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The Halfling Hail Mary

Early in the campaign, my party was interrogating a bandit for information, while not noticing the cave behind them, when the bandit’s allies snuck up on them. The Halfling Bard was taken out in a single arrow, and after the battle…

Alexa the Dhampir: We need someone to heal Biggs (the bard, still with an arrow in his abdomen).

Tiny the Barbarian: I’ll throw him to you.

Alexa: No! Don’t do that!

Me (GM): Nope. I’m locking that in! It’s canon. Tiny, roll an intelligence check. (DC 10)

Tiny: rolls a 1

Me: You absolutely believe that the fastest way to heal this Halfling is to throw him to the healer. Roll athletics. (DC 20)

Tiny: rolls a 21 I throw him at the Druid.


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Me: You manage to throw the Halfling all the way to the druid. Alright, Azanther (the druid), roll athletics to catch him. (DC 15)

Azanther: rolls 17

Me: You successfully manage to catch the Halfling without exacerbating the wound.

Biggs: As I wake up I say, “Are you an angel?”

BECAUSE YOU’RE MINE ━ despicable old lions, broken birds & discordant love.

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