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kc au week | day 1 · Crossovers and Fusions

“Words, I think, are such unpredictable creatures.
No gun, no sword, no army or king will ever be more powerful than a sentence. Swords may cut and kill, but words will stab and stay, burying themselves in our bones to become corpses we carry into the future, all the time digging and failing to rip their skeletons from our flesh.”

My hand hurts!

This is my submission for the @adventuringfanbook and it was super fun to do! I hope you all take these last few days to submit something too!

queeniecatart  asked:

Keith nearly died twice (on his mission when the Galra ship exploded and when he was going to sacrifice himself to save everyone in the last epi) and the Voltron team has no idea and they treated him so horribly. I have so many feelings, mostly anger lol.

Tbh?? Keith probably almost died a lot more often than that, these were just 2 examples we saw on screen. He was on a months long mission with the Blade (that we saw nothing of) while team Voltron performed shows to gain new allies. I seriously doubt that he only came close to death these 2 times.

About team Voltron… I think what people don’t see is that both sides are kind of at fault here. Look at how Keith acted in episode 1 - he just disappeared from time to time without regard for his friends. The team would have died had Shiro not managed to pilot the black lion and in comparison to the times where Keith almost died on the BoM missions, the team did not choose it.

However, as you said here, the team is also at fault. They didn’t listen to Keith’s concerns ((probably because he said the same things for months already. Keith mentioned that they hadn’t seen Lotor in months in episode 1)). When he came back from a mission, they didn’t even try to understand why he went there or what he went through. Remember the “I don’t need a lecture, Allura”? And Allura was like “no, I heard what happened on your mission, I’m sorry” but then proceeded to lecture him anyways? 

The team treated Keith unfair. Keith treated the team unfair too. There was a serious lack of communication between them. The team never listened to Keith and Keith never listened to them. I think what we saw in e1 was an accumulation of many similar but smaller events that happened over the months that passed between seasons. At the end of s3 the team wasn’t perfect but they were closer than they were at the beginning of s4. 

Just. Yeah. Both parties are at fault here. It just hurts more because on one side there’s the team and on the other side there is Keith, alone, without any understanding of his worth as a person :’) They really need to make an effort to understand each other even when someone isn’t on the verge of a breakdown - because when there’s a breakdown, it’s already too late. 




Okay so I’m guessing Matt is at least in his early 20s (probably between 20-22) and since he flirted with Allura that means she has to be over 18 since the Voltron writers wouldn’t have an adult flirt with a teen (if we’re going off the book then most likely 19 although she does seem older but 🤷‍♀️) so there shallura, mallura, shatt, etc. are NOT pedophile so please stop calling it that alright thanks :)

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Good Behavior | 2.01 | Javier & Letty

You’re not supposed to be doing this anymore!

Oh, really? Just like you’re not supposed to be stealing anymore?