thing they all want more than anything is freedom.  And I am just trying so hard not be a cynical downer here but. Children, Ax, I do not believe for a second that humanity is ready to chill and share with aliens.  Also, I’m not sure that “freedom” is the universal most important thing to all humanity that you think it is, American exceptionalism is a hell of a drug, but I guess we’re not going to get into that in the next-to-last chapter of this children’s book.

Instead, everyone relaxes and becomes friends again and to seal the deal, Ax finally shares the secret of how he eats, by taking in nutrients through his hooves.

Ax agrees that he will tell his friends everything, and makes Important Eye Contact at Tobias signifying that they’re going to get back to the question of “can Tobias’ situation be reversed” at some point, if Tobias will only ask.  But for now Tobias doesn’t.  They just stare at each other meaningfully, like bros do.  (So that’s two legs of that Ax-Tobias-Rachel OT3 coming along nicely, then.)

Chapter 21

Last chapter!  We’re back in the observatory with Eslin the Disgruntled Yeerk, who Ax is cheerfully blackmailing.  Ax wants to make one more phone call home, and if Eslin won’t let him, then Ax will let Visser Three know who set him up to get attacked.

Ax gets in touch with the douchecanoe Head of Council Lirem again and passes along two messages. One, from Alloran, to pass along his love for his family and his hope that he’s going to be freed eventually.  And then from himself, to let Lirem know that he will be fighting alongside the humans because he no longer thinks the Andalite rules are necessarily the right way to go here.

And we’re out!  So we don’t get to find out what kind of awkward conversation Ax and Eslin have after the phone call. Alas.

Next time: The Secret, a Cassie book in which, one assumes, someone is going to have a secret.  Which makes it sound a lot like this book, but I guess we’ll see.

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I know I already added some new pics today BUT I don’t think you kids have really seen what A Mads looks like when they genuinely feel that who they are on the inside is who they are on the outside.

I feel like I have “glowed up” this year.
Not physically but because I’m not afraid to be my true self anymore.

I am Mads. A human who is stumbling through life and wants to marry a beautiful woman some day.
I am Mads. A human who has been through so much in 21 years and survived.
A human who as a 13 year old couldn’t understand that it wasn’t normal for a bra to cause so much sadness, anger and confusion.
A human who survived being bullied for years for the stupidest and petty things.

I have my bad days still but they are few and far between.

For years I would look in the mirror and see a stranger. Not anymore.

This is what a Mads looks like.

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I cheered when Hajime died but then I saw insight on how Kaneki literally thought 'But that's a human. And it's just a kid' made me feel awful for cheering a child's death. I'm glad Kaneki is a better person than me at least lol. Even Touka would be disappointed in me for being happy when children were slaughtered lol.

Mod K:

Bro, I can’t stand that kid or any of the oggai. I do have friends who care a lot about him and the oggai. I respect their opinion but kid or not, I could care less about them.

One of the most lit moments of chapter 144 was Ken killing them. Am I supposed to feel bad just because they’re kids when they murdered so many people? Yes, they were manipulated and that is a tragedy – but I don’t feel badly. Maybe if we got to spend more time on them and their motivations, like Juuz/ou.

But we didn’t, so I don’t care. I’m rooting for my ghoul characters.


There is now a group of nonreligious moms who have kids with CF. It makes me so happy. It seems like it would be so unnecessary, but when people literally just tell you to put it in God’s hands it’s really hard to deal with. Now we can get emotional support without the religion thrown at us. *i am not leaving any of the other CF groups, but it’s nice to have what feels like a safe space*

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Omg M, I see you with someone who’s incredibly gentle! Someone who’s never afraid to tell you how beautiful you are, yet always forgets to accept compliments themselves. Someone who’ll take care of you, and meet your every need. Hopefully this is good!

Omg babe, no jokes, you just described my boyfriend.
I am not even kidding. Like, if I had to describe him, those would be the phrases I’d use.
Spot on, I’d say 💕

Lucky 💫

“Um, Malfoy,” Harry muttered. “What are you doing?” Baffled, he looked at the Slytherin, who didn’t seem to be concerned at all.

“I’m resting. I’m so tired,” Malfoy mumbled, eyelids fluttering shut. He did sound pretty sleepy. Harry blinked as Malfoy’s lips stretched into a soft, contented smile.

“Okay,” Harry said slowly. “But why are you resting on my lap?”

“Why not?” Malfoy replied. “Seems like a good place to me.”

Harry stiffened as Malfoy turned his head and snuggled into him. What was he playing at?

“Oi, Harry!” Harry looked up. Seamus had just entered the eighth year common room and was grinning at him. “Don’t you two look cosy,” he said with a wink. Harry blushed and tried to move his legs but Malfoy was just too heavy.

“I have no idea what’s going on,” Harry murmured. What had gotten into Malfoy?

“And then we have to get started on Transfiguration but first we have to- Oh!” Hermione stopped dead behind Seamus. Her eyes widened as she took in the sight before her, her studying schedule obviously forgotten. If only momentarily. Ron, who had seemed rather displeased with his girlfriend’s evening plans a second ago, suddenly had a weird glint in his eyes.

Harry watched his friends and was shocked when Hermione clutched her chest and put her other hand on Ron’s arm. He smiled at her and nodded.

“I thought something like this might happen,” he snickered.

“What?” Harry spluttered. When Pansy came into sight, a knowing grin on her face,  Harry felt like they were all in on a joke he didn’t get. “Can somebody please tell me what is going on?”

“Shhhhh,” came from Harry’s lap. “Trying to sleep here, remember?”

Harry eyed Malfoy suspiciously. He had to admit, he might have reacted a little differently if they had been alone. It was a bit sudden, but he wasn’t all that opposed to Malfoy lying on his lap.

Harry’s eyes darted to his friends again when Hermione leaned over to Pansy and whispered something to her. Looking exasperated, Pansy nodded. Harry still wasn’t used to the fact that they were all getting along so well now. Pansy could be fun but, still, Harry was a bit wary around her.

He kept his eyes on her as Hermione strode over to him.

“Don’t be mad,” she told him. Harry frowned.

“What did you do?”

“Well…” She looked at him sheepishly. “It’s more what I didn’t do.”

Harry looked at her, puzzled. She leaned closer to him and dropped her voice to a whisper.

“I didn’t stop Pansy, when she stole something from Slughorn’s personal stores and put it into Malfoy’s tea this morning.”

Harry’s frown deepened.

“What did she put in his tea?”

Hermione bit her lip and put a hand on his shoulder.

“We just felt like he deserved a good day for once. He’s been through so much.” She gazed at Malfoy thoughtfully. “That’s not to say you haven’t been having a hard time, either,” she added hastily. “But Pansy thought you might… benefit from it as well. Seems like she was right.”

Harry looked between Malfoy and Hermione, not understanding what she was telling him. It must have shown on his face. Hermione sighed and shook her head.

“Felix Felicis, that’s what Pansy put in his drink.”

Harry’s mouth dropped open.

“That’s why he’s being so weird?”

“You were weird, too, when you took it in sixth year,” Hermione reminded him.

Yeah, Harry mused, it had been a strange experience. He had felt so happy and cheerful, like nothing could go wrong. And, somehow, he had known exactly what he had to do to get… to get what he wanted.


Harry’s eyes darted back to Malfoy, who was still smiling contentedly with his eyes closed. Harry wondered what would have happened if his friends had given him the potion, instead of Malfoy. He doubted things would have been this forward but, maybe, it would have had a similar outcome.  

Ignoring the fact that everyone in the room was watching him, he slowly raised his hand and ran his fingers through Malfoy’s hair. The Slytherin let out a long sigh that made the corners of Harry’s mouth twitch.

As he sat there, stroking Malfoy’s hair and marvelling at the fluttery feeling in his stomach, Harry thought it was lucky he and Malfoy apparently wanted the same thing.

  • The Yuri on Ice movie has been confirmed. I REPEAT. IT IS CONFIRMED. IT IS REAL. THEY’RE IN THE MIDDLE OF MAKING IT.
  • Symbolism at the ending scenes of Yuri on Ice episode 1 VS Yuri on Ice episode 12: In the first ep, Yuuri is in total disbelief as he practically falls over while running to see Victor bathing in the onsen. We see that it’s Victor reaching out to him:
  • In episode 12 it’s the other way around. Yuuri is willingly running towards Victor. The producers did these scenes on purpose to emphasize how much their relationship had grown & developed over the course of the series.


     S   C   R   E   A   M   I   N   G
  • Sayo Yamomoto, including male producers of YoI, practiced and did poses by themselves in their own homes/bathrooms in front of mirrors to try and see which would be the sexiest poses for Victor in the onsen scene.
  • CONFIRMED: Yuuri Katsuki is currently practicing in St. Petersburg with Victor Nikiforov. I would assume they live together but that’s just me but cmon guys who the hell are we kidding come ON  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • ALSO CONFIRMED: They totally would’ve shown the kiss in ep 7 (and probably even Victor’s dingdong lmao) if it weren’t for Japanese censorship rules.

We weren’t allowed to take photos of Fuuko Noda & Yamamoto (I think this is a standard thing across all cons with the producers attending), but here is proof that this was an actual thing and that I was there:

note the date!!! 9/30/2017.


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